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Indecent Proposal Wife Being Blackmail

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A wife has a tough decision to make as she is being blackmail by her husbands co worker.

I had just received a phone call from a guy who works with my husband. I always hated this guy. He had tried hitting on me several different occasions at my husband work functions. He was very cocky and very much into himself. He worked out several times a week at the gym and thought his body was so spectacular. My husband also hates him. He caught him on a few occasions hitting on me at different parties. He also doesn't get along with him at work. I didn’t really want to talked to him but I now had a problem on my hands.

He explained to me that he had seen me on a certain porn site. I knew right away what he was talking about. He went on to say, “For certain favors, I could keep this very quiet.”

I asked, “What kind of favors?” Even though I knew where is was going with this.

“I want you tomorrow night to come to my apartment. I think you know what I want. Don’t you?” he reply.

I told him, “You are one big jackass. I am not going to give you the satisfaction of ever touching my lovely body.”

“Well, I see it a little differently. If you don’t show up tomorrow night I will have to send your husband a little tip about a certain website. “ he says.

I was speechless as he tells me,, “Be their at 7:00 or else you will regret it.”

He hung up on me after that. I sat their with my hands covering my face. “What am I going to do?” I thought out loud. If I don’t go I know he will send that porn site tip to my husband liked he did with me. I had no choice but to give him what he wants. I had been through to much already.

The next day I call my husband and let him know I am going out with a few of my new co workers that night. I said, “Please don’t wait up for me.”

He says, “That sounds fine! Try not to stay out to long.”

It was 6:30 and I headed over to his apartment. I thought out loudly, “There is no way I can let this big jerk get to my emotions. I will do whatever it takes so I don’t cum for him. I am not going to give him any satisfaction at all.”

I walked into his apartment with a pair of tight jeans and a buttoned up top on. I gave him a very dirty look as he just smiled. He was already being a big prick and I just arrived..

He says, “Well , are you ready? Why don’t you stripped your clothes off in front of me.”

I had no choice as I stripped my jeans and my top off. I was standing their in front of him with just my bra and panties on. I had I very angry looking face at that point. I stop their and thought, “Should I go on.”

“Come on baby! I don’t have all night to fucked you.” he says.

If I don’t go through with this my marriage will be over with. All of the past sacrifices I had already made would be worth nothing now. I slowly reached back and I unhook my bra. I still had a hold of it as I kept it covering my nice tits. He had a giant smile on his face as I let my bra fall onto the floor. I grabbed my panties and pushed them onto the floor. I was totally naked in front of this jerk as he sat their on the couch with just shorts on smiling.

He says,’ Very nice! I want you to get on your knees right now.”

I moved down to my knees as he got up. I said, “You know you are a big prick?“

“ I had heard that before. I will show you how big a prick I am.” He reply.

I had hope he didn’t have a large cock. He started to pulled down his shorts. I was in shock as his cock appeared. It wasn’t just large but it was also very thick. It was one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. He also had one terrific looking body. I knew I was in trouble at that point.

He moved his semi erect cock up to my face. He says, ‘I want you to sucked on it.”

I tried to keep my mouth closed so he couldn’t get his cock in it. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in between my lips. I had no other choice as I began to sucked on his big thick cock. He had fucked my mouth for a good ten minutes. He then grabbed my arm and led me into his bedroom. He pushed me down onto the bed and said, “I had been wanting to fucked your pretty body since the day I met you. I am going to fucked you very hard tonight.”

I lay on the bed as he pushed his mouth down in between my legs. I started to feel his tongue gliding across my pussy. I had to control my emotions as I lay their. I didn’t want him to know if I was enjoying it or not. He worked on my pussy for several minutes as I lay their with my eyes closed. My pussy was slowly starting to get wet as he ran his tongue in and out of it.

He moved himself up my beautiful tits and he worked on them for a while. My nipples were getting very hard and sensitive as he would glide his tongue over them. He had now positioned himself all the way on top of me. I could feel his massive hard on being pushed up against my pussy.

He says, “Are you ready for the fucking of your life?”

I said, “You are one big ass hole! You know it?”

I try not to look at him as I felt his big cock slide into my pussy. It felt way better than I had thought. He fucked me very slowly at first as I tried not to show any emotion. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things. He started to fuck me harder as I lay their on the bed. I could feel my juices inside me beginning to stir. I couldn’t believe how good his cock was feeling inside my pussy right then. I wanted to moan out loud so badly. He continued to fucked me even harder as my pussy got wetter by the second. I didn’t know if I could control my urges to cum anymore.

My body was now squirming on the bed as I fight from having an orgasm. I started to let out a few small moans as he grabbed my arms and pinned me to the bed. If he starts fucked me any harder I will explode all over his big thick cock. He has me right where he wants me. He started to thrust his big cock harder into my pussy. My pussy is so wet and I am feeling totally out of control.

I started moaning out, “O’Man, O’Man.”

I am about to lose total control. I can’t take this very much longer as he continued to pound his cock into my wet pussy. All of a sudden I started to lose control. My body started to shake uncontrollably as I wrapped my arms around his back. I also wrapped my legs tightly around his tight ass. I couldn’t stop from having an powerful orgasm anymore.

“You bastard!” as I screamed out loudly. He had made me cum very hard on his big cock. I lay there, my body just trembling.

He continued to fucked me very hard. He lasted way longer than I had thought he could. I was at his mercy as I could feel another earthshaking orgasm coming on. I cried out, “Fuck me harder you bastard!”

I screamed out with another earthshaking orgasm on his big thick cock. He had made me cum two times very hard and he was loving every minutes of it.

He whispered into my ear, “You want me to cum all over your pretty face?”

I couldn’t take his cock anymore inside me as I moan out, ”Yes.”

He moved up to my face and he says, “I am going to cum all over your face now.”

He pointed his big hard cock right at my face and moan out loud. He unleashed several streams of cum across it. I lay their as he went into the other room. His cum was running down the side of my face. He came back into the room with my clothes. He handed me my pair of panties and told me to clean his cum off my face with them. He came a lot and my panties were soaked with his cum.

He says, “You sure did liked that fucking didn’t you?”

I lay their quietly as I thought about how much of a slut I just had been. He wasted no time and his big thick cock was hard again. He got on the bed and turned me over. He grabbed my hips and pulled me on all fours. He positioned himself right behind me. He quickly inserted his big cock into my wet pussy. I tried again to not let my emotions of his big cock get to me. He had control over me again in about five minutes. He started to fucked me very hard from behind. My tits were swaying back n forth as he thrust his cock into my pussy.

I started to cry out. I couldn’t fight the urge to cum as he pounded me from behind. My face fell into the sheets and a started to moan out loudly into them. I was so close to going over the edge when he started fucking my pussy even harder. I scream out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! You bastard!”

He pounded me into one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had. My whole body shook for several minutes after I had came. I became very weak as my body fell flat onto the bed. He kept his cock inside me as he fell on top of me. He kept pounding his cock into my pussy. I kept screaming as he was going to make me cum again. He held my body tightly to the bed so I couldn’t squirm around at all. He started pounding his cock into me even harder. I screamed out, “OMG I can’t take your cock anymore!”

He kept it up until I screamed out with another powerful orgasm. As soon as I came he pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over my quivering ass. I lay their for several minutes trembling. He grabbed my top and cleaned his cum off my ass.

He left the room as I lay their on the bed. I just couldn’t believe what had happened. I had never came so hard in my life and my pussy was very sore now. He walked in after about twenty minutes and says, “I want to fucked you again!”

I pleaded with him that I couldn’t do it anymore. I said, “How about if I give you a blow job?”

He grabbed my head and quickly pushed his cock into my mouth as I knelt in front of him. He made me sucked on his cock for a good twenty minutes. He was rock hard and I could tell he wanted to cum. I started to sucked on his cock very hard. He was very close to cumming. All of a sudden he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He grabbed me and pulled me up to my feet. He quickly unbuttoned my jeans and got behind me. I was stunned as he grabbed my jeans and yanked them down over my tight ass. He moved his big cock right inside my jeans as he moaned out, ‘I am going to cum all over the inside of your jeans so you can feel my cum as you drive home.

I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. He was to strong for me as he started to cum all over my ass and the inside of my jeans. I had no panties on because they were already soaked with cum.

He grabbed my jeans and pulled them back up over my ass. He says, “I hope you will remember this night.”

I got dressed as I was wearing cum filled jeans and a my top was still wet with cum. I grabbed my cum filled panties and I headed out the door. I said, “ I hope you enjoyed it you big prick! I did what you wanted so you better never mention any of this to my husband. Do I make myself clear? We are now done!.”

He says with a smile on his face, “ I guess we will have to see about that. Won‘t we?”

I left giving him a dirty look. I headed out to my car to leave as his cum ran down my ass and legs. Their was no way I could let my husband hug or kiss me with my shirt and jeans soaked in cum. I then reached down and pulled my jeans off. I sat them by the car heater hoping they would dry out some before I got home. My top was also still very wet but I had nothing under it either. I had no choice I removed it and I was now naked as I drove home. I went down a lot of the back roads so I wouldn’t be seen with no top on. I had to stop at a traffic light were their was a bunch of teenagers next to me. I said great as they got a good look at my tits as I then sped away.

It was about midnight and I had hope my husband would be a sleep. I needed to get inside and quickly jump into the shower without him knowing anything. The house seemed dark so I thought I would be in lucked. I quickly discarded my clothes into the washing machine as I headed into our bedroom. As I entered the room my husband woke up. I am standing their totally naked as I come in. He says, “What the hell are you doing?”

I spilled a drink on myself and I wanted to wash my clothes right away. I dodge a big problem as he fell right back to sleep. I quickly got into the shower and washed any smell of sex from me. I looked down at my pussy and it was still stretched wide opened. I am just glad my husband is to tired to have sex this very minute.

I sat in the shower for a good thirty minutes as I let the warm water run down over my worn out body. I thought about everything that has happened over the last year. I couldn’t believe how hard I had just been fucked tonight. I acted liked a total slut for him. I just wanted my life to be normal again. I am worried that he will want more from me as I started to think out loud, “Is this the end of my problems, or is this just the beginning?“ You decide! 

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