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Reluctance Stories

Stories about reluctance in sex are featured here. Subjects which are considered a little risque like blackmail, coercion and hard seduction, belong in this section.

Typical reluctance erotica might involve a partner who is unwilling at first to take part in some form of sexual activity, however more often than not, there's a happy ending.

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Blackmailing Cheating Cheerleaders - Chapter 4

Katie challenges Mr. V to take control

My morning run is a sacred time for me. It is time to clear my head and relish solitude and tranquility. Living in a small town often feels like living under a microscope, where everyone knows everyone else's business. That is precisely why I cherish my r...

Have I Become Mr. K’s Sex Toy? Chapter 3

Mr. K was very persistent and he was wearing me down.

It was past midnight, and Aaron had parked in the back of a closed and very dark shopping mall. This routine had become the typical way all of our dates ended. Aaron would pull into a place like this, get me in the backseat, and make out with me for a few...

I Should Have Told Him

We trusted each other, but I didn't tell him everything. Big mistake.

Cindy: I knew I should have told him. I knew he wouldn't care. Now, I regret it. We returned to work on Monday. I went to my office, only to be told that Julie had moved to my old office. I made the walk down and found out they moved us on Friday. Now, I...

The Examination of Bonita Part 2

Bonita continues to learn from Dr. Camerone

Doctor stopped torturing my poor, tingling nipples and put his arms around me. He pressed me back against his strong, masculine body and I squeaked as I felt his massive manhood prod my bottom through his pants and my skirt. Even restrained by several lay...

The Examination of Bonita Part 1

Bonita visits the school doctor for a letter of recommendation. Ends up naked

Nothing I had experienced prior could have prepared me for that day. It came as a total surprise, but looking back, I now see that I was asking for it. I was begging for it. Not consciously, but subconsciously I craved it. Somewhere deep down, in my prima...

Classroom Stories - Chapter 2

Edging training at school without being able to climax

It was another day at the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls, and having just finished their morning inspection, the twenty or so girls of Mr. Wilson’s eighteen-year-old class slowly let their skirts fall back down into place. Then, with their faces...

Blurred Lines

Friends watching movie together end up as more...

“No. Don’t stop.” He needed no further encouragement as he moved his hands to the curve of my waist and pushed my dress down to my hips, trailing tiny touches across my stomach like he was mapping out my body for his memory. His mouth continued its assaul...

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Therese's Story - Chapter 36: Natalie

As told to the author. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Natalie is a girl that lives two floors down from us, and Lucy hates her. She's an actress, or at least she thinks she is, and we all watched the one movie she was in once. Some unbelievably bad zombie film, where she's the blonde, big-boobed girl that ge...

My Sister’s Boyfriend

Learning to get along with my sister’s boyfriend

“Oh it’s you.” I step aside to let my sister’s boyfriend in. I have always hated this guy even before he started dating my sister. “Rose, Jax is here.” My sister is already running down the stairs as I call to her. I don’t bother sticking around for the s...

Grown Up Games

Forced to join a game, never thought it would open the doors to so much pleasure.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Gerald said with a devilish smile on his face. “But I barely know anyone,” I replied, feeling my face blush. “Don’t be such a prude. It’s spring break. We are here to do crazy things,” Nelly said as Gerald nodded in agreement. “Bu...

First Date

First date, girl gets more than she bargained for.

I walked into the coffee shop and immediately locked eyes with Nick. I couldn’t stop the giddy smile from taking over my face, even though I worried that he would think I was a huge dork. We’d been texting back and forth for weeks, and I never actually ex...

The Domina Club - Part One

Follow Chloe, an inexperienced dominatrix who joins a club of elite dominatrixes and finds herself at their mercy for a week.

Dear Goddess Chloe, I write to invite you to join the Domina Club NY. We are a group of Elite Dominatrixes based in New York. This group is an opportunity to meet with others in our field of work, share advice for work and customers, and get together for...

Creampied By Xavier's Meaty Cock

Stacey's roommate catches her masturbating and forces himself on her

Once more, it was going to be a lonely weekend. I heard Xavier talking to a friend on the phone earlier that week, saying that he was going up to his family's mountain cabin for the weekend with a girl he'd met. I detested that about him. He was a player,...

Classroom Stories - Chapter 1

Spanked and punished in front of the entire class.

It was morning at the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls, and dressed in their standard school uniforms consisting of a simple blazer and a knee length skirt, the twenty or so girls of class 2-1 stared straight ahead as they waited for their usual i...