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Hot Driveway Sex

I really don't know what came over me, maybe I just wanted his cock inside me. But we were going at it in my parent's driveway. Maybe it was a moment of insanity.

Yep, that's right. You read it right the first time. I was fucking my boyfriend in his truck. In my parent's drive way. While they were home!

We were sitting out in his truck talking, me in the driver's seat and him beside me. His name was Nathan and he was my at-the-time boyfriend. He was a little bit taller than me with brown hair and adorable blue eyes. He was tanned and a country boy. I was twenty-one and he was twenty

We were kissing and he had one hand on my breast and then other in my unbuttoned, unzipped jeans, and down in my panties. He was sliding his fingers in and out of my hot wet pussy.

His mouth soon replaced the hand on my breast, sucking and biting on my nipple so hard that he gave me a bruise.

"I'm gonna leave my mark on your tit being that I can't leave it anywhere else," he told me.

I giggled. He used his hand to caress my stomach and went back to kissing me. After a while of kissing and caressing he broke the kiss.

"I want you so bad, baby," he told me.

"I know I want you too."

"We could do it right here. You could watch to see if anybody comes outside."


He pulled my pants and panties down and took one foot out. He pulled down his jeans and and nudged my legs apart. I put one foot in the seat and turned towards him and put the other on the floorboard.

He positioned himself at the entrance of my pussy and took one last look at the house.

"Don't forget to keep watch."

"I won't," I replied.

He thrust inside of me and moaned.

"Baby you feel so damn good," he said.

He thrust hard and fast. I moaned while still watching the door to my parent's house. I felt my orgasm getting close and went to grab the steering wheel but hit the horn instead. Both of our faces turned towards the house. His hips quit moving. Thankfully, nobody came outside.

I laughed out loud and Nathan let out a breath of relief and started thrusting again. He sped up his thrusts until both of us came at the same time. We laid there for a few minutes before he pulled out of me. We put our clothes back to rights.

As soon as we got to talking again, my sister walked out the door and came to the truck. Nathan rolled the window down.

"Nathan, your momma's on the phone," she said and she handed him our phone.

She didn't say anything, but I know she couldn't have missed the smell of sex. I mean, I could smell it.

After she went inside, he let out a breath.

"That was way too close." He said.

After he talked to his momma, we sat and talked awhile and he rolled both windows down and opened the back glass to air the cab out to get rid of the smell of sex. It was a close call.

A few days later my brother came outside where I was sitting.

"Just to let you know, I know what you and Nathan were doing the other night in the truck. You better be glad Mom and Dad didn't come outside for anything."

He got up and walked back into the house.

I was so totally embarrassed.
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