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The Woman in the Insanely Short Dress

A serendipitous encounter totally unexpected


She stepped into the cross walk in front of me, and then, realizing that I might have the right of way, she quickly took a step back. She was wearing stiletto heels, and an insanely short flower print ensemble that just eluded sex appeal. She had gorgeous stockingless long legs and her black hair was neatly pinned up. It was about nine thirty in the morning in the downtown area of the small town in which I lived. Since I worked in the area and knew most of the shop owners and shop employees, she stood out, especially the way she was so provocatively dressed.

I had my driver’s side window rolled down, so I politely waved her across the crosswalk, even though I had a green light. She beamed a bright smile, a half wave of her hand and stepped into the crosswalk. I’m sure she knew my eyes were glued to her as she walked across the bricks and stepped back on the continuation of the sidewalk.

I drove off, thinking about the work I had to do, but couldn’t tear myself away from the image that had just passed in front of me. I made the block and quickly parked in an open space, to see if I could figure out where she had gone. If she was a shopper, she was a tad-bit early, as most of the shops didn’t open until ten. I quickly decided she had to be an employee of one of the local shops.

I quickly ruled out the furniture store, as the curmudgeon who ran it would never hire someone so beautiful or sexy looking, I ruled out the coffee shop, and the hamburger place. This left me with a small boutique full of antiques and women’s apparel with a tea shop in the back.

I stepped into Sharla’s place and glanced around.

“I’ll be right with you,” a cheerful voice called out from behind a curtain that separated the back room from the main part of the small store.

“I’m looking for Sharla,” I said. I knew Sharla, but only peripherally.

A few seconds passed by and my crosswalk gal stepped out from behind the curtain.

“How can I help you?” she asked.

“I was looking for Sharla,” I said.

“She is on vacation,” the fill-in employee replied. “I’m Desiree.”

“Oh, OK,” I replied, trying to avoid the obvious attraction I was feeling. Suddenly, an awkwardness filled me as I realized the foolishness of my conquest. I had to find a way out, so I explained that Sharla has set aside an outfit for my wife and that I was wondering how much had been paid on the outfit. It was a boldface lie, but one that I knew would buy me some time and allow me a quick exit.

“Let me look and see,” Desiree proffered, opening a drawer by the cash register to rifle though it. I was captivated by her easy-on-the-eyes beauty. I looked to see if perhaps she was married. I watched as she looked though several pieces of paper. Not seeing a wedding band, raised my hopes.

“I’m not seeing any paperwork,” she said, “When did you out it on layaway?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “It’s been a while.”

She offered to look in the back office and quickly disappeared through the curtain that separated the front portion of the store with the back office.

I stepped up to the curtain and silently parted it. The sight of her long sexy legs and cute ass was more than I could possibly ignore. She had her back to me and was rifling through paper work on the office desk in the small alcove of the backroom.

I stealthily stepped up behind her and gently placed my hand in the small of her back. She quickly looked back over her shoulder at me, obviously startled by my presence.

“I love your outfit,” I said.

She quickly turned and faced me, flushed and red-faced.

“I don’t know that you’re supposed to come back here,” she quickly remarked.

My hand rested on her soft waist and I replied,

“Probably not, but since Sharla is on vacation, I don’t think she cares.”

“I’m not seeing any paperwork,” she replied.

“I know,” I replied, as I slowly dropped my hand on to her hip. The room was very small. There was no way either of us could avoid the closeness. “Maybe Sharla has it put away,”

“I can keep looking,” Desiree replied. I moved my finger-tips up and down on her side, pinching the material of her ensemble.

“Yeah,“ I replied, “Keep looking.”

My awkward feeling had given away to lust.

“Would you have any idea where I should look?” she asked.

I spied a box under the alcove of the desk.

“Maybe it’s in there,” I said, nodding at the cardboard box under the desk.

“Maybe so,” she replied, turning and bending over to retrieve the box. As she bent over, her very short skirt rode up the back of her well-toned thighs, allowing me a perfect view of her very cute ass. There was no way I could pass up such a blatant act of lasciviousness.

I gently patted her bare buttocks and smiled. She quickly looked back at me in astonishment.

“You put it there,” I wryly replied.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” she answered, pulling on the cardboard box. She sat the box on the desk and then turned and faced me, her face flushed.

“Do you really have something on layaway or did you come in here to frustrate me?” she asked.

“Neither,” I replied. “I’m just a horny pervert who saw some great legs and decided to check them out.”

She chuckled at my brutal honesty.

“Well, do you like what you’ve seen?” she asked.

I said that I did.

“Would you like to see the entire package?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

She reached out and placed her hand right on my crotch.

“Only . . .if. I get to see yours,” she said, biting down on her lower lip as she groped my manhood.

I unzipped my trousers and lowered them so she could both see and feel her prize. She sat back on the edge of the desk, her eyes glued to my crotch. She dropped into a squat in front of me and fingered my steel rod, then pulled my trousers further down my legs. She took my cock into her small hands and gently stroked it.

“Wow!” she said. “I love your cock!”

She slipped her mouth over the tip end of my tool and then, somehow, she managed to shove the entire length of my manhood into her oral cavity. I pulled at the clip that held her black hair in place and her soft wavy curls fell to her shoulders.

Her oral skills were superb. In no time at all, I was more than ready to share my manhood.

“if you don’t stop . . .” I breathlessly declared as she worked my tool in and out of her mouth, “…I am going to cum.”

She stood up and unbuttoned the top of her ensemble, then quickly slipped out of it, standing panties and in her heels and bra in front of me. I couldn’t imagine her wearing such a provocatively and insanely short outfit without panties.

I surmised she could read my mind as she said, “A lady has to be ready.”

She reached behind her back and unsnapped the clasp to her bra and then slipped it off. Her breasts were small but had perky pencil eraser-tip like nipples perched on the top of them. I gently ran a finger across her nipples and then diligently down her abdomen to her pubic area, as she watched me trace the outline of her body.

Reaching her pubic area, I slipped my finger along the crease of her vagina as she leaned back against the small desk and parted her legs. I pushed her knees apart and pressed myself up against her, the tip of my manhood coming to rest against the outer band of her womanhood. She grabbed my tool and guided it to the part between her legs, working it around in a circular fashion and then up and down against her hooded clit.

“On my God!’ she declared out loud.

She placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina and then slipped her hands on to my waist, pulling me in closer as our bodies pressed into each other. Our eyes locked on to each other, as my tool slipped inside of her warm and most vagina. Her dark green eyes were mesmerizing, captivating and enticing.

As our pubes met and my cock throbbed inside of her, I pressed my lips to hers. She practically stole my breath as her tongue enveloped mine. She grabbed my buttocks, digging in her manicured fingertips. She let out a deep moan and then shuddered as I worked my manhood in and out of her.

I shot my load deep inside of her. As I did, she tossed her head back, gasping for breaths. I ran my tongue up her exposed neck and nibbled on her ear lobe. Again, she shuddered and shook and let out a deep, soulful moan.

We stood and kissed for the longest time and until nature had taken it course and I slipped out of her. I quickly pulled up my pants and refastened them as she sat on the edge of the desk, her head lowered, her long black hair framing her face.

I stepped out of the small alcove, allowing her some private time and space to put herself back together. I stood by the front door, looking out at the street and a few early morning shoppers walking by the shop.

Desiree emerged from the back room and walked over to where I stood in silence looking out the front door of the shop. She slipped her arms around my waist and pressed herself up against me.

“You made my day,” she whispered.

“Same here,” I replied, taking her hands and holding them against my abdomen.

“I can still feel you in me,” she whispered.

I chuckled.

“Shall I come back later and help you look again for the documents?” I asked.

“I’ll be here,” Desiree replied, leaning in close to whisper in my ear, “Waiting on you.”

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