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Bend Over And Pull Your Shorts Down

I had been an exercise freak for the last several years and one of my most favorite things I love to do is run. Lately I had been running in the park. It is a gorgeous time of the year as the temperatures are cool at night and warm in the day time. I love running in the morning as the sounds of chirping birds relaxes me.

On this particular day the sky was overcast as a cool breeze blew across the park. I love to run without wearing a bra or panties and today was no different. There is nothing so invigorating as the cool breeze being blown up inside my shorts as I ran. I also loved the way my tits would bounce with every jogged I took. Today was the perfect day to run.

The park was nearly empty on this day as I started to do my stretches. I love the feeling of my shorts riding up on me as I bend over to stretch. I had bent completely over when I notice in between my legs a young hunk looking over at me. He was a good 50 feet away from me, but his eyes were glued my way. I gave him a show as I did a few extra bends so he could see how good of a ass I had.

I headed out for my run as I acted like I never had saw him looking at me. I had a lot more energy in me that day as I decided I was going to do a 5 mile run.

I was about 1.5 miles into my run when I felt foot steps behind me. By the sounds of the steps I knew it had to be a male. I had gone about another half mile as he stayed with me every step of the way. I wanted to turn around and see who it was, but I just couldn’t. He was about 20 feet or so behind me and I felt his eyes were glued to my gorgeous ass as I ran in front of him.

The next mile was more the same. He was right in step with every step I took as I was to embarrassed to look back. There was a crossing up ahead that took you into the woods. I had run it once before, but it is a much more grueling run. I figured he would cut off at that juncture as I took the right hand curve and headed into the shade of the trees. I quickly glance back to see it was the young hunk who had checked me out in my warm ups. The question was will he follow me into the woods.

I began to sweat as my white shirt was now hugging against my tits. As the cool breeze blew across my damp shirt my nipples were now showing through it. My damp shorts now clung to my ass as I started down the narrow path.

I heard no more foot steps as I was afraid to look back. I must had run about another 100 feet when I suddenly heard his foot steps again behind me. His foot steps were now right in tune with mine as I headed deeper onto the wooded trail.

The trees created a cooler breeze that blew over my body. I knew I couldn’t out run him as I continued on. I now felt a lot more aroused as my hard nipples pushed out through my damp shirt. My damp shorts now were riding right up against my pussy which now had become very wet. The thought of him wanting to take me right here was overwhelming. I tried one last time to out run him as I gave it all I had.

I sprinted hard for a good minute as I went around a corner. I no longer heard foot steps behind me as I had gotten far ahead of him.

It was a few minutes later when I heard his foot steps again behind me. I gave it one last sprint, but I was now done. I stopped and rested as I bent over in exhaustion. I gave up as I heard the foot steps closing in on me.

A few seconds later the foot steps had stopped. I stood their still trying to catch my breath when I felt his warm breath speak out into my ear.

He whispered, “Bend over and pull your shorts down!”

I couldn’t look back as a wave of energy immediately flowed through my exhausted body. My pussy was extremely wet as my nipples were very aroused. I don’t know what got into me as I reached down and grabbed each side of my shorts. I bent over and began to pull my damp shorts down over my beautiful ass. I didn’t stop until they were tightly wrapped around my ankles.

I quickly felt the head of his enormous cock run up and down over the crack of my ass. I had spread my legs far apart as I wanted his beautiful cock inside me. He said nothing to me as his hands cup my ass and gently slid the cheeks of my ass apart. My hands now were plastered to the ground to brace myself as my ass was up in the air. I then felt an enormous rush go through my body as he pushed his large beautiful manhood into me from behind.

I tried not to cry out as he worked several inches of his cock into me. It felt so damn good as I did everything possible to keep my body balance. He fucked me very slowly at first as I started to ram my body back against his. I wanted to cum so badly now as the cool breeze continued to rush across my naked ass. He then reached down and pulled my shirt up over my tits. My nipples were very sensitive as he glided his hands across each of them.

I couldn’t balance my body anymore as he grabbed each of my arms at the elbow. He then drove his cock hard into me as my body was yanked back towards his beautiful cock. A few minutes later I felt a powerful orgasm coming on. He gave me several hard thrusts with his cock as I tried not to scream out. I then started to cum right their on his beautiful cock as I cried out. He continued to pound his beautiful cock into me for another minute or two as my legs began to weaken. I hadn’t felt an orgasm like that in many years.

He then let me go as he spun me around. I looked right into his young eyes as he grabbed a hold of me with his strong arms and lifted my body up off the ground. I quickly threw my arms around his broad shoulders while I wrapped tightly each of my legs around his waist. The balls of my feet were now plastered into his tight ass as he slid his beautiful cock back into me.

He fucked me standing up as I cry out onto his shoulder. It felt so good as he pushed his cock deep into me. He had no trouble pushing me over the edge again as I was on the verge of cumming. A few seconds I started to cum again as I held my mouth tightly against his shoulder as I cry out on it. He had made me cum very hard again as he held onto my lymph body.

A short time later he guided my body down onto my knees. I stood right before his big bold cock. The veins were popping out of it as I took into my mouth. I sucked and licked every inch of it including each of his massive balls.

I couldn’t get enough of his cock as I began to suck it very hard. My hands played with each of his balls as I could tell he wanted to cum.

His body began to tense up as I guided his cock out of my mouth. I slowly seduce his cock with my hand. A couple minutes later his body tighten up. He was ready to cum as I pointed his beautiful down at my naked tits. His body shook as he began to cum all over each of them. His cum now dripped off each of my harden nipples.

It was now quickly over as he pulled his shorts back up and jogged off. I sat their on my knees exhausted as his cum ran down over my body. The only words to come out of his mouth were, “Bend over and pull your shorts down” I am glad I did!

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