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A Day In The Clearing

A Day In The Clearing

We decided to find us a secluded spot somewhere as we hiked through the trails. We hiked along the trails until we found ourselves in an area surrounded by trees. Stepping off the trail and walking through the trees a short way, we found ourselves surrounded on three sides giving us privacy from any passersby and the sun caressing us on the fourth. We laid out our blankets on the soft grass of our little spot.

We lay down facing each other, snuggling close. We began to kiss and caress each other. Both of us knowing what we had come here for, had dressed in single layers. It wasn't long before even those layers were gone. Lying naked under the sun, you'd have to guess which was warming our bodies more, the sun or our passion.


You are the needier today. You push me onto my back as we kiss. You move from kissing my lips to kissing around my face. Then you move to my ears, neck, and chest, trailing your tongue on my skin. You tell me I taste wonderful as you move to my nipples, licking at them. Then you continue to tease me, starting to suck each nipple hungrily. I squirm as my cock hardens with each lick of your tongue or suck of your lips on my nipples.

You slide a hand down my stomach, I'm thinking you are going to take me into your hand, but no, you move your hand to my thigh. You caress my inner thighs, ever so close to my balls, but never more than brushing them.

Finally, with one last kiss on each nipple, you move down my body until you have your nose at the top of my pubic hair. You kiss me lightly and rub your nose in it savoring the feel.

As you do this, your hand has moved to my balls, massaging and tugging them. Finally, you lift your head away and lay it on my thigh, close to my balls. You lift them up in your hand, bringing them to your lips, kissing and licking them before drawing each one into your mouth, sucking it and rolling it around your mouth.

You have moved your other hand to my cock. You are holding me right at the head. I'm so excited and hard now I have precum oozing from the tip. You are running you thumb through it spreading it over my ever-swelling head. Then you slowly slide your hand down my length, stroking me slowly in a very gentle motion.

You finally lift your head to my cock. You run your tongue around the head, tasting me. You look at me and lick your lips before lowering your mouth to my cock. Sensing I'm not going to be able to hold back long, you waste no time in taking my shaft deep before sliding your tongue back up the length until you circle the head before plunging my cock back in your mouth. I feel it touch your throat and slide beyond.

I can't help but moan at your actions. As you continue taking my cock, I slide my hands into your hair, using it to help control your motion. Finally, unable to hold back no more, I pull you onto me as I release my cum deep into your mouth and down your throat. You gag a bit and I loosen my grip and I see you swallow a few times, but then I feel you suck at my cock until you finally pull away. As you do, I can see the mess my cock is.

You take a finger and wipe away a few strings hanging from your lips to the tip of my cock. Then you slide up my body, pinning my cock between us. You lean down and kiss me, sharing my cum with me. I run my tongue through your mouth before pulling away and licking my cum from your lips.

We lay there cuddled together as the sun warms us and we recover for a few.


As we lie there in the sun, I pull you tighter into me and twist around to give you a kiss. Our lips meet and our tongues follow. I can still taste the saltiness of my cum on you as our tongues dance together. We kiss for a while as my hands start moving over your body. I trace my hand up your side until I hold one of your breasts in it. I am gently squeezing and massaging it, working my way to the nipple. As soon as my finger touches your nipple you let out a low whimper through our kiss.

Knowing I have what I desire, I continue to tease that nipple, rolling it around in my fingers, pinching it and pulling gently at it. Then I slide my hand through the valley of your cleavage to fondle your other breast before working my way to its nipple. I take it in my fingers and tease it the same as I have the other one. By now you are flexing your legs a bit as your pussy warms to the attention your nipples were receiving.

I kiss my way from your lips to your jawline, gently kissing and tasting you as I go. I make my way to your earlobe sucking it in my mouth and then run my tongue along the outline before moving to your neck. Always just gentle kisses, licks and soft nips at your skin. I reach the base of your neck and start kissing along your bare shoulder, tasting the saltiness of your sweat. I love your taste. I finally move to the top of your breasts. I kiss around them, along the sides and bottoms. I am slowly working my way to your nipples.

I finally reach the first nipple and lick it softly. You arch your back and let out a very loud and excited moan. All this does is to urge me on. I take your nipple into my mouth and suck it deep, twirling my tongue around it as I do. I am kneading your other nipple in my fingers causing a continual whimper from you. I finally release the first nipple only to move to the other and do the same while sliding my hand down over your tummy to your pubic mound.

I stop my hand just at the top of your pussy, running my fingers over your smooth skin just above your pussy. I tease you with soft touches, barely tracing my fingers on your skin. I then work my way down the inside of your thigh, never touching your pussy, but never far from it. I stroke your skin softly working from one thigh to the other, but never touching you. I slowly work my fingers over the soft skin of the inside of your thighs. I trace them ever closer to your pussy, but always trailing away at the last moment. You were moving your thighs and mound against my hand, trying to get me to touch your pussy.

I continued to tease your nipples, as I teased your pussy, alternating between them as you moan and start to whimper in need. Feeling I have teased you long past your point of no return, I slip a finger between the folds of your pussy. I gently slide it along, not yet penetrating you, but spreading you open.

As I come close to your clit, I run my wet finger over it and circle it. I pull my finger back down along your pussy and then slide it deep into you. You moan and rise up against my hand, forcing my finger deeper. I work that finger in and out while still licking and sucking your nipples, listening to you moan and whimper.

I then slide a second finger in and you really start trying to hump my fingers. Seeing your need I slide one finger at a time into your pussy until you have my whole hand inserted deep into your pussy. I start plunging my fist in deeper and faster. All you can do was thrash against me.

I lift my head from your nipples and kiss my way along your tummy to the top of your pubic mound and give you a few small kisses just above your clit before moving down and taking it in between my lips, sucking it deep and running my tongue over it. This has the immediate effect of you letting loose with a prolonged moan and raising your hips, forcing my hand as deep as you can.

I release your clit and move my mouth to the top of your pussy lips, sliding my tongue over them as I slide my hand out of your pussy. It is like letting a stopper loose. As I slide my hand out, your juices trapped by my hand flowed out. I run my tongue through your wetness, lapping all I can, tasting your sweetness as it pours forth from your pussy to run along your bottom.

I roll to the side and bring my fingers to my mouth and suck them clean while watching you start to come down from such a strong orgasm.  I move up to lie beside you and offer you a finger to clean your own juices from. You take it into your mouth, sucking it greedily, just as you had sucked my cock. When you are done and I have pulled my finger from your mouth, I lean down and give you a long tongue sharing kiss before settling into your side holding you against me as we rest again.

Together ---

We lay here in the sun resting and I must have fallen asleep. I was awoken by her stroking my cock slowly into a hardened state. She was slowly dragging her fingers from my head to the base and back. I moaned a little and she looked up at my face with a smile. I smiled back knowing what she wanted, after all, it is what we came here for. She let go of me and reached for her backpack. She came away with a little bottle of lube she always carried.

Handing it to me, she positioned herself on her knees in front of me. I got to my knees behind her, seeing the little pink rosebud of her asshole. I leaned down and ran my tongue over it. I loved to tease her before giving into her needs. I circled it with my tongue letting my saliva run over it. I was bringing soft moans from her as she lowered her head to the ground to enjoy my tonguing. Unfortunately, I knew she would only let me tease her for so long before demanding what she really wanted.

I slid the cap off the little bottle and turned it up so the liquid would run down along the crevice of her ass to gather around her little pucker. I used my finger to spread it around the outside before moving my finger against her opening. I dribbled a little more lube on my finger as I slowly pushed it in past her tight ring.

She moaned and pushed against me, allowing my finger to pop right through. I dribbled more lube onto her ass as I started to work my finger in and out. When she was easily taking that finger, I slid a second finger into her as I dribbled more lube. I worked both fingers in and out in long slow strokes until I was able to pull them out and push them back in without any resistance.

Knowing she was ready, I pulled my fingers from her and dribbled just a little more lube onto her asshole. I then took the bottle and ran a line of the lube the length of my cock. I used the same fingers I had been using on her to spread the lube over my length. My cock was glistening with the lube and my precum that had started flowing again in anticipation of what’s to come.

I placed my cock at her little, puckered asshole and pushed gently forward. She was pushing back against me to help with breaking past her tight ring. No matter how lubed and loose, she always needed that first hard push past her sphincter ring.  I pushed forward until I suddenly sunk into her asshole with just a low gasp from her.

I held still to let her adjust to my cock in her ass. When she was ready, she started moving back and forth on my cock ever so slowly. She would moan and gasp as she worked herself on me, but once she had settled down with just a low moan, I knew it was my turn.

I shifted behind her and grabbed her hips for the wild ride she wanted. There is nothing gentle when she wants anal sex and I never disappoint her. Knowing she was ready for all I had, I pulled almost all the way out before slamming my cock deep back into her ass. I continued this rhythm at a fast and furious pace.

She jumped and moaned with each thrust as I continued the hard pounding she wanted. She never wanted it slow and loving, but hard, fast and deep. With each thrust, I rocked her body as my body pressed against her ass.

Lying with her head down on the ground, I took advantage of the change in angle. I squatted over her ass and rammed my cock as hard and as deep as I could. She was moaning so loudly at this point if anybody had been nearby, they would’ve had to hear her moans.

She had her fingers wrapped around her clit, teasing and stroking it in time to my pace. I felt her first orgasm rip through as she reared up into me as I was forcing my cock deep into her. Her second orgasm followed quickly after the first and I could feel her starting to lose the strength to stay on her knees.

I kept up my relentless ass pounding up until I felt my own approaching orgasm. When I knew I could hold back no longer, I pulled my cock from her ass and she rolled to her back knowing what was coming. I stood over her a stroked my cock quickly as I started releasing ropes of cum on to her.

The first landed on her face, splashing across her lips and nose. The second landed on her chin and dribbled on to her throat. The third blast landed on her left breast, covering the nipple. The final few streams of cum landed across her belly until one final glob landed on her thigh.

She was something to see, laying there covered in my cum and still shaking from her own orgasms. She finally just pulled herself into a ball and rested her sweat soaked head on the blanket. Lying down next to her, I wrapped my arms around her, to help her come down from the physical high she had been on. We stayed laying like this for the longest time before either of us stirred.

Time to go ---

Finally, it was time to go. We got up and slid our clothes back on, folded the blankets and arranged our backpacks for the hike. During this whole time of getting ready to leave, the only concession she made to being covered in my drying cum was to take a wet wipe from her backpack and wipe her face. She had left all the rest where it handed landed when she dressed.

Then again, that is perfectly fine with me. I got to bathe her when we got home.

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