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A Day in the Park I

In some ways, the foreplay had gone on for ages: flirty glances, dirty text messages, suggestive photos. And then today... an "innocent" drink. Touching at every available opportunity, kissing, hand's sliding up my legs and the moan as you realize I've removed my panties...

It's getting late and we should be going our separate ways but the kissing and the flirting has got us both hot and horny, the apprehension is too much. We walk hurriedly as you lead me to a secluded place you know.

A park bench, just back from a path,. it's 11 o clock at night though, not many people about. You sit and pull me on top of you, our tongues dancing in each others' mouth and our hands wandering all over.

Your hands run up my legs and find my wet, hot pussy..dripping from the anticipation of today. I moan into your mouth as you graze my hard nub, the build up has taken it's toll and I can already feel a climax is close. Your hand moves lower and you push one, then two fingers quickly into my waiting snatch. Your forcefulness sends me over the edge and I'm panting and moaning in ecstasy. I slump forward as you remove your hands. But with a mischievous look in my eyes I get down on my knees, not caring about the wet grass below me.

You help me remove your jeans and your boxers and then look at me expectantly, I have been boasting about my oral skills, but your cock looks massive, bigger then any I've had before and I wonder if I've taken on more then I can handle.

I lick your balls in preparation, and you sigh as I run my tongue up your entire length, slowly, teasingly. You moan in frustration and clutch at my head, guiding me to the tip. I keep teasing, flicking the tip. But you push your hips up, your cock head dividing my lips and I engulf the first few inches and suck hard. That sets you off and you push me down hard. Your full length gagging me as it hits the back of my throat. You're fucking my face now, no regard for my comfort, my eyes are streaming and I'm gagging but you're panting and moaning, close to cumming. I feel your cock spasm and with a final sigh you shoot stream and stream of cum down my throat.. making me choke.

You pull me up then and lay me back on the bench. The cold wood making me shiver. But you soon warm me up, your tongue hits my clit and I moan out into the darkness, clutching at your hair and pushing your face harder into my pussy.

You run your tongue down my slit and start stabbing hard at my snatch, your tongue making a quick assault on my pussy. I'm really moaning out now, squirming beneath you on the hard bench. I wouldn't even know, or care if someone walked past now, I'm lost in the pleasure your tongue is giving me and taken my surprise when I feel a finger forced deep inside me, rubbing at my inner walls hard and fast. I'm gasping for air now and shouting expletives into the night sky. My orgasm washed over me. I squirt, for the first time ever, my juices covering your handsome face.

As you move up to kiss me, my scent lingering on your face, I feel your hard cock poking at my snatch

To be continued...

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