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Working Days: Lynn, Chapter 1

Bryan finally acts upon his desires for Lynn, his boss. 21+ Part of a series (hopefully)
I arrived at work with nothing on my mind. I didn't care what wasn't done from the night before, because whatever I discovered once I was there easily could be taken care of. As it turns out, one of the young women who work the registers called out.

"Can you call someone in?" my boss inquired upon seeing me.

Her name is Lynn. She's petite to an extent. Compared to my tall stature, her eyes were level with my shoulders. Due to the outfits she wears and her immature yet judicious personality, I often fantasized that she was much younger than her thirty-five years. That when she was home and the curtains were drawn, Lynn let her inner child come out to play.

Today, she wore a pair of tight black pin-stripe slacks that accentuated her toned legs, round booty and the fact that beneath them she wore a flimsy stitch of fabric. Lynn also had on a gray snug fitting long sleeved shirt. Her perky bra-less tits were unable to resist the opportunity to brag about how they defied time and gravity. Our restaurant was quite chilly on a reliable basis. Having neglected to wear anything besides her shirt, I was immediately drawn to the two hardened buds staring at me from her chest.

We were alone in the outer foyer and she made it obvious that she saw me noticing her. I heard her sigh, my eyes found hers nonchalantly awaiting the moment when I finally realized I was caught.

"Hey? Bryan? Up here, please? Look. I know I'm attractive and that sometimes what I wear isn't exactly the best choice, even though all I am trying to do is feel pretty. But you're one of my most devoted admirers."

She paused and put her arms akimbo, puffed out her chest and allowed me to stare once more at her girlish cleavage, little mounds that I was sure held the softness of marshmallows, though I hadn't come close to testing my theory.

"I am making you an offer." She continued. "If you choose to accept it, I promise you I expect the utmost secrecy or I will terminate you from your position. Do you understand?"

Lynn rested her eyes on mine and offered a half smile as I answered her without a moment's hesitation.


"Good. Follow me, please."

She gave a wink and started down the hall ahead of me. I kept up, our feet clicked in unison. The sound of her heels echoed as the two of us walked. Soon we reached a gold colored elevator and boarded it. Before I knew it, Lynn stood beside me at a door in an upstairs hallway. Without a word we entered. She led me to the back-most room, a bed sat in the middle. Its headboard rested against a wall. A blanket as well as sheets covered the mattress and bed-frame, two end tables nestled on either side of the bed's head like ears. 

Lynn closed the door behind us and set her access card atop a table. She slipped her shoes off, carefully pulled the shirt she was wearing over her head and took it off. I gazed in disbelief. They were flawless. Her fingers ran through my hair, my head was pulled toward her chest and after that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I relished every breath. My lips cradled one puffy nub, I ran the tip of my tongue around its circumference. The hunger for a more carnal interaction dared to surface. I possessed an immense amount of self control and used it to focus my attention solely on teasing her nipples and the sensitive undersides of her boobs using my digits and tongue in unison.

My thumbs supported the weight of her chest, provided a place for her nipples to settle onto and helped to leave the rest of their pillowy girth unable to shy away from my ardor. She leaned back on the bed and pushed herself higher up the mattress using her elbows. I followed her. Lynn's head lulled, her moans evolved from those of faint reluctance to passionate murmurs which dared to escape her pursed lips. I straddled her hips with my own and discerned the gentle squirming of her ass across the prominent bulge in my pants. Her knees were splayed, each ankle enveloped my waist and her arms were comfortably stretched above her head, loosely.

I treated both mounds identically. She couldn't help how her body betrayed itself. I slipped a hand between us and massaged the groin of her slacks. My thumb played back and forth over her desperately engorged clit, stroked it continuously for several moments and listened to how Lynn's excitement brewed. Slowly I touched the buttoned waist and managed to unbutton it. She lifted her cute butt off the bed, stuck her legs straight up and rested her ankles on my shoulder. I took the garment off and tossed it a distance away.

What once might have been a lacy black thong now was saturated through and through with her juices. The fabric bunched up between her legs, under which her bald pussy glistened. She made no attempt to shield herself. A smile gently broke across her lips.

"Bryan?" she whispered to the room itself.

I diddled her clit through the fabric, slipped a finger beneath it and rubbed her interior. Lynn cooed helplessly. With my free hand, I unbuckled my pants. I carefully stood beside the bed as she glanced at me chucking the shoes I had on and my pants to the side.

"Bryan?" she cried out with her knees splayed, almost resting on her sides.

"Yes, baby?" I whispered into her ear. I knelt on the bed and assumed my prior position straddling her hips.

"Put it inside."

"But I don't have a rubber," I said, hesitating.

She whined sadly and explained in a frustrated manner, "I don't care. Please. Fuck me."

"I might get you pregnant."

"I want you inside."

She eyed me wildly.

The head of my cock lingered at the entrance of her tiny pink pussy. Lynn gazed at her hole and bit her bottom lip to suppress her discomfort. I inched deeper as she became used to each advance of my length, by the inch. Every time I gained a little more depth I withdrew until just the bulbous head kept her tender slit from clenching shut.

She yelped when I eased all of me to the breaking point and nestled my balls against her quivering asshole. Lynn cried as I nearly bottomed out several times but once she realized I was being careful to avoid banging her cervix, I noticed her resolve gradually disappeared. Her ankles were resting atop my shoulders. I held the underside of her ass and leaned over her body. She rested her feet on my sides, hugged me and felt both of us leave the bed.

I sat on a corner of the bed and held her booty steadily as I made her bounce on my lap. Lynn's pussy squeezed me like a vice, slippery wet and completely submissive to the dangerous depth of my thrusts. I heard the hoarseness of her breathing. It made her tremble nervously, her creamy come dripped down the inch or so of my shaft that remained exposed, though I made every effort to sink the entire thing to its root.

My prick dribbled a little precome as I rested for the briefest of moments with her. She met my eyes and followed me down to the floor. A floor to ceiling mirror covered the closet doors right in front of us, I intended to use it to my advantage.

"Bend over for me, honey?"

As she already was kneeling before me, Lynn didn't have far to go. Her ass remained high in the air as I eased myself inside once again. I heard her choke mid-whimper. My cock bottomed out. She trembled, sucked in a gasp of air and let her little pussy be used as it was intended. My prick was milked expertly. Her tunnel clenched around the veiny length, sapping me of the will to resist shooting my pent-up load.

"Oh god!" I groaned.

She gazed over her shoulder at my expression. The sound of her frantically mewling sent me over the edge. My milky fluid spurted in several angry torrents, coating her insides liberally with my seed. I withdrew and grabbed her thong from the floor. Lynn gave me a sad expression as I stuffed the balled up item inside of her cream filled pussy. I sat her on my lap over the softening remnants of my proud erection.

"Please. Assure me of one thing?" I wistfully mentioned.

Lynn watched me and nestled her ass into my lap. "Sure, anything."

"Will you keep the product of our love? For me?"

She kissed me on the mouth for the first time ever.

"Of course. Don't leave me high and dry, huh? Satisfy my urges and I'll leave things well enough alone in my tummy. Deal?"

I hugged her tight and whispered, "Deal."


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