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The Big Show

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Kandy is in college. Just finishing her final year and looking forward to what life has to offer beyond school. She's gotten her college education and a few life's lessons. She lives off campus in a condominium complex that mostly rents to other students. No shortage of social possibilities there. She shares her place with 2 friends. Kandy is petite, 5'2”, long curly red hair and stunning green eyes. Her body is tight and slim. She is followed by just about every guy in school, she has her pick. There have been some relationships, but she just wants “something more”.

Across the courtyard, in another block of condos, lives Brian. Just in his second year, he already had enough of dorm life and has decided to live off campus. He was tired of the endless “buzz” that living in a freshman dorm brought. It was mid August, moving day. Hot and humid, his parents helped him set up in his condominium that he shared with a couple of upper class men, that he friended the year before.

Just that day, Kandy took notice of Brian. He was almost 6 feet tall, short brown hair, hazel eyes. Although not a real jock, Brian loved to play sports and it showed. He had the body of little to no body fat. It showed on moving day. He took his shirt off to help move the boxes and what little furniture he had. His abs and arms were pumped with all the moving. When he wasn't studying, he was playing basketball either by himself or with whoever took him on. He also liked to run and swim. He too had his pick of most any girl, if he chose.

Every fall semester the residents had an afternoon party to kick the year off. In the parking lot the cars made way to a band and beer kegs. This is where Kandy and Brian first met. Introduced by Brian's roommates, who were like the mayors of the campus. Going anywhere with them took an extra half hour just for social measures. Brian met so many people through them he couldn't keep track of their names. Except of course for Kandy, no one ever forgot hers. Brian was kinda quiet. Polite, and reserved. But there was something in his smile that Kandy liked. Maybe he was smiling just because he was in her presence. But in his mind, he was out of her league, but was he? Not thinking of anything, Brian got smashed that afternoon. He didn't care, his door was only a few yards away. Brian got so intoxicated, he walked into the wrong condo. It was Kandy's. He walked into her roommate and her boyfriend making out. He walked in, stunned. He stared, blushed, apologized and left.

Later Kandy's roommate told her what happened. She laughed it off, but at the same time there was a little flushness that came to her face. Inside she thought it kinda cute for some reason.

As the next few weeks passed, they past each other in the parking lot or walked together in a group to class. They got to be friends. But Brian just thought he was out of her league, that she wouldn't be interested in him.

One night as he was studying, he looked out his window and across the courtyard was Kandy's window. He was stunned as watched Kandy drop her nightshirt on. He couldn't believe what he saw. Just a glimpse of her B cup breasts, and a tiny pink thong were covered by an over-sized T shirt. Then the lights were out. Studying was shot for that night. As much as he tried to sleep he couldn't. The vision was repeated in his mind over and over as he tried to sleep in his bed. Not long he was excited and began to stroke himself. He grew harder and harder as he imagined having Kandy in his arms. His thoughts continued until he came into his hand, shooting onto his stomach and chest.

The next Sunday, he was on his way out to the parking lot basketball court when he past Kandy sunning herself outside her condo. She was a dark green bikini that showed all tight little curves. One thing Brian noticed was how small the bottoms were. He tried not to stare, thought he could see little tuffs of red hairs poking out. Brian couldn't take the small talk without creeping Kandy out by his staring and headed off to play some ball. He returned an hour or so later all sweaty, but Kandy was no where to be seen.

That night, he was trying to finish a paper, Brian thought of Kandy again, and masturbated. As he was exploding, his eyes closed, head back, his body stiffened. When finished he stood to go clean himself. His manhood enlarged, cum strewn, Brian went to the bathroom and cleaned himself.

Days passed and Kandy and Brian always seemed to find a few minutes to spend together. Whether it's walking to class or meeting each other or the community mailbox or just to grab some coffee together on campus. One day Brian confided in Kandy the lack of mature girls there were to date. He complained that every girl he met at a party was a silly giggling freshman, or just wanted to hookup. He wanted more. Kandy was having so many thoughts of her own. Did he just didn't see the tree through the forest? Was she doing something wrong? She assured with a straight look into his eyes, that he'll meet someone very special. He took a second and straighted up, as if a little light just lit. But could it really mean anything, he thought?

The next to the last Saturday, before finals Kandy was invited to a semi formal. Brian was playing ball in the parking lot when he saw Kandy pull in after having her hair done. He complimented her on how nice she looked. She told him, “You should see me after I get dressed” and popped a little black dress in front of her.

He just smiled and looked her up and down. “He's a lucky date,” was all we replied.

“We'll see if does get lucky,” was all she joked. They shared dating horror stories all semester.

She went into her place. He played ball some more.

After awhile Brian went back inside to grab something to drink and check some emails on his laptop in his room. Looking out the window again, he saw Kandy getting dressed. She was in black lace half bra and matching thong. The bra pushing her breasts up and out just a little. The thong framing her tight white ass. Brian couldn't believe what he was watching. She spun and admired herself. She finally pulled the little black dress on. She was absolutely gorgeous!

Brian watched as long as he could, and found himself getting hard in his shorts. He decided to go play more basketball to get his mind off of what he just saw.

About 20 minutes later, her date had come to pick up Kandy. He watched her leave and got hard in the parking lot as she walked to his car. She turned and gave him a little wave and wink. Brian just waved back.

Later that night, about 11pm Brian was watching some football with his roommates and his phone rang. It was Kandy. Her date got real drunk, and was treating her bad. She asked Brian if he would mind picking her up at the hotel where the semi formal was being held. She told him that he could use her car and her one roommate who was home with the flu would give him the car keys.

Brian was off like a super hero. He broke just about every traffic law on his way to the hotel. Fearing what the drunk idiot did to Kandy, she was just standing outside waiting for Brian. Kandy was in no mood for her drunken date. She greeting him with a big smile. Brian reach over and open the door. He couldn't help to notice how beautiful she was. Her legs, and the dress riding up as she got into the car was sending more thoughts back into his mind. Kandy leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek and told him how sweet it was of him to pick her up. Her warm lips to his scruffy cheeky was electric. But to who?

Her asked if she wanted to go anywhere, but she just wanted to go home.

Once there, Kandy asked Brian if he wanted to come in and watch a movie or something? How could he refuse? He walked behind her into the condo there was only one light on left by her roommate who went to bed. She offered Brian a beer, and excused herself to get changed. He again told her how stunning she was. She turned to him and smiled.

“I could just listen to you say that all night,” Kandy said.

“It's true,” Brian said standing in front her.

“I have a confession for you Brian. I know you have been watching me from your window. I wanted you to watch me. I know you have been jerking off to me,” she said with confidence. “I, in return have been watching you. You're pretty hot yourself.”

She turned her head upwards and the lips met. Long, and soft kiss. Followed by longer, and deeper. Their bodies pressed close. Brian was in her league. He just didn't know it. But he does now.

She took him by the hand and led him to the living area and she lit a large candle. They kissed more, until she told him to sit down on the couch.

“I have one more show for you tonight,” she told him. At that point she turned away from and began to sway her hips and look over shoulder with a sly smile.

She walked over the put some music on the iPod port. Swaying her hips some more Kandy started to raise her skirt. She smiled at Brian. She pulled the panties aside to show him her red patch. She then teased him more by running her fingers up and down her slit. He smiled back at his cock was raising about the same rate her skirt went up. Kandy took notice.

As she danced her hands roamed over her body. She was touching herself. Her eyes closed as she was getting caught up in the moment.

Brian was getting caught up too. His bulge was very noticeable through shorts. He was touching himself too.

Kandy turned toward Brian and stepped closer. She released her hair, bent down as fell into his face as she kissed him. She gave him a teasing lap dance grind.

She got up and pulled the dress over her head as she swayed and danced more. As Kandy stripped and danced for Brian, she told him, “Welcome to the big show”.

Down to her bra and thong, Kandy pulled and pinched at her nipples. The bra was gone, she came to Brian and put his hand on her hardened nipples, his hands strong.

They kissed more. Soon Kandy's hands found Brian's hard cock. She squeezed and stroked it. She could feel his breaths get short and deep. This combination made her pussy moisten. Soon her hands were inside his shorts and began to pull them down. His cock hard with veins exposed like the ones on his arms. She took him all the way in then she worked her magic on his head. Kandy sucked him close to her. Brian could feel her nipples on his legs. Her hot breath was indescribable. His hands were running through her hair and his moans were better music than what was coming out of the iPod.

Soon she had strings of precum running from her lips to Brian's cock. She sucked Brian deep. She swirled his head in her mouth. She sucked his balls. Brian's hands found their way to her thong. It was soaked. Touching her sent her to another level. She sucked deeper and harder as if to cue him to cum down her throat. He blew his load. His cum flowed from her mouth of what she couldn't swallow. She released and let out an “Oh gawd!!”

As Brian's fingers swirled on Kandy's panty covered clit, her hips danced to Brian's touch.

She stepped up, and slid off the soaked thong. She took Brian's cock and stroked it more. “I want you. I want your cock deep inside me.” Her words and touch bringing him back to life. They kissed and bodies close to make one.

Kandy straddled Brian's lap. She enveloped his hard cock as she lowered on him the first time, both moaning low and long. She moaned, he grunted as they ground against one another. They kissed, he groped her breasts and tugged at her nipples. He brought them to his mouth and sucked them. They just were at it so hard. Her juices were soon running in between their legs. Waves of orgasms hit Kandy over and over until Brian came one more time. He raised up as she braced on his legs as clamped down on his cock. Bodies twitched and convulsed to their touches while they kissed and caressed until they could get up to go to Kandy's bed. There they spooned and slept, at least for a little while.

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