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Quickie Sex Stories

Quickie sex, quickies or "having a quickie", all refer to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the couple finishing it in a very short amount of time.

A quickie does not require full copulation, it may be limited to oral sex or mutual masturbation. Generally a couple will skip foreplay as the urgency of the situation dictates a speedy finish.

Quickie sex stories are also referred to as short sex stories, where the plot is normally quite scant, and the characters are thrust into the action almost from the word go.

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She knew the booty shorts she was wearing were risqué grocery store attire, but she was coming home from dance class - it was late and she needed to pick up a few things. She secretly wished that one of those things was the cute, college-aged “bag boy” sh...

She was such a naughty girl - here she was, feeling bored while sitting in rush hour traffic on a hot summer day, and all she could think about was getting home and trying out her new vibrator. Already slightly perspiring from the heat of the day and havi...

Jack And Cynthia - Chapter 19 - Happy Halloween Party

The couple are invited to Cynthia's former boss' party

“Jack, will you promise me, not to rub it into Mrs. Jacobs or anybody that you stole the best employee? Jack, promise me?” I just smiled. “Can I tell them how wonderful you are? In every way?” “No. You can tell them that I was a good maid. You’re in your...

Bathroom Bonanza

I try to prevent the devilish grin of arousal and pride that spreads on my face, as my fingers find her rapid climbing wetness between her folds.

Me and Jane step out into the rainy evening in the driveway in front of a large, modern mansion and rush to the front door. We’ve been invited to dinner which several of our couple-friends will also attend. The sweet and caring Nicole, also the host of th...

When Saturday Comes Again

Joolz plays Andy again, twisting him around her little finger

For the next week, Joolz played it cool, ignoring Andy’s increasingly desperate attempts to get her alone. The memory of Joolz flashing her boobs at him and giving him the most incredible blowjob of his teenage life filled his waking moments. Every time h...

Sian's Sluttiest Online Date

Sian has an insatiable need and turns to the internet to fulfil it.

Based on a true story... Sian was at home, alone. She had been out the night before with her uni friends and was feeling a little worse for wear. It was one of those lingering, long hangovers you only get from a messy night out. It was late evening now, a...

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Make it Quick

Get swept away by the scorching heat of Jack and Jill's electric connection, as they indulge in playful seduction, a provocative encounter, and a bond of love and lust.

The air in the Hawthorne residence was thick with sexual tension as Jack Hawthorne descended the stairs. He stopped abruptly in the doorway of the kitchen, his breath catching in his throat as he beheld the sensual sight before him. His wife, Jill, a volu...