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Feeding the Kitty

Sometimes you just need a good fucking
I’d already forgotten his name by the time we reached his apartment, not that it really mattered. I’d had a few drinks before he’d even come in and sat down next to me, too busy flirting with the bartender to notice until I felt his hand upon mine, pinning it gently to the bar as he introduced himself. Dan, perhaps, or Dave. As I said, I’d been drinking. We’d struck up a conversation. Nothing deep. Tonight, I wasn’t interested in deep. I was only here for one thing. Sex. He wasn’t the hottest guy here, but he was good looking and, what’s more, obviously interested in me. I’d made sure of that early on, crossing and re-crossing my legs a few time, making sure he’d gotten enough of a glimpse to wonder if I was wearing anything underneath my skirt. I wasn’t.

I let him think he was the one picking me up, seducing me with his wit and charm. Either he wasn’t too bright or I am a really good actor. Perhaps he didn’t care and wanted what I wanted. Whatever the reason, he finally got around to asking me back to his place. The words were barely out of his mouth when I formed my cherry red lips around my reply.

"Sure. Let’s go."

I’d chosen my skirt solely for it’s almost indecent length and made sure he got an eyeful of thigh as he helped into the car, my feet a little unsteady, balanced as I was on 4 inch heels, my head buzzing from a straight shot of tequila, tossed back just before we’d left the bar.

He made his way through down town Seattle, the windows open, the summer breeze pleasant against my face and shoulders, the city lights almost mystical beneath the partial moon. The booze stole away my shyness as well as all common sense. No one knew where I was or who I was with. For all I knew, Dan or Dave, was entertaining thoughts about raping me or worse. It was a chance I was willing to take, all for a few hours of mindless fucking.

Did I mention I’m a nymphomaniac? Perhaps that will garner some sort of understanding. Or not. It had been a long time since I’d been fucked, either by a guy or a girl, and I’d been going out of my mind the last week, making myself cum 3 or 4 times a day, hoping that would get me through. It wasn’t enough. I needed more, and finally, I broke. That’s what brought me into a brightly lit hallway in front of room # 212, a guy whose name I couldn’t even recall groping my breasts through my thin cotton cami top. Not that I blamed him, seeing that my hard nipples had been on display since he’d sat down.

There wasn’t much small talk at the door. I think he’d realized on the ride over that I wasn’t interested in polite conversation. I had mentioned that if he didn’t have condoms we’d have to stop at a drugstore on the way over. After that, I’d simply answered his comments and questions with terse ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, doing my best to look both cool and hot, my eager eyes hidden behind my sunglasses. The truth was, if I’d gotten to know him as a person, I might have backed out. I wasn’t looking for a friend, just someone to fill my cunt with a good, hard cock.

He finally got the door open, fumbling with his keys, over eager to get me inside, pushing the door closed and setting home the dead bolt behind us.

"Can I get you something to drink?" he asked.

I shook my head, pushing myself up on my toes, my mouth open in invitation, reaching up, my hand behind his neck as I pulled his face to mine, kissing him hard. After that, conversation came to a halt as we passed the lead back and forth, our dance purely sexual.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth, our kisses made of heat, not of warmth. There was no shared passion, only lust, and it was driving both of us. I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach as he pushed me backwards, my shoulders and ass pressed up against the wall as he man-handled me, pushing my top up over my belly, exposing my breasts, my fingers tangling in his dirty blond waves.

My breathing became ragged and I felt like I was overheating. It was warm in his place, too warm, and I welcomed the loss of my top, helping him tug it up over my head, not even waiting for his help with my skirt, pushing it from my hips and down over my thighs, letting gravity take its course, with a little help. Stepping out of it, naked save for a pair of red ‘fuck me’ pumps, I continued my assault on his mouth, reveling in the feel of his rough hand on my tit, his other grasping my ass.

"Don’t hold back." I told him, grunting as I ground myself against him, my cunt already filled with my girl juices, half mad with desire. "Just fuck me."

In my lust, I’d already forgotten about condoms. Later, I would beat myself up over my stupidity, but at that moment, I didn’t care. Thankfully, he was hadn’t, pulling one from his wallet as I struggled briefly with his zipper, freeing his swollen cock, swearing in frustration as he put it on with trembling hands. I confess, I wasn’t making it easy on him, rubbing myself against him like a bitch in heat.

He picked me up, his hands on my waist, not as hard as you’d think being a petite gal. I felt the tip of his cock, his engorged head, pushing against my wet slit, slipping easily in as he lowered me onto him. I whimpered as his cock sank into my cunt, forcing me apart, no consideration for my pleasure. I felt his mouth against my flesh, and then his teeth sinking into the meat of my shoulder, turning my whimper into a cry. I thrashed against him, not in an effort to escape but to drive him deeper into me, succeeding in impaling myself upon his thick cock with a grunt.

He grunted in return, animal lust taking both of us, controlling him as he began to thrust himself into me so hard that he had me slamming over and over into the wall. I was going to be sore the next day, but I didn’t care. Hooking my heels behind his knees, I matched his rhythm, giving as good as I got, screaming at him to fuck me harder and harder, not caring if he split me in two. Only one thing drove me, the need to cum, and cum hard. The back of my head bounced off the wall and I saw stars, momentarily losing control, my body that of a rag doll. Gasping, I dug my claws into his biceps, holding on tight as he mashed my body against the wall savagely, my nails making half moons in his flesh. He howled, or perhaps I imagined he did, jerking as he came, his thrusts violent, spearing my cervix until he had me swearing out loud.

I came, the pleasure washing every little hurt from me, the bruises, the bites, everything, an electric jolt going through my spine, muscles tensing, spasms tearing me apart until I exploded in ecstasy, going slowly limp, just as he was. I moaned, my hips still thrusting slowly, reflexively, my kitty squeezing his cock as if to pump him dry.

"No…" I whimpered, as he pulled free of my greedy cunt, not ready for this to end.

I needn’t have worried.

"God, that was hot, you fucking little bitch." He gasped, his hands all over my, grabbing at my tits, pulling and twisting my nipples until I cried out, pushing me down, forcing me to my knees.

"Suck it, baby." He ordered, his restraint gone, testosterone taking over. "Bet a nasty bitch like you knows how to suck cock."

He had no idea. I didn’t only know, I was good at it. I yanked his jeans down around his ankles and peeled the condom from his soft cock, spilling his cum all over my thighs. Not that I cared. All I cared about was how dirty it would make me to blow this stranger whose name I couldn’t even remember. I wondered if I could cum just thinking about it as I wrapped my lips around his sticky head and began to tease his balls in my small hand. He leaned over me, using the wall to support himself, leaving me still sandwiched between, not that I cared. It wasn’t like I needed an escape route. I took him into my mouth slowly, carefully, teasing him with the tip of my tongue, easily taking all of him in his semi-erect state, my nose pressing up against his hipbone. I swallowed, feeling a bit of a reaction as I did so. If my mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of cock, I’d have smiled at that. Reaching down, I slid my finger into my cunt, coating it with my juices, teasing along his inner thighs with one hand while I reached between them with the other, pressing the tip of my finger against his puckered asshole. Caressing it gently, I slid my mouth back along his shaft until only his the bulb of his head remained between them, trapping it between my lips, the tip of my tongue swirling over the soft skin.

This time when I took him into my mouth, I pushed him finger slowly into his ass, pausing when he tightened up, waiting until he relaxed again, pushing it just past my first knuckle before releasing all but his swollen cock head again. I could feel my cunt overflowing, running down my thighs like warm honey. I was quivering with the need to cum again, and soon. His cock began to stiffen once more as I swallowed his entire length, my finger slipping past the next knuckle, his hips beginning to rock back and forth, pushing the head of his cock into my throat. I could feel my mouth fill with saliva, making it easier for me to suck him off. He moaned, his hands tangling in my hair, taking control now, fucking me in the mouth, all pretense of gentleness gone. I simply let him, teasing his asshole with my finger, feeling it clench around my knuckles, my mouth merely a hole for him to use.

He didn’t last as long, which surprised me, spitting out his announcement seconds before he blew his hot jism into my throat. I swallowed as best I could, unable to stop some of it from being pushed from the corners of my mouth as he thrust his cock between my lips with one final cry, his fingers tightening painfully, tugging at my scalp, sucking my finger deeper into his ass.

When he was done, when it was over, he didn’t say much, muttering things like ‘god, that was fucking amazing’ and ‘oh fuck, I came so fucking hard’, none of which I responded to. Like an animal, I needed relief again. Once hadn’t been enough.

"I need to cum." I told him, almost pleading, but he simply shook his head, pushing me along into his bedroom and onto the bed and flopping down beside me. Frustrated, my body trembling with lust, I leaned back against the wall, spreading my legs and pushing my fingers into my needy little cunt while he watched. Yes, I wanted his cock in me or his tongue, but as long as I came, I didn’t care how.

I could have made it last, could have let it build up into the perfect orgasm, but was too much in a frenzy. Instead I made it fast and dirty, pushing myself over the edge as quickly as possible, my fingers curled up inside of me, searching for that perfect spot. When I came, I made a mess, gushing all over my fingers and his quilt, biting down on my lip so hard that I drew blood, watching him watching me as I cried out.

"I want you to…" I whispered, begging him, my gaze wandering down between his legs to his cock. There were signs of life, but not enough to give me the fucking I needed. With an exasperated sigh, feeling a sudden wash of disgust, I rolled off the bed, pushing his hands away when he tried to pull me in. I wasn’t interested in cuddling with him, or waiting until he regained his hard on.

"Thanks." I told him, fleeing the bedroom, smelling of sex, the taste of his cum on my tongue, my chin wet with it, naked except for my shoes. I put my clothes on in a hurry, slipping my skirt up over my hips, my hands shaking as I pulled my top over my head, aware that he was standing in the doorway, naked from the waist down, watching me dress.

"What are you doing?" He asked, a look of confusion in his eyes.

I shrugged, staring down at his still soft cock, feeling a knot of disappointment inside. "Going home."

"Why? Don’t you want to…?" he never got to finish the thought. Slipping my purse over my shoulder, my cell phone already in my hand, I gave him a tight smile.

"I got what I wanted. Now I’m going to call a cab and go home. Thanks. It was fun."

"I want to see you again."

I turned away, my back to him, shrugging as I headed towards the door. This wasn’t about what he wanted. This was about what I wanted, what I needed. I shut the door quietly behind me. The brightly lit hallway was deserted, thankfully. I was still drunk enough that I didn’t trust myself not to encourage the first person I saw to take advantage of me. At the bottom of the stairs, I called a cab, waiting just inside the door until he arrived, giving him directions back to the parking lot outside the bar, toying with the idea of putting on a little show for him, wanting to cum so badly my I was shaking. In the end, I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs, giving him a good view of my sopping cunt before getting out in the parking lot. If he’d have asked, I’d have let him fuck me in the backseat of his cab, but he either wasn’t interested or too scared of getting into trouble, not that I blame him. I like to think I made his night a little better.

It was still early, early enough that the bar was still open. If I was smart, I’d call it a night, get into my car and drive home and go straight to bed. Maybe I’d make myself cum a couple of times with my favorite toys before slipping into an exhausted but satisfied sleep. I’m not all that smart. 15 minutes later I was sitting on a stool, a buzz going through my system, flirting with the bartender while waiting for someone to take the seat beside me, hoping that they would finally satisfy my greedy little kitty.
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