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Lucy discovers her slutty self

Lucy learns she likes to be in control as well
It would be helpful to read my prior story about Lucy’s blind date.

It had been a week since Lucy last heard from Jake in the chat room. He told her, she was his and that she could play with herself but she couldn’t cum. This was driving her crazy. Every day not hearing from Jake just made her hornier and hornier; her grades were starting to suffer.

Kim, her friend, had noticed a change both in Lucy’s demeanor and in her dress. Lucy was on edge but was also dressing more provocatively. She use to wear jeans and loose blouses but now she was wearing more skirts and tight t-shirts or blouses showing off her nice 34C breasts. She was also wearing more lipstick and Kim noticed the boys in class were giving her more looks.

Finally Kim confronted Lucy and asked her what was the matter and pointed out all the changes. Lucy reluctantly told Kim about her encounter with Jake and his last chat message. Kim was intrigued and visibly aroused, Lucy noticed. Her nipples showed their arousal against Kim’s red t-shirt especially since Kim rarely wore a bra.

Kim was that typical sexy Asian woman, medium black hair, beautiful white skin with delicate features, nice sized up-turned breasts, a tight ass and shapely legs.

Kim pointed out that Jake might never contact her again. She also asked Lucy what it felt like to be controlled, shaved by someone else and tied up. Lucy admitted that it was very thrilling and she also admitted that she was curious on what it would feel like to be in control.


A few days later, Lucy and Kim were sitting in Professor Young’s history class. All the girls liked Professor Young. He was smart, cute and had a slight English accent. He was tall with an athletic build and was also witty in class. There were rumors that he slept with a few coeds but they were only rumors.

The big problem was Professor Young knew all the girls liked him and he was cocky about it. Lucy and Kim both were attracted to him because of his looks but were also repelled by his attitude.

That day in class, Lucy looked especially nice. She wore a tight v- neck black t-shirt that barely contained her breasts with a red leather mini-skirt and black knee-high boots. One way she was trying to relieve her lust was by teasing Professor Young. Today as she noticed Professor Young lustily looking at her, she thought of a plan.

Kim, sitting one row back and on the side of Lucy, also noticed Professor Young’s look of lust and was also a bit jealous and envious of the attention Lucy was getting.

After class, Lucy asked Professor Young if she could stop by his office later to discuss the C grade that she got on a recent exam. He gladly offered his assistance. Lucy walked away with Kim and then looked back over her shoulder and caught Professor Young staring at her ass. She smiled and winked as she caught his eye.

Lucy later shared her plan with Kim and they both got ready for their office visit later that day.

Kim entered Professor Young’s office first. She was wearing the same outfit as earlier. The only change was that she put on some makeup, red lipstick and mascara to accent her blue eyes. Her blond hair was pulled back into a bun. Professor Young was not surprised to see her since he could hear the tap of her black leather boots from down the hall. He was surprised to see Kim also wearing matching red lipstick and a clingy black mini-dress with black high heels. It had a plunging neckline and Professor Young could clearly see her braless tits sway underneath

Professor Young smiled to himself already getting hard at the potential of screwing these young coeds.

“Lucy and Kim, so nice to see you,” Professor Young said. “How can I help you?”

When he got up to greet them, both Lucy and Kim noticed the bulge beginning to show in his khaki pants.

Lucy told him that Kim also needed help so she brought her along. She also mentioned that they were going out that evening so that is why they were all dressed up. As Lucy was talking, she absent-mindedly rubbed her chest bringing Professor Young’s eyes to her breasts. He could see her black lace bra peeking out. A moment later, out of the corner of his eye, he caught Kim crossing and uncrossing her legs with her dress riding up her leg. His face was getting flush.

Lucy asked him if there was any special project they could work on while she licked her lips seductively.

“What did you have in mind?” Professor Young asked

Lucy asked him sweetly to stand up. Professor Young reluctantly stood up, his bulge clearly visible.

“Maybe we can help with that,” Kim cooed.

Professor Young started to walk over to the girls but Lucy stopped him.

“So do we get an A if we let you fuck us,” she asked.

“Yes, hell yes,” Professor Young answered.

“First, you have to do something for us,” Lucy whispered.

She walks behind him and slides her hand down his chest and onto his bulge.

“Strip for us,” Kim commanded as she stands up.

Her dress slides down revealing a black lace thong underneath. Black pubic hairs poking out from the side.

Professor Young was naked in a instant. His long 8 inch cock pointing upward. Again he started to move towards Lucy and Kim but Lucy stopped him again. She lead him by holding his cock to the straight back chair where she had been sitting. In the meantime, Kim had climbed on to the desk and was on her hands and knees with her ass facing him.

Professor Young started to move his face and chair closer to Kim to lick her but again he was stopped by a quick squeeze of his cock by Lucy.

“Not so fast. You need to do what we ask if you want to fuck us,” Lucy said.

Lucy then tied his hands behind his back to the chair.

“Lick her pussy,” Lucy commanded.

Professor Young slid the chair closer to the desk and started to lick Kim’s thighs. Kim moaned with delight as Lucy got between Professor Young’s legs and started to lick his cock head. A shock ran through his body as her lips touched his cock and he moaned. He looked down to see Lucy’s red lips take in his cock head. He moaned again and his cock twitched.

Kim pulled her thong to one side and commanded Professor Young to lick her rosebud as she played with her clit. She was so wet already that juices were running down her thigh. The smell of sex was in the air.

“Lick faster,” Kim ordered as she felt her first orgasm building.

Lucy was busy. First she continued to suck his cock until he was just about ready to cum, then she squeezed his balls sharply. He cried out and his erection subsided slightly. She then started to caress his hairy chest from behind and pulled on his nipples as she was whispered in his ear that soon he could taste her pussy too.

Professor Young’s cock was hard again leaking pre-cum. He was crazy with lust. Kim pushed her ass into his face as she came hard. She came so hard she squirted all over Professor Young’s chest. She then licked her fingers as she stared seductively at the professor.

Lucy then switched places with Kim but first she did a slow strip tease for Professor Young as Kim started to suck on his cock. Lucy took off her top and left her lace bra on. The professor could see her pointy nipples. She then took off her red leather skirt and showed the Professor her black lace crotch less panties. She took the leather skirt and slide it over his chest, his cock and then his face before she tossed it aside. Lucy continued to tease him by spreading her pussy lips. They were glistening in the light. The professor’s mouth went dry at the thought of tasting the coed that he lusted after all semester.

“Do you want to eat me?” Lucy teased as she pulled back the hood of her clit.

“Yes, please let me eat and fuck you,” the Professor begged.

Lucy walked over to a handbag and pulled out a small shiny butt plug. Kim stood up and took off her wet thong.

“This is for you, our cocky professor,” Lucy said as she slid the butt plug under his balls and between his cheeks.

“Lift your butt up so I can put this in you,” Lucy commanded.

“You deserve it for being so cocky and full of yourself.”

Professor Young’s eyes went wide. He never had anything in his ass nor did he want it in his ass. He opened his mouth to protest but Kim put her wet thong in his mouth. Kim also pulled him up slightly so Lucy could insert the plug.

It felt cold to the professor but strangely his cock was even harder.

Now it was Lucy’s turn to cum. She faced him and put her pussy in his face. She commanded him to lick her as she played with her nipples. He looked up and could see her luscious tits jiggle as he licked her pussy.

Kim meanwhile took out her phone and started to video the professor eating Lucy. You could clearly see that he was in his office; naked and tied down eating some girl’s pussy. You couldn’t see that it was Lucy.

“Stick your tongue all the way in,” Lucy shouted.

She was getting close. She loved being in control and teasing her professor. Kim was playing with herself now. One hand was playing with her wet pussy, the other hand was pinching her erect nipples. Watching Lucy was turning her on. She was about to cum again.

Lucy grabbed the professor’s head pulling him tightly against her body.

“Ohhhh,” Lucy moaned as she came gripping his head tightly against her body. Spasms rolled though her body as she felt the professor’s head jerk against her. She finally got her release!

“He came,” Kim exclaimed! “He came all over the underside of his desk and on his legs.”

Then Kim slid the chair away from the desk and lightly licked the professor’s cock head. It was all too much for Kim. The taste of his cum and her fingers on her clit. She came again.

“No,” he moaned as Kim sucked. He was just too sensitive for any more touch.

Lucy and Kim quickly got dressed. Kim pulled her thong from the professor’s mouth and wiped some of his cum on it. The girls loosened the ties on his hands but not enough to release him. He would be able to do that on his own later.

“Remember, we get an A in your class or we will show the video,” Lucy whispered to him as she lightly caressed his deflated cock.

“What about me fucking you?” the professor meekly asked.

“Maybe another time,” both Lucy and Kim giggled. They both walked out of the professor’s office knowing they owned him now. They had their own little boy toy.

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