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The Benefit of a Storm

Terry and Jean - and a Storm

The Benefit of a Storm
by Jena121©

A dark and heavy cloud had hovered for days, although patches of sunlight appeared spontaneously through the short breaks. A pile of washing begging for me to attend can wait for now. What the hell it's Saturday, time for a coffee and read up on what's news....

I glance at the wall clock, and surprise myself by seeing that the morning is almost over, the dark skies disguising the time. Hell! I'd better get a move on or I won't get my housework done by this time next week.

Gathering up my dirty washing, I drop a load into the machine and a crack of thunder shakes the house, followed by several more. It seems that the storm has finally broken. A flash of lightning casts eerie shadows on the walls and then the heavens open up with a torrent of heavy rain.

I add detergent and press start. The washing machine continues on its merry way. I get out the vacuum and start in the lounge, moving furniture aside as I go.

A loud boom of thunder followed closely by lightning takes out my power leaving me with a full wash and no lights.... . I reset my circuit breaker; I had power, but the storm had damaged my washing machine.

Grabbing my torch, I clamor for the local directory and find the number for the nearest repairman. Ringing the number a recorded message said that they were extremely busy and to leave a brief message and they would attend as soon as possible and apologized for the inconvenience.

Leaving my message I quickly tidied up and hopped into a hot soaking bath. Laying there I drifted off into a fantasy. It had been three years since that rotten mongrel of a boyfriend had left me. The bastard, he even had the front to fuck me just before he left. God, I miss his fucking.

I look at my body lying there, not bad for sixty three I thought. My tits not quite firm, but not as saggy as the bitch he left me for. I touch a nipple and instantly it arouses itself, my hand gently squeezes the firmness. I feel so good with myself.

Taking a sip from my wine glass I lay back, I'm feeling rather sexy, my pussy poking its hairy bush through the water, my breasts excited by my touch. My index finger reaches downward feeling for my already stimulated clitoris and long soft strokes arch my back and curl up my toes to a very satisfying orgasm.

I lay there for the best part of an hour, the water becoming a little cold. Drying off I reach for my housecoat and in doing so, hear a knock on the front door. Hurriedly I rush to open it, neglecting to fasten my gown.

"Hello, my name's Terry I'm here to look at your washing machine"

I introduce myself as Jean, making comment about the weather as we walk through to the kitchen.

"Like a coffee?"

"Love one thanks"

Sitting drinking our coffees I notice Terry being a little restless, glancing at me and then looking away.

Strange? I thought.

I gathered the cups and in doing so, not realizing my gown wasn't fastened, my breast fell out complete and was exposed to Terry's staring eyes. Our faces, both turning crimson, then we burst out in spontaneous laughter.

Terry stood up to check the washing machine, his trousers held back a very thick stiffy. My fanny flooded down my legs.

"I'll just get my tools, don't think it will be much, these models have a surge protection built in."

Just like me I thought.

"There you are not much to it, I won't even charge you, seeing as you put on the coffee and show."

We both laughed lightheartedly, he then picked up his tools and paperwork and bid farewell....... .

Unbeknown to Terry, he had mistakenly picked up Jean's front door key with his paperwork. Several calls later he noticed the key on his seat and realized what must have happened.

It was nearing ten o'clock when he got back to Jean's. The place was in darkness apart from the soft glow of a bedside lamp.

He tapped on the door, no response, he tapped once again, still no response. He threw caution to the wind and inserted the key, opening the door, softly calling to Jean, so as not to alarm her.

As he went to place the key onto the telephone table he glanced into Jean's room, she lay spread out, one leg hanging off the side of her bed. She looked so, so horny.

Terry dropped his trousers, rubbed his thickening love pole and gently placed it at Jean's mouth. Her lips murmured, and opened slightly allowing entrance of his reddened manhood. Jean's tongue licked on it as she softly suckled it. Still she slept on.

He reached out, feeling for her breasts. He'd wanted to do this ever since she had first carelessly allowed him a view. Her near firmness was not unlike many of the girls half Jean's age. He lowered his lips to her nipples and sucked her delicacies. Her breath quickened.

He drew back the covers, exposing her perfect naked body. His tongue sought out her sweetness and tasted her beautiful nectar. He positioned himself between her thighs and with prick in hand rubbed Jean's pussy folds. Her torso rocked in motion to his strokes. Still she slept on.

Releasing his hand he pushed forward slowly, absorbing every sensation that this delicious woman had to give. His pace hastened, long strokes, pulling out completely each time and then spearing inward impaling this defenseless woman with each thrust. Mercilessly ravaging her as she lay still sleeping. Terry's balls tightened, veins on his glistening prick rose, up filled with a torrent of built up spunk lust and spurt outward, flooding Jean's depths.

Thoroughly spent, Terry raised himself off her, stood at the side of the bed, saw Jean still sleeping and pushes his knob into her mouth. Jean instinctively closed her lips around it and licks ...the end

He softly kisses her lips and quietly exits as he "came."

He whispered on the way out, "I am coming back for more when you are awake my lovely."



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