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The dare back fires

Two girls make a dare while drinking....
This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy!

A special thanks to my new hero Naughtyann for all her help with my story.

A few years ago I was out with one of my friends on a Friday night and, as we sipped our wine, we started talking about sex. She started telling me about an older guy she had been talking to online. He had been begging her to let him perform oral sex on her, explaining to her that his wife wouldn't let him and he missed it. His proposal was that he would only go down on her with no expectations, so I jokingly dared her to let him. As we continued talking she said that she had an idea, she would give this man what he wanted if I would give a stranger a blow job. By now we were quite giggly and I said ok and I would let her know what happened.

The following Sunday, I decided the best place to find a man was the mall. I wore a short, denim skirt with a top that scoops low in front. Once in the car, I removed my bra and thong. At the mall I looked around, but could only find a little old man working as a security guard. Finally giving up on my search I decided to do a little shopping, as I was feeling good since I had drunk a glass of wine earlier on. I felt so open walking around with nothing on underneath. I went to Victoria’s Secrets and tried on a few little nighties, knowing my husband would love me coming home with something sexy. The exciting part was when I realized, in the changing room, that I would be completely naked. It would feel so naughty.

I decided that I couldn’t find anything that I really liked so I knew that my day had been wasted. So, reluctantly, I made up my mind to head back to home.

As I was leaving the mall I spotted this young dorky kid in his early 20's working as a security guard. He was smiling at me, so I decided to go over and ask what time the mall closed. He answered that it was about to close any minute now, then I dropped my keys. We both reached for the keys at the same time. This basically had him looking straight at my breasts as my top hung down. His eyes widened as he said ‘Wow’ and continued staring at my tits.

I smiled and said ‘Thank you’ and that it was a compliment coming from a young attractive man.

Then I asked him if he could walk me to my car since I didn't like walking to the parking lot alone. As we were walking he asked which stores I had visited while shopping. I think I shocked him when I told him I had been trying on nighties at Victoria’s Secrets. At the car I turned and kissed him. His hands went straight to my waist and then breast.

Pulling away from him I got into the car, at the same time saying I was sorry for doing that and I didn't know what had come over me. He stood there telling me that there was no reason to apologize. I confessed to him that I had been feeling naughty. Then I told him that I had come into the mall without any underwear on, and then got excited while shopping.

He was standing there with his mouth open saying ‘You don't have on panties either?’

‘No, I haven’t,’ I replied.

Then he asked me to prove it. I replied that it depended on what time he finished work and would he let me give him a BJ. He looked at me like I was crazy, but then said he was off in 30 minutes and wanted to know if I was serious. With that I slid my skirt up a little at a time until I was completely exposed.

We agreed to meet at a shopping center nearby in thirty five minutes. I then called home and told my hubby I had ran into a friend and we were going to get a drink and catch up. I headed for the shopping center and a few minutes later he showed up and asked me to get in his car. Before we started off I started rubbing him, just to give him a sense of what was going to happen.

As we started driving, we weren't really sure where to go. We finally decided to go to the airport and park in one of the lots. Once we parked I unzipped his pants and started sucking on him. He then asked me to take my top off so that he could play with my breast. I started sliding my hand up and down his shaft as my mouth took in the head of his cock. Before long he started cumming in my mouth while I continued stroking his cock.

After a few moments he wanted to play with me. I lay back in the seat, sliding my skirt up around my waist. He started running his fingers over my clit, occasionally sliding them in me. Finally he started concentrating on my clit, while his lips were sucking hard on my nipples. Before long I started to shake and cum all over his fingers. I was laying there recovering when I heard a click. Opening my eyes, I could see him holding his phone over me taking pictures.

I asked him what the hell he was doing. He laughed and said that he wanted something to show his friends. Then I started freaking out and told him he could not show anyone. He laughed, smiled and then informed me that I had a choice to make. I could get out of his car now and he would keep my pictures to show off or I could give myself to him and he would allow me to delete the pictures off his phone.

Then he turned the phone towards me and showed me all of the pictures, luckily none of them had my face in them. So, I was quite happy with that, after all one young body looks much like another.

As I lay there, I realized that he was climbing on top of me. He guided his cock into me as he told me he just had to be inside me. I can't really say what happened at that moment, as I was so turned on. His cock felt so good that I wrapped my legs around him as he thrust into me. Honestly, at that point, I would have let him do whatever he wanted to me. He pushed my legs further apart with his hands as his mouth clamped down on my nipples. His pace picked up and I could feel his body tighten up as he came for the second time. Afterward he just lay on top of me, squeezing and sucking on my breast. Finally he climbed back over to the driver's seat and started putting on his clothes.

Once at my car, I asked what about the pictures? He slowly handed me his phone. It took a few minutes, but I was able to find the pictures. Surprisingly there were other pictures of another female. I started quizzing him about the pictures. He said they were of his other new toy besides me and that the two of us had a lot in common.

He then told me that he wanted to do this again, that he loved having a BJ and he wanted to fuck me more and more. I made him promise that he would do nothing with the pictures and he swore that they were just for him to look at. He liked to masturbate when he was at home and look at the photos of the women he had been with.

As he drove me back to the shopping center to collect my car we made arrangements to meet the following week.

At least I had fulfilled my part of the bargain to my friend and I had now gained a lover as well, life was good!

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