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Above and Beyond

A fictional tale of the embracing of a spark of passion from two points of view.
Tracy had been in her new job for nearly a week now, and she hated it. She was working as a cleaner in student accommodation after losing her waitressing job at a local café. The 32-year old brunette didn’t mind the cleaning - she had done it before and she managed to earn a reasonable living doing so - but she detested working at a university. Not being very well-educated herself, she constantly felt that the students, almost always ten years or more her junior, looked down their noses at her and made her feel stupid. To add to this, her colleagues, almost always ten years or more her senior, were very cliquey and made no efforts to get to know her or make her feel welcome. She felt very alone in her new personal hell.

On this particular day, she was told (or rather, ordered) to empty the bins in all the rooms of Block 4, an all male block. It was an easy task that she could get on with in peace, so she had little reason to complain. Two other cleaners stood at the entrance to the block as Tracy approached who ceased their conversation rather abruptly when they spotted her. She did her best to pay no attention to their scornful stares as her slender figure slipped between them. She hadn’t been in Block 4 before, but she was certain that the boys here would be just as disrespectful as the girls in Block 1. She grabbed a big bag from the cleaners’ cupboard and got to work on the ground floor.

At the first door she knocked on, a very middle class-looking boy popped his head round the door, looked Tracy up and down, said, “Doesn’t need emptied,” and shut the door in her face. That just about summed up Tracy’s week. She went to some rooms where the occupant would sigh exasperatedly at her before retrieving their bin for her, or where the lazy shit would remain in bed and merely groan and point. Her favourite rooms were the ones with no one in them. She would let herself in to get the bin and scoff at the contents of their rooms while she was there. Often there were piles of 18th century novels or scattered textbooks on political theory or a wall covered with obscure symbols and long equations. She found it all very pretentious, but probably largely because it was mostly beyond her.

She was nearly finished and was now on the third and top floor standing in front of yet another wooden door. Her first knock received no response, nor did her second louder one. Taking her keys from the pockets of her standard issue, navy trousers, Tracy opened the door and went in. To her understandable surprise, she found the occupant of this room sprawled out and sound asleep in the bed on the other side of the room. The young man never even stirred as she let out a small exclamation and then bumped into the door, forcing it shut. Tracy blushed slightly as she noticed that his duvet was only covering his right side and his naked backside was exposed. Her embarrassment soon faded as she took in what she could of the toned, tanned young body lying just feet from her. Realising she was spending a little too much time in this room, Tracy got the bin and took it out to empty it into her bag. When she re-entered to replace the bin, the student she had been admiring rolled onto his side without waking, giving Tracy the perfect view of his member as it flopped down over his thigh. After first averting her gaze, she sneaked a long peek at the large, uncut penis, almost within touching distance, and then exited.

Her hand moved down towards her crotch after she locked the room door. Thoughts of the sexy body she had just seen, and its fifth appendage, filled her head and turned her on. All she wanted to do was go back in and take it in her mouth, and the idea of doing so without him waking up did cross her mind. Could she get away with it? No, of course not. She carried on with her task, but that image did not leave her mind and she knew she was becoming restless and horny. Tracy wanted to masturbate so badly and despaired at the thought of having to wait until she got home to do so.

Tracy took her full bin bag back downstairs to the cleaners’ cupboard and glanced at her watch. It was around the time that all the other cleaners tend to take an impromptu coffee break and, sure enough, no one else was in sight. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Sliding into the cupboard and locking the door, Tracy knew what she wanted and she knew she’d have to try to get it quickly. Her right hand wiggled down the front of her trousers to feel her dampening underwear and she pressed a finger hard against her womanhood. In one swift motion, Tracy unbuttoned her trousers and slid them and her panties down to just above her knees. She could easily be caught, but at this point she didn’t care. She needed this, now.

Having been single for over three years now, she had become quite adept at seeing to her own needs. Immediately she slipped two fingers inside herself with ease and rubbed her engorged nub with a third. Within only two or three minutes, she knew she was close. Her body froze completely as she heard someone walk by outside, struggling to steady her breathing. When she was sure the corridor was clear, she carried on, bringing herself to an intense orgasm, letting out a stifled whimper of absolute pleasure. Tracy took a moment to regain her breath before pulling up her trousers and washing her hands in the small sink by her side, a huge smile on her face.


The first knock woke Gregg from his drunken slumber, but he could not muster the energy to reply. When the second came, he thought it easier just to ‘play dead’, although by the time he remembered that he was naked and exposed, the cleaner was already letting herself in. Screw it, he thought, knowing he had nothing to be ashamed of. The 19-year old runner lay frozen in silence, his eyes clamped shut.

He could sense the cleaner standing over him, taking in his body, and he smirked slightly. He heard her take the bin and turn to leave, so he sneaked a peek. It was the new cleaner he had seen around, younger than the others and quite attractive. Gregg couldn’t help but admire the nice, round behind currently exiting his room. He decided to give her a bit of a treat and, as she came back in, rolled onto his side to reveal his manhood. A locker-room head-turner since the age of 15, Gregg was proud of what God had given him and more than happy to flaunt it.

When the door closed again, he opened his eyes and sat up. He went quietly to the door and looked through the peep-hole to see the cleaner still standing there with her hand over her crotch. He nearly laughed out loud, but held back. The idea that he had turned her on got Gregg rather aroused himself. With no classes until the afternoon, he had plenty of time to get himself off. He lathered up his hand with moisturiser and brought himself to the most wonderful orgasm he had had since he broke up with his girlfriend last month. It was Gregg’s guilty pleasure to taste his own juices, so he scooped up what he could from his chest and abs and licked his hand clean. Not wanting to leave his bed, he used what was leftover to get him going again, and got comfortable for a second, longer session.

Later, as he headed on his way to the campus for an afternoon of classes, Gregg passed by the cleaner as she came out of the main office. He saw her cheeks go red as their eyes locked and he cheekily shot her a wink as he left the building. Even in such an unflattering uniform, Gregg thought she was sexy and hoped he’d bump into her again soon.


Tracy was nearing the end of her shift, and very much looking forward to it, when her boss invited her into the main office for “a word”. Her mind raced and she did all she could to not let the panic show on her face. They couldn’t possibly know what I did, Tracy thought to herself, but she was plagued with doubt. What a huge mistake, what an idiot she had been. No orgasm was worth losing her job over, no matter how much she hated it.

Her boss had a serious look on her face when Tracy took a seat at the desk. She wasn’t sure if she should just deny it outright, or own up and promise it was a one off. She was so lost in her thoughts and worry that she didn’t even hear the other person in the room begin to speak. But when she did snap out of her daze, she realised that she was not about to be fired at all. In fact, this little meeting had nothing to do with Tracy’s fun in the closet. Her relief was almost tangible.

It turned out that one of the other cleaners had decided to leave, quite suddenly, and Tracy was needed to take over her regular duties. As it happened, Tracy was being reassigned to Block 4 as its permanent cleaner. Immediately, the image of that beautiful young man, whose naked body had gotten her moist, flashed into her mind. On the one hand, she wanted the opportunity to see him again, but at the same time she worried about how awkward it could be to meet him face to face. However, she agreed to it quite promptly, as she didn’t get the impression that her boss was really asking her, and Tracy was very uncomfortable in her presence.

She stepped out of the office only to see that sexy student walking past. She felt herself blush as he looked her straight in the face, and her knees went weak as he winked at her. Tracy sensed it would not be easy for her to keep her composure now that she potentially had to see him almost every day. She breathed deeply before heading to the staff room to grab her things and head home.

The next day was room-cleaning day for most of Block 4, including the third floor. Tracy had gone through a dozen possible scenarios that might occur when she reached the young hunk’s room in her mind. More than once her mind had wandered to the possibility of something sexual happening between them. She knew it was ridiculous, but she was allowed her little fantasies. In honesty, she wasn’t sure how she’d react if he was in there when she got to his room.

When the moment came, Tracy’s brow was very moist and her hand trembled as she reached out to knock. This time, an answer came. A deep manly voice granted her entry from within. This is it, she thought, this was the moment she would meet the man who yesterday she masturbated over. With yet another deep breath, she pushed the door open.


Gregg was sitting in his room listening to music when the knock came at his door. He figured it would be Mary, his cleaner, so he shouted for her to come in. She had seen him topless before, so he didn’t bother to put a shirt on. He enjoyed having a chat with Mary while she cleaned his room and went to turn his music down.

When the door opened and he turned to face it, it wasn’t Mary standing there, but a much younger, better-looking woman, the very woman Gregg knew had seen his pride and glory the day previous. She looked nervous, but he smiled broadly at her. Such a pretty face, he thought.

“Oh, hi. I thought you were Mary. I’m Gregg,” he said, extending his hand which hung there for a few seconds.

“Tracy,” came the eventual reply. “Mary left, I’m the new cleaner for this block.” She shook his hand tentatively, barely making eye-contact.

“That’s a shame, I quite liked the old broad,” Gregg laughed, “Although I’m sure you and I will get on, too.” He winked at her and made her blush again.

“So... I guess I’ll clean your room now.” Tracy brought in her vacuum and duster and surveyed the surprisingly tidy room. Gregg imagined that most of the rooms she had cleaned this morning had been pig-sties, but he always kept his room spick and span.

He lay back on his bed and put his hand behind his head, watching Tracy work. There was that lovely rear again; he wanted to reach out and grab it. She didn’t speak, clearly quite embarrassed to be there. To hell with it, he thought, I have no reason to be ashamed.

“Did you like what you saw yesterday, then?” He smirked as Tracy stopped dead in her tracks.

“What do you mean?” she asked without turning to face him, a slight tremor in her voice.

“I know you were in here emptying my bin, and I know you saw me.” Gregg was having a lot of fun with this. “Impressed, were you? You certainly stared for a while.”

“I’m so sorry,” Tracy started, “I came in and you were just lying there and I thought you were asleep and I just... “

Gregg stopped her with a hand gesture. “Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No, I guess not... “ A hint of a smile broke across her mouth, but she was obviously still worried. “You won’t tell my boss, will you? I could lose my job.”

“That was the last thing on my mind.” Gregg stood up and moved towards her. “As a matter of fact,” he continued, “I’m quite glad to have you as my new cleaner. I’ve seen you around and I think you’re just beautiful.” He place a suggestive hand on her waist. It was very forward of him, but Gregg had always been one to take chances. Since she didn’t remove his hand, he looked her in the eye and leaned in.


Tracy stood there with the hand on her waist. A flood of emotions overcame her - relief, arousal, worry, doubt. Then suddenly she began to feel very daring. Gregg’s face was coming towards her and in a split second she had to decide whether to embrace the situation or back out of the first romantic situation she’s been in for months. Her body dominated her mind and their lips locked.

Shivers flew down her spine as Gregg put his arms around her, pulling their bodies close. Tracy knew she shouldn’t be doing this, it was so dangerous, but she needed a little danger in her life. She thought about what she had seen yesterday and wondered how far it would go. Gregg kissed like a pro, applying pressure with his tongue, heightening her lust with every passing second.

He broke away and smiled at her. “How about I get to see you now?” All her worries disappeared as she filled with raw passion. Taking a step back, she tore open her pop-button blouse and threw it to the floor, revealing her black bra. For the first time in a long time she felt sexy, and kissed Gregg deep again. He unclipped her bra with impressive skill and it fell to the floor, exposing her plump breasts. Gregg obviously liked what he saw and immediately paid them some attention, toying with her nipples one at a time with his tongue.

Tracy reached down and felt through his jogging bottoms that he was getting hard. She rubbed him a little and kissed his neck. She was loving what he was doing to her breasts and couldn’t wait to do something for him in return. It seemed like she would have to wait, as Gregg laid her down on his bed, kissing her on the lips, on her neck, her breasts, her flat torso. She kicked off her shoes and he unbuttoned her trousers and yanked them off forcefully. Thank goodness I’m wearing my good underwear, she thought.

He didn’t remove her panties, but rubbed her mound through the black material. If she wasn’t wet before, she certainly was now. For such a young man, Gregg knew exactly what he was doing. They kissed passionately for several minutes, their pelvises grinding against each other. She wanted him desperately and she pushed her fingers through his luscious hair. She did not care about the time or about getting caught by her boss or a colleague. Tracy was in a whole other world right now.


The fingers through his hair felt good to Gregg. The situation had escalated faster than he thought it would, but then again, Tracy was much sexier than he had thought. He kissed her breasts again and pinched a nipple, making her squirm a little. It was time for him to show this real woman what he could really do.

Gregg loved to give pleasure just as much as he liked to receive it, if not more so, and he liked nothing more than to use his tongue to make a woman scream in ecstasy. He had had many positive reviews in this area and considered it his speciality of sorts. He moved down Tracy’s body to concentrate on his favourite area, pressing his lips against the outside of her dampened underwear before pulling them down past her ankles and throwing them across the room. The fact that she was not shaven delighted Gregg, a lover of a natural woman. It was so rare to find a girl his own age who hadn’t ‘tidied up’, one of his turn-offs. He looked up at Tracy, bracing herself for what she knew was about to come.

At first he teased her a little, running his tongue around her opening, playfully flicking at her clitoris, driving her mad with desire. She tasted delicious and he wanted more. His jogging bottoms bulged with his erection, growing harder by the moment. He licked up her juices, then thrust his tongue as deep as he could into Tracy. As he explored her with his mouth, her back arched and her breathing grew very heavy. When he slowed the pace, her pelvis pushed against him - her body yearned for more. But he took his time, bringing her to the edge several times, then quickly withdrawing, denying her that which she craved. Tracy had become quite vocal about what she wanted, and even pushed his head into her mound.

He was virtually bursting out of his trousers, so he knew he couldn’t keep this up much longer. With his tongue going into overdrive, he took a risk and pushed his hand underneath her, sliding a solitary finger into her anus. Tracy gasped and lifted her head but her surprise quickly subsided as Gregg’s other hand returned to stimulate her clitoris. After just a few more moments she orgasmed, letting out a loud scream, and sprayed her juice all over Gregg’s face. He never let up until her body stopped shaking several minutes later, then he licked every drop from her mound and his face.

He crawled up beside her to kiss her, but he barely got a peck before she had turned him over and begun to slither down his torso towards his crotch. Tracy wasted no time in removing his bottoms, underneath which no underwear was to be found, unleashing the monster within. Now it was Gregg’s turn.


Tracy had never experienced a man so talented at oral sex and was still tingling when she decided to reciprocate. Burning with anticipation, she pulled off his trousers in one fell swoop, exposing Gregg’s glorious weapon. If she had thought it was big yesterday when it was soft, that was nothing compared to the size it had grown to now. A little intimidated, but eager to please, she flashed a smile up at Gregg and put her eyes on the prize.

She started by licking his already oozing tip and pushing her tongue slightly into the opening, which he seemed to like. With her lips firmly on his member, she let her tongue encircle the shaft a couple of times, stroking his entire length with her right hand at the same time. Her finger tips did not meet when she wrapped her hand around his impressive girth. She went a little deeper and she savoured the taste of the fluid that oozed out onto the back of her tongue.

Withdrawing, she stroked him quickly until his body started to tense and then slowed to a steady, gentle rhythm. She felt with her left hand that she was moist again and used her own wetness to lubricate him. Gregg’s penis throbbed, a pulsing vein running the length of it. She licked him from base to tip, sucking a little at the head, and then back again. Tracy put both hands around the base and then took a testicle into her mouth, sucking hard. She knew she was doing something right as Gregg writhed in pleasure.

Now for the main event, she thought. She began to bob up and down with his meat in her mouth, going deeper each time. It hit the back of her throat when her lips were hardly half way down and she doubted her ability to take it all. Catching her breath momentarily, Tracy took him in her mouth once more, pushing as far as she could, gagging ever so slightly. She was nearly at the base, she could feel his hair tickling her upper lip, but she couldn’t quite make it. Holding him there for a few seconds, she came up for air again.

It was at this point she could hear Gregg’s heavy breaths, indicating he was ready to blow. She sucked him again, not going as deep but bobbing faster and faster. Gregg’s whole body went rigid and his fists clenched the duvet on either side. She was relentless in her assault, not slowing until he blasted with tremendous force his seed into her mouth. It kept coming for many seconds and she swallowed every last trickle, squeezing out the last few drops with her hand. Gregg lay on the bed, spent.

When she lay beside him, feeling content, Tracy caught a glimpse of the time. She still had a lot of work to do and not a lot of time left to do it in. She didn’t want to leave, but she had to. Slowly, she got up from the bed and walked over to the sink where she doused herself in water. She grabbed a towel and dabbed at her face, then chest, then her womanhood, looking seductively at Gregg throughout. Without a word, she stood with her back to Gregg with her legs slightly apart and bent over from the waist to pick up her clothes, giving him the perfect view.

Once she was dressed, she looked around the room and found her panties lying on his desk. After contemplating for a moment, she leaned over Gregg to kiss him softly, then trailed her underwear along his torso, leaving them on his penis. “You can keep them,” she said, as she took her vacuum and duster and left the room.

Once out of the room, Tracy stood for a moment, exhilarated. Maybe this job isn’t so bad after all, she smiled to herself.


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