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Nailed in her Nylons

She broke a rule for this one, but it was too good to miss
They met at a business lunch. He was a man she’d never seen before, a stranger in her particular corporate circuit and from out of town. But he had engaged the entire table with his presence, self-deprecating humour, his evidently clear mind and his sharply focused approach to the substance of the day.

He was also a big man, very fit, plainly healthy and, Em thought, astonishingly attractive. She was, in fact, entranced. What especially entranced her was the fact that even though he was at one end of the table and she at the other, he had decided to include her in his repertoire of round-the-table conversation.

Since they hadn’t met before he had got up from his seat and walked round the table to introduce himself to her. “He has good manners too,” Em had thought as he began this manoeuvre.

He was around her age. He had piercingly blue eyes and dark brown, nearly black hair. She held out her hand to say hello. He touched it lightly. She felt a flash of something that was almost like an electric shock when he did this. She looked into his eyes and melted. He had felt it too. Her pussy suddenly buzzed.

Lunch progressed. He looked at her from time to time and smiled a melting smile. She smiled back at him. They did this to each other several times. Em felt her nipples hardening and really liked that idea.

Between courses she got up from the table and went to the bar outside for a cigarette. The restaurant was by the river. It was warm and breezy. She drew on her cigarette, telling herself for the umpteenth time that she should give them up, and drank from her glass of pinot noir she’d taken with her from the table.

Suddenly she was not alone. He was there beside her, also drinking pinot noir she noticed, and shaking a cigarette from a pack he’d drawn from his suit pocket. “It’s a nuisance this, isn’t it,” he said. “Having to drag yourself outside to perform what used to be a perfectly natural act but which is now defined as very bad behaviour.”

Em laughed. “It is,” she said. “But at least out here you don’t get lectures about the evil of smoking from people who once did and now don’t.” He smiled and then laughed, a throaty little chuckle, the sort of laugh you find in people who have a really great sense of humour.

“I don’t think we properly introduced ourselves in there,” he said. “You’re Em, I know. I asked,” he said with a smile and a wink. “I’m Mike. It’s really fun to meet you.” He touched her lightly on the arm. She got another electric shock-like buzz when he did that.

“It’s Friday,” he said. “Do you have plans for after lunch?”

“Well I didn’t,” said Em. “I was going to take some work home and make an early day of it.”

He looked deeply at her. “That’s my plan too, except I’m just visiting so I’ll be going back to my hotel.”

He paused. He looked at her and melted her again. And then he said, “Would you like to come with me?”

Em got another buzz. It was a major one. Her pussy moistened in the little black and white lace panties she had encased it in this morning. Her nipples got rock-hard in the little black and white lace bra in which she corralled her pert little tan-lined breasts.

“I just thought there were probably some things in our portfolios that we should go over together,” he said, fixing her with a warming smile.

Em laughed. “Well we probably should but I never go over someone’s portfolio on a first meeting.”

And he said: “Neither do I. But I just think that this might be one time to break that rule.”

He touched her lightly on the arm again. That’s when Em knew she was going to break the rule too, even though she was still wondering why.

“OK,” she said. “We should leave the lunch separately.” She smiled and giggled. She thought, "I sound a little nervous." Then she said, “It wouldn’t do for people to gossip.”

He laughed. “I’m at this place,” he said, giving her a business card from a quietly expensive boutique hotel a 15 minute stroll away. “Suite 10. There’s a car park at the back if you want, or get a taxi if you’d rather your registration wasn’t seen there.”

He looked at her left hand with its engagement and wedding rings.

“No that’s OK,” she said. “We’re just going to go over each other’s portfolios.” She laughed again and so did he.

“We’d better go back in,” he said. “Otherwise we’ll miss out on the dessert.” He smiled at her.

Then he said, “I want to have you naked except for your nylons the first time. You are wearing stockings and not pantyhose, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said Em.

An hour later Em lay naked except for her nylons on the sofa in Mike’s suite. Her legs were wide apart and her hotly willing pussy was wet and open and freshly fucked. Her nipples were still erect. Em dreamily remembered the hot delight she had experienced when he had opened the door of his suite, naked and erect, and removed her dress off her in one quick movement.

She recalled with deeper pleasure the sensation of her breasts being swiftly uncased from her bra and of her panties being removed with equal swiftness. He had left her stockings on as he had said he would and picked her up and carried her to the sofa.

Then he had thrown her legs apart and licked her pussy with his strong, probing tongue, exciting her clit. He had done that for several minutes and she had come in a loudly spectacular manner.

She remembered how he had fixed a lust-filled gaze on the little triangle of hair she kept in a carefully manicured condition. How he had run his fingers around it and through it and murmured to her, “You have the hottest mound I can imagine.”

And how he had licked and nuzzled that too. And how he had found time as well to lick and bite her nipples and tongue kiss her mouth.

She remembered how he had then suddenly, hungrily, passionately penetrated her hot wet cunt with his immensely hard cock and piston-fucked her to ecstasy. And how she had shouted, “Leave it there! Leave it there!” when he began making “I’m-coming” noises.

And how he had come inside her and how his great spurts of hot cum had sent pink shock-waves right into her brain.

She was still buzzing from that experience and the taste of his still tumescent cock in her mouth. She had given him a sample of her blow-job skill. He had liked that very much.

And now he was gently removing her stockings and teasing her mound and breasts with them before dropping them lazily on the floor. And he was kissing and licking her pulsing pussy.

Then he was whispering in her ear, “You are so fabulously hot that I’m going to have to put you on the bed immediately and do it to you all over again.”

He did.

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