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Late Start

Wife's first sex with another man.

Dave and I watched Pat walk into the kitchen, both I think, wondering what if anything would happen tonight. We had invited Dave around for a meal and an experimental night.

Pat and I have been married for over forty years, and she looks as good to me as ever. She has a slim figure, long dark hair and brown eyes. Unfortunately, she as this thing about her breasts, she thinks they are too small, but they are in fact a very nice 36b.

Our sex life as always been good, though for some years we have watched porn to add a little extra something, and we have tried a few things out. We watched one movie, wife sharing and this seemed to intrigue Pat. First off, she wanted to know why men would want to see their wives having sex with another man, eventually asking me if I would want to watch her. I didn't say no, just that it was something I was willing to discuss.

Pat kept bringing the subject up, even when we were having sex, wondering what another man would feel like inside her or how he would taste. I should mention that at the time we were our only sex partners, neither of us had ever been with anyone else.

One morning at breakfast she said something about sharing so I said, "Ok, let's do it," and asked if she would prefer someone she knew or a stranger.

Her first reaction was for me not to be silly; she couldn't do anything like that. I got up saying it was time to go to work.

When she came over to give me a kiss, I said, "Think about it and let me know your decision tonight; a simple yes or no."

I reached down and pulled on the cord of her dressing gown. It fell open, revealing her naked body; I looked down and told her he would be a lucky guy, then went to work.

When I got home that night, Pat greeted me at the door with a smile and a beer.

Without even saying hi Pat said, "Yes," and went on to say she would prefer being shared with a friend, someone she could trust.

That night we talked it over, and Pat told me she would go along with most anything but needed to be in control, also for that first time not to expect too much.

I asked if she had anyone in mind, and she replied, "Dave."

We had been friends with Dave and his ex for many years; we still saw them both but Dave most regularly. She said she trusted him and knew that he liked her, and then to my surprise, admitted she had always had a little crush on him, though they had never done anything. I told her I was fine with that and rang Dave; Pat was listening when I told Dave what we were thinking and invited him for a meal on the weekend. He thought I was joking; even when Pat spoke to him, he still thought we were on something but agreed to come over.

Finally, the evening arrived.

I went into the bedroom to see what she was going to wear. Pat always sets out the clothes she is going to wear on the bed. I was a little surprised; there was a knee length dress with a modest neckline that fastened with buttons the full length. Also, there were matching lace bra and panties, and something I like, nylons and garter belt.

There was a knock on the door; Pat jumped, she looked at me and asked if we were doing the right thing.

I didn't answer, I just went to the door and let Dave in. When we returned Pat was standing in the middle of the room, Dave went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and stood by her side. There was a nervous tension in the room broken only by Dave asking if we were serious.

"Let's just try and have a lovely evening and see how things develop," Pat replied.

We went through our so called rules again with Dave, and while I was talking Dave put his arm around Pat, his hand on her shoulder. Pat looked up at him and nervously Dave asked if it was ok.

Pat said, "Perfectly," and put her arm around Dave's waist.

"I need to check on the food so while I'm there, shall get us some drinks. I won't be long." She said.

"That's a good idea," I said

Dave and I watched Pat walk into the kitchen both I think wondering what, if anything, would happen tonight. Dave asked me again if I was going to be ok if something happened tonight.

"I'm not sure how I'll feel. At the moment I'm just nervous for Pat and myself, but we did choose you because Pat thought she could trust you."

"I appreciate you saying that and I promise I will treat Pat with the utmost respect," Dave said.

Pat returned with our drinks and said that everything was ready. She gave Dave his drink, and when she handed me mine, I took the opportunity to undo the top button of her dress. She looked at me and smiled.

"Let's go in and eat," Pat said.

Pat took hold of Dave's arm and walked him to the dining room.

"Dave, why don't you give Pat a kiss," I said.

They looked at each other and then kissed, but quickly parted.

"Now with a bit of feeling," I said.

They kissed again, but this time much longer and with some passion, they put their arms around each other and Dave slid his hands down Pat's body until he reached her bottom. When they broke off, they both looked at me, presumably to see my reaction.

I just said, "Good, that's out of the way. Let's eat."

While we were eating a very nice meal, we made small talk, then Dave asked if he could ask a personal question.

Pat said, "Of course you can."

"Do you shave?".

Pat looked a little flustered, but said, "I presume you mean my pub -," she stopped herself, then continued, "You mean my pussy."

"Is that too personal?" Dave asked.

"No, you just caught me by surprise that's al., I do shave, but haven't for a while, so I have a full bush at the moment. Do you have a preference?"

"I'll like whatever you have, I'm sure," Dave said.

Dave had broken the ice now and took the opportunity to ask more questions like what were her measurements and her favourite sex position. It seemed Pat was becoming more relaxed and wasn't as easily flustered by Dave's questioning.

Then Dave asked, "Do you swallow?"

Pat replied to my surprise, "I won't answer that right now, but you will find out for yourself, I'm sure of that."

After we cleaned up and put the dishes in the washer, Pat told us to go sit down, and she would get the coffee. I sat in a chair and Dave on the settee. When Pat came in, she put Dave's coffee on the table in front of him and another next to it. When she placed mine on the table, I asked her to come closer, and when she did, I unbuttoned her dress from the bottom until I reached the top of her stockings and then undid two more. I looked up at her, and she gave me a big smile. She went and sat with Dave and crossed her legs and adjusted her dress to show the top of her stockings and some bare thigh.

Slowly, now things were beginning to happen.

The night went on, and Dave put his hand on Pat's leg eventually reaching the top of her thigh.

"I've undone the bottom buttons, Dave, why don't you do the top ones," I said.

Dave looked at Pat, and she pushed her chest out to him.

Dave said, "Should I undo all of them?"

Pat pointed to a button and said, "Down to this one. That will do for now."

Dave began slowly unbuttoning the dress, and when he had finished, he held her dress open and took his first look at her near naked tits. He then slipped his hand inside and began to feel her breast, albeit through her bra. Pat leant forward, and they started kissing, both using their tongues. I must admit just then I did feel a little jealous watching my wife kissing another man and letting him feel her breast.

I collected the glasses and took them into the kitchen.

I thought I had collected myself together until I went back into the lounge and Dave had his hand inside Pat's panties squeezing her arse cheek. I coughed to attract their attention and said I thought it was time to call it a night. They stood up, and to Dave's credit, he didn't complain, but Pat asked if we could have a small wine first.

"If I do, I won't be able to drive home," Dave said.

Pat said, "That's ok, we'll ring a taxi for you."

Pat went to get the wine, and I rang for a cab. When Pat returned, I apologised for being a prude as I just had a touch of jealousy. To try and make up for this, I suggested that Dave should finish unfastening the rest of Pat's buttons and remove her dress. Dave looked at me inquisitively.

"It's alright, I want you to," Pat said.

A short time after, my wife had only her underwear on. She gave Dave another kiss and came over to me, putting her arms around my neck.

"Don't worry, we both wanted something to happen and I want to do this," Pat said.

"As long as you're sure you want to," I replied.

"I'm sure and very wet."

She gave me a kiss and turned to face Dave, with her back to me.

Looking over her shoulder, Pat said: "Would you mind unhooking my bra please."

I hesitated for a second and did as Pat requested, I put my hands on her shoulders and slid the straps off and then down her arms. Her bra fell to the floor.

Pat walked over to Dave, his eye's fixed on Pat's bare breasts, she stood in front of him and began undoing his belt and trousers.

"Why don't you come and sit over here, darling? I want you to see everything," Pat said to me.

Pat now had Dave's trousers and shorts off, his erect penis standing proud.

"Why don't you sit as well, Dave?" Pat said.

She got on her knees and positioned herself between Dave's legs. Taking Dave's cock in her hand, she began to rub it, moving her hand up and down his shaft. After playing with its head, she lowered herself while opening her mouth and swallowed his cock completely; soon she was in a rhythm going up and down his shaft occasionally stopping to run her tongue around the top.

The look of delight on Dave's face was priceless, but I knew exactly how good she is and how it feels. Dave's expression changed, and he began to grimace, he put his hands on Pat's head and pushed his hips forward. They both remained still for a short time, when Dave relaxed Pat lifted her head and released his cock. She looked at Dave and then me, and I saw her swallow. Pat went back down on Dave, running her tongue the length of his cock, around the head, and then back into her mouth.

Once she knew she had sucked every drop of cum from him, she released him from her mouth and fell backwards onto the floor with her legs open showing a damp patch in her panties and a dark patch of pubic hair through the lace. Dave was lying back on the couch with his eyes closed and a grin on his face, and I sat still, taking in what I had just seen.

We were all brought back to reality by a car horn; the taxi had arrived.

Pat said, "I won't be a moment. Don't leave before I get back."

Pat went to the bathroom, and Dave got dressed. The taxi driver blew the car horn again so Dave said he had to leave. He had just got to the car when Pat came rushing back to the door, still bare breasted, much to the delight of the cab driver I'm sure.

Dave came back and gave her a kiss, and we said, “Goodnight.”


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