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The Chaise Lounge

The Chaise Lounge

A sexy young researcher can't decide which of her two handsome bosses she prefers...
Lucy Tennyson folded the last of her silk panties and placed them in the right hand side of the drawer, next to her lace brassieres. She sighed happily.

This was the third week of her new job. She felt quite satisfied with the progress she had made. Marc Connelly seemed happy with his new researcher. The lot she put together had sold well. Pleasing Mr. Connelly pleased her immensely.

She decided to wear the new lavender lace set under the mint green silk suit. Her salary was disappearing as fast as it came in, but a classy place demanded a classy wardrobe. She loved the way the green fabric echoed her eyes. It flattered her pale skin and glossy auburn hair.

Contemplating beautiful objects was Lucy's favorite thing to do. She liked more than anything to surround herself with interesting, unusual and valuable luxuries. That had never been possible while she was growing up nor while working her way through a BFA. She was ecstatic when the offer to appraise antiques for the auction house came her way.

Getting the job seemed like an accident of fate. It was really due to a convergence of opinion between two Connellys.

Brian Connelly noticed her at the antique store. He was looking for a bronze art-deco angel to round out a collection. Lucy had a good memory. She dug his card out of her purse to call the auction office three months later, when one was consigned to the shop. Marc Connelly offered her a job after barely one look at the bronze. She couldn't believe her luck. Most appraisers were much more experienced than she was, right out of college.

Marc Connelly was not the owner of the business. He was a son or nephew of the owner, and Brian was a cousin. Phillips Fine Arts and Antiques was a offshoot of Christie's. They held both public and private auctions. The private auctions were very exclusive. She would love to attend one.

Lucy stumbled a bit on the concrete steps leading up to the entrance of the brownstone. Somebody caught her elbow.

It was the other Connelly. Brian, not Marc. He had chocolate eyes and dark hair like his cousin, but was taller and broader. He seemed like a linebacker stuffed into a banker's suit.

“ Morning Lucy.”

“ Hi Mr. Connelly.” She paused and checked her watch. Brian and Marc made her shy.

“ Call me Brian,” he said. “There are too many Connellys around here.”

“ Oh, I don't think so.”

“ No? I'm glad you don't. I just wish there were more Lucys. The Lucys are so smart and pretty.” He gazed down at her, still holding her arm, and steered her into the office.

Lucy blushed to her toes. Both the Connelly boys did this to her. Marc complimented her frequently, and seemed to stare at her all the time. It distracted her and put her off balance. Marc was elegant, lean and intense. He had darker eyes than Brian. He was unfailingly polite in his words, but his gaze seemed, well, rude. She couldn't put her finger on it. She felt naked to him whenever they spoke. There was something about the way he stared that made her think he was laughing inside at her. She had no idea why he had hired her. Well, she could guess, but it wasn't flattering to her intellect.

Brian made her feel more comfortable. She could relax with him. He was always stopping by to talk about the appraisals. Often he would volunteer some useful information that would help with an estimate, or bring her a reference book. The only problem with Brian was the touching. It seemed innocuous, and she wished she could leave it at that. However, Brian was so tall, well-built and handsome that she frequently found herself fantasizing about what he would look like with his shirt off. When he brushed up against her, or put his hand on her back, or even on her knee, her heart started to pound. She would lose the thread of the conversation. Like right now.

“ Marc and I were hoping you could attend and help out a bit.”

“ With what? I'm sorry, I didn't hear that last bit,” she admitted.

“ The private auction. It will be twentieth century decorative arts. Furniture, ceramics, sculpture, and a collection of some fine women's vintage clothing. From the 1920s mostly. We need a model.”

“ Oh, I can't model. I'm much too short.”

“ Don't worry,” said Brian. “In the 1920s, most women were shorter. They didn't use six-foot women back then. You're a perfect flapper size.” He grinned.

Lucy didn't think it would be polite to demur. It was unpaid overtime, as she was on salary. On the other hand, she would get to browse a high-priced lot of collectibles and try on vintage clothing. It sounded like fun as long as she didn't trip and ruin an expensive dress.

As she was filing some final references late that afternoon, Brian dropped a flat cardboard box on her desk.

“ Go ahead. Tell me if they look the right size.” He peered over her shoulder as she fished through the tissue paper.

The box contained sheer stockings, apparently silk, a lace camisole, old-fashioned garters and a pair of delicate red suede Mary-Janes.

“ Beautiful,” she gasped.

“ I hope the shoes fit.”

“ They're gorgeous. I'll cut off a toe if they don't.”

Luckily, the shoes were a tad big and quite comfortable.


The auction was held at an estate on Long Island's north shore. It was a historical home frequently leased by the auction house. The formal bidding for objects d'art took place in several drawing rooms. The main ballroom hosted the auction for furniture. Marc set up the dress auction in the Billiard Room and an office in a small library next to it.

The house was teeming with well-dressed people. They filled the rooms like bees in a hive. Security herded them away from the goods as the pre-auction viewings closed.

Marc asked Lucy to seat clients for the furniture auction. She then helped place pieces on roll-out tables for the other sales.

Brian caught her re-arranging a silver tea service for the third time.

“ It looks fine, Lucy. Don't fret.”

“ I just want to make sure it's arranged so that they can see the vine pattern on all the pieces. It's a gorgeous set.”

Brian's eyes scrolled up slowly to meet hers. It was a looked that warmed her.

“ Yes... Well, we need you to get back to the office right now to put on a dress. The clothing auction goes on at the same time as the silver and china sale.”

“ Oh no, I lost track of time. Thanks, Mr. Connelly. I'll be right there.”

Lucy was tired from standing on her feet all afternoon, but she was bolstered by a shot of nervous energy. Had she imagined that look from Brian? She'd had a glimpse of the dresses she was to model, and was dying to get a closer look at them. She applied red lipstick and black eyeliner in a bathroom. Her hair was too long, but Marc promised her pretty hats to choose from. She could put her hair up underneath.

Lucy dashed into the library and ran right into Marc at the entrance.

“ Where do I dress?”

“ Calm down sweetheart. We have a few minutes. There's a screen in the corner of the library. The dresses are on the chaise lounge.”

Six numbered dresses lay waiting in clear garment bags on the large chaise. Hats or beaded caps and long gloves were paired with them. There were some floaty day outfits and several cocktail dresses. The cocktail dresses were sleeveless with heavy beading or lace.

Lucy pulled a big chair behind the screen and laid the first outfit on the chair with her box of 20's lingerie and shoes. Women didn't wear regular bras back then but she had pert breasts and could deal with just the camisole. The room felt cool. Her stockings and garters exposed lots more skin to the air than panty hose. Really, she felt rather naked under the dress. No wonder those flappers were so 'liberated'.

She ran right into Marc again as she emerged from behind the screen.

“ Lovely. The shoes are great. Let me turn you around.” He held her at arms length by the shoulders and rotated her slowly with his hands. He used both hands to smooth the chiffon on her back. The dress was pale peach and sleeveless. It plunged to a deep V neckline in front. His warm hands tucked a few stray strands of hair into her beaded cap and settled on her neck and shoulder blades. “Are you cold?”

“ A bit. Maybe it's nerves.”

“ Here.” He handed her a brandy glass. “It's just sherry.”

The drink was potent and slightly sweet. It trickled warmly down her throat. She did feel a little more relaxed.

Marc took her hand and led her to the billiard room. The pool tables were pushed against the back walls. Rows of folding chairs were filled with prosperous-looking men and women in suits and dresses. A little gasp of pleasure from the ladies combined with some polite applause to greet her entrance. She blushed and stood taller. Brian cued her to walk up and down a runner placed on the center aisle between the rows of chairs. She posed in the middle of the room as planned while the bidding commenced.

By the time she wiggled into the sixth dress she was feeling rather blasé about the whole modeling affair. This one was cut too low in back for the camisole, so she went without. Brian surprised her as she darted from behind the screen.

“Are you my dresser now?”

“At your service, Miss. What can I do for you?”

“There are dozens of hooks on the back of this. I can hardly reach any of them.”

The white silk of this dress clung more closely to Lucy's contours. In fact she worried that it was rather snug. Brian asked Lucy to stand in front of the chaise while he sat on it to reach the lower hooks.

Brian relished the sight of Lucy's pert behind encased in the snug silk. He rested his wrists on the appealing curve as he fastened the first set of hooks. The dress was cut almost to the base of her spine and Lucy's pale smooth skin glowed from underneath it. He had an urge to bite the pretty curve where her shoulder met her neck. Instead he just drew his hands up her back as he stood after completing the fastenings. He exhaled just under her ear. “All set.”

Lucy felt Brian's big hands stroke her from waist to neck. The contrast of the heat from his hands and the cool of the air made her shiver. She gave a little jump when she felt his warm breath on the side of her neck.

“Still cold? Here, have a drink.”

She reached for the proffered glass. “Thanks.”

She wasn't so much cold as stiff and worn. It had been a long day. The sale appeared to be going very well. Brian stroked her upper arms and turned her around. There was a detail in the neckline that did not lie as flat as he liked. He kept drawing his hands over the front of the dress to smooth it down. It felt very nice to have his warm hands stroking her neckline. It was odd but she did not feel nearly as shy as she usually was with him. Both men had been very pleasant and friendly. They were both so handsome. She was so lucky to have such good employers. Her nipples beaded under the lace of her dress. A flush of warmth suffused her from crown to toes. That was nice sherry.

“Good luck.” Brian kissed her cheek as he ushered her out. That surprised her. The bidding for the white dress went even better than for the previous outfits.


The crowds milled out of the drawing rooms as security packed up the antiques into boxes and staff stacked folding chairs. Gradually the house emptied and quieted. Furniture was covered in padded cloths and rolled out on casters. Doors slammed and echoed as the rooms were locked up.

Marc and Brian sat with Lucy around an inlaid chess table in the quiet library. The sky outside hung velvety black through the transom windows. They agreed that the auction was a huge success.

“To the beautiful model who has enhanced our commissions,” Marc toasted. They all clinked glasses. She felt the fragrant brandy sliding down her throat. Delicious.

“Did you know you get a cut of the dress sales, Lucy?“ Brian's voice brought her out of her alcoholic reverie. “It will be ten percent of the net commission.”

Lucy was delighted. She started calculating in her head.

Marc laughed and checked his watch. “I can see the wheels turning, young lady. Don't count your chickens yet. We still have one more dress to sell.”

“Really? I didn't see any others.”

“It's a private sale. It was bid up ahead of time for a group of remote customers. We'll show it by video for the final sale. Brian will set up the camera now.”

Lucy hadn't noticed the tripod in the corner. Marc stepped out of the room and fetched another garment bag. He zipped it open to expose an extensively beaded black cocktail dress with translucent black silk between the beaded pattern. He held it to the light so she could see. The beads formed a delicate landscape of birds, vines and flowers.

Marc helped her with the small hook on the back of the dress when she emerged from the screen. He then scanned her figure thoughtfully.

“We'll take off the camisole. It ruins the line of the beading on top.” Before she could speak Marc grasped the bottom of the dress and gently pulled it off over her head.

Lucy was aghast. She was standing before her employers dressed in shoes, stockings, garters, a lightweight lace camisole and her tiny peach bikini panties.

Marc let his eyes wander over her blushing face, down to her pretty breasts. Yes, there they were. The points of her nipples slowly grew more apparent under the sheer lace on her chest. His groin started to tighten as he scanned her graceful legs and imagined the moist lips of her little pussy under the bikini panties. What a piece. His hands were itching to pinch those nipples and squeeze the soft flesh just below the juncture of her thighs. He imagined roughly spreading her smooth thighs with his hands and suddenly thrusting his mouth over her glistening nether lips. Oh, she would squirm and cry out. The panties had to go. Immediately.

“You'll have to remove the panties too. The color is wrong. The edges will show through between pattern.”

“Where's the slip?” she asked.

“It doesn't need a slip. Don't worry, the beads cover everything necessary.”

Lucy assumed it wasn't professional to shrink and attempt to cover herself with her hands, so she merely held out her arm for the dress, turned, and retreated behind the oriental screen. She could feel his dark eyes on her ass as she strode quickly across the room. She knew the lower cheeks of her behind peeked out under those little panties. She should have worn some with more coverage.

The beaded dress felt heavy and cold over her naked breasts and buttocks. The dress bared her arms and a wide expanse of collarbone. It's fringes fell to just above her knees. At least the beads were black. She tucked her hair into the black beaded cap and girded her loins with brandy-fortified courage.

Marc and Brian dragged the heavy chaise away from the wall and angled it in front of the camera. It was a wide backless couch with a rolled bolster on one end tapestry pillows, and red velvet upholstery.

“Okay now. Recline slightly facing the camera. One arm up to lean on your hand.” Marc adjusted the pillows so she could rest comfortably. “Legs gracefully to the side. No, I said gracefully.” He adjusted her legs and arranged the dress again.

Lucy giggled. “I think my garters are showing.”

“All the better. Two of the bidders are men. Just stay quiet and look pretty”. He backed away to start the conference call. Brian fiddled with the video camera's viewfinder a bit and also retreated to the other room.


The camera hummed softly. Lucy reclined and let her mind wander. She closed her eyes and dreamed of hands all over her. Brian's hands pressing her chest through the silk. Marc's warm hands resting on her arms and neck. Marc's hands easing her feet into her new heels. Brian's hands stroking her backside through the white silk dress. She felt warm, faint and slightly dizzy. Waves of heat floated through her body, throat to chest, thorough her core, her sex and her legs and back up again. It must be the brandy.

Marc and Brian's voices hummed inaudibly through the door. It sounded like a bidding war. The voices behind the door were becoming louder and more heated. Was it an argument?

“Damn it. I saw her first! You can't just cut me out.” That sounded like Brian.

“I hired her. I had the idea.” That was Marc.

“Let's work something out.” The voices quieted.

Lucy sat up and let her legs swing over the side of the chaise.

“Are we all done?” She wasn't sure if she was still in view of the bidders.

“Almost,” said Marc. “Brian went to make sure all the final bids were recorded properly.”

“Was there a problem? It sounded like something was wrong.”

“No not really. Brian and I were not on the same page at first but we agreed to split the commission on the dresses. Your cut will be at least a thousand.”

That delighted Lucy. She picked up her purse and started toward the door.

“Wait,” asked Marc. “Aren't you forgetting something?”

“Oh the dress!” Lucy walked back behind the screen and took off the cap, glad to finally unpin her hair. She pulled the heavy beaded dress over her head. As she laid the dress on the back of the armchair, she noticed her clothes were no longer draped over it.

"Mr Connelly, have you seen my regular clothes?”

Marc peeked around the screen. “I think I left them in the other room.” His dark eyes looked rather heated. In fact he looked like he was about to carve a piece of filet mignon for himself. Lucy took a step backward and tottered on her heels. She was naked save her shoes, stockings and garters.

“Don't fall now.” Marc stepped up to her quickly and pulled her tightly to him. One hand grasped her buttocks. His other hand reached around her neck into her loosened tresses and wound into her glossy hair, pulling her head back.

“Oh shi-” said Lucy.

Marc had removed his jacket and tie. His shirt was open and his sleeves were rolled up. He looked lean, predatory and hungry. Marc seized her and feasted on her mouth. He tasted of brandy and lust. He pulled her body against his so that she could feel his hardness against her belly. She gasped against his lips and he thrust his tongue into her mouth, stroking hers lasciviously.

Lucy felt her lower body stiffen. Her sex ached and moistened. A slow drum beat at her core. She raised her hips in an effort to rub her aching pussy against his hard-on. Marc groaned and pulled her even closer so that her breasts flattened against his warm, hairy chest. She stumbled against the chair behind her. He moved his hand from her head and reached his arm around to support her back. The other hand crept further down. She felt his hand between her legs. His palm pressed against her pelvis and his long fingers parted her to stroke her wet and silky lower lips.

"Ah God, you're juicy. You're dying for it, aren't you sweetheart."

Lucy just groaned. His fingers stroking her felt so good. She was tender and so sensitive there. She started to move against his fingers. He pressed her down into the big Queen Anne armchair, pulled her legs towards him, and pushed her knees apart.

“Wha-?”, Lucy started. Her thought process was interrupted by the sight of Marc, who had knelt on the oriental rug in front of her and now had his face between her legs.

“What a pretty pixie haircut you have. A natural red-head. I love it.” He lapped her like a cat and then pressed his whole tongue against her. She tasted like seawater, musk and lust.

The situation seemed like a waking dream to Lucy. Her dignified, well dressed employer was devouring her like an ice cream cone. She couldn't sit still. She had to move her hips, to rub against his face or she would burst to pieces. She would burst to pieces anyway. He was doing something with one of his hands. Long fingers suddenly entered her and quickly massaged her insides while his rough tongue circled her tender overstimulated button.

She screamed and clenched. A burst of pleasure overwhelmed her. Marc lifted his head and laughed. He continued to stroke her with his fingers, drawing out her orgasm until it subsided. Lucy closed her eyes and relaxed in the chair. Mark was fiddling with his clothing. She heard a ripping sound.

“Don't fall asleep now.” Lucy's eyes fluttered open. Marc stood before her clothed in his unbuttoned dress shirt and socks. That was it. He lifted her buttocks off the chair with both hands and impaled her on his erect cock.

“Ah!” gasped Lucy.

Marc pulled her arms around his neck. “Wrap your legs around me darling, you're going for a ride.” He lifted her bodily out of the chair and backed her against the antique tapestry on the wall behind them. God the little red-head was tight. He pounded her with his hips, faster and faster.

Lucy felt a pressure building again. She couldn't believe it. Another wave tightened unbearably and crashed over her. Marc groaned and thrust deep, once, twice... The third time his cock reached for her very core and he emptied himself inside her pulsing sheath. He stumbled backwards with her and they collapsed onto the big chaise. His heart pounded on top of hers.

After a time, his weight lifted. He kissed her ear.

“Just take a nap, hon. I'll be back with your things.”


Lucy lay sprawled on the red velvet chaise. It probably wasn't a good idea to lie here naked, however wandering around the house naked didn't seem like a better one. Besides, she was just so tired and relaxed. She closed her eyes and dozed. In her dreams, someone slipped her heels off. In her dreams, big hands caressed her legs and pulled down her stockings. In her dreams, Brian was kissing her neck and stroking the sides of her breasts.

She opened her eyes. It wasn't a dream. There was a beautiful naked man pressing his warm lips on her neck while he knelt over her. It was Brian.

She started, and began to sit up. “No. Brian. I have to go. We can't do this. Oh God! Mr. Connelly will be back any minute now. I'm going to get fired!” Boy, he had a big cock.

“ Don't worry,” he murmured. “Marc got interrupted. He'll be on the phone for a long time. I latched the door.” Brian silenced further objections by pressing his mouth against hers. He had such soft lips for a man. Delicious. She let him rub his lips with hers. He tilted his head to the other side . Lucy relaxed her lips and let his tongue in. She sucked it. Brian had been drinking whiskey instead of brandy. He pushed her back into the bolster as they kissed so that he could move his arms from the sides of her face to the sides of her breasts.

Brian lifted his lips and let his gaze drift from her pretty green eyes to her pretty white breasts. They were just the right size to fit completely into his big hands. Lucy's perky bosoms peaked into delicate pink nipples. The skin on the areoles was even silkier than that on her breasts. He traced his finger around one and watched the nipple contract. He had to bite those beautiful tits. He lowered his mouth and licked around one while pinching the other nipple. Lucy gasped and arched her back, pushing her hips up to get closer to his erection. Brian spread her legs to rub the tip of his cock against her gleaming reddened pussy. He took it in his hand and slowly stroked her up and down, nearly to her entrance and back up around her wet button. She groaned and moved her hips to rub against him. He leaned down over her and grazed his teeth against a stiff nipple and then took it in his mouth, running his tongue around it and sucking hard. He pressed his cock against her opening. Lucy moaned.

“What is it darling?”

“Put it in. I'm dying. Put it in,” she gasped.

“Wait.” He withdrew and pulled something off a side table. No, please. I feel so empty and aching, thought Lucy.

Brian wrapped his cock and pulled her legs up around his hips as he knelt. He found her entrance again and pushed. Her tightness resisted him.

“Relax sweetheart.” Lucy couldn't believe how big he felt. He was going to split her in half. Yes, that was it. Oh God he was pushing into her. Slowly, slowly stretching her slick passage.

Her body was burning up. He withdrew a bit and angled her lower to press against the top of her passage. That was even more sensitive. He suddenly grunted, pushed in quickly and buried himself to the hilt. Lucy screamed. He was impossibly big inside her. He pushed against her cervix, pulled out a bit and started fucking her. Massaging her insides. She felt tension building in her lower body.

Lucy heard a noise by her right side and turned her head. Holy shit it was Marc. Naked, hairy, muscled and lean, with a rampant erection right by her ear. He looked straight into her eyes as Brian fucked her vigorously.

“Can I? Please let me darling.”

Endorphin-overload short-circuited Lucy's neural network. “Yes. Oh fuck. Yes!” she gasped. Dear God did I just say that?

Marc knelt over her chest and placed another pillow behind her head so that she could comfortably suck him.

Brian hissed. “Marc what are you doing? I can't see her face now. All I can see is your damn ass.”

“Close your eyes and feel her, man. Think about her pretty face sucking cock while you're fucking her.”

Brian sighed and closed his eyes. He concentrated on the tight wet sheath around his cock. If he wasn't imagining things, she was getting even tighter, hotter. He heard her groan. His balls contracted further.

Brian had slowed his thrusts. No, keep going! Don't stop, thought Lucy. Marc's cock bobbed upright in front of her face. She sat up a bit more as he adjusted her pillow.

“There now girl. Put your pretty lips around this.” She bit her lower lip and opened her mouth like a baby bird. He pushed the dripping head of his cock between her lips and she closed them around it. He could feel her tongue swirl around the head to taste it.

Lucy loved the feel of Marc's cock in her mouth. The skin of his cock was heated, smooth and pliant. She felt the top ridge of his mushroom-head rubbing against the top surface of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. Brian's cock was slowly pushing it's way into her pussy again. Too slowly. More. She wanted more.

She was being violated all over now. Marc was stroking and pinching her nipples. He was face-fucking her now with his hips. She was sucking Marc's, firm, salty dick. Being massaged inside by Brian's huge, hard cock. Stretching her. Filling her. Oh god. She opened her eyes and saw Marc's handsome face contorting with pleasure. His dick suddenly throbbed in her mouth and hot fluid poured into her throat. She sucked him and swallowed repeatedly. An almost painful contraction seized her whole pelvis. Then a hard, throbbing, climax surged through her starting at her center and moving up and down her body.

Marc gently withdrew from her mouth but she didn't have time to come down. Brian's big cock caressed her faster, harder and more urgently. It tipped her over again. She pulsed around him, thrumming against the hot invasion as he thrust even deeper inside her and convulsed.


Lucy wondered if most people felt like this at the aftermath of an orgy. Was it always so uncomfortable? The three of them sat naked and panting. Marc was sprawled on the rug with his legs out in front of him. He didn't seem embarrassed. Brian was trying to pretend that Marc wasn't there.

“Mr. Connelly....Mr. Connelly. I'm so embarrassed. I don't know if I can come in tomorrow morning. I'll be so distracted. I don't know if I can work here anymore. That was so, so... ”

“Wild? Spectacular?” Brian grinned at her.

“Well, yes, but it wasn't... right. That's not something I should do with my bosses. It's not something anyone should do with their bosses! How can you respect me now? How can we work together? This is impossible. What a slut.” She turned away.

"You're not a slut,” said Brian. “Sweetheart....You're a passionate woman. Don't worry about it. We're all friends here. Marc is my cousin. It will be our secret.”

“Yes...Sweetheart...” The word did not sound the same coming from Marc. “You're very much wanted here. We like you. We respect you. Sleep on it. You'll feel better in the morning.”

Lucy was not convinced. She gathered her clothes off the table where Marc had left them and retreated behind the screen. As if it mattered now. One workplace screwing was risky, but two? How could she look them both in the eye every day?

Lucy took a cab to the LIRR. She wouldn't accept a ride from either of them.

… .

Brian set up his laptop on the chess table in front of the chaise lounge. They settled in to watch the video.

“Look at that. I can't believe how hard I am now.”

“Wait..Look at her face right before you do it. Was she surprised...”

“Stop. Can you zoom in there?”

“O my god, I can't believe you did that.”

“Thanks for the condom.”

 I didn't want to knock the poor girl up.”

"I meant about protecting the upholstery.”

“Do you think she really won't come back?” Brian said as the video focused on the empty couch with Lucy's distraught voice in the background.

“You can talk her into it”, said Marc. “She likes you better, I think.”

“I don't want to let her go. I like her too. Plus she's a damn good researcher.”

“I really want to fuck her again. What a beautiful piece of ass. ” Marc pictured Lucy's pretty mouth around his cock again. No. One of them had to talk her into staying.

“I don't think she'll go for another threesome,” said Brian. “Why don't you leave her be? I feel kind of dick-ish right now.”

“I tell you what. We were both kind of dick-ish”, said Marc. “The deed is done. I'm going to fuck her again if I can. You can make love to her if you like. Right now, I want to think about how to spend all the money we made today.” He packed up his brief case and left.

Brian fumed. Marc was such a bastard. Why hadn't he stayed out and watched the video feed like they had agreed?

… ..

It was late. Lucy couldn't relax. Thoughts raced through her head. The aftermath was so embarrassing. Why did they have to ruin it for her? She should have... What should she have done? Said no to Marc? It still would have been ruined. And no orgasms. It was such a good job. Damn. She wanted them both. Brian is such a lovely guy. Marc. Well, Marc makes her wet just thinking about him lapping her pussy. Brian's big cock felt so good filling her up. She was wet and swollen again. She had to touch herself. Her fingers circled around and around her slick nub. She lifted her hips up. Her muscles tightened as she raised her shoulders, leaned her head back and breathed in.

A flicker of sensation burst through her pelvis. She pushed two fingers inside and a pulsation started around them. She rubbed the inside of her sex rapidly as it squeezed her fingers. Pleasure filled her. A great wave of relaxation came over her as her rapid heartbeat slowed. She drifted off to sleep.

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