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Massage in unexpected places

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Gave a massage
I walk out into the waiting room to find you as my next client. I smile and call you into the room.

“Well you know the routine, strip and lay face down on the table with the towel.” I told you with a smile. You smiled back as I left the room so that you can change.

When I return to the room, I see you sitting up on your elbows waiting for me to come back in. I turn on some soft music and get my favorite lotion out of the cabinet.

I look over my shoulder to find you staring at my ass. I walk over to the table you are lying on and begin to rub the lotion onto my hands. Standing in front of you I start running my finger across your neck, massaging all the little knots out of it. Moving along down to your shoulder digging my thumbs into your sore muscles.

You moan signaling that it feels good to you. I walk over to your left side and take your arm massaging it from the shoulder down to your fingers. You turn your head towards me and notice how short my skirt is. My legs looked so smooth to you that when I let go of your arm to massage your back, you run your hand up one of my legs.

I didn’t mind you doing this. I smile. I ask how your day was; try to make conversation, for you had paid for a two hour massage. We are gonna be here a while. You reply by saying that you have been really stressed at work and that’s why you have gotten the massage.

I move down the lower part of your back and started to massage your ass. I noticed that this was a surprise to you because of the way you jumped when I touched you there. I did the left side first. Squeezing just hard enough to make it feel good. I hear you moan again.

I work my way down to your left leg going on the outside of it, down to your foot. Then slowly, applying just the right pressure moving up the inside, all the way up to your thigh stopping just below touching your balls.

I could feel you tense up slightly as I started on the right side of your leg. You give out a long sigh and said it was getting a little hot in the room. I dismiss the statement you made and move up the right side of your body all the way back to your neck.

When I stand in front of you again, I spread my legs a little further apart than last time. You must have noticed because when you ran your hands up my smooth legs again you didn’t stop at my skirt line.

Your hands slid up my short skirt pulling me to the table slightly. Here you found that I wasn’t wearing any panties. You must have gotten hard for you shifted around under the towel.

“Sit up” I said to you. You did so dangling your legs over the table.

I massage your shoulders from the back getting deep under your shoulder blades.

You hang your head and moan.. “That’s good.”

I smile and move down your back. Lightly dragging my nails across your back, you shudder. I give you chills. As I walk around to your front I work my fingers on your pecs. Your hands slip under my skirt again as I work my magic. Right before you pull me towards you to kiss me, I stop you and tell you to lie on your back

Working from the left side to the right like I did before. This time I go more slowly, going deeper into your skin. When I moved to your thigh, I didn’t stop at your balls. I softly started to massage them. You moaned and I could see that you liked it; your cock was standing straight up. I moved to the other leg and did the same thing. I didn’t grab your balls this time but your cock.

“Whoa!” you were surprised but didn’t stop me.

“I take my work seriously” I smiled.

I pulled at your firm cock. Going up and down with my hand. Faster and more firm then the last time. I could tell that I was really getting you going; you were breathing heavy and was watching me give you a hand job.

I bend over and shove your rock hard cock in my mouth.

You moan as you shudder. I would start just with the head in my mouth going down just a little farther then I had the last time until I was fitting your 8 inch dick in my mouth. I started to feel you thrust in to my mouth. Your hand grabbed my hair to hold me steady as you finished fucking my mouth hard.

One last thrust and everything was all over with. Your hot cum was running down my throat before I could stop it.

“Oh oh oh” was all you could say as your orgasm came to a close. You let go of my head and you sat back up on the table.

“You know, you’re not the only one in this room with magic fingers.” He said and smiled at me.

Comment if you would like to read what he did to me.

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