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A Mile High Adventure

A long flight gives co-workers a chance to get to know each better... Much better.
I sank into my seat on the plane with a mixture of relief and dismay, as glad as I was to be sitting somewhere more comfortable than the piece floor I'd been camped out on for the last 6 hours, the coach seat of this airplane wasn't going to be much more comfortable after I'd been in it for 10 hours either. I crossed my fingers and hoped that the other two seats next to me wouldn't be filled with anyone too annoying.

I busied myself settling in, unpacking my mp3 player and a book, slipping out of my boots and leaving the change of clothes and flip flops easily accessible. I'd been living in cargo pants and work boots for months despite the oppressive heat; it was a predominantly Arab area. As a woman working in a Muslim country, it had been risky to walk around with even bare arms exposed. But now that I was on the plane, chartered to take contractors and employees back and forth from the states, I planned to be getting comfortable for the long flight. A short skirted, curve-hugging cotton jersey dress that I had often used as a beach cover up would be donned the minute we reached cruising altitude, and I planned to live in my flip flops for the entirety of my vacation.

I looked up to find the most pleasant surprise of all loading his carry on into the overhead bin. Butterflies suddenly appeared in my stomach as I recognized the most attractive face I'd seen since I left the good old USA, come to think of it, it was probably the most handsome face I'd ever seen. He was, I was sure, way out of my league, so I had tried not to dwell on it in our previous meetings. Tall dark and handsome wasn't usually my type, I tended towards the fairer surfer boy types, but from the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew what the difference was. At 25, I had still been toying with "boys". Jake Mayer could not possibly have been mistaken for a boy. He was defiantly older than I was, mid thirties, I guessed, and his face had all the hallmarks of classic good looks, a strong jaw, sexily stubbled with a day or two's growth, which I had not seen on him previously while he was working. Dark hair, currently tousled with gel, but which I suspected would be very soft, a broad infectious smile with perfectly straight teeth, a perfectly straight nose, and dark eyes gleamed when he smiled (and made my heart skip a beat on the occasion that I'd seen him looking at me with intensity). Of course, I had been teaching a short class to his department at the time, he wasn't starring at me, he was just paying attention to the class, I told myself. Still, I couldn't help imaging what his beard would feel like against my cheek, or how soft the skin on his neck would be if I buried my face there, planting wet little kisses, breathing in the scent of him.

He latched the overhead bin, I tried to look up as he moved into the seat, pretending I hadn't noticed him there. "Oh, hey Mayer" I said, trying to sound casual. "Home for vacation, or is your contract up?".

He chuckled, leaning against the overhead looking down at me. "First of all, as we are no longer on company time, your going to have to call me Jake, or else I'm going to find somewhere to sit", he teased. He pretended to wait for me to agree before he moved in to take his seat. I felt my face heat for a moment and hoped I wasn't as transparent as I felt, but I played it off with a good natured agreement. "Ok, ok…" I agreed, "and you'll have to call me…"

"Rachael" he interrupted. I grinned even wider, in spite of myself, but my heart thudded like a drum. I was surprised he knew, or remembered my first name. Everyone at work went by last names, and I had only worked in his area a few times. The only reason I knew his name was the fact that he was so damn attractive.

We chatted for the next two hours as the plane finished boarding and we waited on the runway for what seemed like an eternity. Finally we got into the air. He played it very cool, showing more than just a casual interest, but without openly hitting on me. I tried to do the same, but I was sure that I looked like a teenage girl ogling her heartthrob. He was just being nice to me, I told myself. He had years more experience than I did at work, and he probably saw me as an ambitious greenhorn who needed mentoring, that was all. Now and then I would catch a whiff of his cologne and the scent of him, just a teasing, momentary whiff, and I'd have to resist the urge to bury my face into his chest and saturate my senses with the smell of him, imaging how his chest would feel through his shirt, wondering if the hard bulge of his cock would throb against me through his pants if I sat in his lap.

I shook my head and gathered myself, suddenly aware of the tension in my body, and he dampness of my panties. I had to get it together. I decided it was time to get changed , and I grabbed my bag and made my way up the aisle. The flight attendant was at the front with the drink cart, and I wanted to get comfy before drinks and table trays became obstacles. In the bathroom, I quickly changed out of my heavy pants and boots. I freshened up as best I could, washing my face, brushing my hair and teeth, even splashing on a little perfume from the tiny bottle in my toilet kit. I had it thought silly when I packed it, but was now suddenly very glad I had it. I appraised myself in the mirror and realized that my bra straps would not hide under the dress straps, and it showed under the arms, and was visible in the back. Oh well. The bra would have to go, I thought with a little giggle, and shimmed out of it. I considered my damp panties, and decided the thong I'd thrown in the bottom of the bag would leave less panty lines. As I pulled the clean panties on, I slid one finger into my pussy, thinking of the tension and dampness that had been building just from sitting so close to him, talking. Not dripping wet, but once my finger slipped between my lips I found entrance warm and slippery, and my clit was begging to be massaged. I sighed, placing one foot up on the ledge where the toilet seat sat and leaned back against the wall, I moaned softly, and circled my clit with a finger, reveling in the feel of it, and knowing I needed more. I slid a finger back into my pussy, reaching for my g-spot. God I wished I had my vibrator with me.

"Bing BING!" a light popped on in the little lavatory. "Bing BING!". I groaned, the seatbelt sign was on, and the captain was on the overhead, commenting on the turbulence, would we all please return to our seats and secure our seatbelts? I grabbed my bag and begrudgingly made my way back to my seat, pausing to grab and extra blanket and pillow off an unoccupied seat. Jake paused the movie he was watching on his laptop and let me slid back in to my window seat. The third seat in our row remained fortunately unoccupied, and the plane was only about half full.

I found a drink waiting for me on my tray, and before I could ask, Jake said, "Rum and coke. It seemed like a safe bet, and if you don't want it, I'll drink it" he grinned.

"Excellent choice", I confirmed, and we toasted, he offered me a second set of headphones, and I joined the movie he was watching, though I couldn't tell you what it was about. It defiantly contained several car chases, a few large explosions, and a couple of very, VERY steamy sex scenes, which only amplified the ache in my pussy, which was now throbbing at regular intervals. Halfway through, after the third time I'd had to stretch my neck from the funny angle I was sitting at, he paused the movie again, snagging fresh drinks from the flight attendant, and repositioned the laptop onto the tray in front of me. He turned a little sidewise in his seat and I did the same, not quite leaning back on him, but defiantly touching a little. He spotted my goose bumps, or possibly my rock hard nipples, poking through my dress, and helped reposition the blanket over me. He wrapped the blanket around me as if it was the sort of thing you did with a coworker every day, and I casually leaned back into him, resting my head against his shoulder. I wasn't sure which was more odd, the fact that I was snuggling into a colleague I had never talked to on a personal level before today, or the fact that it all felt like the most natural thing in the world, aside from the desire to slip my hands between my legs under the blanket and finish what I'd started in the bathroom. That thought came back to me again during one of the sex scenes, and I shivered a little as my pussy throbbed longingly.

Pulling the earphone out of one of my ears, he murmured, "Cold?".

"Oh, not at all" I replied, thinking of the heat between my legs. He traced a finger along my arm, raising another trail of goose bumps up the entire side of my body and I felt my nipple contract almost painfully. It felt as if he was squeezing it. He laughed quietly, replacing the headphone into my ear. He slid one arm behind me, over my shoulders, so that I now reclined fully against his chest, and we both pretended to watch the movie. His face rested against the side of my head, and I could feel his breath on my ear. Two could play at this game, I thought, and let my hand slip down to rest on his knee. He discretely tugged the blanket over his lap as well, and my hand began drawing idle little circles through his pants.

I felt his other arm slip around the front of my waist. I drew a little breath, waiting for him to move but he didn't. He just left it there on my belly, just under my breast. After a few more minutes of this torture, he slipped the earpiece out of my ear against. This time he let his lips linger on my ear for several moments, his breath tickling my ear and neck, before he softly said, "Will you hurry up and finish that drink, so I can take advantage of you?".

I slid my hand all the way up his thigh until I found the bulge in his pants, and scratched my nails teasingly along the fabric, just hard enough that I was sure he would feel it, and turned and whispered back, "Oh, your not going to need the rest of that drink for that". I clamped my hand around his cock as best I could and squeezed, holding the pressure there as I heard him groan and felt his cock throbbing against my hand.

"You'd better not do that… You and that ass of yours have been tormenting me for weeks as it is".

I looked at him out if the corner of my eye in disbelief.

"What???", he continued, "It's true! Look, I never fail to appreciate a nice ass, but ever since we had that assignment together," he trailed off. I had no idea I'd left any kind of impression on him at all, and I continued to look incredulous. "The few times we've worked together, well, you left quite an impression, personally and professionally", he paused again. "You've really got your shit together, and that, is a HUGE turn on…"

He squeezed my nipple, gently at first, tracing a circle around one, and then the other under the blanket. I turned up my attentions on his cock, though I was aware that from the way we were sitting, this was a far riskier move, and less discrete. At this point he pinched my nipple hard. "Naughty! You naughty girl! I just told you not to do that", he teased in my ear. I think he was mostly concerned how mush more visible my fondling his crotch would be to the other passengers, but I was feeling a little reckless and carried on.

He dropped the hand around my back down under the blanket and squeezed my the other nipple hard as well, and I almost gasped aloud. "I saw what you brought to read on the plane…" my face heated again. One of the sleeping beauty books… and not the kids kind. "You like the that?" I nodded, slightly. "You like to be dominated? You want to be someone's little pet? Their sex slave?" I hesitated. I didn't know him well, and I knew there was a very wide continuum of sexual practice out there, I was treading on dangerous ground. He eased off a bit sensing my hesitation, and said less seriously, "Or do you just like all of that sexual tension? The torture of wanting to cum, and feeling as though you been teased half to death?". I nodded again, "Yes", I breathed, relieved that he understood. He made an approving sound into my ear and nibbled gently with his lips.

He slipped one hand down into my dress from the top, and pulled my breast out from under the thin stretchy cotton, only just hidden by the blanket. The other hand slid down my belly, pausing to cup the soft spot just over my pubic bone in the palm of his hand, fingertips pointing down, just covering the flesh over my clit. He pressed his hand firmly against me, and held it there, while his other hand played with my exposed breast. My breathing grew faster and I moved my hips a little, under his hand, secretly begging his fingers to move… he was so close. The heat of his hand, the pressure that was so close to my clit, and refused to move had me feeling desperate. I would have humped the seat cushion to relieve the ache if it weren't for him and the other passengers. I wiggled my hips more, he withdrew his hand slightly. "Now, now" he chided, "you can't be making a scene, someone will see".

"Take me.." I whispered. "We can go into the bathroom". He laughed, almost silently. "maybe, If you’re a good girl, and do exactly as I tell you… maybe after dinner". He glanced up the aisle, and I suspected the flight attendants were loading the carts for dinner. "In the mean time, you must lay very still, and be very quiet". I was filled with fear that he would withdraw his hand completely, so I nodded vigorously, and squeezed my pussy muscles as hard as I could a few times, hoping he would be able to feel the throbbing under his hand, and understand my silent plea. "Sit on your hands" he instructed me. "We can't keep both of us covered under this blanket, and I don't trust you to keep your hands to yourself". I slid my hands under my bottom, which felt very awkward. "If you move them, I will stop" he warned. The weight of my body sitting on my hands did keep them relatively trapped. Slowly, he pressed his hand against me again, and massaged almost, his fingers pressing my lips against my clit, and made slow, deep circles. Of course I instantly wanted more. I struggled to keep my hips still. He drew one finger down my sopping wet panties, tracing the line where my lips met under the thong, up and back, teasing me. Then he pulled each lip to the side of the thong, still in the middle, now bunched between my lips, like a shield over my clit and the opening to my cunt. He teased the my lips, ever so gently, tracing the line along the edge of the fabric, as far as he could reach, almost down to my ass, and back up the other side. I moaned softly, wishing he would hurry, needing to feel his fingers inside me, wishing for his cock.

"I told you," he pinched one of my pussy lips, "that you need…," he pinch the other one, "to be quiet". He pinched them together, near the top, catching my clit between them, I gulped, and panted a little, trying not to cry out. Finally, he let go, spreading my lips wide again, making sure the thin layer of fabric from my thong covered my clit, partially holding the lips away from my clit, he began teasing directly over my clit with his finger nail, scraping up and down over the fabric, back and forth, and I could feel an orgasm building already as he teased my clitoris so gently, with such tiny movements. I panted and bit my lip, unable to believe that this teasing little finger might make me come, knowing it would be a tortured orgasm, with nothing to fill my cunt, and it would leave me wanting more the second it was over. He stopped teasing my clit for a moment, sliding his finger under my panties and deep into my cunt. I could feel him crooking his finger inside me, pressing against my g-spot, and the juices from my pussy running down my ass.

He slid that finger out, tracing that maddening finger up over my still covered clit before pinching it. Holding it between his fingers he whispered in my ear, "you want me inside you, don't you?" I nodded, panting. "you want to feel my cock ramming deep in your pussy don't you? Cause that's exactly what I'm going to do to you". He pulled my panties aside at last, sliding one, then two fingers into my cunt. "Oh god your so wet…" Felt my pussy tense and contract in response to his fingers, massaging my g-spot. "… and tight! Damn…" he breathed, his breath getting a little ragged himself. The tension in my cunt was so great I thought I would snap, and finally his thumb make contact, crushing against my clit as his fingers slid in and out and I felt a shuddering orgasm ripping through my body, trying not to gasp, or buck, or just cry out, my pussy clamping down on his fingers over and over again.

After what felt like too short a minute, his fingers withdrew, and he gently slipped my breast back into my dress. I lay exhausted against his chest, and I was about to protest when I spotted the flight attendant growing closer by the moment, asking the passengers about their meal choice, handing out dinners. I lay still a few moments more, savoring the feeling of relief in my body, though my pussy still ached a little, I knew the desire would be back with a vengeance before long. After a moment a heard the light attendant ask Jake, "Chicken or pasta, sir? Would your wife like some dinner, or should we just let her sleep?" she inquired in a lovely British accent.

"Uh…", Jake hesitated, "Honey?" he asked, I could here the smile in his voice. He planted a little kiss on my face, "did you want some supper?" he asked softly. I tried to feign sleepiness as I peeled my eyes open, and tried to look slightly confused instead of about to burst into giggles. "oh… uh, yeah… chicken, that’s fine… thanks." She moved the cart along, and the two of us dissolved into silent laughter. Jake peeled the foil wrapper off of the dinner tray, fashioned it into a ring, and slid it on my finger, and help my hand solemnly, and looked into my eyes, saying, "I'm sorry dear, it's the best I could do for now".

Another flight attendant appeared a moment later asking, "would you like another drink?".

"I do", I answered seriously, and Jake nearly choked on a piece of chicken. The flight attendant looked a little funny at my slightly odd answer, but poured me a rum and coke. "Another rum and coke for you as well, sir?". Not to be outdone, Jake responded, "As long as they both shall live", in a most somber tone. I nearly snorted my drink. The flight attendant, sensing she was missing something poured the other drink and moved along quickly.

As soon as the flight attendants disappeared, I pulled the blanket over our laps. Jake was still eating, but I sipped my drink casually with one hand, and slid the other one onto his thigh, under the blanket. "So… how long will you be home for" I asked, stroking the inside of his thigh.

Trying to eat, answer my question and having his thigh stroked seemed to be slowing up his responses. I laughed to myself, feeling I had the upper hand now. As soon as he finished eating, my hand was resting on the hard bulge in his pants, straining against his zipper. I continued to pester him with silly questions, watching his difficulty at answering the questions increase as I continued to rub his cock through his pants, scratching my fingernails along the fabric, massaging his balls. The lights in the cabin went back down, dinner was over and people seemed to be settling back down for a few hours. Only one or two people were up and about now. The guy across the aisle from us went back to sleeping. This time he even had the little eye mask on. I loosened Jake's belt and popped the button open. I barely had the zipper halfway down when his cock sprang out, released at long last from its captivity. I turned to him, resting my head on his shoulder, my leg across his closer knee, blanket pulled up over all this, and I squeezed his cock in my hand, it throbbed back against me. I ran my hand up and down the shaft, pulling a little, squeezing, trying to read the tiny signs on his face and in his breathing. I slipped my hand down deeper and grabbed his balls, rolling them, squeezing gently. "You know how wet my pussy is, again?" He moaned very softly. "I can feel how hot I'm getting… with my hand around your cock, I just want to take it in my mouth and suck on it." I reached back a little further, massaging that spot behind his balls with my finger tips for a moment. "I just want to pull the bulging head of your prick into my mouth". I squeezed the shaft, and just held it there, most of my pressure just under the head, every few moments bobbing my hand up a little to rub against the most sensitive areas. "I just want to lick that sweet drop of precum off your head, and then slide your cock deep into my throat and let you fuck my mouth". I continued whispering into his ear, every now and then licking his neck a little, or sucking on his earlobe. I reached my thumb up to the opening and rubbed the thick drops of precum around his head, and then slipped my hand out from under the blanket and licked it off my fingers.

Finally he grabbed my wrist. "Follow me… in a minute or two. The one in the back, on the left". He discreetly buttoned himself up again, and before he got up, he put his hand behind my head and gently, pausing carefully to look for signs of discomfort or hesitation on my part, and finding none, firmly pulled me in and kissed me. It was only a few moments, but I felt his tongue sliding across my lower lip. He gently sucked on my lip for a moment, but before I could respond with my own probing tongue, he pulled away. "I am DEFINATLY going to need some more of that", he said, planted one more quick hard kiss on my lips and headed to the back of the plane.

After a minute I followed him. I stood outside the bathroom for a moment as if I was waiting while a light attendant headed back up the aisle, then I gave a little knock and the door opened a crack. I slipped in and Jake immediately wrapped his arms around me. One hand behind my head, the other quickly sliding down to my ass. We kissed as if our lived depended on it, tongues probing and lips sucking, but our need was too great to stop and savor the kiss. Soon both his hands were planted firmly on my ass, pulling me into him, his cock, already protruding from his pants stabbed into my belly. He pulled my dress up around my waist, and I rose up on my toes, trapping his hard cock between my thighs and squeezing it, my pussy throbbing pitifully in need, complaining of it's emptiness.

I squatted down and grabbed his cock in one hand, pushing him back against the sink so he would have something to lean on, and pulled his pants down further. I looked up at him, and slowly licked the head of his prick with a soft wet tongue. I heard his breath catch, and he hardly breathed as I kept licking, long soft, teasing strokes, running my tongue around his head. Finally I took the head of his cock against my wet lips and sucked him in just past the head. He moaned, and I slid his cock back out, teasing again. He hand slid around my head, fingers twisting through my hair and pulled my mouth back onto his cock. I reached my other hand down to grab his balls, tugging on them, wrapping my hand around the balls and shaft like a human cock ring, and then began to make long hard strokes, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, stroking his member with my tongue as he thrust over and over into my mouth. I could hear him groaning. I couldn't take it, I reached a hand down between my legs and started rubbing my clit, and I was moaning with pleasure too, onto his cock.

He had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, the other wrapped in my hair, fucking my mouth. I had one hand between my own legs and the other between his, my fingers wet and slippery, slid back behind his balls and rubbed hard into that sweet spot he'd responded so strongly too before. A moment later I felt him shudder, barely able to remain standing, thrusting his hips forward deep into my mouth and his cock throbbed and grew as he came in wave after wave, so much cum I could hardly manage it all.

I licked him clean, and he glanced down through half closed eyes and saw my hand between my legs. He pulled me too him and kissed me.

"Oh my god… that was.." he sucked my tongue into his mouth, "amazing", he finished. "But, I didn't mean too…" he faltered, "I wanted to…"

I laughed, "It's ok, I could see how much you were enjoying yourself".

He kissed me again. "God I want you… I want you so bad", he slid a hand back between my legs. Now I was the one having trouble standing.

"Miami…" I managed, "when we land, your next flight probably isn't till the next morning, right?" His eyes lit up. "I was hoping you might say that", he grinned. "But in the meantime…"

He spun me around and picked me up so I was sitting on the counter. I had one leg over his shoulder and the other foot against a wall. His tongue carefully licked all the wetness that had started running down my legs, I grabbed his head trying to pull him towards my clit, but he refused to be rushed. He licked up and down each lip, sucking it into his mouth till I was writhing with desire. His tongue circled my clit, flicked it a few times and I shuddered hard, almost pushing him away, it was too much, I was too close. He traveled down, thrusting his tongue into my pussy as far as he could, his nose every so often brushing my clit, but not letting me cum. He slid his thumb into my cunt, pressing the pad of it up against my g-spot, his fingers resting against my clit, but not moving, his thumb made small motions inside me, pressing, rubbing, circling, and his tongue slid lower and lower, and I gasped as I felt the warm wetness of his tongue against my ass. I was startled, but it felt undeniably good. Soon the warm wetness was gently prodding at the opening of my ass, and as I felt his tongue replaced by a finger, wet and gentle, but pushing in, opening me there, and I nearly exploded on the spot. He held very still for a moment, and I hung, seemingly in the air, on the very edge a most explosive orgasm. I panted and looked up to see why he stopped. He knelt there looking at me, gauging my reaction.

"Don't Stop! Oh God, don't stop!" With a grin he licked two fingers and pushed then into my pussy where his thumb had been "Oh, yeah. oh FUCK" I moaned, his fingers thrust in and out, hitting my g-spot, the finger he had in my ass started to thrust in and out too, and his lips finally came down to take my clit into his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and ground my self into his mouth, my own cum pouring out of me, my ass and pussy pulsing around his fingers as my orgasm seized me in wave after wave.
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