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Returning to Nature

The midsummer's day was oppressively hot, Anelynne thought impatiently. She would much rather be lying in an air conditioned room reading or listen to music but that was far too lazy for someone who enjoyed being part of life, active.

Newly single and eager to enjoy life again, her impatience got the better of her and she decided to take a light jog to the local park and swim in the small lake there, and then walk home.

There was no mistaking how attractive she was. Her skin had a slight olive hue to it - her mother had been half Spanish - while her hair was a dark, almost dirty blonde. Additionally she was tall, her legs were great and she had a fantastic ass, one that everyone just had to look at due to its roundness. Her profile was pretty, she had a strong nose as well as green eyes, making her rather enchanting. Then one sees her boobs, and one just can't imagine seeing anything better. She'd been a C cup by the time she was 16, and now at 19 they'd become an impressive DD.

Who knows how long she'd spent working on her body, but the truth is that no matter how much she'd crafted her body, her body now wanted sex. And good sex.

So she slipped on a pair of running shorts over her black g string, and then put on a black bikini top with white polka dots. Over this, to retain some modesty whilst she ran, she put on a white shirt, though she made sure that one could see her black bikini top through it. Tying her hair in a knot, she moved out of her small flat and began her run.

Running without a sports bra is never comfortable, though she felt liberated. Her boobs were round and firm, and well placed on her chest. They bounced a bit, but she realised it was all part of the deal.

On reaching the park she quickly took off her t shirt and proceeded to dive into the water which only had a few other recreationers. She'd chosen a secluded part of the lake in order to better look at the potentials, but even then she quickly caught the attention of several men, a couple of whom started to casually make their way over to her. Their attempt at making a meeting seem accidental was laughable, even immature.

She wasn't the kind of girl who particularly preferred studs. It was the way a man's eyes looked at her that turned her on, or off. Eyes spoke of intelligence, sexiness or downright stupidity. The first guy who spoke to her she politely ignored, seeming to be very caught up in looking at a few fish which swam past.

She saw a couple more guys heading her way so she decided to play coy and hopped out of the lake to take a walk over to the water fountain to have a drink. Only one guy followed her. He surprised her as she turned around from drinking. But as he bent down to start drinking, he quickly looked at her, his eyes showing a glint of cheekiness and mischief. He wasn't particularly buff, more of an athlete who looked after his body rather than used it to attract girls. He wasn't skinny either, toned being the more adequate description.

"Did you run here?" He inquired without preamble.

At first she didn't even know he was speaking to her, and so was caught off guard. Her reply wasn't coy, just simple and plain.

"Uh, yes."

He was wearing shorts and a white shirt as well as running shoes. Brown hair with brown eyes, pretty average, nothing spectacular, though his eyes did have an uncommon shine to them.

"Me too, even though it's quite warm. Works up a sweat and cools you off though."

Anelynne was unsure how to respond to this small talk, but in the end her hormones were more decisive.

"Yeah sure. Look would you like to go get a drink or something to eat or something?"

It was his turn to be surprised by her assertiveness.

"Well I saw you running in from the opposite direction to where I stay, so I'm no sure it'd be convenient. We could just stay here though. I'm not sure how you managed to run in a bikini but anyway."

That was his sleight of hand, quickly gaining the upper hand over her, though he was starting to feel uncomfortably aroused.

"I'm Luke by the way." He added as though an after-thought.

"Anelynne." His comment about her bikini made her feel self conscious, though they made their way over to a leafy tree in amicable silence.

He turned suddenly, trying to pass behind her, but she stopped and this caused him to go full into her, his crotch touching the back of her hand. His erection gave Anelynne a bit of a jolt, and sent her chemicals wild.

"I'm sorry about that, but just....your top and....your very short shorts." He said clumsily. "Please excuse me. I'll leave if you'd rather I did."

"No," She smiled commandingly. "Not at all, don't worry about it."

He stood in front of her uncomfortably with his penis straining in his shorts.

"Look, let me help you with that."

Anelynne's movement surprised him as well as her, but she got on her knees and jerked his shorts and and jocks down. His penis sprang out, and she immediately took the tip in her mouth, sucking it sharply and smoothly. She then circled his cock with her hand and started jerking him off as she began to suck further down his shaft.

He reached over her head and undid the halter, letting her bikini top fall away. He took both her boobs in his hands and started playing with them, feeling their heaviness and smoothness, just glorifying in the feel of two such incredible beauties. She continued to suck him, going deeper and deeper until she started gagging slightly even though his penis was decidedly average in length.

She then moved off sucking his cock and leaned back him giving a full view of her tits. Luke immediately made to put his cock between them. Anelynne laughed and moved forward again, squeezing her tits together and starting to titty-fuck him. He began his own rhythm, going hard at it truing to get the tip of his cock to touch her stuck-out tongue. It was his rhythm which started to get the better of him, so he requested she begin sucking him again.

Anelynne complied, taking him all the way down and sucking sharply and insistently as she came back up again. She thought he'd last forever in her school-girl fantasies. This was dashed in an instant as he quickly pulled his cock out of her moth.

He quickly jerked himself in from of her face and within a couple of seconds, without waning, he began to ejaculate. His cum landed on her face and in her hair, and there was a lot of it. He'd evidently not had a good blowjob in months.

This had all taken place in the shade of a tree in a matter of ten minutes, so it was unlikely anyone had seen them. However Anelynne quickly did up her bikini and made her way over to the lake to clean up. She wasn't satisfied by any means, and she was angry Luke for his use of her.

He'd taken her offering and had given nothing in return. Bastard.
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