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Rich Bitch

A Rich Bitch gets what she deserves.
7:05 –

Lindsey was finally walking through the parking garage to her car after a long day at work. She worked as a Senior Associate at a large firm, with the title “Partner” in her near future. She was young, twenty nine, but worked her ass off to earn the title. She reached her black BMW made a mental note to not wear her black stiletto’s again tomorrow. They were her favorite, sexiest shoes, but damn, her feet were never quite used to them.

7:12 –

“Call Brian,” Lindsey said as she pulled out of the parking garage. “Calling Bree-an” her automated Bluetooth woman spoke back to her from the dash.

After three short rings, her husband’s husky voice took over the car, “Hey baby. When are you going to be home?”

She smiled at the sound of his voice. “Hi, sexy. Sorry, long day at work. I was thinking of stopping at Vin Délicieux. Any special requests?”
“The usual. Gotta go babe, love you.” Click.

Lindsey couldn’t figure out why he was so short on the phone, but brushed it off.


He sat in his old truck, watching the ritzy cars that drove by, cursing the snobby sons of bitches that drove them. He wondered how people could be that rich, yet still allow people like him to grow up homeless. Made him sick. “Fuckers,” he cursed out loud. He hated them – all of them.

He sat, focusing on one passing car until it was no longer visible. Suddenly, a black BMW pulling into the fancy ass wine shop across the street caught his eye. He followed the car until it parked on the side of the building, and watched as a sexy, young woman with long blonde hair in a high ponytail got out of the driver’s side. Though far away, he could see she had nice, large tits trapped under her white, short sleeve button up shirt and sexy, perfectly muscular legs all the way from her tall black heels to the black skirt that stopped mid-thigh. His cock twitched. He watched her until she walked into the store.
He sat pondering; he pondered too long, evidently, for his body was moving before he could tell himself to stop. He got out, walked across the street, and waited. Minutes later, he watched her walk out of the shop, to her car, and watched as she bent over, displaying a perfect view her perfectly round, firm ass, as she placed something in the backseat. His cock was near full erection as he sauntered up to her. She stood up, and he made his move.


Lindsey pulled into the parking lot of the couple’s favorite liquor store. They loved that it was a nice, clean, respectable place, in an area that was just their style. You didn’t have bums begging outside, they only carried the finest of fine adult beverages, and the place had never been robbed. She parked and walked in; the man behind the counter greeted her, as she merely smiled back. She had been coming here for a few years, but never got his name, not that it bothered her. She found their favorite, sweet, chardonnay and made her way to the counter.

“How are you today, miss?” the man said as he scanned the bottle.

“Good,” she said with a sweet smile.

“Good. The total is $105.10 today, ma’am.”

She handed over the cash, grabbed the bottle, and walked out. She walked straight to her car, put the bottle in her back seat floorboard, and stood up. Suddenly, she felt a hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. She froze; she had been in this situation before. While she never knew quite what to do, she knew what not to do in order to avoid pissing him off: don’t fight back, don’t scream, don’t move, and do whatever her attacker wanted her to do. She didn't say no because the word never even came into her head and besides, she didn't want him to stop.

“Nice car you have here, rich bitch.”
She nodded as best she could. He pushed her into the backseat, on her stomach, with her left leg in the floorboard, and her right leg bent slightly underneath her. She lay facing the back passenger seat. She felt him crawl in on top and heard as he slammed the door behind him. He forcefully pushed her skirt up her waist, and pulled her panties to the side, jamming two large fingers up her pussy. “Wet. All you fucking rich bitches are sluts, aren’t you?”
She lay there silent, still. She heard the sound of a zipper. He ripped off her pink, lacy, boy short panties. With no warning, he shoved his entire rock hard dick into her tight fucking pussy, causing her to let out a loud cry. He stopped and slapped her ass.

“What’d I tell you, rich bitch? Wet, and fucking tight too. Such a fucking slut you are.” While she had a great sex life with her husband, she had to admit it had been a week or so; it was a mutual agreement that her and Brian wouldn’t fuck the week of her period.
He relentlessly took his cock nearly entirely out, and shoved it all into her again; this time, though, she kept herself from letting the cry escape her mouth. He slapped her ass and squeezed her neck from behind for leverage before he continually fucking her from behind, in the back seat of her birthday gift from her husband last year. She had no choice but to lie there and take the fucking, wondering when it would end. In the small space, it became muggy and hot, and she felt sweat beads appear on her forehead. Soon, she felt him quicken his pace as he grunted loud. She knew what was coming. He quickened his pace even more, as she felt him cumming inside her. It took six or seven thrusts for him to empty his load into her. He pulled out, and she felt cum dripping out of her just fucked pussy.

She heard the sound of a zipper again. “Thanks for the fucking, rich bitch. I think I’ll keep these.” She saw in the corner of her eye the pink panties she had worn that day. He laughed a twisted laugh as he opened the door and began to get out. He slammed the door shut, with her still strung out in the back seat.


He strode back to his beaten up truck with a sense of cockiness in his stride and an ornery smile upon his face. He gave that rich bitch the fucking she deserved. HE had given that RICH BITCH what she deserved. He let that thought play over and over again, getting somewhat turned on again. He sat in the truck, eyeing the car. No movement yet; she was smart and knew the rules. He sat for a few more minutes before starting his truck and pulling away. Fucking rich bitch. Ha. What now, rich bitch?


She lay there, in a sort of haze. She didn't know how much time passed, but she heard her phone going off in her purse. She managed to pull herself up in a sitting position, as she dug in her purse to find her phone. She read the text from Brian – “Where are you?! I want you home in fifteen minutes!!”

She opened the back door. It was nearly dark outside. She opened her driver’s door, sat, started the car, and journeyed home, processing what had just happened, and what would happen when she got home.

Ten minutes later

She pulled into the garage with a few minutes to spare. She sat in her car, gathered her thoughts, and checked herself in the mirror. When she felt content, she began into the house. Her husband was sitting at the bar, eyeing her. Even with a pissed off look on his face, she was overwhelmed by his sexiness. He was forty; eleven years older than her, but showed no signs of aging and managed to keep a twenty-something year old's body. He was a dermatologist, after all, so he knew all of the tips and secrets of great skincare.

She refused to make eye contact as she walked over to him, kissed his cheek, grabbed the plate he had made her, and sat at the table. She was incredibly hungry and scarfed down the delicious food he had made in record time. Brian sat staring at her the entire time. When she was finished, she put her plate in the sink, looked towards his general direction, and said, “I’m taking a shower.” 

20 minutes later

She enjoyed the twenty minutes of hot water rushing over her body more than she should have. She made every attempt possible to scrub herself clean. Suddenly feeling tired, she decided to get out, dried off, and changed into a sheer black nighty, choosing to forgo underwear.

She walked from their master’s bathroom into their large bedroom, and saw her husband already lying in bed, typing on his computer. She walked to her side of the bed, pulled the covers down, and climbed in. This time, though, she looked up into her husband’s deep blue eyes and stared, burning holes in his eyes, waiting for when he would give in.

Minutes later..

Finally, he looked down into her deep, brown eyes, and looked back to his computer. He slammed his computer shut and set it on the nightstand. He turned to her, bent down, and kissed his wife deeply, passionately.

He shifted down, so that he was lying practically on top of her. She moaned into his mouth, causing sensations in his cock it seemed only she could create. He placed a hand on her size D tit over her sexy nighty and began caressing her nipple. She moaned into their kiss again, louder and from deep within. She tried turning her whole body towards him, but his large, 6’0, two hundred pound muscular body overpowered her 5’2, one hundred pound body. He moved his hand slowly down her stomach, before arriving upon her recently waxed pussy. He slowly circled her enlarged clit with his middle finger, feeling the electricity inside her build as she again moaned into his kiss. He adventured his finger to her pussy lips, feeling as they were already soaked with her juices.

His cock was fighting against the fabric of his boxers. He moved back to her clit, circling and circling, creating soft moans from within his sexy wife. He began soft kisses down to her chin, along her jawbone, then down her neck. She wanted to lose control underneath him, but he wasn’t going to allow that just yet.

He stopped paying attention to her clit to continue the soft kisses down her sternum, down her stomach, across her naval, and ending at her pubic bone. He looked up at his wife as he moved to softly kissing her clit. She let out a deep, loud, sexy moan. He put his lips around her beautiful clit and licked its length with his tongue, placing a finger just at the entrance to her love hole. He began sucking her very enlarged clit, and slowing fingering her. He felt her trying to cum already.

He moved his mouth from her clit to her pussy. He buried himself in her lips and tongue fucked her tight space while circling her clit with his thumb. She told him not to stop, and he followed command. He continued sticking his tongue into her tight hole, circling it around and exploring her pussy with it, and picking up pace on circling her clit. With a loud moan and bucking of her hips, she was cumming. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed him in further. He continued this for as long as he could manage, allowing her to cum at least three more times.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he moved up, freed his cock, and placed the fat head at the entrance of her tight, but dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck me,” she said in between moans, looking into his eyes. He slowly pushed his head into the entrance, and took it back out. He looked at her, wanting her to beg.

He barely heard “More.” in all of her moaning and gasping. He pushed the head in and pushed a little more.

“Like that, baby?”


“Tell me what you want, beautiful,” he said with a coy smile on his face. He loved seeing her beg.

“Fucking fuck me!!” she yelled, pushing her hips up, into his cock. He pushed his dick all the way in, causing them to moan in unison.

“Oh, fuck,” she said, as she searched from within to gain the power to roll them onto his back so that she could take control and ride him into the night. Miraculously, she was able to, with his dick still in her, and tore off the nighty. She immediately started going up and down on him. Occasionally, she’d stop with him all the way in her to grind back and forth, but then she’d continue going up and down over and over again.

He enjoyed his wife, who was usually submissive in bed, taking over his dick. He enjoyed seeing her tits bouncing everywhere, and the look on her face knowing she was in control this time. It was one of the many ways she turned him on. She increased her speed, showing she was nearly over the edge. He grabbed her hips and began assisting her by pushing her up and pulling her back down while lifting and lowering his pelvis. He felt it deep inside too.

Within a few thrusts, she muttered, “Ohhh mmyyyy goooodddddddd, I’mmmmm cu-cu-cuuuummmmiinnnnggg.”

His wife’s sexy voice, in combination with feeling her cum all over his cock caused him to lose control. He pumped stream after stream into her tight pussy, while letting out a deep, loud, husky moan. She pulled him out of her and licked him clean, something she loved doing. She put his dick all the way down her throat and sucked hard, pulling him out little by little. Soon, only his head was in her mouth, and she sucked extra hard and licked it especially good, leaving nothing behind. The taste of the mixture of their cum was so intoxicating and sexy. After he was clean, she crawled up and laid haphazardly at his side. They drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning

She awoke on her stomach to an empty bed and the sound of the shower running. She sleepily rolled over so that she was facing her nightstand. There was a note folded that read, “I think you’ve won these back. Sorry for destroying them. xoxo Brian” in his barely legible scribble. Neatly folded under the note was a familiar pair of pink underwear.

She smiled to herself, recalling their monthly 'game' they took part of the night before. It always occurred exactly two days after she ended her period. They always per-determined the place, such as in his car, her car, the park, a gas station, etc. She never knew what time of day it would happen, which kept it exciting and new every time. She recalled her nickname - Rich Bitch - and concluded that it had a nice ring to it. The nickname from the previous month's game was always her safe word for the current months game.

She always knew the "attacker" was him when he'd make some sort of comment about the designated place as the game was beginning. And she always knew the particular round of the game was over when he would allow her to cum multiple times during love making, as he did last night. If they made love, but she only came once, the game was still going on until he felt satisfied by the results. She also knew not to move after the game until he got a hold of her, telling her where to be and when. Damn, she found his dominance so sexy.

She snapped out of her train of thought to get out of bed and walk to the shower, still naked from the love making the night before. She opened the all glass door and got in. She hoarsely said, “Rich Bitch was a nice touch.” He didn't even have to turn around for her to see the smile on his face. 

"I thought you would like that," he said as he turned to face his beautiful, sexy, and naked wife.

"I did," she said as she took two big steps to him standing in the middle of their shower room. She grabbed her husband's flaccid cock, sunk to her knees and sucked his dick in the shower until he came all over her face, tits, and body.

*Writer’s note: This is the first erotic story I’ve written. What do you think? Please let me know!! I've thought about making it into a series, if anyone takes an interest to it. Unfortunately this isn’t real, just a fantasy...

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