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The Nogales Highway

A woman gets gang raped for lunch.
The Nogales Highway


By Donato


Debra had been in tight spots before but this one was different. Her huge sexual appetite had gotten her in trouble on many occasions in the past and usually she managed the situation very easily. This was because she was so damn good looking and could have any man eating out of her hand in a short period of time. But, not this time.


There were five of them. All young, Latino, good looking and they all wanted fuck her, badly. She was prime pussy. At five foot nine, long brown hair, dynamite shape with full D cup tits, and a killer ass and legs, she was one nice looking package that just seemed to say, C'mon, over here and fuck me.


It had started as innocent fun. She had stopped on the Nogales Highway for lunch at a nice looking Mexican restaurant and was seated out side. The waiter (one of the five) had taken her order and she was sipping a frozen Marg when he approached the table and said to her, "Senorita, the man at the table behind you would like to buy you a drink." She turned and looked directly into the eyes of this gorgeous Latino who smiled broadly. She smiled back and he joined her at her table.


They enjoyed a few drinks and lunch was served but she could not focus on the food. She was devouring Hector with her eyes. He was smallish at five foot eight but had a very broad shoulders, a small waist and an obvious bulge in his tight jeans. He said, "Debra, are you feeling all right? You look a little tired."


"She relied, "I am feeling a little woozy, must be the Margs, perhaps if I get up and walk around a little my head will clear". She got up and with her arm in his, they walked out back of the patio.  At the rear of the restaurant was a nice looking Hacienda and Hector explained it belonged to his family who also owned the restaurant. He guided her to the front door and led her in. She walked into a comfortable family room and as she sat down she felt to sets of hands grab her and force her down in the chair. Before she knew it, she was bound to the chair and Hector stood there in front of her, smiling.


"Debra, dear Debra, didn't your mother ever tell about picking up strangers?" She looked around her and saw the other four men, all laughing. They left her in the chair and sat down at a card table and began to play cards.


OK, guys, nice joke, you've had your fun, now untie me. I have to be on my way."


No response from the five.


"C'mon guys, this is kidnapping you know. Yu could all get in mucho trouble for this."




"Look, I'll start hollering my head off in a minute if you don't untie me!"


Hector replied, "Debra, scream all you want, no one will hear you and no one will care. We are fifty miles from nowhere out here."


God, she thought, I am really in a pickle here. She watched the five and now noticed that they all their shirts off. Their light brown glistened with a sheen of perspiration as it was hot in the house and the only cooling was a swamp cooler and a ceiling fans. Each had a cold bottle of beer in front of him and took an occasional sip. It appeared that they did not intend to get drunk at the rate they were drinking and she was relieved at that.


They suddenly all rose and approached her. Oh oh, she thought, this is getting dicey...I better keep my big mouth shut and she what develops  here.


The five stood in front of her , each rubbing the tight crotch of his b jeans. The bulges began to grow as the worked on their cocks. Debra had to admit, it was fascinating to watch but she had no intention of fucking anyone of these guys, at least not willingly. Hector was the first to loosen his belt and let his jeans slide to floor and was quickly followed by the other four. There they were. Five raging hardons staring right at her. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.


"See men, just like I told you. I can pick them can't I? All she needed was one look at our dicks and she would be begging to be fucked". Hector came closer to her and offered his cock to her mouth. She turned away. "C'mon, Bitch, you know want to suck my cock, I can see it in your eyes, here it is, take it in your mouth and suck me off. Do it!"


"Fuck you!" she screamed at him.


"Oh ho, the bitch has fire in her, well, we'll just have to convince her" and with that comment he suddenly grabbed her blouse and ripped it open exposing her overflowing bra with its full, round breasts. Oh shit, she thought, why did I wear this one? It makes me look like a hooker and these guys need no encouragement. "Oh what a great set of tits, baby. I never dreamed they were this magnificent as he cupped both cups with his hands. Debra tried to twist away but she was tied too tightly.


Hector slid the silky material encasing her breasts under them and her breasts protruded out to their fullest. Two of the men came over and placed their mouths gently on her nipples and began to suck on them. Oh shit she thought. Now they mean business. "OK guys, enough is enough, you are now adding attempted rape to the kidnapping and they will send you away for a long time."


Hector laughed, pulled his wallet from his pants, and produced a Sheriff's badge. "Not unless I arrest myself," he said slyly and slid his hand up under her skirt. She felt his fingers probe at her pussy and she knew she was wet and he would feel it. And he did. He withdrew his hand and put his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. "Ahhh, nothing like hot, sweet pussy to stimulate a guy," and he placed his hand between her thighs once again.


Shit she thought, this guy is at my pussy and these two are sucking my tits and I think I am getting turned on! I have to try to gain control of this or I am going to get gang banged.


"Look guys, I must admit, this is a bit of a turn on, but being tied up like this doesn't let me participate. So why not untie me and lets see what happens?"


Hector looked at her and said, "Debra, what a great idea. I will untie you but all the doors are locked and you have no where to run. Will you be a good little girl?"


She thought for an instant and then nodded. She was untied, she stood, her bra fell to the floor and her skirt was lifted over her head. A pair of hands took down her panties. She was lifted on to the table and she sat on the edge with her legs dangling below. The waiter from the restaurant knelt down in front of her and slowly spread her legs and gazed at her wet pussy. "Mmmm, you sure smell good," he said as he placed his tongue on her labia. A jolt went thru her as she felt his tongue on her pussy. Admittedly, it did feel good and he sure could eat pussy. His tongue continued to work on her lips as he inserted several fingers into her cunt. He began a rhythmic in and out stroke as he sucked her clit. The other two guys continued to suck and bite her nipples and Hector pressed his mouth on hers and kissed her deeply. She couldn't help herself as her tongue entwined with his and her hips started to rock on the table top in time with the finger fucking she was getting below.


The fifth guy stood in front of her slowly stroking his cock. It was large. At least ten inches in length and was it ever thick. It looked as thick as his wrist. He stroked it slowly as it grew to its full girth and length and as if on signal, the waiter with drew from her sopping pussy and the fifth placed his cock at its entrance. Hector drew away and the other two withdrew from her tits to watch. She opened her eyes and saw the largest cock she had ever seen poised at the entrance to her steaming pussy. He said, "My name is Romero but the ladies call me, El Grande, and now do you want to feel my cock deep in your pussy?"


At this point Debra, was ready for anything as she was on the brink of orgasm and all she wanted was to be fucked. "Oh yes, Romero stick that gorgeous dick deep in me, I need to be fucked."


"Oh, you seem a little anxious, how badly do you me to fuck you, bitch?"


"Very, oh God, please fuck me, I need that cock in me, fill my pussy, PLEASE!"


"Not good enough cunt, beg me for it" and he pushed at her love hole with the head of his dick.


Debra could feel the massive head of his cock just at the entrance to her pussy, pressing slightly inward. She wanted that dick, she needed that dick, "Stop teasing me, fuck me, fuck me now, I am begging you, stick your cock all the way, now, please!"


Romero slowly inserted his dick into her. He paused as he inserted the first inch. My God, thought Debra, will he be able to get that whole thing in me? I hope so.


"Do not worry, Debra, I have fucked many women before you and they all worry about my size but after I have entered you, you will be fucked as you have never been fucked before," and he slowly pushed his cock into her.


OMIGOD! She thought. He is putting that massive completely in me, oh, oh, it hurts but its a good hurt and he's doing it slowly. Ahh, oh, I can feel that thing fill my cunt, oh, that's so tight and hot, and full, oh wow, is this ever good, oh, ouch, oh, God, it just keeps coming, omigod, there, I think its al the way in, yes, he's pulling it out, and pushing it in omigod, I can feel all of it, "Oh, Romero, yes, yes, oh fuck me fuck me fuck me, oh yes, oh God, yes, yes,...".


Romero started to increase the timing of his dick's assault on her straining pussy. His cock slid in and out with ease. He would pull it all the way and then plunge deep into her and each time he did, she screamed in ecstasy. Debra lay on the table as Romero hammered away at her pussy with piston like strokes. Each was lost in their lust filled thoughts. All Debra could think about was the massive cock fucking her and all Romero wanted to do was shoot a massive load of hot, white deep within her.


Debra continued to meet his huge thrusts with wild abandon. Her pussy was stretched to the limit and h she was loving every minute of it. Her cunt was so full of cock! God, it felt so damn good she thought. I wish he could fuck me for hours. Romero started to increase his pace and Debra knew he was close to blowing his load. "C'mon, big boy, fill my hot cunt with that Latino meat, fuck me til I scream , now , more , are you ready to cum? I want to feel and see your hot, white, thick love cream shoot from the head of that gorgeous dick. C'mon, FUCK ME!"


Suddenly Romero thrust into her so violently that she gasped and she felt  his cock start to spew its love juice into her. He quickly pulled it from her and jerked himself off as he his cum covered her. "Oh yeah, that's it, cum on me, cum on Momma, oh, that's so good!"


Romero continued to jerk his dick until he had milked every last drop of cum. It covered Debra from her belly to her neck. He had deposited one massive load in her and on her. His hot cum oozed from her pussy.



"C'mom you sorry sacks of shit, my pussy is aching to be fucked, who is next?"


The second man quickly stepped up to the table and rammed his cock deep in Debra's pussy. She was so stretched that she barely felt it and laughed derisively. "Is that all you got Sonny?" she asked. He was infuriated by the slur on his manhood and hammered her pussy as hard as he could. Debra met him in perfect time and they fucked together. She stared to feel the beginnings of an orgasm in her body but quickly put it out of her mind. She had no intention of showing these pigs they could get to her but it did start to feel good. Pedro (his name) was biting at her tits as he fucked her pussy. He was like a machine.


She lay on the table and as Pedro fucked her relentlessly she lay her head over the back edge and screamed, "Yeah, fuck me sonny! C'mon, you so-called studs, someone get a cock in my mouth and fuck my face!"


The men could not believe what they were hearing. She was a dream come true, a true nymphomaniac. Hector quickly stepped over to her and placed his cock in her gaping mouth. "Ahh, finally, a man with a hard cock to fuck my face" and she wallowed his cock down her throat. Hector felt the pressure of her throat on his dick and had never fucked a woman's face like this so he slowly moved it in and out. Her throat muscles tightened around as he pushed it in to his balls. God it felt so warm, tight and hot. Better than a cunt he thought.


The other three men gathered around and watch Pedro and Hector fuck Debra's pussy and face. Her body was literally being lifted off the table by the force of Pedro's thrust, and she was gagging reflexively on Hectors cock. Both men started to grimace at the same time as their cum shots began. Hector howled and cried, "Fuck you, you filthy cunt, I am cumming in your hot cunt, I am pouring my hot cum into you, you lousy whore!


Hector just grunted as he poured his load of hot cum down her throat. He continued to pump her face; he didn't care if she drowned in his cum, she was a fucking whore. His cum started to pour out of her mouth as she reflexively threw it up. She pushed his cock from her mouth and spewed his cum all over him. "You filthy cunt," he cried and slapped her across the face. He slapped her again as she laughed at him, and then again. She looked at him and said, "You hot stud, your cock tastes great, now fuck my pussy if you can...".


But Hector was spent, Romero was jerking his dick back to life, Pedro had collapsed to floor after his vigorous fuck. That left the two others, Sal and Miguel. Debra said, "C'mon, boys this cunt is still hot and I haven't even cum yet. Which one of you can get me off?" 


Miguel lay on the floor and motioned for Debra to come over and sit on his cock. Debra positioned herself over his stiff rod and slowly lowered herself on him. God it felt good. Her hot pussy was already full of cum and now she was about to get fucked again. She wondered, how can I be enjoying this gang rape? But, I am! She felt his thick dick slide easily into her and she started to ride up and down on him. "Oh, that feels good, just lie there and let me fuck you." Miguel did as bidden. He lay on his back and let his mind wander to prevent from cumming. She rode his cock like a hand covering a glove. She felt so warm, so firm, so wet. It felt so good, he wanted cum but he wanted to make this bitch cum first. He would do it to her, he thought.


Brenda started to feel the first wave of orgasm build within her. Oh shit, she thought, am I going to cum, I don't want to, but, yes, I do! She pushed harder on his cock and felt a finger slide up her ass. Oh, that's a nice touch! She continued to pump his dick as her orgasm started to build. Oh yes, let me cum, let cum! Suddenly she cried out, "OH YEAH, YES, NOW, I'M CUMMING, OH YOUR PRICK IS MAKING ME CUM, YEAH, PUMP ME YOU MISERABLE BASTARD, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM!"


Her whole body convulsed in one massive orgasm as Miguel started to meet her thrust finally. He pumped his dick into her spasming cunt, harder and harder. She fell against his chest lost in her own orgasm and Sal stepped up behind her and drove his turgid cock deep into her ass! Debra felt this assault on her ass but was powerless to stop it. She was exhausted from all the fucking and that orgasm had wiped her out. She felt as though her ass was being ripped apart as Sal had quite a huge cock. He slid his cock as deep as he could within her ass and then began to rotate his hips. Miguel was still hammering deep with her pussy and she was lost in a wild world of sex and depravity. Her thoughts were focused on one thing, fucking, and more of it. She lost whatever inhibitions she had and only wanted more. She wanted it in her ass, her pussy, her mouth, anywhere. She wanted to drink their cum and fuck their cocks. She had sunken to animal level, there was nothing for her now but fucking and sex.


All five of the men seemed to grasp this fact and the three who had already fucked her in some manner started to coax their limp dicks to life once again. Hector watched Debra's fine ass get fucked by Sal's thick cock. He stroked his soft ember slowly dribbling some spit on it. He felt it start to rise and walked over to Debra's face and offered it to her. She reached for it, still hardening and stuffed it in her mouth. She inhaled his stiffening meber without a thought and relaxed her throat as he began to swell to huge proportions in her move. It moved down her throat and she was lost in her wild instincts that her throat eagerly accepted him. It filled her and she was barely  able to breathe but she let him start to fuck her face. Her ass was receiving a steady pounding as was her cunt. She lay on her belly on top of Miguel, and Hector and Pedro moved to her side and placed their cocks in her hands.


She was lost. They had her. She began to stroke their cocks, suck on the massive cock in her throat, buck her ass against the cock in it and her pussy started to tighten around the cock buried in it. Her body was accepting everything as she began another wild ride to climax. She reacted automatically to thrust of cocks within her and her hands jerked the cocks that they held. Pedro was the first to shoot his load within her. His cock spewed forth his hot love juice deep within her. Sal then pulled his cock from her ass and with one huge thrust buried himself to his balls and pumped a torrent of cum within her ass. He pulled his cock from her and it continued to shoot its hot load over her ass cheeks. She moaned in gratitude.


Hector released his load directly on her face as he pulled from her throat. It was a massive amount of cum as it covered her eyes, nose, mouth chin and began to drip onto the floor. She licked hungrily at her lips to gather as much as she could.


The two cocks slipped from her weakening grasp and one began a new assault on her cum filled ass and the other buried itself in her gaping mouth. She could not stop herself. She wanted more cock, she wanted to be fucked more and as the cock slid up her ass she began another wave of orgasm. It stared slowly within her and then began to build like a speeding train. She couldn't stop it! She swallowed the cock deep with her throat and pushed her ass as hard as she could on the prick deep within it. She let an animal cry go she began to cum again, "OHHHHHHHHH, YES, YES, FUCK FUCK ME FUCK ME, I WANT YOUR PRICKS IN ME, DEEP IN ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM , OHHHH, YESSSSS..." She was totally spent and was a mass of quivering flesh as the waves of orgasm passed thru her. The cock in her ass let loose with a another torrent of hot cum and the dick in her throat erupted once again so that she gagged and it flowed from her mouth.


The five men pulled back from her, some with cum still dripping from their cock heads. Hector said, "Man, is one hot cunt, I want to fuck her again but I can't, not right now." The others nodded in mute agreement. They sat down and watched her writhing on the floor, furiously rubbing her clit, trying to cum again but she could not. Her body was worn out. She let her hands fall away and closed her eyes.


The men sat at the table drinking some cold beer for about thirty minutes as she lay there. She was a sight. Her ass was red and swollen from the pounding it had taken. Her hair was all stringy and wet from sex, sweat and cum. Her body as coated with dry cum. She was a mess.


Romero was the first to recover. He said, "C'mon boys, she hasn't had El Grande up the ass yet. This should bring her around," he waked over to her with his cock in his hand. He motioned for Pedro to come over and he did. Pedro grabbed her ankles and held her legs spread and high as El Grande positioned his cock at her asshole. He spit on his cock to lubricate it some and then pushed it against her ass. "No, no, not anymore" she mumbled.


Hector laughed, "You fucking whore, now you're really going to get fucked" and with that he tore into her abused rectum. It felt like someone had stuck a burning log into her ass and she howled in pain! Oh no, she thought, he's pushing that monster meat of his into my ass, I can't take it, but, she did. El Grande slid his entire length and girth into her ass and began a rhythmic cadence as he fucked her. In and out went his giant cock and the more he fucked her, the more she began to respond. Her body taking over fri her mind. It just wanted to be fucked, nothing else mattered, no pain, just animal lust, fucking pleasure, nothing more.


The other three gathered around her, each with a growing cock in his hands as they stroked themselves back to life. They all wanted to fuck her again but could not because of the position Romero and Pedro had her in. So they stood by her head looking down at her and began to jerk themselves off over her face.


Debra's body was on automatic pilot. She had no control of what she was doing. She continued to meet the thrust in her ass and as she opened her eyes she saw the four cocks above her head. One by one they began to shoot their loads down on her, into her waiting mouth. Her mouth was filled with hot, white love juice as they emptied their balls once again. She swallowed what she could but most just poured from her lips and down her chin.


As El Grande saw the three shoot their loads he quickened his pace as he wanted fill her again with his cum. He could feel his balls start to pull up in his groin and felt the pressure build on the head of his cock. He gave her one last thrust deep within her ass and let his cum burt from the head of his dick. "OH OH, WOW, I AM CUMMING, TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING LITTLE WHORE, TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR ASS!"


Debra lay there, unable to move. The five men sat at the table wondering what to do next. They were incapable of fucking anymore. They discuss maybe going into town and getting some their friends but ruled that out. Perhaps they could keep er and fuck her for a few more days but each had a home to go to. Reluctantly they all agreed she would have to leave.


They dressed her as best they could, put her in the back seat of the her, threw in a few bottles and water and drove her about fifty mile away, close to the border. She had no idea what was happening and slept the whole way. They left her on an untravelled side rode and rode back together, each lost in his own thoughts.


It was eighteen hours before Debra wok up feeling like she had been drugged and beaten with a baseball bat. Her ass ached, her pussy was red swollen and her entire body felt like it had a layer if something hard on it. She opened her purse and looked into a mirror and could not believe what she saw. She looked like shit.


But, she thought to herself. I fixed their Latin asses but good. They got the fucking of their life, literally, as you see, she had tested high positive for HIV a few weeks ago. She had been driving thru the southwest looking for pigs like them to get even with the pig who had sentenced her to death. Now, she thought, we are even.

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