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The Minx (Part I)

A man looks after the 18 year old daughter of his neighbour, and finds himself getting 'blown' away
Tiffany, the daughter of my next door neighbour, was a hot eighteen year old girl who had a body that men would drool over. She often liked to flaunt herself for the boys, wearing small cut-off tops that revealed her slim waist, and small daisy duke jean shorts which showed ample cheeks of her round, perfect ass.

I'd often see her lying in the back yard, wearing little more than a string bikini that showed the natural curves and smooth skin of her half-naked form. At times I used to stand to the side of my upstairs window and watch her just lying there, getting a suntan as the warm heat drizzled her sweat across her long legs, inner thighs and stomach.

Watching her, the way her ample breasts heaved back and forth with her breathing, I imagined what she would look like totally naked and stroked my hard, thick cock in my hand until I reached an orgasmic eruption that shot across the room.

One weekend, her mother had to go away and had asked me to keep an eye on Tiffany, being as I was in my early 40s and had known her for several years now, to make sure she got up to no mischief, invited lots of boys around or even had a party.

I agreed and even invited Tiff into my home on several occasions to eat at meal times and talk. I was sure she used to tease me, as at times she bent over in her daisy duke shorts to display her ass for me on purpose, even going on to pretend to yawn as she stretched out, sticking her breasts out for me to ogle upon. She also came over without a bra beneath her tight t-shirt, allowing her hard nipples to poke through the fabric and cause me problems walking around with a hard on.

One evening, I went over to check on Tiffany and allowed myself inside. I shouted out, but it was quiet everywhere so I checked around the home. As I made my way upstairs, I could hear soft noises coming from one of the bedrooms.

I slowly and cautiously approached the door and opened it a fraction. I peered inside to find Tiffany laying upon her mother's bed with one hand down her daisy dukes and seemingly masturbating herself. Soft groans of sexual pleasure came from her pursed lips as her free hand grasped upon one of her breasts that was still covered by the t-shirt she wore.

Her hand beneath the shorts slipped back and forth, rubbing what I could only presume was a tight, dripping wet pussy. She was enjoying every moment of her sexual deviance, of pleasuring herself. I was unsure what to do but was positive she must have heard me come into her home as I shouted loud enough for her to hear me.

I wanted to keep watching, as my cock was already growing hard at the thought of her cumming but in some way I felt bad inside and took several steps back. I made a little noise, as if I had just stepped upon the top of the stairs and called out to her by her name to give her ample time to compose herself. After a moment, I entered the bedroom. I opened the door to still find her masturbating and not stopping for a moment as I stepped within the room.

I called out, "Oh God, I'm sorry Tiff!" I turned my back away from her as she looked over to me.

"It's okay, Mr Andrews, I was just masturbating, that's all." Tiffany spoke to me, in a reassuring voice. I was taken back by her direct approach, my eyes springing open in surprise at her acceptance. I turned back to look at her, with her hand now removed from her shorts which were still unbuttoned. She leaned on her elbows upon the bed and staring at me. "Everyone does it right?" she asked me.

"I guess so yeah!" I informed her. "Maybe I should go, and leave you alone to finish off," I added, with a gulp.

"No," she said which stopped me in my tracks. "You can stay if you want? Actually..." she began to say, and I was unsure of what she was thinking of. "... do you want to join me. We can masturbate together if you wish, I don't mind and I'd love to watch you jerk off thinking of me!" she finished off saying. I was gobsmacked at her words, and unsure how to react at first.

"I don't know if that's appropriate Tiff," I informed her with some difficulty in denying myself the opportunity.

"Oh please, Mr Andrews, I'd love to watch you jerk off for me. Please.... pretty please!" Tiff said, as she give me a look that defied belief and a face that I couldn't deny - no matter how much I wanted to try fighting against.

"I guess, it can't do no harm," I said.

Tiff slid across the bed and tapped the side where I could lay next to her and jerk off beside this beautiful, young, nubile woman. I stepped across and was about to sit down when she stopped me.

"Wouldn't it be best if you got undressed first, silly? It's all right, there's only me and you here so don't be shy about it," Tiffany said.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off to reveal my naked upper form. I wasn't anything special, a few slight muscles on my arms and slim chest but nothing worth going gaga over. I then flipped off my shoes and undid my trousers.

They dropped to the ground as I pulled my feet free from them to stand there in my boxers. My cock was already trying to find an exit from behind the fabric, as I took hold of the hem and slipped them down. My cock immediately drew itself towards Tiff like a magnet. Her eyes sprung open as she stared upon my naked body and my rock hard almost seven inch cock that was fully erect and pointing to her face.

"Wow, that's a big cock, Mr Andrews," she said as she licked her lips, in a devious slutty way.

I stepped forward, and lay back upon the bed. She lay on her side and watched my every move. "I though we were both going to do this?" I asked her.

She smiled at me. "I want to watch you for a while first, and see how you jerk off for me," she added.

I grasped a hold of my cock in my hand tightly and began to stroke myself up and down. The foreskin slid back to reveal the large, rounded almost purple coloured head of my cock and the small slit upon the top, where already a little pre-cum had begun to develop. I rubbed a little of it into my palm and used it a bit to lubricate my cock.

My hand was jerking my cock hard. I began to pick up a rhythm of running up and down, moving faster after several moments. Tiffany just lay there, admiring my jerk off over her as I glanced at her occasionally to see what she was doing. Her tongue licked around her wet lips, and one hand occasionally grasped upon her breasts and squeezed, giving her some sexual pleasure as she watched me jerk for her.

"Wow, you really jerk off so well, Mr Andrews. I can see you enjoy masturbating, maybe more than me!" she said with a slight giggle to her words. "Can I.... give it a go, Mr Andrews? I've never jerked off a guy before and want to see how it feels?" she asked of me.

I gently nodded some encouragement to her as words failed me. She reached over as I removed my hand. My cock stood tall, proud and erect as it pointed to the ceiling. Her fingers gently guided themselves around the long shaft of my cock and she wrapped them tightly, the softness of her hand grasping upon my cock.

She began to slowly jerk it for me. The feel of another person's hand jerking me off felt wonderful. It had been quite a while since I had been with anyone after my divorce many years prior, and to have a beautiful, young woman like Tiffany seemingly enjoying stroking my thick, hard cock in her hand was wonderful. Her eyes were wide, staring upon the thickness of my shaft, as she stroked it up and down. Admiring every inch of my cock.

"Do you like this, Mr Andrews? Do you like me jerking your cock for you?" Tiffany asked me.

"Oh God yes, it feels so good!" I told her, accompanied by a soft groan that escaped my lips and deep heavy breathes.

I closed my eyes and wild thoughts ran through my mind at the feel of her fingers wrapped around my cock tightly as she jerked me up and down, picking up speed after a while. My own body reacted positively to her actions and my hips began to gently rock. My cock found itself being forced higher, deeper through her tight grip. My waist bounced gently upon the bed as she watched with immense pleasure and sexual delight as she jerked my cock for me.

"That's it, Mr Andrews, I'm jerking that big, hard cock for you. Mmmm, your cock is so thick and hard, and I can feel it pulsating in my hand, Mr Andrews," Tiffany softly whispered.

Groans of pleasure erupted between my own lips as my head delved further back into the pillow beneath my head. My breathing grew heavier with each jerk she offered me as the sexual pulse built up inside of my body at this young woman jerking my cock with all the delight she could get from it. And then, it got even better....

I felt a wetness draw upon the head of my cock, and opened my eyes to find her leaning over. Her head placed directly above me and my cock had been plunged into her open, wet mouth. Her lips locked around my cock tightly, as her hand continued to jerk off the lower end of my shaft, stroking it up and down into her waiting hole of her mouth.

Her head bounced up and down, swallowing and tasting my cock inside of her, as her tongue worked wonders inside. Running circles around the head of my cock, as it twitched with pleasure at her soft touch of her tongue upon it. She pulled back, as she looked across to my face and smiled.

"I hope you didn't mind, it's just you have such a big hard cock and I wanted to try and suck it. I hope you'll cum in my mouth for me, as I'd love to taste you!" she said to me, in slutty way.

She went back to her position, thrusting my cock back in between her lips, and locked them tightly around the length of my hard shaft. Her head went back to bouncing up and down, and with the sloppiness of wet sounds coming from below, I leaned back and enjoyed this pleasure being offered to me. She ran her tongue up and around the outside of the shaft, and even worked back down to my balls and licked them, going on to occasionally slip one within her mouth and suckle on them while continuing to jerk my cock with her hand.

"Tell me when you're going to cum, Mr Andrews, as I want you to cum inside my mouth. I can't wait to taste your sticky cum all down my throat!" Tiffany informed me.

I grabbed a hold of the sheets at either side of me, grasping tightly at this sexual pleasure building up. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would have to cum for her, and as she requested in her mouth. The tip of her tongue ran up the sensitive underside of my cock, until it reached the perfect spot and began to flick against the underside of the head. My body was going wild, emotions running high all over me as I could feel myself drawing closer to an explosion of immense proportion.

"Fuck... I'm gonna cum in a moment!" I called out as Tiffany glanced at my face and could see the groans of climatic energy building up all over me.

She went back to sucking my cock, sliding her tongue all around the head as her head bounced up and down, faster and faster like she was a pro at doing this. Her lower hand worked twice as hard, stroking and jerking the lower hard shaft of my erect cock above the balls and into her mouth.

My body rocked, even helping to thrust my cock deeper into her mouth, and to a point where it felt I could occasionally feel the back of her throat from the tip of my cock as she gargled but continued on to suck harder, and deeper inside. My cock pulsated inside her mouth, and she could feel every throbbing as it shuddered within.

"I'm gonna cum!" I called out.

She didn't give up, thrusting my hard cock between her wet lips which were locked tightly. Her hand jerked harder, faster, deeper. Her head bounced fast as I released a loud groan of sexual climax and felt the release spreading to my cock. A wave of creamy, white and sticky cum spewed out of the slit upon the head of my cock. It splashed against the back of her throat, as she tried her best to swallow down what she could.

She continued on, jerking and sucking my cock still. More cum splashed out, sliding upon her tongue which mixed with her own wet saliva as she swirled it around my cock inside like it was getting a sticky, warm bath inside her mouth. I looked down to see drips of my cum escaping her lips, sliding down my cock to my balls as she tried best to not let any escape and savour every drop.

I gave one last, deep thrust of my hips. My cock pounded deep into her mouth, as the final last wave of cum exploded inside of her mouth and shooting down her throat. She slowly began to stop jerking me, as my body began to come down from it's ecstasy and upon the bed.

Sweat poured from all over my body, as she raised her head and looked at me with her mouth closed. She smiled and opened it to show me the pool of cum that was upon her tongue. She closed it and swallowed without so much a hint of displeasure at the taste. She then opened her mouth to reveal it all gone.

"See, I'm a good girl, I swallow. That was so tasty, Mr Andrews. You have such hot sticky cum, I love it," Tiffany informed me with an enthusiastic smile.

"Thanks, Tiffany," I said to her.

"It's my pleasure... actually, it was your pleasure really. But I enjoyed it just as much!" she said. She wiped her palm across her lips, and then licked it to take the dribbles of cum that had escaped. "Did you enjoy me sucking and jerking your cock, Mr Andrews?" she enquired.

"I loved it, Tiffany, you are really good at it," I told her.

"Thanks. I love sucking cock, and having cum slip down my throat," she said. "Fuck, I got you off but I'm still so horny myself.... I don't know what to do?" she said with a sigh.

"Would you like me to eat out your pussy?" I asked of her.

She almost bounced in delight. "Would you, Mr Andrews. No one has ever licked my pussy and I've always wanted to know what it feels like."

"I'd love to, Tiffany, and I'm sure you taste wonderful and I bet I can bring you to an amazing orgasm with just my tongue!" I told her.

"I bet you can, Mr Andrews," she said, with a small wink. She lay back on the bed, as I prepared myself to take the next step and look to return the favour and eat out this gorgeous 18 year old girl's wet pussy.

To be continued....

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