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All About Me (Sequel to All About You)

You've been teased and pleased, now it's my turn
You really know how to get to me like no man ever has.

You’re proving it again right now, cuddling my very aroused nude body draped lazily across yours on our bed, stroking my long brown curls and back with a strong loving hand. Still gently lifting my chin with your other hand and looking adoringly into my blue-green eyes, you crane your neck to softly kiss my lips, tasting the last remaining salty remnants of your intense orgasm on them.

It reminds you of how you intend to please me as I just have you, driving you to take your fingers from my chin and stroke my face softly as you pull your lips away. Your other warm hand repeatedly and slowly rubs my smooth back from the nape of my neck to the base of my spine. Both massaging and soothing me, the relaxation heightening my senses even more and making me want your hands everywhere at once.

I take your hand from my face and gaze into your dark brown eyes as I gently press each individual fingertip to my full lips, starting with your thumb and ending by slowly sucking on just the very tip of your pinky and swirling my tongue around it as I would so love for you to do to my aching clit at this very moment.

You chuckle and a little glint in your eyes appears as you give me a wicked grin and say teasingly, “Is that a hint sweetie? All in good time.”

I giggle and squeal in surprise as you quickly move to lift me slightly and roll me over on my back, your muscled left bicep and chest cradling my head, your long fingers entangled in my thick curls. I sigh as my body relaxes into the plush, cozy bedspread and you again snuggle your warm, firm body close to my side, right hand resting on my left hip.

Instinctively I reach up with my left hand and gently touch your cheek with the back of my fingers, stroking down your soft, chestnut brown bearded chin as the hopeful thought of it soon tickling my sensitive inner thighs enters my mind. Your eyes meet mine again and I see the pure mix of desire and love in them as you nuzzle your cheek against my fingers before kissing them softly.

Your lustful eyes drift down from my half-closed aqua eyes framed by long lashes to my luscious, full lips, swollen round globes with dark pink, hardened nipples moving up and down from my quickened breath. Down further over my soft belly, lush hips and the deep V of my very wet, smooth pussy to my strong thighs, all the way to my pink painted toes before traveling back up to meet my gaze again. I feel your softened cock twitch against my side, leaving no doubt that you’re enjoying the view.

“You’re so beautiful baby, inside and out. You have no idea what you do to me,” you whisper as you lower your face and press your soft lips on mine, gently easing my lips apart with your warm, wet tongue. My heart melts at your words and gentle kiss, my mind whirls as my tongue meets yours and I cup your face with my hands as I kiss you back deeply, trying to let you know how incredibly sexy and beautiful you make me feel.

Our tongues intertwining and sliding between our mouths, the sensuous mix of your musky manly smell and cologne makes my mind hazy. I gasp against your mouth as your right hand fingertips trace very slowly over my smooth skin from my left hip up my side to just below my armpit and back down, tickling me and making my skin twitch. But instead of laughing as I normally would, in my very excited state it only made every nerve ending in my body burn and push my desire even higher. My body shakes and my mind whirls as you swirl your fingers across my lower abdomen, one of my most sensitive spots.

“ you are...making me crazy...” I gasp out breathlessly as our lips part.

I’ve rarely seen such a happy yet wicked grin spread across your face as you tell me in your smooth baritone voice, “I know. And you haven’t seen anything yet.”

‘Oh lord’ I think to myself as I’m not sure how much more I can take, as past experience has taught me you relish teasing me as much as I do you, and you were really going to draw this out and enjoy every second.

I softly moan as you slide your right hand across the silky skin under my left breast, lightly tracing back and forth a few times with your fingertips, making my nipple tense up. You cup my breast and squeeze gently before gliding up to my stiff nipple and barely rubbing just your index fingertip over the little peak. I moan louder and arch my back in response to the pangs of desire shooting through my breasts and down to my abdomen and I feel more warm wetness oozing out of my already soaking pussy.

You lean down over me further until your mouth is directly next to my ear and I feel your semi-hard cock press against me and warm breath on my neck as you whisper “Do you like that baby?” Twisting my nipple slightly and then flicking it faster with your fingertip, you send electric pulses through me that make it hard to form words but I respond after a few seconds with a half whisper, half moan “Mmmm…yes honey.

Still holding my breast and teasing my nipple, you crane your neck down and blow warm air across it, intensifying the sensations surging through me even more before removing your fingertip and quickly replacing it with your hot, soft lips and sucking my entire nipple into your mouth. Your tongue swirls expertly around my peak and your front teeth every so often pull it gently, forcing small gasps and groans from me.

My hands entwine themselves in your hair and I press your head against my breast, adoring the sweet pulses of warmth your mouth and tongue are bringing out of me.

You lean over me further and slide your left arm from beneath my head, and I watch your left hand go to my right breast to cup it and rub my nipple with your fingertip the same way you had started on my left one. My eyes flutter closed and I begin to shiver slightly from the pleasure radiating out from my core to the tips of my fingers and toes.

My right breast is craving the same lavish attention from your warm, moist mouth and slick tongue that its sister is getting. You seem to read my mind and push my tits closer together as you switch your mouth to my right breast and tweak and gently twist my left nipple between your index finger and thumb.

The action of sucking my right nipple into your mouth, the first swirl of your tongue around the bud while simultaneously twisting my left peak shoots a strong current straight to my pussy and my mouth falls open and I moan something that sounds like your name as I start to slowly rock my hips up and down, craving you inside of me so strongly I mimic the action of fucking you.

“God damn I love your tits. I could do this all night,” you say a little breathlessly as you lift your mouth after a bit more tasting and teasing that is driving me into a frenzy after being aroused for so long. In the cool air I clearly feel my soaking pussy as warm wetness seeps out of me and onto my inner thighs, and I can smell my musky scent in the air, mixed with the spicy aroma of the sandalwood candle burning on the nightstand.

I open my eyes slightly to see your right hand traveling downwards, and they open a bit wider as I silently hope and pray you’re going to touch my pussy. I open my legs a little to give you better access and you laugh lightly and grin at me for making my need so obvious. I smile back, relishing that we read each other so well words aren’t always needed.

Your eyes turn their attention to my glistening, quivering pussy that you’ve told me several times is the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. Unblemished, symmetrical, rounded outer lips that at the moment are completely bare except for the dark strip of short hair above my slit.

I know you love when I shave for you, how you adore how my silky smooth skin feels gliding against your fingers, lips, tongue or cock. I must admit there are benefits for me too, as the feeling of nothing between our skin and the extra stimulation of direct contact feels amazing.

After gently moving my legs apart a bit further with your right hand, your touch making my muscles stir and twitch, you slip your strong hand tantalizingly slowly between my satiny thighs and I push my hips down to press my juicy pussy onto your hand, dying to feel your slightly rough fingers caress me.

“Holy shit you’re wet baby!” you exclaim in a voice mixed with awe, desire, and acknowledgment of my extreme arousal.

“See do to me,” I breathlessly reply, trying to relax and let the wonderful sensations I know you are about to create overtake me.

Easing my legs apart even further, the engorged, blushing lips of my flower open and a wave of my sweet scent wafts into your nose, making your growing cock surge. You catch a glimpse of my clit peeking out from under its pink hood, and from its dark red color, as well as the way I’m shivering slightly, breathing quickly and my hips are slowly rocking, you can tell it won’t take much to send me over the edge.

I know how you cherish seeing me like this, complete putty in your hands, throwing myself to your mercy to pleasure me however you wish. So different from my usual easy-going but composed, well-mannered demeanor. I know this because I feel the exact same about you, experiencing it myself just a few minutes ago.

An idea comes to you for how to maintain the tease and drive my intense need. Much to my momentary dismay, you take your hand from between my legs and reach up to the pillows to grab the silky pale blue nightgown I had been wearing earlier.

Returning back with lingerie in hand, you oh-so-slowly graze the satiny material over my smooth lips, the sensations forcing my mouth open but no sound could come out, chills running up and down my spine and my hips involuntarily buck up and down a couple times. I am vibrating with need, muscles clenching and unclenching, doing what I can to hold myself in place and fully enjoy your sweet torment.

You drag the soft material of my nightgown slowly, teasingly up my belly and over and around each breast, making me writhe around on the bed, a low growl forced from the back of my throat. I can’t think straight, as all I can focus on is the amazing feeling of cool satin against my hot, smooth skin and the even cooler air drifting over my swollen, wet pussy. Your chocolate colored eyes are smoldering as you watch me, loving every millisecond of making my inner lioness emerge.

“Tell me what you want,” you say softly but authoritatively. “Tell me what you need me to do to you.”

“Lick me...tongue my pussy baby,” I manage to whisper, scarcely believing the words are really leaving my lips but I’m too ready to cum to be anything but direct.

You reward my good behavior by grabbing a pillow and helping me lift my hips off the bed to put the pillow underneath them. You move between my creamy thighs, finding a comfortable position on your stomach, feeling the warmth radiating out from me, face and hands positioned perfectly to reach every petal of my flower. The anticipation of what I know is to come has me quivering inside and out. One of the greatest joys of my life is you going down on me.

I feel you softly stroking the silky skin on the insides of my upper thighs with your warm, firm hands, your mouth blowing hot air across my open mound, bringing a moan out of me that even I hadn’t expected.

Knowing that the crease in between my thighs and pussy is one of my super sensitive places, you take your hands and pull my thighs further apart so your tongue can teasingly drag up and down first my left crease, then my right before repeating a few times. You breathe deeply, enjoying my scent as your tongue eagerly laps up my juices from my skin.

Your hands and tongue feel so good, you know just how to please me, just how to wiggle your tongue and slide your hands and fingers over my skin to drive any other thoughts from my head other than the incredible sensations you’re making flow through me.

I hear you breathe deeply, trying to control your own arousal to focus on me before gently separating my outer lips with your hands, exposing my dark pink inner folds and throbbing deep red clit. I try to take deep breaths and relax as I lean back fully into the bed and pillow underneath me and close my eyes.

“Damn have such a gorgeous pussy...I love how wet you get for me...” you say hungrily as your words make my heart beat ever faster and I abandon the deep breathing for short quick breaths, willing you with my mind to please lick my clit with abandon before I come out of my skin.

Your right index fingertip quickly brushes and flicks the very tip of my clit, and you have to move your head back quickly to avoid being hit by my thrashing hips as continuous jolts and surges of pleasure fly through me. I’m absolutely desperate for your mouth and tongue on my clit. I’ve been so aroused and stimulated for so long that my G-spot is swollen to where it’s starting to ache in my abdomen, begging for sweet release.

I groan and growl and try to hold still as you pull the hood of my clit back very gently with your left hand fingertips and expose all of it to your warm breath, sending tingling pulses through every part of my body. I feel the soft hairs of your beard on my ass, signaling me that your mouth and tongue are on their way to the end of my rainbow.

“Baby...please...please make...make me cum,” I plead in between gasps of air. Hearing the need in my voice, feeling every one of my muscles straining and quaking, my breath raspy in my chest, you slide your right index and middle fingers slowly into my sopping wet pussy while lowering your head to take my clit in between your lips. Gently but firmly sucking, you slowly swirl your slightly rough tongue around it a few times before very rapidly but lightly flicking it with your tongue tip.

My entire sense of time and space stop. For a precious few brief moments I feel like I’m floating as my mind, body, and spirit are captivated entirely by the absolute blissful pleasure surging through every nerve fiber.

Nonsensical noises escape my lips as I grind my pussy hard into your fingers that are now quickly pumping in and out of me. You feel me contract hard around your fingers, signaling you to slide them along my upper wall as my hands go to my breasts and repeatedly squeeze and tug my nipples. When your strong fingers reach my G-spot you stroke it just how I like, gently at first but then more firmly as I hit my peak.

After a few seconds of your perfect manipulations you hit just the right spot on my clit with your tongue and I erupt, seeing a kaleidoscope of colors and flashes bursting behind my tightly shut eyes. Every muscle seizing and relaxing in continuous waves over and over, mouth open wide but no sound can emerge, face straining, hands gripping the bedspread. Hearing and feeling the squishing that clenching my pussy so tight on your powerful fingers makes as my juices run down your hand, mouth and into your beard. My hips buck wildly to get maximum friction against your magical fingers and mouth.

I adore that once I start to cum you can hold onto me and maintain your exact tempo and rhythm which allows me to soar ever higher, making the overwhelming, breathtaking sensations last as long as possible. I pant, moan and whimper as wave after wave breaks over me, lost in a sea of pleasure.

As you feel my pussy walls begin to soften against your fingers, my shaking, thrusting and moans subsiding and my hand on your head running my fingers through your silky hair, you slowly stop your ministrations, bringing me down gently before removing your mouth from my clit. Stroking your fingers in and out of me a few more times, you take them out of my soaked pussy, my wetness covering your hand.

My breathing starts to return to normal as you very lightly kiss my pussy before helping me close my legs and remove the pillow from under my hips. I’m so exhausted for the moment I can barely move, still shaking slightly from the exertion, and am grateful for your assistance.

As I lay enjoying the warm glow and slight buzzing, tingling sensation in my pussy and breasts left over from the gifts they’ve just received, you quickly wipe your hands, mouth and beard with the bedspread to remove any of my sticky juices that you couldn’t lick off. “My God honey, you’re so wet it’s unbelievable. If I had had my tongue in your pussy I might have been the first man to enjoy drowning,” you say only half-jokingly.

I laugh and reply mildly sarcastically, “Thanks for bringing out the best in me sweetie.” You shake your head and chuckle, loving my dry wit that matches yours so well.

Snuggling up close next to me, I again cherish your warm smooth skin on mine. I breathe deeply and gaze at you with loving adoration, you smiling back at me with a satisfied grin before leaning down to softly brush my lips with yours.

With your beautiful eyes fixed on mine after we kiss I tell you softly and simply, “I love you” as there really aren’t enough words to say everything I want to express. “I love you more,” you say smiling one of those smiles that I can’t help but grin back at.

I feel your cock slightly poking my side and look down to see it’s again standing straight and tall.

“Wow” I proclaim glancing between your face and your stiff member. “Getting so hard twice in one night, I think I’m in for an extra treat,” I say teasingly. “Well, I guess since tonight has been all about you and all about me, it makes sense it should now be all about us,” I say, grinning from ear to ear.

“Makes perfect sense,” you reply with a silly grin that matches mine, and lean down to passionately kiss me as my mind whirls again with the possibilities of what could come next.
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