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A Very Special Evening

The decision to be romantic left us both pleasured
Whilemy husband was at work and I had my day off, I figured I’d have a romantic evening. I thought, to myself the possibilities, to make tonight romantic.

I looked through my closet where I kept all my lingerie. I wanted something that said sexy, yet not slutty, sweet but not too innocent. I decided on my light blue silk lingerie with pink accent bows to make it sweet. I had matching garters and white thigh highs. I decided not to wear any panties to surprise him.

I looked in the mirror starring at how I looked. I didn’t have any issues with myself except for the fact that I was only 4’11. The rest of me I could settle for. I had a 34 D breasts and I weighed just over one hundred pounds.

I took a shower, and shaved everything, so I was all clean and smooth for him. I took his favorite lotion and rubbed all over my body. Before leaving the room I brushed my hair which flowed almost to my ass and brushed my teeth. Once I was ready to get hot and heavy I decided to put a robe on and clean the house a bit.

I knew Nathan would be home anytime soon so I had a glass of wine in hopes to relax me. As the thoughts of him lingered through my mind, I decided to play with myself.

I rubbed my clit until I was wet enough to soak my panties; only I wasn’t wearing any. Two fingers gravitated towards my pussy and I started to slide them in and out teasing myself, leaving me with a want to cum. I made a “come here” motion with my fingers but I was not quite satisfied because my fingers weren’t long enough to hit all the right spots.

As I was lying on the couch, I could hear his car pull into the driveway; making my heart pound. I gulped the rest of the wine as Nathan walked in a moment later and took off his dirty work boots, and then he took a glance towards me.

Then a second one because the first time he was surprised. A giggle rose from my throat, because of that.

“How was your day baby?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant. As I spoke this, I myself got distracted because he was just so fucking sexy. He had the most beautiful dark brown eyes and a killer body. I was so lucky to have him. When I looked down I noticed a bulge begin to form in his pants.

We were perfect for each other in ways people could not understand. Even though we didn’t agree on a single thing we were best friends. Most importantly lovers.

All I could think about all day was his cock and how later today, I would get it. The thought was mouthwatering. My heart started to race and I wanted to act on my thoughts. His cock was very large in size, in fact it was hard to fit all of it in my mouth but surprisingly I did it anyway.

“It seems as though it’s going to get better.” Nathan whispered as if speaking to himself. I could see his eyes searching me. Wanting me.

“It will, but you should wash up first. I’ll help you with that.” We raced upstairs into our master bathroom that consisted of a jacuzzi tub, a stand up shower, a toilet, sink, and beautiful decor. Our house was worth a lot of money; we both worked so hard to get it. We talked as kids about the house we both dreamed of and now we had it. We had no children yet which was convenient because all we wanted to do was hump like bunnies.

Nathan was the only man I ever loved, and I lost my virginity to him at a very young age. It only took three months and I had lost my virginity. There was something about him that was trustworthy. He was overall intoxicating, that I myself was surprised.

I walked in the master bathroom and started the water making sure it was hot because that’s how he liked it. I decided not to put bubbles in fear; he wouldn’t like it because it would take away from his masculinity.

When Nathan walked into the bathroom completely naked my insides started to turn in excitement. I was like a child at Christmas time ready to start opening gifts. Even with no clothing he came in striding in like he had no shame. I wouldn’t have shame either if I had a cock like that. He smiled at me knowing that it would make me smile the way he walked in.

“You’re so silly baby. Get in the tub before I change my mind about washing you up.” I said sweetly biting my lip out of excitement.

“You wouldn’t do that.” He replied with a smirk on his face. As he got in the tub it was like all the days stress had been released. I sat on the side of the tub on the raised floor and started scooping the water in my hands and onto his chest. Neither one of us really said a word because we just liked each other’s company. I took a bar of soap scrubbed it on a face cloth and started to rub his chest. Then his neck and shoulders. While doing this I could hear tiny moans escape his lips in utter enjoyment. I kissed his head and washed the rest of his body washing his privates last but instead of the face cloth I used my hand instead.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and starting stroking slowly while I kissed his lips. His tongue intertwined with mine and the kiss alone was arousing. I stopped stroking his cock after the kiss was done only because I didn’t want him to cum only to get in the mood. I looked at him with a grin on my face and wide eyes as I told him to get up.

“Thank you, babe. That felt wonderful.” Nathan said as he put on a towel and dried himself off. I could tell he was a little frustrated that I stopped but somehow he knew I had other things in store.

“It was my pleasure.” I said, while walking to my room closing the door behind me so he could get dried up. It was my turn to make him crazy.

I took off my robe revealing the sexy lingerie I had underneath. When he walked out of the bathroom, and saw me his cock became so erect that you could play ring toss on it.

“Get on the bed. I have a surprise for you.” I said enticingly to him. I had bought a dance pole for his birthday this year and decided to use it for the first time today. I went to pole dancing lessons so I wouldn’t make a complete fool out of myself. I was used to dancing because I had been a dancer all my life so I wasn’t nervous one bit.

As I walked over to the pole I turned the stereo on and hit music on his iPod. I told his he wasn’t allowed to touch me till I was done. He nodded.

I slowly walked around the pole starring him in the eyes then bent over revealing my pussy to him. My back was turn’t to him and I staring shaking my ass making it jiggle. He went to go grab it like I expected him to but I was too quick and turned around. I climbed the pole and laid back, my head pointing to the floor, only my thighs grasped the pole. Sliding down into a hand stand I flipped myself upright. After showing him some other tricks I took off my lingerie and garters only leaving my thigh highs.

I walked over to him and straddled him at the end of the bed. I started grinding against him. He was naked and the feeling off his cock against my pussy almost sent me over the edge. He went to touch my breasts but I smacked his hands away playfully.

“Get to the top of the bed.” I ordered him. He did it with no hesitation. He had precum dripping from his cock that he never really bothered to clean up. I climbed on top of his cock and slowly sank down. His eyes screamed pure pleasure. I started rocking my hips back and forth while pulling my hair and moaning.

“Oh, baby you feel so good. Your pussy is so wet and tight.” He moaned. I finally let him caress my breasts and he was happy about that.

I felt something inch up inside me a feeling that I recognized. I went faster and faster and I finally reached my climax. Everything tensed up inside me and I squeezed his arms to the point where I broke skin.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I said with a sympathetic look on my face.

“It’s perfectly okay. But get on your back.” He replied and I was so ready for more.

He slammed his cock inside me. I wasn’t really ready for that but he was determined to cum. Then a thought occurred to me…

“Baby… we don’t have a condom on?” I said a little worried. I felt like I was a teenager again because we had unprotected sex all the time and I thank the lord I never got pregnant.

“It’s okay. I’ll tell you when I’m about to cum.” Nathan slurred as if he didn’t quite care at all.

He looked in my eyes while fucking me, which caused me to have goosebumps. He started pounding into me with all his might going at a fast pace which I knew he was going to cum soon. All of sudden he pulled out of me and came all over my tummy. I grabbed a tissue and cleaned myself off.

“Thank you, thank you , thank you!” I shouted. He lay beside me. Both of us completely naked. I turned to look at him. I smiled gave him a kiss, told him how much I loved him, then cuddled for the rest of the night.

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