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Damp Encounter My Boss Part 1

He had a wife, but he also had me
When I started my new job I couldn't help but notice how sexy my supervisor was. Although he talked incessantly about his wife I would feel myself flush every time he would call me into his office.

I started fantasizing about him often, and continually played different scenarios over in my head each time we would find ourselves alone together. Riding in the elevator, late night meeting, all the typical circumstances.

Although these thoughts kept me satisfied on Sunday nights when I took my wind-down bubble bath, I never considered that something might happen; he was just so into his wife.

Then I started noticing little things, when he came to help me with something on my computer he would stand behind me, over my shoulder. I would glance up at him and notice his eyes were not on the screen, there were gazing down my shirt. When I caught him, he smirked and looked away. Oh how he made me tingle! He started invading my personal space more and more; moving my mouse while my hand was still on it; reaching across the front of my body to grab paper clips.

I have been an attractive female long enough to know when a man wants my body. I started dressing just a little sexier for him, especially after he asked me to anticipate a string of late shifts.

My intuition was right, he wanted my body.

The morning of our first encounter, was a Monday, the night before I completed my typical Sunday night regime. Soak in the tub, sensual fantasies fulfilled by my shower head and a full body buffing including the removing of all my unwanted hair.

Monday my pussy was bare, soft and smooth, so were my legs. I decided on a grey just above the knee pencil skirt, white button up blouse and a matching grey blazer. Nothing too slutty, but buttons make it so easy to share a little bit more than appropriate cleavage for the right person.

My long brown hair hung in waves, framing my face. I decided to tie it back in a high bun. I looked in the mirror and admired myself. My figure stood out in this outfit, the curves of my breasts and ass were complimented immensely by the snug fitting skirt, and somewhat sheer blouse. If he was ever going to make a move today would be the day.

That night we worked late in his office, I sat in a chair across from him at his desk and waded through paperwork. I continually crossed and uncrossed my legs as I considered how I could find an opportunity for him to take a peek between my legs. Fate stepped in, he dropped his pen.

He leaned over in his chair to grab the pen, and I spread my legs, wide. The table thumped.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes.. umm yes, hit my head” he fumbled.

That answered my question as to whether or not he saw my quiet invitation. I held my breath as he sat back in his chair. Was he going to do anything? Had I misread him?

Although he was flushed he seemed to regain his composure and went back to sorting papers, my heart sank. A few minutes later, he dropped his pen again. I tried to look casual, despite my heart racing, he glanced at me and disappeared under his desk. I spread my legs again and inhaled deeply, the anticipation was beginning to moisten my slit in a delicious way.

I squirmed in chair, waiting for something, anything to happen. He was not reappearing in his chair and it seemed he should have found his pen by now. Suddenly I felt something on my knee, pulling it gently to the side. I exhaled sharply, I slid my hand under the desk and pulled up my skirt slowly so not to scare him off. As I hiked my skirt up, I felt his hot breath on the inside of my leg. I slid forward in the chair so that my skirt was now hiked almost to my hips and spread my legs wide for him. He traced the length of my swollen lips with his finger, over the black and increasingly damp fabric of my black thong. As he teased my clit and labia with his fingers my breathing picked up.

He kissed my inner thighs, as he grazed me so slowly I felt like I was going to melt.

I wanted to feel skin on skin, his finger inside of me, but I was too intimidated to move, so I let him play his game. I felt my juices start to run, it seemed he saw how wet I was as he had taken to dragging his finger through them as they gathered near the base of my ass and traced them back up over my panties.

God I wanted to feel his tongue, feel his finger, feel his cock.

I started to grind against him rhythmically and he took this symbol of desire and pushed my panties to the side and dipped his finger gently between my lips pressing slightly on my clit. I exhaled again and moaned quietly, fuck it felt so good.

He seemed encouraged by my moaning and leaned forward, I felt the hot wetness of his tongue against my lips, slipping inside of my hot and juicy slit. I leaned my head back and pulled at my blouse, my trembling fingers did not seem to work properly, but I wanted to feel my hard nipples so badly that I ripped at my blouse, buttons flew everywhere as I reached in and pulled my tits out of my bra.

I pinched at the nipples as I grinded my pussy against his face. Although I was so worked up I wanted to grind him fast and hard he was not having it. He placed his hands on my hips and steadied me as he slowly licked me. I felt his tongue lick up the entire length of my sex. Then back down, it was so fucking hot. He used his finger to enter me while he suckled my clitoris, the feeling so intense. He sucked my clitoris so that it seem to stretch away from my body, then let it go, repeating this over and over as he placed a second finger inside of me.

I wiggled myself closer to his face as if to smother him with my need. I felt his tongue enter me as his two fingers parted my lips wide so that my clit was exposed to the cool air. I reached down and rubbed in circles as he fucked my pussy with his tongue. I started to feel the tingling build inside of me. I heard him unzip and whispered, “put your cock inside of me."

“No.” he breathed as he continued to lick and suck every inch of my drenched snatch.

“I want to jerk off while I eat you out."

I almost came at that moment, these were the first words he had uttered to me since he had spread my legs and it made me so hot.

“Yes, rub that cock, while you lick my pussy, I am going to cum so hard, you have made me so wet."

His breathing quickened, I felt the vibration of his arm stroking his cock as he continued to lick inside and out of me.

“I love the sound of you beating that cock, rub it for me, stroke it and bury your face deep in my pink juices, wipe your hand in my cunt and use my juices to rub that cock."

His pace quickened and I was near cumming, I longed to feel his cock inside of me, but was satisfied with his tongue.

As he wiped his hand between my legs and used my wet to lubricate himself I felt myself reach the top. I rubbed my clit quickly and lifted my hips to great his face as I came hard. My body was shaking, and so was his, he was still beating off.

“You can cum on me, if you want,” I said quietly.

He didn't say a word but I heard him moan quietly as he came staring straight into my wet pussy.

I was afraid to move, did I just say those things to my boss? What was I thinking?

As I was panicking internally, he started getting up off the floor. He zipped up his pants before I got a look at what I had missed. I sat up in my chair and pulled my skirt back down, I flushed with embarrassment that I had ruined my shirt and still had to walk out of my office.

He stood and went to his closet and passed me a sweater, I laughed and put it on.

“I think we've done enough work for tonight,” he said.

“Okay, yeah I should get home,” I whispered back

“You will need to work late tomorrow though," He smirked at me.

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