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The Hot Neighbor

The Hot Neighbor

Sandra didn't realize he'd been watching her...
Sandra stood on her driveway, trying not to stare at her neighbor, but to no avail. She loved how his body moved; the tan muscle of his sleek arms and chest drove her crazy. Kevin was cleaning out his garage, and she was able to watch his amazing movements furtively enough, or so Sandra thought. “Well lookie who it is, how long have you been standing there, staring at me?” Kevin sauntered over to her (that walk though, oh my lord that man could walk, she thought,) then took her hand and kissed it, very slowly.

She felt his touch all the way through her body, trying not to tremble. 'How can he have this effect on me?' she thought. Sensing her reaction somehow, he slowly placed one of her fingers in his mouth, sucking on it, savoring it. Sandra moaned as the sensation flooded through her.

“I've wanted to meet you for so long, but I was afraid,” he stated, his voice husky.

'Oh boy,' she thought. It made her get butterflies. A few seconds later, his mouth was on hers, hard, his pent up passion and frustration all coming out in his fervent kiss. His tongue tasted her lips, her mouth. 'Oh god, I'm going to drown.'

'Oh no, you're not, savor this moment, child,' her inner goddess spoke to her, softly, soothingly. Her tongue tasted his, stroking, joining together in a slow, erotic dance of sorts that was all about sensation, feeling.

Pulling her to him, he pulled back just a little bit to look at her. Her eyes locked with his, seeing the dark passion in them. 'Oh shit, that is so sexy… amazing how I manage to not ever cuss out loud,' she thinks. He bit his lip. 'Don’t do that, it does things to me…'

He pulled her body tightly to him, pushing Sandra against the wall of her garage, and she could feel his whole body on hers, every part of his body. Leaning in, his body molding to hers, his lips find hers again. His lips were so sensual, so demanding, taking what they wanted. He moaned, so full of passion.

After a long enough time that she thought she would be consumed by the fire in her, he moved his lips away from hers and danced his tongue along her neck, biting softly. “Ohhhh" was all she could manage to get out. Her hands were in his hair, on his back, clutching at him. Slowly, she peeled his shirt up to feel his skin. It was scorching to the touch, as she was sure hers was. She felt his hands, closing around her waist, as his lips moved along her collarbone, down along her chest, above her bra. He slid them upward, removing her shirt slowly, his mouth moving along the exposed skin. She gasped, hardly able to breathe, lost in sensation.

“I've wanted to feel and taste your skin for so long”, he breathed, his voice low. “I've watched you sometimes, through your window. You're so beautiful Sandra.” The way he said her name made her weak in the knees. His hands wandered all along her body, moving over her jeans and pulling her hips to his, hard.

“I know I'm not supposed to, but I want you. Desperately. I need you, need to feel myself inside you, taking you over.” His words seemed to ignite a savage hunger from deep within her, a hunger that had remained hidden for a long time. That hunger was dangerous, she knew.

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