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I Need It Bad

Fast sex to quench that incredible urge!

I just got laid the other night by a more than willing friend but that was days ago. The pussy was good and I released a healthy cum load on her belly. Maybe because of the combination of a long, demanding workweek and trying to abstain from masturbation, I needed pussy now. I can barely sleep for want of pussy. Perhaps I can call another friend, Mona, to help me out. I hadn’t seen her in a while and sex is always incredible. She has full fluffy tits that I can suckle on while I dig my dong into that smooth silky snatch of hers.

There is no time for hesitation. I try to call her on the phone, no answer. Damn it, I can’t wait. I get in my car and drive to her place across town. It’s worth the gas and I’m incredibly horny. My balls are loaded and aching like a toothache as I ring the doorbell to her apartment. No one answers. I keep ringing and moments later the door to the building opens. It’s not Mona but her next door neighbor whose name escapes me. She’s wearing a long white thin tee shirt with no bra and her nipples are rock hard. She knows I’m looking for Mona and says she saw her earlier but doesn’t know where she could be. She lets me in and I go to Mona’s door and knock. Mona opens the door and looks sleepily surprised. I tell her I really need to see her and she invites me in. I thank her neighbor and enter Mona’s place.

Once inside, I tell her I desperately need pussy and went through all that trouble to see her. She says she is really tired and needs sleep. I promise her it won’t take long and take her in my arms and hug her. I work my hands down to her ass and squeeze. I’m pretty sure she could feel the bulge in my pants pressed against her stomach. I reach my hands around her panties and peel them down her legs while going to my knees. I bring my hands up and squeeze her thighs while burying my face in her sweet, musty crotch. I find her clit with the tip of my tongue and she nearly collapses from the pleasure. She backs up and falls onto the bed. I figure since I’m going to get pussy I’d better give her some release as well. I hungrily lick, slurp, and suck her juicy clit. The whole time my dick was begging for release from my pants. I insert my middle finger in her pussy and bring her to a writhing orgasm.

Now, it’s my turn. I wipe my chin on her thighs, stand up and undo my pants. My dick stands at full attention thankful to be let free with my cumloaded balls hanging underneath weighing what felt like a ton. She repositions herself on the bed and I eagerly climb on top of her and insert my cock. Mona’s pussy feels incredibly smooth and inviting. I let out a moan and thank her as I feel her warmth surround my cock. I know I won’t last long. I sink every inch into her and begin with deep long strokes. I lift up her tank top and there they are those beautiful tits. I take a mouthful of dime sized nipple and continue stroking. She starts moaning and working her hips with my strokes. I can feel the urge to empty my load start to build up. I reach under her ass, grab her butt cheeks in my hands, and lift them up while getting to my knees. This is a good controlling position for me to just take the pussy and dog it out. I stroke to the left then a few hard strokes to the right to let her know she’s getting truly fucked. I can feel my nuts getting tugged at by her ass cheeks as they get caught up in the crack. I’m about to cum. I loosen my grip on her in preparation to pull out and paint her belly but her grip is tight and she has her legs wrapped around mine. Being that I’m about to explode I can’t overcome her strength. I grab and hold on to her. It’s come time as I feel my dick juice start spurting and flooding her pussy. It was more come than I thought. I could feel her pussy become tight from all of my cum that’s filling it. Cum began to gush out of her pussy and onto my balls and then the sheets. When I finished cumming, I collapsed on top of her with my chest pounding. She said she could feel my heart racing and was concerned I would have a heart attack. But I was okay. That’s just the result of experiencing an incredibly good piece of ass from a very understanding woman. I thanked Mona again and rolled off of her onto the other side of the bed and fell asleep.

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