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Reverie and and Reality

Reality beats imagination - this time
He watched in fascination as she lowered herself onto him, her face obscured by the hair swinging freely each side of her head. He knew his cock was positioned just right to enter her and he couldn't wait for that familiar sensation. He'd felt it countless times but it always seemed new.

At the crucial moment, his pelvis lunged upwards from the bed. He was rudely wakened from his reverie as the pulses of his imminent climax started deep in his groin and his grip on his erection tightened. Guttural noises rose from his chest as the almost red hot flow of spunk channeled through him to erupt from the swollen tip. It hardly had time to land in a hot puddle on his stomach as the second spasm engulfed him, accompanied by a grunt of pleasure.

Each grunt reduced in volume as the amount of semen falling on his belly diminished.

Soon, always too soon, it was over . His breathing and heart rate slowed as he stroked his subsiding rigidity. Once his body was more in control of itself, he opened his eyes to be greeted by the grinning face of his girlfriend who was leaning over him. 'Started and finished without me, did you? Well, it's my turn now'.

As she said this, she lifted a leg over the cooling and congealing wetness on his abdomen and straddled his face. Even though he'd only orgasmed a few minutes ago, the aroma of her arousal never ceased to hold him in its spell. He stretched his neck upwards to kiss her folds and was pleased to feel the dampness there. He pushed his tongue between the lips and was rewarded with a whimper from above. He delved as deep as he could, swirling his tongue and then withdrawing to lap against her clitoris. Now, she echoed the noises he was so recently making, grinding her pussy harder against him.

Her legs relaxed a little as she settled into the rhythm of their combined movements and he took the opportunity to free his arms so that he could take a firm hold on her buttocks because he knew what would happen next.

Sure enough, her grunts and groans were becoming more noisy and looking up, he could see she was supporting herself against the wall above their bed. Her hips started to vibrate, he held her even more firmly, ensuring his mouth and tongue stayed firmly in contact with her increasingly slippery pussy. He saw her stomach muscles begin a sequence of rapid contractions and relaxations. His face was deluged with her juices. The sounds from her were yelps of pleasure. She ground down on him and with an enormous groan, collapsed over his head, almost suffocating him !

Gently, he moved her to one side, stroking her back and sides as the shockwaves of her climax subsided. Manouevering their bodies, he laid her on her back and settled himself between her legs. There was a pretend noise of protest as he lowered his mouth onto the fine, downy hair way below her navel. He traced a wet line down to the folds of skin covering her clitoris. He nuzzled and probed until he found that hard nub of flesh. Her pelvis jerked as though a small electric shock had been applied.

This time, he concentrated on that area alone knowing that it was a sensation in which she revelled. He could feel the movements of her hips becoming a little more frantic and knew, because he'd seen her do it often, that she'd be squeezing her nipples and rubbing the palms of her hands across her breasts. As her moaning became louder, he eased two fingers inside her and curled them upwards, applying a steady rubbing to the g-spot. The effect was explosive ! She thrashed from side to side, almost throwing him off her as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her body.

He slid his fingers out and just gently licked the folds of her labia as she descended from the crescendo.

Once she'd steadied and was lying quietly in the aftermath, he moved up her body, dragging his tongue over her still sensitive flesh, whilst reaching down with one hand so that he could guide his regained erection into her.

Once inside her, his face and hers were level and he could kiss her whilst he slowly moved in and out of her.

She smiled up at him, stroking the back of his head. They both knew that he would not, could not, cum again but took their pleasure in the smaller sensations each was providing the other. Suddenly, she gripped his head tightly as a 'mini-orgasm' coursed through her. Her tensed vaginal muscles gripped his shaft. His groans of appreciation caused another minor tremor inside her.

Gradually, they stopped moving, content to lie with their bodies entwined in post-coital bliss.

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