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Homeward Bound

A long boring homeward journey turned into an exciting afternoon with my boss
The automatic doors of head office opened and a blast furnace heat encompassed me, taking my breath away. England was experiencing the strangest summer in years. We either had monsoon like rainfall for a couple of days or such tropical temperatures which no one in their right mind could stay outside, which lasted two or three weeks at a time. Everyone hated the rain more than sunshine but when you have to go to work in 30 degrees.

“Jesus it’s so hot” I muttered to myself, walking out towards the car park. James Kirkland, my boss and branch manager was saying his goodbyes to the company directors and knew I would wait for him outside. Earlier this week we had been ordered unexpectedly to head office to explain discrepancies in the accounts. Normally this could have waited for the monthly visit but such was the urgency to trace the mistake, which could cost the company millions that we had to race to London immediately. After painstakingly picking through masses of paperwork and computer files, the mistake had been found, and thankfully was traced back to one of head offices own accountants. I hoped he was having a rough Friday afternoon.

James and I could return home with a sense of relief. Sounds fine but from London to Manchester on a Friday evening meant at least four or five hours depending on the traffic. The only consolation was that James, being inherently rich declined the company’s normal choice of company car and upgraded to the top of the range Audi A8. Huge, luxurious, and fitted with every conceivable gimmick and gadget and I couldn’t wait to sink into the gorgeous soft leather seats and let the climate control waft nice cool air over me.

Reaching the sleek black car I could feel a beads of sweat trickling down my neck towards my cleavage which combined with the heat of the day triggered an erotic sensation. I fantasised about getting undressed and allowing the sun to lick my whole body with its superheated rays but knew I had to restrain myself. A warm breeze tugged the hem of my white one piece summer dress, blowing it upwards displaying my buttocks and thighs for anybody passing by. I glanced around to see if my accidental flash had attracted any attention and was rewarded with grinning smiles and thumbs up from a passing builders van.

“Andrea” I looked around at the sound of my name and saw James approaching the car. Suppressing a giggle and ignoring the horny feeling flushing through my body, I waved back at the lads in the van and turned to wait for my boss. James Kirkland, six years younger than me had just turned thirty but had made a meteoritic rise in the company and was the youngest branch manager they had ever employed. I've worked under him for two years now and I’m no closer to fathoming out James Kirkland than when I inherited him as my boss. After receiving promotion and gaining leadership of our regional office he introduced himself to me briefly, explained how he liked to work, what he expected of me and that was that. No personal interest in me or my situation just work, I could have been a robot for all he cared, at least that’s how it seemed to me anyway. Knowing him, he probably wished I was a robot.

He’s a nerd! That’s a fact. Not an ugly geeky nerd, oh no, in fact he’s not bad looking. I know some of the girls at the office find him irresistible, but if I’m honest, he’s not my type. He’s a good boss to work for and in all the time I’ve worked under him he’s never ever made a pass or tried to take advantage of me, not once. Maybe me being married has something to do with his old fashioned attitude towards me but even at the Christmas party, where let’s face it things can easily get out of hand after a few drinks, James has always treated me with utmost respect. Not once trying to grab a quick feel when we’ve occasionally danced together, which even though he’s not my type, every girl wants to know she’s still desirable and his lack of interest is something which doesn’t do my ego any good.

I heard the doors unlock as James pushed the button and watched the windows open automatically. He winked at me, “Just letting the warm air out before we get in!” I seated myself in the deep soft leather seats and watched my dress rise up my thighs displaying a large amount of tanned flesh. As James seated himself I couldn’t help noticing the slight bulge in his trousers. I looked up to his face and was astonished to see that he was watching me intently. Seeing me looking at him James smiled warmly. “It sure is hot isn’t it Andrea. You’re lucky you can wear a nice short dress in this heat, and that you don’t have to wear a suit every day like me” He laughed ironically and showing no signs of embarrassment “And you do have the right figure for such an outfit” he added generously.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and only just managed to mumble my thanks without stumbling over my own words such was my disbelief at James’s remark. He smiled at me again and began turning the key. Not sure what to make of the situation I turned my head and looked out of the side window. As we started driving through the city and I watched the familiar sights pass by until we eventually reached the motorway and the low grumble of the engine changed note as James pressed the accelerator to the floor and we started moving a lot faster. Some sort of dance/trance music resonated out of the sound system and after reclining the seat back and placing my feet on the dashboard; I began to feel really mellow. The air-co was doing a terrific job and in my lounging position it wasn’t long before my eyelids became heavier and heavier and I was lulled into deep relaxing sleep.

I felt a jolt and woke up with a start. Without moving a muscle I tried to gather my wits. My head was leaning against the side window now and looking out I saw that we were still cruising on the motorway. It took me a few seconds to remember where I was, and not wanting to admit that I’d been sleeping I pretended to do nothing. I decided to sneak a peep at James hoping that he hadn’t noticed I was awake. On opening one of my eyes ever so slightly, I was amazed at what I saw.

Apparently whilst I had been sleeping, I wasn’t as relaxed as I thought and I had moved around quite a bit, causing my dress to move so far down my thighs that my delicate silky panties were clearly visible to James. My first reaction was to cover myself without making too much fuss, but the sexual sensation I experienced when I flashed the builders earlier this afternoon still coursed through my veins and I felt incredibly hot and horny knowing that my boss could see my most intimate parts albeit covered with a thin layer of fabric. I decided to keep teasing him and using all my willpower to keep my body still, I continued the pretence that I was sleeping, and through half closed eyes secretly watched James eying my sex.

I wear sexy, raunchy underwear, preferably from Victoria’s Secret, because it makes me feel feminine and desirable and today was no exception. My panties were made from a delicate woven pattern designed to show just as much as it covered and I knew my dark pubic hair, neatly shaven in a fashionable landing strip, immediately above my slit was clearly visible. I could feel my juices beginning to flow and knew a damp patch would soon develop on the soft material. The thought of James getting turned on by looking at my scantily clad sex was getting me hotter and hotter. I saw him lick his lips as he looked intently between my thighs and my passion was reached a new level. My clit started throbbing causing an aching desire on my part to put my fingers between my legs and relieve myself, but that was out of the question now. I guessed James could see my excitement now which considering my pussy was really juicing up wasn’t a big surprise but the delicious sensation that was running up and down through my body was only increasing my state of arousal.

I closed my eyes again for real now and let my body surrender to the pure physical pleasure I was experiencing and suddenly it felt like his gaze was actually physically caressing my clit, enflaming and exciting it more and more. I moved slightly, still pretending to be asleep, and opened my legs wider. My dress slipped the last couple of inches down into my lap and now he could see all there was to see. From my pubic mound to where my panties disappeared out of sight between the cheeks of my buttocks, everything was on wanton display for my boss. I knew that he would now be able to see the shape of my pussy now because my moving in the seat had caused my panties to stretch tighter over my vulva accentuating all the details.

I concentrated on reopening my eyes without James seeing that I was awake which wasn’t easy considering the state I was in. He was staring directly at my groin now and I could also see that my wanton display was having a surprising effect on him. The slight bulge that I had seen earlier was now huge delightful lump and I found myself wondering how large his erection was. I suddenly wanted to see his prick for real, if the tell-tale bulge in his trousers was anything to go by then Mr James Kirkland was packing quite a package between his legs and I reverently hoped I would see it in the flesh. My clit was throbbing constantly now and my juices, flowing freely now betrayed how much I wanted feel something hard between my legs. I was feeling so god damned turned on and I didn’t want this sensation to end but I didn't want my boss to know I was awake and watching him, so I ignored the desire to finger myself and kept still. James reached down and gave his cock another squeeze, and my pussy muscles contracted on themselves increasing my frustration. I had to do something to relieve this tension. Still pretending to sleep, I let my hand strategically fall to my ample bosom and placed my fingers on my protruding nipples. In hindsight I should have left them alone because they felt red hot especially under the slight caress from my fingers and the muscles in my stomach cramped up so tight that I almost gave myself away.

I stopped caressing the hard buds to allow my body to gain control of its self but my system was ignoring my commands. I was too turned on by the visual stimulus beside me. My boss had his right hand in his lap and was constantly kneading and pulling at the large bulge inside his trousers. My breasts seemed to swell up until they no longer fitted into my dress and my clit was constantly throbbing now that it was almost painful. Again I moved my hand "in my sleep", but James Kirkland was so engrossed in keeping an eye on the road, his hand on his manhood and what was happening between my legs, that he didn’t notice the slight movements my hand was making. I started undoing the buttons that held my dress together slowly but surely, playing it safe and only unfastening enough so I could slip my fingers inside my bra.

At last, the final button hindering my fingers was undone. I slowly slipped my hand under the fabric of my dress over my left breast. I was careful only to move when he turned to watch the road; the sensation of my trembling fingers on the ultra-sensitive skin of my breasts was electrifying. The tip of my finger touched the nipple and I could feel each little bump as I slowly made circles around the erect nipple with my finger. Each time my finger touched my erect bud I felt a physical shock deep within my pussy, which heightened by the incredible sexual tension in the car, I needed something long and hard to lick and suck, to feel a rock solid cock plunging between my legs, God I was so horny. James Kirkland was clearly enjoying the sight of my sex straining against the tightly stretched panties because his eyes seemed to stare more and more between my legs than on the road. It suddenly occurred to me that because I was so wet between my legs, my panties would be transparent now and the tops of my thighs would be glistening with my juices. My boss now had a clear view of not only my soaked panties but also of my wet and willing sex. "God, I'm going to cum!" I realised

I wasn’t the only one in the car who needed to relieve themselves. James obviously wanted a more immediate release and with my eyes “closed” I watched his hand undo his belt and zipper. Then pushing his hand under the elastic from his boxers he pulled out his rock hard cock. I stifled a moan of pleasure of my own and watched in frustrated pleasure as James began rhythmically masturbating. I watched in awe as his hand moved steadily up and down the solid fleshy pole and was impressed at the size. With each downward motion, the foreskin was pulled down exposing his glistening helmet. James continued jerking off unknowingly giving me a show that I would never forget.

I knew there and then that I wanted to lick and suck on that gorgeous piece of meat, wanted to feel the tip expand as sperm racing from his balls exploded in the back of my throat and filling my mouth with delicious spunk. With my fingers stimulating my nipple and my imagination running wild I knew my soaking wet vagina was opening itself and inviting James to take me. James’s hand was moving quicker and I realised that my pretending to sleep was all too convincing and James oblivious to the fact that I was watching his every move, was clearly too excited to stop what he was doing. The hand gripping tightly around the warm fleshy pole was moving in a blur when suddenly he stopped. I saw James tighten his grip on his prick and watched fascinated as his lap bucked a couple of times. “Oh my god” I thought wildly and I looked on unbelievably at his lap.

Creamy white sperm was spewing from the tip of his cock and I could see that he was controlling his spasms by gripping his cock so tightly. My own body reacted to the sight and I felt all my muscles contract as if I was experiencing my own orgasm and luckily for me James was so engrossed in his own climax that he hadn’t noticed how my own body shook. James was getting himself under control now even though his prick still jerked occasionally. Sperm was all over his cock and hand but he just stuffed his erect manhood back under the elastic and wiped his fist over his boxers. He was the lucky one, I had to keep up my pretence of still sleeping but my body was crying out for its own release. James was busy refastening his belt and zipper when I felt the car dramatically change lane.

He was pulling into a service station and this gave me a chance to end my charade of being a sleep. “Wh….what’s going on James?” I asked in a dreamy sleepy voice whilst drawing my legs under me making myself decent in one easy movement. “Nothing Andrea” he stammered uneasily and I smiled to myself, “I just need to go to the little boy’s room” he added and smiled sheepishly. He obviously felt more comfortably now sure he was on safe ground now. “Do you need to go as well or do you want to stay here in the car?” he asked almost as an afterthought. All I could think about was the sexual tension built up over the last few minutes and shook my head. “If he was gone then I could…….” I thought to myself. My clit began throbbing again in anticipation. “Mmmmm no I’m fine James. I’ll wait here in the car if that’s all right with you” I answered drowsily still pretending to have just woken up. I watched James walk away from the car as if nothing had happened and once I was sure he was out of sight I opened my legs and slipped a hand between my burning thighs. Slowly rubbing the swollen lips of my fully aroused vagina, feeling the wet folds, drenched from my juices that flowed from the deep warm depths, I shuddered at the touch.

My body reacted explosively when I caressed my clit. The sensation that rushed through deep inside me from my clitoris to my breasts was so intense that it almost made me cry out loud. I moved my hand slightly and pressed my fingers along the full length of my slit from my clit, past my silky lips to between the cheeks of my perfect bum, and back again. Stopping at the opening of my vagina and applying pressure with the tips of my finger on the tight entrance. I felt my lips open and stretch around my fingertips but the soaking wet fabric of my panties didn’t allow me to fully penetrate myself. I was certain I had never felt as horny as I was now. Impatiently I pulled the gusset aside exposing my wet opening to my trembling fingers. The heat generating from my vulva on my fingers was so erotic that I wanted to scream. Only biting on my lips prevented me from being heard from far and wide.

With intense pent up tension I plunged my fingers deep inside my silky tunnel, feeling the tight slippery opening give way to this glorious intrusion. With my fingers gliding easily in and out of the warm wetness my body gave way to the tsunami of pleasure. My orgasm exploded and the flood gates opened and washed over my entire being. My body shuddered and convulsed as waves of intense pleasure racked through my entire being. I lay there and allowed my body recover from orgasm but in the mists of my climax I had lost all track of time. I thought I heard footsteps knew I had to get myself together. I reluctantly removed my fingers from my vagina and readjusted my clothing before closing my legs. Checking my appearance in the rear view mirror, a broad grin decorated my tanned features and my mind replayed the events that led up to my mind blowing orgasm. "Oh God, look at me. Might be a good idea to tidy my hair," I thought to myself giggling and looking round for my handbag, saw it lying on the back seat. Not being able to easily reach it from here, I climbed out the car and opened the rear door. Leaning forward and placing a knee on the back seat to balance myself, I reached forward and searched my bag for my hairbrush. That’s when I felt strong hands grab me by the hips.

Powerful muscles pulled me backwards and I could feel a hardness press between my buttocks. My boss’s voice sounded in my ears. “Don’t move Andrea” he commanded. “I was watching you just now!” he informed me and I wondered what he had seen, although judging from the hardness I felt pushing against my bum I had a pretty good idea. His hands moved slowly down my hips to mid-thigh and back again. James pushed his loins against my derriere again and there was no mistaking his erection. His hands glided under my dress. “Oooh, that’s nice!” I cooed quietly. I could feel my skin turn to goose bumps but I still didn’t move. James was grinding his groin hard into my arse. His hands moved again, down my thighs but instead of repeating his earlier action, he turned his hands slightly so that the palms were on the back of my thighs and he ran his hand upwards, slowly, under my dress up onto the cheeks of my bum, grabbing my buttocks.

James was obviously oblivious to where we were because he was slowly spreading and releasing the cheeks of my buttocks, his erection pressing against the soft fabric protecting my rear entrance. The sensation was incredible, I could feel my panties teasing the soft area around my tight knot and I sighed heavily....I couldn’t help it. This sudden attack, so soon after my orgasm was turning me on beyond control and I lost myself to the pleasure washing over me. If James had decided to take me there and then I wouldn’t have had the willpower or desire to stop him but James’s thumbs trying to penetrate my back door brought me back to reality and I realised that anyone passing by could see what was happening. Deciding I really didn’t want to be jailed for indecent behaviour in public, especially with someone other than my husband I tried to think properly. Remembering that the windows of this big luxurious car were darkly tinted I smiled inwardly and looked back at James. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying his own secret fantasy. Privately I didn’t want him to stop but we had to gain some semblance of privacy.

I moved for the first time since he had grabbed me from behind. Pushing my handbag onto the floor to create some room I crept forward onto the backseat until my head touched the opposing door and I supporting myself on my elbows, let my head rest on the soft leather of the seat. I could see my breasts inside my bra hanging freely because I hadn’t fastened my dress yet and beyond that I could see James’s legs as he climbed into the car behind me. I heard the door slam shut and surrendered myself to James’s admissions. Knowing that we couldn’t easily be seen ignited my boss’s passions even more and he ran his hands and my dress high up onto my lower back, exposing my buttocks for his next move. His hands dropped down again onto my naked cheeks, caressing them before I felt him crouch behind me. The faint draft of his breath between my buttocks gave me a hint of what was to come and I arching my back and opening my legs as much as was possible I offered James my sex, to do whatever he wanted to do.

His fingers went under the waistband of panties, and slowly, oh so slowly, working downwards around my cheeks, caressing and teasing as they got closer and closer to my pussy. One of his fingers touched my anus and I moaned softly, encouraging him. James answered my secret longing and gently rubbed around and around the soft, tight hole. I pressed my bum backwards hoping the pressure of his finger against my hole would let lead to him penetrate my hole, but there wasn’t enough lubrication. James solved this dilemma by simply pulling my panties aside, before parting my cheeks and exposing my star. I felt warm spittle dribble down my crack reaching my tight opening just as my boss pushed his tongue deep inside my bowls.

As his tongue twirled around inside my anal tunnel, his fingers continued their exploration moving downwards towards my dripping vagina, pulling the gusset completely aside to completely expose my sex. His tongue retreated from my backdoor and moved onto my hot wet pussy. His tongue disappeared between my protruding silky lips and I started moaning loudly as he began feasting on my warm wetness. I wanted more and reached back and pulled my panties down my thighs. “James” I begged passionately, pulling my buttocks apart “Make me cum!”

James mouth moved between both my holes penetrating each one alternately. Strong fingers pushed past my sphincter and began fingering me. His mouth moved back to my pussy, only this time his tongue was probing between my inner lips, gently parting the sopping wet folds and went deep inside her. My vulva was convulsing, tightening around his tongue, not wanting to ever let it go. His other hand reached under his head and searched my mound until it found her clit. I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself crying out, a few more seconds of his finger writhing over my sensitive knobble was enough. I exploded into my second orgasm of the afternoon, only this one was much more intense. Strong fingers invading my orifices left me panting caused my heart to race and all the muscles in my body contracted, causing my whole body to convulse.

I turned around and sat with my naked butt on the soft cool leather, the bulge in his trousers was huge and the grin on his face, covered in my juices was just as huge. “Now it’s my turn James, I want to taste that cock. Have you cleaned it or will taste your spunk” I asked mischievously. James looked at me shocked. I nodded and licked my lips in anticipation. “Yes James I saw you wanking earlier and I saw you shoot your load." James blushed slightly and admitted he just wanted to get out of the car and get himself together. “And when I saw you fingering yourself I knew I just had to have you.” Now it was my turn to smile sheepishly. “You were so engrossed in getting your fingers inside your knickers that you didn’t see me standing over there” and pointed to a nearby tree. I smiled guiltily. “Seems we were both horny, doesn’t it James. Now let me suck your cock!” He needed no further encouragement. He loosened his belt and pulled down his zip, I reached out my hands to pull down his boxers but he pushed them away. I could see the outline of his erection in his boxers and I had been right. James had a huge cock. Slowly James pushed his boxers down and released his monster.

James shuffled forward and I watched with anticipation at this huge erection bobbing around in front of my eyes. James grabbed hold of his prick with one hand and grabbed my head with the other. It was fully erect and pointed at my mouth and I felt a new flood of wetness between my legs. James hand was wrapped around the shaft and slowly pulled back his foreskin to expose the swollen head beneath. "Open those slutty lips of yours Andrea! I’m gonna fuck your mouth like you’ve never have been before!” Obediently I did as commanded and felt his rock hard cock disappear past my lips. I licked the underside of the helmet and felt him tremble in response. I could taste the semen from his earlier orgasm and the flavour intoxicated me. James was determined to dominate me and whilst holding my head steady, kept pushing forward. His thick helmet pushed past tongue and banged against my larynx until eventually his wiry pubic hair tickled my nose. I had swallowed the whole length down my throat. I grabbed his balls banging against my chin and gave them a soft squeeze. God this felt good!

He pulled my head backwards and his cock slipped from my mouth with a large “plop” I looked up at him and grinned. “You love it don’t you Andrea” and I nodded at him enthusiastically, opening my mouth hungrily again. James obliged me by placing his manhood on my tongue. Reaching round, my hands grabbed his bum and pulled him forward. The delicious meat disappeared down my throat again, and James taking the hint began pumping his cock between my lips.

Sitting on the backseat with James in front of me pumping my mouth, I could feel my wetness on the soft leather under my bum and reaching down between my legs, began rubbing my slit. James looked downwards as he felt my knee bump up against his backside and watched in amazement as I continued rubbed herself. I slowly circled my exposed hole with a finger. God I was so wet, my middle finger caressed my inner lips before slipping deep inside. James's cock and my finger was getting me so worked up that I knew what I wanted right now. I needed shagging. I wanted to feel my boss's cock slide up between my legs and penetrate my dripping honey pot. I grabbed hold of my boss’s hard flesh and removed it from my mouth. “James I want you to fuck me right now” I begged breathlessly. Kneeling over me his prick inches from my hungry mouth, James nodded. He shuffled backwards bringing his erection to where I wanted it the most. Grabbing my legs and holding them together in front of him James pulled my hips nearer to his loins and waited wantonly for his next move. His helmet pressed against my warm wet slit and I reached down and tried pulling his cock inside me.

I held his cock at the entrance to my dripping pussy and pleaded with him. "Ooooh God, fuck me you fucking wanker. Don't make me wait any longer; I want to feel you inside me!" James laughed and pushed forward. At first there was no penetration, it was just too big, but slowly my lips gave way and he started to slide into me. There was no pain, just the feeling that someone was trying to ram a telephone pole up inside of me it was that big. It was driving me wild. I leant my head against the window, closed my eyes and enjoyed this wonderful sensation. James’s helmet penetrated past my lips and his thick shaft was slowly filling my silky tunnel. I lifted my arse to adjust the angle of attack and even though my pussy was being stretched like never before, James just kept pushing forward. I tunnel was full, I was sure my pussy wasn’t big enough because James’s cock just kept coming. Just as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take any more I felt his balls bump firmly against my buttocks, against my fully exposed anus - he had completely penetrated me -wow!

He began to moving slowly in and out, causing little waves of pleasure to wash over me. His thrusting became more and more powerful and I started clenching my tunnel to grip his shaft, causing an almost painful experience with such a large manhood. With each thrust his balls rubbed against my arse, enhancing m y pleasure and driving me wildly towards my third climax... I felt his cock swell up inside me and hoped he would shoot a huge load, flooding my vagina. James had other idea though. He pulled his huge cock from my pussy leaving me feeling desperately empty and placed the engorged helmet against my back door. I gasped in surprise as James spat on his fingers and placed them at my back door. After thoroughly lubricating my brown star with not only spittle but also my own slick pussy juices James’s helmet pushed against my restraining sphincter and I knew I had to relax otherwise this would really hurt. Slowly but surely my back door welcomed my boss’s rock hard cock. His thick shaft was filling my bowls and I felt delirious with desire. As his balls bumped up against my buttocks I felt enormously proud that I had such a big cock deep inside my bowels.

James stayed still for a moment, then withdrew about half of his thick shaft before plunging forward again filling me up. Whimpering with pleasure, James slowly ploughed my bum, his thrusting seemingly tender at first but grew with wilder as his excitement increased. My own passion grew as the discomfort changed into a delicious feeling of enjoyment from this unexpected anal sex. James’s thrusting speeded up, and he was soon pounding my star with wanton abandonment. I couldn't help it and soon I found myself screaming obscenities at my boss. I wanted him to fuck me hard; I wanted him to fill me with spunk. I wanted him to treat me like a slut, in fact I urged him to do all sorts of nasty things to me but James just kept up his onslaught. I could feel his prick grow bigger as he approached his own orgasm and knew he was close to spraying my bowels with semen.

I locked legs around his back and relaxed. Placing a hand on my swollen clit I began rubbing myself really hard. I had been on the edge for quite a while now and my fingers provided the final push. My orgasm ripped through me. My muscles gripped the hard shaft thrusting inside me I felt James shoot white hot semen deep inside my bum. I grabbed hold of his buttocks and pulled him deep inside me and didn't let go, I held him tightly as my orgasm continued, his shaft twitching inside me. Slowly the spasms subsided and the mists of climax dissipated and I could think clearly again. We lay there for a while, recovering from the intense experience. Eventually James started retracting his penis from deep inside my bum, and a cocktail of love juice, no longer held back by James’s thick shaft escaped from my bowls and dribbled down my anal crack . "Mmmmm don't move just yet James, let me enjoy your cock a bit longer" I pleaded whilst I felt the warm liquid running down over my lower back and on further to wet the soft leather seat beneath me. I smiled teasingly at him and clenched my inner muscles around his cock, still thick and hard inside me.

“Still not satisfied Slut” James asked unbelievably and I just smiled sweetly at him and raised my eyebrows challengingly. James grabbed hold of my hips and plunged his still erect cock back inside me. He rode me hard, pushing his huge tool forcibly up inside me, with each thrust I felt the helmet deep, stretching my anal chasm to the limit. Every nerve ending in my bowels was on fire, fast approaching my next orgasm. He pulled my bra down releasing my breasts and placed a warm mouth over an erect nipple and sucked gently causing my groin to contract as the erotic sensation coursed from my breasts to clit. I could hear the wet slippery sounds as his cock pumped in and out of my arse and his balls slapped against my wet butt crack and this increased my arousal to a point where I couldn’t stop myself from climaxing.

Time stood still as spasms racked James’s muscular frame announcing his third release deep inside me and I came explosively once more. His shaft throbbed inside me as his last drops of sperm pumped inside me. I held my breath as my sphincter gripped my boss’s penis so tightly that he had difficulty moving. As our orgasms subsided, my muscles relaxed and released his spent penis. This time his erection, so thick and hard as steel earlier was now smelted into a shrunken specimen in my anal furnace. It slipped out from inside me, leaving me feeling empty but satisfied. My star closed slowly allowing only a small trickle of semen to escape as evidence of our sexual tryst.

The rest of the journey home was completed in silence, both of us exchanging secret smiles. Since then James takes every opportunity to keep me late at the office working overtime and the monthly trip to head office takes much longer than necessary.

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