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Happiest Place

Can the happies place on Earth get any better?
With my back pressed against the brick wall, I quickly think back on the events of the day and how they led to this precise moment in my life. I’d never, ever slept with a man that I didn’t know; but here such a man was between my thighs, looking into my eyes as if silently asking for permission. And in the middle of the happiest place on Earth, in the darkened shadows away from the bustling crowd, I nod my ascent for a complete stranger to fuck me.

His hand pulls my tank top under my breasts, immediately squeezing them as his mouth crushes mine. I gasp at this sudden invasion of my senses, his mouth coercing mine to open easily as my fingers grab his hair to pull him in deeper. Pressing my feet into his thighs, I urge him closer to me as his wet mouth travels down my neck, nipping and sucking.

I feel his hands reach under my skirt and pleasure washes over me as he grabs my ass and grinds me into his cock. I shamelessly beg him for it, but he only teases with the flicks of his tongue against my pebbled nipples as his hands rub and knead my cheeks. His hips gyrate into mine and only after what seems to be an eternity does his fingers move to my hips to pull on the ties of my bikini, tugging the fabric from my body and letting it fall to the ground. The friction of his jeans against my bare pussy makes me need his cock more.

And then his lips are at my ear, his tongue finding the one spot that seems to have a direct line to my pussy. He’s telling me to beg for it, and God help me, I can’t stop myself. I need to feel this man inside me and plead for him to give me what I need. I reach for his zipper, but I only find in the next moment they’re pinned to the wall beneath his hand. My back arches away from the wall as his mouth sucks my nipple hard, teeth grazing. I feel the rough jolt of his other hand unfastening his jeans and the earnest movement to push them down.

Finally, I feel his cock against my soaking slit. The torturous feeling as it slides up and down between my lips. I push my hips out, grinding into him, begging him to fuck me. His hand crushes over my mouth as his cock drives into me. My eyes roll back in ecstasy, his body pinning me to the wall. I can hear the laughter and good times not that far away, but the sound of his heavy breathing and his groans of pleasure brings me back. The weight of my breasts bouncing with his every thrust is newly erotic to me and the brick scraping my skin raw only fuels my arousal. I am completely lost in the sensations this man has awoken.

His pleasure-coated voice ensnares my mind as he whispers the dirtiest things, my cries of pleasure muffled by his palm. Cum bubbles to the rim and my pussy squeezes tight. He senses it, demands it from me. His cock pumps hard and fast, filling every part of me. It is in this moment, I feel owned; taken and used. My thighs begin to quiver, opening wider to his invasion as he pushes me over the edge. His firm hand kisses my screams as my pussy convulses around in cock. I feel him twitch; hear the grunt of release as this stranger pumps his seed into me. I shiver with the dirty pleasure of it as my mind is overcome with the orgasm.

After the breathing slows and reality comes, he slowly, taking care, lowers my feet to the ground. I watch as he straightens himself before he leans in to take one last consuming kiss before he turns to walk around the corner and back into the happy crowd. I stay there for a moment, relishing in this feeling. Somewhere in the distance I hear the boom and crackling of fireworks.

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