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You Can Call Me Daddy

A Friend's Niece Likes Older Men. Happy to help!
One of the most beautiful young women I had ever met, and I lost track of where she was. It was at a party, and a friend introduced me to his niece, who would be staying with them for the school year while she pursued her Master's degree. She lived in another state, but liked the program here at our local state university, so she came to live with her uncle and aunt while she continued her education.

As I said, I was introduced to her, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Our eyes connected, and at least in my fantasy, she had lust in her eyes. Well, I'm sure it showed in my eyes at least. You see, she was twenty-two and I was fifty-three at the time. That should have been the end of it.

What gorgeous twenty-two year old would want anything to do with a fifty-three year old? I have to say, I do actually look older than that; a little overweight and I cut my hair really short as a good deal of it has already gone. People of all ages were enchanted, however, by my warm smile and sense of humor. But when I flirt with younger women it sometimes must come across as creepy. Still, that doesn't stop me; I get enough positive feedback to continue.

So when I was introduced to Stephanie, I smiled warmly, lustily I am sure, and told her how lucky she was to be staying with her aunt and uncle. She returned the smile, shook my hand and told me how Uncle Dave had said I was a great friend to them. Her hand; her hand had a warmth and softness to it that spoke of calm control, and the firmness of her handshake told me that she was a confident and self assured young woman.

But then I lost sight of her. Her uncle took her to meet other people, and I was watching her closely while trying not to stare. She talked with other people at the party, flirted in some cases, with an air of confidence, and in control of the situation. I have always liked that characteristic in a woman. As she had her back to me, I found myself staring at her ass, firmly embraced by tight jeans. I began to imagine stripping them off her and....

“What, oh, yeah, hi Judy, yeah, nice party, thanks for inviting me.” The hostess, aunt of the object of my desire, interrupted my reverie with a peck on the cheek and a squeeze around my shoulders. After some small talk, while a I simultaneously looked around to see where Stephanie had gone, I excused myself to go get another beer.

I scanned several rooms on my way, but didn't see my Stephanie. My erection was subsiding, and blood was flowing back into my brain, which meant reason and logic was making a comeback. I told myself there was no way she was attracted to me, and I need to just wait until I got home, turn on my computer and find a site to sate my lust.

I walked down the narrow hallway to the garage, to get another beverage from the beer fridge. Knowing it was there, away from the crowd, was an advantage of knowing the hosts so well. I needed to catch my breath and compose myself.

Turning around after getting the beer, there she was! She stood right in front of me, smiling. Thanks to great peripheral vision, I maintained eye contact while noting that her nipples on her size A breasts seemed to be erect beneath her tight top. “Hi!” she said cheerfully. Her voice melted me, I know that sounds juvenile, but it did.

I recovered enough to respond with a grunted, “Hi”. She smiled that sweet smile and I saw a hint of a blush come across her cheeks.

“Umm,” she started softly, “uhh, I have a confession to make.” My mind raced, but I retained my outward composure. Her softness made me come to life with my typical firmness.

“What could you have done that needs confession?”

“Well, I have this....thing,” she said.

By now she was really blushing; her eyes turned downward away from mine, and I reached out and put my hand on her cheek. I immediately thought she would slap me, but instead she leaned her whole face into my hand and brought her hands up to lay over my hand, as if to make sure I couldn't take my hand away. I tilted her head so I could look into her eyes, and she moved her hands to my shoulders. She stepped in close to me, so close I could feel her rock hard nipples against my chest; she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I've got a thing for older guys.”

By now my hands had found my way to her back, where I was prepared to sneak in a little squeeze. Instead, upon hearing her confession, I gently encircled the back of her neck with my hands and whispered back, “I've got a thing for you.”

She cooed softly and nuzzled my neck. She hugged me tightly; her hard nipples now firmly pressed into my chest. We are about the same height, about 6 feet tall, and she moved back and forth across my chest. I swear she was trying to line up our nipples together. She placed her right hand against the side of my chest, under my armpit, and slowly let her fingers dance down my side; she tantalizingly swept towards my middle as her fingers reached my abdomen, just above my navel. I rewarded her by nibbling on her ear lobe, and as I later found out that is her kyrptonite. She let out a grunt and with one swift movement, her hand was shoved into my waistband and her fingers surrounded my erect cock.

“Ooh, Daddy,” she moaned. She then jolted upward, looked at me with a confused look, and said, “I'm sorry, I shouldn't have called you Daddy. I hope you're not mad?”

I laughed a little, pecked her on the forehead and said, “Baby, you can call me Daddy. Call me Daddy, sweet little girl.”

She smiled, “Thank you, Daddy! Your little girl has a special gift for you.”

Now, it's important to note that during this whole exchange her hand continued to squeeze my cock, which was hard and more than a little wet with precum. In one swift movement, she dropped to her knees, dropped my shorts and boxers to the floor, and swallowed my cock whole.

I should point out that I am of average size and girth; maybe even on the small side. It's never bothered me, it's actually easier to get a full on deep throating as there was less chance of gagging. It's a great feeling to have your entire cock in a woman's mouth, especially if she knows how to massage and suck correctly. This beautiful young woman, this angel, knew exactly what to do with a cock in her mouth. She moved her tongue back and forth along the underside, hummed lightly and sucked like she wanted an explosion of cum in her mouth. She slowly drew her mouth back, all the way until just the tips of her lips were at the tip of my cock. She then slowly began to once again smother my cock with her velvet mouth, and I encouraged her with, “Oh, baby, Daddy likes the way your slutty little mouth teases his cock.” She repeated that act several times, then buried my cock all the way to the base.

I felt an incredible sensation as, with my cock buried to the hilt in her mouth, she slipped her tongue out and began licking my balls. She had a long skinny tongue, and she found the gap in my sack between my balls and licked back and forth and up and down. I moaned and moaned and wanted this to last forever, but I could feel my balls literally begin to shake. I sensed that she did too, as she pulled back a little and focused her tongue on the super sensitive part of my cock just below the head. She knew every part and how to work it, this gorgeous little vixen. She took both hands to caressing my balls, ten fingers and ten fingernails dancing on my sac, while her mouth made love to my cock. I trembled and grunted and exploded, five big spurts into her eager mouth. She held on tight, and I could hear moans of pleasure as each strand sprayed onto her tongue and throat. She gauged my reaction and stopped when I reached that point where the sensation is too much, still holding my cock in her mouth. Once that point passed, she continued to hold my cock in her mouth and sweetly massaged it while I went limp.

I know now the difference between a blowjob and making love to a cock. As she stood up, she pulled my boxers and shorts back on me and adjusted my shirt, essentially putting me back together. “There, Daddy is presentable again.”

I placed my hands on the sides of her face and pulled her in to kiss her. She tongued me softly, and I pulled back to say, “Let's see what we can do for you.”

“No need, I had three orgasms while sucking your cock. It turns me on so, I barely had to touch myself.”

“Three? Really?”

“Yes, that's a record for me. Your cock is the perfect size for my mouth, and I get so turned on with a hard cock filling my mouth. There's more than one way for a woman to achieve an orgasm, you know.” This sweet girl found her pleasure, fulfilled her desire by bringing me to an outrageous orgasm.

We heard the sound of someone coming down the hallway so we gathered ourselves together. The sound of someone opening the bathroom door down the hall told us that we had a few more seconds, but any longer and we would be missed at the party. My angel looked me in the eyes and said, “I'm really going to enjoy my year at Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy's. Can I visit my Daddy when I get horny?”

“Baby girl, you know you can. Daddy loves the way you take care of him. I want to experience every inch of your body.” We exchanged phone numbers and decided I would go back into the party first; she would wait a few minutes then come back in. As I walked through the doorway, I looked back and saw that she had her hand down her shorts...

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