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50 Shades of Dirty Blue

My girlfriend and I get snowed in at an old friends house.
It was the first weekend of December and I’d spent a few days down South to see my girlfriend, Bela for a long weekend. We were staying at her student house which is always fun but Bela is just so friendly and thoughtful. She never stops thinking of how she acts and she rarely ever puts her guard down. I guess I never have appreciated all of her qualities, she’s always so kind and considerate to people, however that’s why staying in a house full of 5 other girls made things tough when we wanted to get intimate. She didn’t like being the type of couple that were always cuddling, or always kissing because she didn’t want to make other people in the house feel awkward, however when we were in private or just in each other’s company she was intimate. Bela was considerate because she was brought up well by her parents and her lifestyle.

The same consideration for others also showed through during sex, In a house full of 5 other girls she didn’t want to be that girl who was crying out, banging against the walls, pleasuring her partner for the whole house to here, she was far too considerate. She gave her partner what he wanted whilst keeping it private, giving everybody the best of both worlds. However some day’s I just wished we could have a house to ourselves.

We had been in a serious relationship for a while and before that we had been best friends for ages. As a result we knew each other’s friends, so when a text came through on Bela’s phone from Jamie inviting us both over for dinner, I expected Bela to say yes. Jamie was Bela’s best friend from school days and it just so happened that they were at the same university. Jamie was blonde and I had been friends with her before dating Bela. Despite being passionately in love with Bela, before we were dating me and Jamie used to flirt and Bela knew about this, However Bela was everything I wanted from a girl we had been friends for years, when people say opposites attract it really is true. We seem to find nothing really in common except for the interest in the other.

Bela always had dark purple hair dyed of course, not so unnatural it stood out but natural enough to get away with a serious profession. She had curves everywhere you wanted them to be. She wasn’t any of the crap the girl magazines produce overly skinny or a size 0 model, she was classic sexy, like a young Shirley Jones or Elizabeth Taylor. We had known each other from when we were young, and I had never thought of her more than a friend, until the day came when I realised I was wasting my time looking for the right woman when I had the most perfect girlfriend under my nose who I, for some reason, had filed in my brain under the category of ‘best friend’. The day I realised what an idiot I had been for wasting all my youth not taking the opportunity to be with her was the day I matured as a person and also became the luckiest man alive.

Jamie however was introduced to me by Bela as a girl I’d fancy back when we were young. So I guess as a self fulfilling prophecy I did fancy her, she was blond and also attractive, I guess because my brain had filed Bela into the best friend category and had been told to file Jamie under the ‘girls I fancy category’ so she was placed there. I was first told of her when we were just friends however now that we were in a relationship I had met her during some party. Her personality loved attention from boys which made it easy to like, and also meant she knew how to please and tease boys. So when Bela was around Jamie, Bela sometimes teased me just because she knew I was attracted to both girls in the room. I would never leave Bela, nor would I ever date Jamie, I couldn’t see myself with Jamie but I could see myself spending my life with Bela.

Of course I find Bela the more attractive of the two, I prefer dark haired girls, but that didn’t stop me being attracted to Jamie the first time I was talking to her or got to see photo’s of her, and remember at the time I thought of Bela nothing more than a friend, you get the point.

Jamie was a lot more confident which meant more guys fancied her because she would be cramming her sexiness into boy’s faces where as Bela was a lot more preserved.

“Would you like to go to Jamie’s for dinner tonight?” Bela asked whilst reading the message.

“Sure,” I replied.

“We’ll have to pick up some food on the way, is it alright if you drive?” Bela asked.

“It’s freezing outside! I wouldn’t want to wait at the bus stop anyway,” I joked.

We got ready to go out and started making our way over to the shops. Jamie lived just on the outskirts of the city in a house her parents owned but only visited in the holidays, the rest of the time Jamie lived there and commuted back and forth to the city for Uni. As we started making our way on the journey it started lightly snowing.

“Wooo!!! Snow! Christmas is almost here!” Bela said, however her excitement quickly disappeared when we arrived at Jamie’s and the snow had picked up a bit, neither of us had really prepared for snow conditions so we had to rush to the door.

“Hurry up,” Shouted Jamie from the front door, “So lovely to see you both”. She took our coats and shoes from us and showed us into her house placing our cold clothes next to the fire place.

As always the two got quickly into chatting about everything from the snow on the beach to who wore what last weekend, as my attention slipped further and further away. Eventually I had realised why I had been invited, the girls wanted to watch the latest reality TV singing contest on TV together. I wasn’t too bothered by all this though because there was something I loved about Jamie and Bela’s relationship. They were very touchy feely with each other which meant Jamie would cuddle Bela’s legs or have them stretched across her whilst I got to cuddle Bela’s top half. I would love when Jamie rubbed Bela’s thigh, or anything, seeing a girl put her hands on Bela’s body was something so rare for me that it always got me fantasising.

At the New Years Eve party which all three of us attended, they gave me something which will live in my memory forever. As I was sitting on the sofa, cuddling Bela, Jamie said give me a kiss, I looked over to see if she was talking to me or Bela. Unlike anything I had ever seen from Bela before, she kissed her dead on the lips and held her there right above my lap, long enough for me to see something in my lap throb. Then once finished they both looked at me and giggled.

Bela was never her normal self around Jamie and I loved seeing different sides to her, I guess that’s why I agreed to come to Jamie’s tonight, I was so used to the private side or public side of Bela and I wanted to spend time with her at ease side.

I decided to get up and cook, having had just about enough of wanna-be-stars crying out for attention. Soon enough we all finished off our plates and the girls had started on the wine, again another side to Bela I rarely saw, I was driving home so decided to pass on the offer of drinking, but things would soon change.

As the evening TV started turning to late night TV Bela suggested that we head off. As we made our way to the window, we noticed the weather had taken quite a dramatic turn.

“Oh god,” Bela sighed. About 5 inches of snow had formed at the bottom of the windowsill outside. As we opened the door to look outside we saw that although the snow on the floor wasn’t particularly deep, the wind was blowing and the snow was falling heavily. Bela closed the door “I think we ought to give it a few minutes,” she muttered.

Jamie didn’t seem too unhappy with the idea and instead opened up another bottle of wine. At this point it had entered my mind I might have a tipsy girlfriend tonight which could mean anything could be on the cards for later, or we might end up being forced to stay round Jamie’s: the later the evening became the realisation of that started to dawn.

Jamie wasn’t comfortable with me driving late at night so she certainly wasn’t comfortable with me driving in any dangerous weather conditions, so she offered Bela and me a bed for the night. Bela wasn’t comfortable with us staying as she didn’t have any clothes to sleep in or clothes or make up for the morning, as a result we decided to stay up a little longer. I had driven in deep snow before but not whilst it was snowing so Bela wanted to wait till it had stopped, however this wasn’t looking promising, so it had started being discussed.

“You two could share my bed and I’d sleep in the guest bedroom,” Jamie stated.

“No, Joe can stay in the guest room,” Bela said “And we’ll stay in your bedroom”.

“Don’t be silly, you two are my guests and I won’t mind you sharing my bed,” Jamie announced.

“We wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping in your bed,” Bela said speaking apparently on our behalf.

“It’s completely fine,”

“Jo can spend one night on his own, he won’t mind! And besides ‘Tradition’! Me and you always sleep in the same bed, and not always are me and Jo allowed to share the same Bed,” Bela pointed out.

After much debate it was Jamie to budge and me to sleep on my own. My heart slightly sank, the idea of sleeping in Jamie’s bed had caught my attention, and although Bela probably wouldn’t be willing to get physical she would be considerate enough to do something to help me sleep.

This was all theoretical though till we opened the front door one last time; it was now just a little after one and the snow still had no signs of slowing.

“Arghhh,” Said Bela clearly upset with her lack of possessions.

So we all made our way upstairs, Bela apologised in private to me whilst Jamie was getting ready for bed that despite I had made a trip to come see her for 3 nights I was reduced to only spending 2 nights with her. I let her know it was fine but she promised she’d make up for it.

Finally I lay down in the single guest room bed, from the bed I heard the girls gossiping away some more. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but quickly realised that something in boxers was going to restrict that. Then my phone lit up:

“You can come in the room to chat if you want ;) x”

It was from Jamie. I stood up and edged to my bedroom door, from the words I could make out they were saying it didn’t sound like I was invited, their conversation hadn’t changed much throughout the course of the evening and they were still talking about fashion or something.

“I give you my permission and don’t let Bela say otherwise x” A second text from Jamie.

My excitement dropped, knowing that Bela wasn’t in on it made me think it was just Jamie trying to get me and Bela to have her room, which I know Bela wouldn’t have wanted. She didn’t like making noise in her own bed at Uni in case she annoyed someone, I could imagine how strict she would be trying to pleasure me on another girls bed, I could imagine her making sure there wasn’t a single cell of sperm on the bed and that it was all caught straight into a tissue as she jerked me off or something along those lines.

Then I heard footsteps and a door open and close from their bedroom and before I could turn round to jump back in bed, Bela opened the door.

“Oh. I was going to ask, if your still up you can come sit with us if you want,” She was wearing a large white t shirt and some red shorts I could tell were Jamie’s as they were very tight on her. She was carrying a dressing gown which she handed to me as I joined her in Jamie’s room.

As I walked in I saw Jamie was wearing a pink strap top which was barely covering her pink bra, she was propped up against the head board with the duvet covering the rest of her body, Bela got on top of the duvet, crossed her legs and also propped herself up against the duvet. I joined them both and sat on the bottom of the bed, they continued talking for a bit and had just about finished the last of their glasses of wine.

“Have you two ever had someone watch you when you made out?” Jamie made things obviously uncomfortable for Bela by asking.

“Eww gag,” Responded Bela, Jamie laughed then began to rephrase the question.

“Okay, have you two ever watched your partner kiss someone else?”

“I watched you two kiss on New Years Eve,” I replied.

“That wasn’t a kiss! That didn’t count!” Jamie responded.

“Besides, that was also ages ago; clearly someone has been thinking of that a lot?” Bela interrupted.

Jamie stared at Bela and laughed, as if to mean something by it. Bela didn’t catch on and in front of my eyes Jamie leaned into kiss Bela, Bela froze still but still puckered her lips. So Jamie grabbed Bela and threw her mouth right at her, within moments I caught a glimpse of Jamie’s tongue entering Bela’s mouth and in those moments my dick had their attention. As their tongues rolled back and forth I just sat there with my mouth wide open gobsmacked. They finally finished and Jamie giggled again, Bela looked at me and laughed, I could tell she was tipsy but she could tell I was in a state of disbelief, but she knew I definitely wasn’t unhappy.

“Who do you think is a better kisser? Me or Jo?” Jamie asked.

“I have to say you. Maybe teach Jo something?” Bela requested and without hesitation, Jamie climbed out the covers revealing her pink strap top and matching pink shorts as she climbed on all fours across the bed over to me, giving me a perfect view down her top. She closed her eyes and leant forward, I quickly glanced towards Bela to make sure she seemed comfortable, then I realised she was smiling. I leant into Jamie and our mouths met, she pulled my arm out from under me which made me collapse flat onto my back, Jamie quickly reconnected lips with me and before I could even appreciate her soft lips her tongue had already worked its way into my mouth. I looked up at Jamie and seeing her face so close to mine was such a turn on, I had often imagined this but never thought it would come true. I looked at Bela whose face was covered with jealousy. Jamie pulled back a bit and giggled.

“Have you thought about that before?” Jamie asked.

“I bet he has,” Bela answered for me. “So who do you think is the better kisser?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s a fair comparison,” I joked. “I’ve had the pleasure of kissing you whenever I’ve wanted to. Maybe I should kiss Jamie again then kiss you to get a true comparison,” Bela’s mouth opened and her eyebrows rose as if unimpressed by my answer.

“Sure,” said Jamie as she once again leant forward. My back was still flat on the bed and she seized the opportunity, she threw her left leg and left arm over my body remaining on all fours but now positioned directly on top of me and began kissing my lips. She then leant my head to the right and started kissing my cheek and down to my neck, and slowly started sucking my neck.

“Alright, my go.” Bela said impatiently. Jamie stopped kissing, smiled and climbed off of me and instantly Bela got on top. Before meeting my lips Bela rested her baggy shirt on top of my face and slowly lowered her body down to my level slowly putting the weight of her boobs on my face through the T-shirt.

“That’s not fair!” Jamie claimed. Bela sat up and winked at Jamie and this time kneeled lower down my body, her lips met with mine like we had done so many times before but this time I could feel her being so much more passionate, so much faster. I knew she could feel the excitement in me, and I could feel the excitement in her. Then she stopped and slid off of me.

“So who’s the better kisser?” Bela asked again this time with a raised eyebrow as if to suggest I better give the right answer.

“I’ll have to say Ja..” I tried to answer, but Bela gasped, “But only because she got more places to kiss.”

“I’ve kissed you all over!!!” Bela argued.

“I’m only comparing it on the last few minutes,” I defended.

“Fine, I guess we both agree Jamie is the best kisser of the night,” Bela said begrudgingly.

“Did you like getting kissed on the neck?” asked Jamie “Why not give Bela the chance to try it too?” Bela started edging back towards me again. “Wait! If we’re going to kiss your neck, at least let us do it properly”, she said whilst looking at the knot on the dressing gown, as she reached over to untie it. I sat up and let it fall from my back. Instantly my stomach was met by 2 hands, one from Jamie and one from Bela. “I didn’t know he had such a nice body” Jamie said.

“I don’t want to share it with everyone,” Bela said. “I have an idea of a fair test, how about we both take one side of his body and kiss the same parts at once. Then it will be a fair test.”

“Sounds fair,” I replied. So the girls stood up to let me lie in the middle of the bed. Once I lay down Jamie took the right side of my body and Bela took the left. They both started from my neck and began kissing, sucking, biting then both and smiled to each other and kept working their way down my body, down onto my pecs, then Bela placed her hand on my stomach, and drew lines up and across my 6 pack. As Bela continued kissing my pec’s Jamie made her way to my 6 pack and started licking between the cracks of my 6 pack moving her tongue further and further down my body.

“I don’t think this is very fair,” Bela said. Here we are in the middle of the winter, but yet we’re in a baking hot room and you’re the only one wearing 1 item of clothing.” She said as she slipped her white baggy t-shirt off revealing her large boobs in black lace bra that I had felt resting on my face not long before. Jamie looked up to see Bela had taken her top off and decided to do the same, slipping her pink strap top off revealed her pink bra. My dick was throbbing like crazy and Bela’s hand which was on my stomach had started slipping lower and lower down, she stopped sliding and reached into the region of my dick and squeezed, causing my legs to flinch inwards. Her hand then moved off my legs to unclasp her bra letting her large boobs free.

“Do you like Bela’s boobs?” Jamie asked.

“They’re perfect,” I whispered.

Jamie then also slipped her bra off but quickly covered her chest up before I could see anything. For the first time since I’d known Jamie she had never been shy. Jamie looked at me and said, “Who’s a better kisser?”

“Mean!” Bela said. “Well I’m not taking my shorts down for the rest of the weekend unless you say I’m a better kisser!” Jamie laughed and slowly let her hands drop revealing her small firm boobs, with her hands she brought my hands up to feel them, but my right hand was quickly pulled away by Bela directing my hand to her boobs. “I bet your having the time of your life,” said Bela.

As I continued to massage and weigh each girl’s boobs in my hands they returned to kissing my body. Bela’s then got onto her knees and slipped her left hand across my waist and began tugging at my boxers. Jamie sat up too to watch my body get revealed. And slowly Bela teased my boxers down centimetre by centimetre until the base of my dick was revealed, then she continued slowly pulling them down, keeping the dick flat because of the elastic top, all the way to the base of my circumcised dick then all the way until the trousers wrapped around the tip of my dick, once passing my dick it pinged straight upwards due to the pressure of it no longer pinned down.

Jamie laughed “So what do you normally do with this?” She asked.

Bela said “Whenever we’re together I always try to make sure it’s empty, but it looks pretty full now.” Bela grabbed the base of my dick and I let out a small moan. Jamie also reached towards my crotch and cupped my balls. I let out a sigh; the pleasure of having 2 attractive women topless on a bed with hands resting near my crotch was destined to make me cum at any moment. Jamie’s hand slid across Bela’s hand and grabbed just above where Bela’s hand was on my dick. Bela then repeated this action, sliding her hand over Jamie’s, until Jamie’s reached the top of my dick. The girls then both working in sync rubbed up and down my cock. I moved my hand over to Bela’s legs but her hand pushed me away.

“Not tonight,” Bela whispered.

Her head then started edging towards my cock and I felt warm saliva cover the top of my dick followed by soft lips, Jamie’s head also leant into my crotch and whilst still feeling the tip of my dick in Bela’s mouth I felt Jamie kissing the base of my dick and working her way up. Just as Jamie’s mouth met Bela’s they both began licking the outside of my dick. I looked down to see the girls kissing each other with my dick in the middle of their mouths. I reached down and grabbed onto a boob from each of them as I started moaning and I watched them kiss whilst I felt myself shoot cum directly into their mouths, they didn’t even flinch instead I just watched the cum roll out of their mouths across their chins and down my dick, whilst they continued to roll their tongues across my dick. I didn’t want my orgasm to end and just kept watching them kiss. My cum hadn’t effected them at all.

As I slowly lost my erection in their mouths they stopped kissing, and both joined me on the bed, Bela on my left and Jamie on my right.

“Oh my god,” I said.

“Did you have fun?” Bela asked.

“I doubt that’s even a question to him!” Jamie responded. “Next time when I say to stay round will you stay?”

There was a small silence.

“I don’t think that questions aimed at me,” I prompted.

“Tonight was all about letting you have all the fun, next time you’re going to have to do all the work,” ordered Bela.

“So there’s going to be a next time?” I asked excitedly.

“Me and Jamie want to go see the new west end show, if we could acquire some tickets, a driver and someone to pay for our restaurant, then that might just make up for tonight.”

The End, for now.

(Authors notes might do a part 2, depends on feedback... If the person I want to read this reads this I'll probably do another one. Thanks for reading!)

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