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Black Widow part2

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Shattered by the first experience, I wanted my own back
The rest of the day was just a blur, I was trying to get my head round what had just taken place. Whilst I was incredibly turned on by the whole experience, I didn't know if I wanted more or I wanted to get my own back. Not only had she spanked me over my own desk and finger fucked my arse whilst wanking me off, she had not shown any emotion, it just felt like she had used me for her own pleasure.

Thankfully we finished off the days figures for the day and Miss Cooper departed, saying that we would do the final accounts tomorrow before submitting them to the board. I was in turmoil having been shattered by the first experience, I just wanted to make sure that everything was in order for the next day. I worked through till the early hours checking and cross checking all the figures - I didn't want to give her any excuses to punish me again.

The following morning, as usual Miss Cooper turned up promptly at 8.30, she sat down in my office and asked for my report. I handed over the final accounts with trepidation, hoping that the hours I had put in had paid off. What seemed like hours - Miss Cooper poured over the report, checking the figures several times. Eventually looking up from the report with a smug smile she said "Not bad, you must of worked hard. Still a couple of mistakes but a much better effort, maybe I won't have to go so hard on you this time."

She still had a superior air about her but I wasn't about to be intimidated by her this time. Asking to she the mistakes, I was sure that I had all the figures right. Sure enough Miss Cooper had highlighted in red pen 2 sets of figures, my blood ran cold. Quickly I checked them and then it was my turn to smile, my figures were right, the Black Widow had made a mistake. Knowingly I asked her what she had in mind, in terms of punishment for the mistakes.

"Oh I think more of the same don't you, maybe you will enjoy it!" She said sarcastically. I suggested that I was prepared to take the punishment coming to me but just to give myself the benefit of doubt, would she mind just checking the figure one more time. Reluctantly she said she would but that I was only making life more difficult for myself, as the result would be the sam but she was loosing patience and would be forced to take stricter measures.

Then it dawned on her, frantically searching the pages - I had caught her out. At last for the first time I could actually see a look of surprise and fear in her eyes. "There must be some mistake, I'm sure there is an easy explanation for this" she blurted out. Now I had the upper hand and confidently said - " Now I think we agreed more of the same but for impudence maybe I should dictate the terms."

"What do you want, a pay rise, a promotion, a glowing report to the board" She said, trying to negotiate a way out of what I think she knew was coming.

"Oh all of those but first I think you and me have a little score to settle. Now stand up and take off your jacket and skirt." There she stood in black stockings and with lovely matching panties, her blouse barley covering her lace clad bottom. "Now take off you blouse and bend over the desk." Again reluctantly she complied - what a sight the Black Widow, bent over my desk with nothing but her underwear. Her panties had slid up into her arse cheeks, as I ran my hand over her lovely soft flesh. My hand slipped between the folds of of her panties, as I gently run her through the thin material. I heard her gasp as I pushed my fingers deeper into her. With one movement I tore them off her, now leaving her complete exposed.

"Miss Cooper, spread your legs wider for me." This she did, now clearly exposing her pussy lips and the nice little rose bud of her arse hole. Thinking back to yesterdays punishment, I had decided make sure that she knew how it felt to be used and abused. Taking my belt off, I folded it in half and then without warning brought it down on Miss Coopers unblemished skin, leaving a livid red strap line across her backside. She sobbed, and visibly stiffened, this only made me more inclined to land several more blows. Making sure to crisscross her now glowing bottom. After delivering a dozen or so blows, I stopped to examine my handy work. Several welts were now starting to rise and a lovely warm glow radiated from her arse. I grasped her cheeks and slowly ran my hand over her backside before dipping my hand between her legs. To my shock and amazement, her pussy was soaking wet. My finger slipped between her lips, as I probed her now dripping pussy. With drawing my fingers, I took some of her moisture and used it to slowly lubricate her arse hole. Slowly I pushed my index finger into her arse, all the way up to my knuckle. Slowly working my finger in and out of her arse, I felt her push back onto me. I spat on my hand and inserted another finger and now worked them harder into her ares.

Now she was panting and I could her her take breaths in short sharp gulps. I undid my trousers with my spare hand and started to stroke my now stiff cock, stopping only to position myself behind her. With one deep thrust I entered her pussy, knocking the breath out of her with the sudden movement. There we lay until I feel her once more push into me, slowly I gathered rhythm, picking up speed and intensity. I remove my fingers from her arse and started to play with her clit, all the time pumping into her. I could tell that Miss Cooper was close to to coming and I could feel the pressure build in my balls. With one final thrust I felt her shuddering orgasm, as she collapsed on the desk. I pulled out of now soaking pussy, just in time to see my cum fly over her back and arse cheeks.

What satisfaction to have the knowledge that I had beaten the Black Widow, I was already thinking of ways to spend my bonus.
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