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Under the desk

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I sit in the darkness, knowing you will be in soon. I hide under your desk, kneeling, my neck bent, and not thinking about the cramped space I’ve squeezed my 6ft 3 frame into. I’m not here for my comfort, I’m here for your secret pleasure. Just before eight I hear voices from somewhere in the office. I squeeze back against the up stand of the desk as a pair of sexy heels pull the leather chair back from the desk. They stop, your voice becoming clearer as you sit down and pull yourself in.

There’s enough space for you to tuck your shapely legs under the desk without kicking me and revealing my hiding place. And still I wait. I hear muted conversations, laughter. You mail me, thinking I’m sat at my desk. I mail back innocently, knowing you’re in for a shock soon. You cross your legs and for a split second I see the flesh above the tops of your stockings and the purple flash of your panties as your legs part and close.

Your shoes are inches from my hands. I tentatively reach forward and touch your ankles with the tips of my fingers. Your legs instantly jerk away before the realisation of what is happening dawns on you. My hands trace up and down your stockinged calves. Softly squeezing and kneading your toned legs. You uncross your legs, knowing exactly where my eyes would be drawn, but you keep the together, not giving me the access that I crave, yet. I unbuckle your shoes and slip them off, rubbing and caressing your covered feet, my large hands encompassing them.

My hands lazily wander back up the outside of your calves up over the outside of your knees and onto the outside of your thighs. I run them further up, under the hem of your skirt and over the tops of your stockings. As my fingers come into contact with the bare skin you push yourself further into your desk, scared that someone will notice the movements under your skirt.

I firm my grip on you and pull your ass slowly forward on the chair, your skirt riding up as you move, the tops of your stockings showing. I prise your legs open, moving forward between them as they spread, you skirt riding higher still. It is light enough in my hiding place to see perfectly the purple gusset of your panties covering your gorgeous pussy, a dark spot forming as you become aroused. My hands move back to the outside of your thighs, pulling you further forward toward me, you perch on the very edge of the leather desk chair.

I begin to kiss you, starting at your knee, my fingers probing the muscles in the back of your joint, slowly moving upwards. You feel my hot breath on your legs, on the inside of your thighs, toward the skin above your stockings. Your pussy is soaking; I can see that the material covering it is rapidly getting darker as your juices soak into it.

The scent of your sex is driving me wild, my cock straining against my trousers. My mouth moves upward further, closer and closer to my goal. Your whole body jerks as my hot breath meets the moist fabric covering your smooth cunt. I open my mouth and cover your pussy with my lips, inhaling the erotic scent you are oozing. I press my tongue against your pussy lips tasting the hedonistic flavours of you.

My hands reach further behind you under your skirt and taking a firm grip of the top of your ass and lower back pull the rolling chair further forward your pussy grinding onto my mouth. I can hear someone talking and fell you trying to reply, trying to act normally as my tongue presses against your pussy. Your hand reaches down under the desk and snakes around the back of my head grasping a handful of hair as you push your crotch against me.

I pull my head away admiring my handiwork, your underwear is soaked, the material clinging to the swollen lips of your pussy, the hood of your clitoris proudly pushing against the wet sticky fabric. You move your hand away from my head and pull the material to one side, exposing your smoothly shaved cunt, you lips sticky with your juices and my saliva. I instantly crane my neck and flick my tongue onto your stiff clitoris.

Hearing the door shut I realise that you are alone in the office as you lean back in your chair, arching your back, forcing your pussy against my face. My hands move under your ass. Lifting you slightly as your other hand drops between your legs and spreads your pussy open for me. I run my tongue down to your opening, sliding it in as far as it will go, my nose deliberately rubbing against your clit as I move my head up and down. I lick up and down the outsides of your slick lips before moving inward once more, savouring the amazing taste of your cunt.

My erection pushing against my trousers is exquisitely agonising, I can feel myself leaking as turned on as I ever have been. I feast on you, my tongue moving from your pussy to your clit over and over again, your juices running out of you, my tongue drinking them, spreading them over your gorgeous pussy.

And then it starts, your legs twitch, the hand holding your panties to one side tightens, the other returns to the back of my head, roughly grabbing a handful of hair. Your thighs close around the sides of my head, your hips jerk and spasm as my lips lock around your clit, my tongue circling it over and over. Jolts run through your body for what seems an eternity.

My hands slide from under your ass and just as you start to regain some control, I slide two fingers deep into slick, contracting pussy. Your legs locked around my head as I lean back to get deeper into you. My thumb makes contact with your clit and your ass jumps off the chair. My fingers slid in and out of your dripping cunt, over and over, quickening, getting stronger, my thumb rubbing over your clit with every thrust.

Your hips jerk up and down as you fuck against my hand. Your juices cascade over my hand as your orgasm rushes over you. You grip the armrests of the chair so hard you thought you were going to break them, your pussy sends electricity to every nerve in your body. You moan out load, your body wracked with pulses. Your head drops forward and you collapse back into the chair.

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