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I am picking you up in 10 minutes

The continuing true story of my three-month affair
This is another true story from my three-month affair.

I am at work and I get a text....

"I am picking you up at your office in 10 minutes to suck on your beautiful cock."

I respond back, "I am in a meeting. Can't."

Her response, "9 minutes. Make it work."

I fake a phone call to get out of the meeting and send a text to my boss, telling him that my alarm went off at home and the police have been called.

I am downstairs and in her car in 10 minutes. We drive to a secluded park nearby. She reaches over, unbuckles my pants and immediately takes me in her mouth. It feels heavenly. I like a nice slow blow job. She knows this and just slowly bobs up and down and licks all around. The feeling is amazing. The way she puts just the right amount of pressure, the warmth. I reach over and start playing with her nipples and she moans on me, which feels even better. I relax for a minute, to just enjoy the feeling. I hear her moaning louder and look over. She has her hand up her skirt and is playing with herself.

I tell her, "You are so sexy. I want to taste you."

She looks up, as if trying to figure out a way. I lean my seat all the way back and invite her to hop on.

She looks around and says, "Fuck it. Let's do it."

She climbs across the seat and onto my face, in an awkward 69. Her pussy is right in my face and I start licking her clit. I do not have much room to maneuver, so I just focus on licking her clit and making big circles with my tongue. She is moaning loudly, with my cock in her mouth. The whole scene is surreal. It feels amazing and it is so risky that I am just in awe.

I keep up the pressure on her clit but am also reaching the point of no return myself and I am ready to cum. Her mouth is doing wonders on my cock. She is moaning loudly and she announces that she is going to cum. I tell her that I am cumming too and we both release. She stiffens up and shudders, as her orgasm hits her. I tense up and my cum shoots out like a bullet from a gun. She has taken my cock out of her mouth and is stroking it and my cum gets in her hair and on her face. It keeps coming out.

She keeps humping my face and a second orgasm hits her and she screams out, "Fuck!" and then squeezes my head so hard with her legs, that I can barely breathe!

My cock is still spurting little spurts and she uses her mouth to clean clean me off a little. We untangle ourselves and she sits there for a second, lying on top of me with my cum in her hair. I tell her it is so sexy! We start kissing passionately and she starts stroking my cock some more, just lightly playing with it. Within seconds, I am hard and she guides herself on top of me. My cock slides into her with such ease and I just sit there and enjoy the amazing feeling. I ask her if car sex was on her to-do list and she just starts humping harder and laughs. We fuck for 10 minutes or so and she comes twice more, before I finally come inside her.

I finally make it back to the office where my boss asks me, "Is everything ok?"

I look a little disheveled and tell her, "Yes. It was just a false alarm. I rushed like crazy so I am a little unnerved but ok."

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