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Unhinged Desire: Part 2

Unhinged Desire: Part 2

Christy takes more daring steps in her advances with Danny, and begins to question her real motives.
Day 3

After yesterday’s progress I was all the more intent on going the whole way with this 'project' of mine. Danny hadn't seen me since the previous days’ antics so I knew that when he did see me, all of the activities would be refreshed in his mind.

Lucky for me, he had the day off today as my Dad was visiting my Uncle, and because my mom was out of town with work, we had the house to ourselves for a few hours; meaning I had him all to myself.

I decided to tease him with my choice of clothing; a casual yet sexy outfit, I put on my black with pink polka dots bra and panties, one of his white shirts (buttoned but not quite to the top or bottom, my cleavage is visible and so is my belly button) and long white football socks (or soccer socks if you're American). The shirt was long enough to cover the panties but still showed off my full, tanned thighs, I left little to the imagination and went to his room where he was playing his video games. The excitement built inside me as I anticipated what was about to happen...

I knocked on his door and opened it to find him sat on his desk chair wearing nothing but a pair of white baggy boxer shorts, playing on FIFA and eating a big tube of Pringles. He looked up at me and gulped, "Hi Christy, you're looking... sexy in my shirt."

I smirked and purred, "Good. You look tired; it's your day off, you need a nice relaxing treat."

He smiled coyly and replied, "What did you have in mind?"

I walked over to him and threw the controller and Pringles away. I sat facing him on his lap; I lifted his hand and sucked the salt and vinegar flavour off his fingers in a very suggestive manor. I couldn't help but notice a tent forming in his baggy boxer shorts; I looked into his eyes seductively and said, "Do you like it when I straddle you like this?”

He murmured, "Yes... I... erm... I love it."

I smirked, knowing that he was very nervous and excited to be in this position with someone he previously considered family. I ran my hand through his hair, pulling his head up and holding it in that position so I could gently kiss and bite his neck, he moaned lightly. Next, I began to grind slowly on his fully erect cock, there was that much pre-cum the peak of the tent was a little damp, my panties were soaked as I got hornier by each passing moment.

I began to lower myself off of the chair and knelt in front of him; he looked down at me and said reluctantly, "We really shouldn't be doing this... I mean... What if someone finds out?"

I replied, "You and I know that we both want this to happen, so just go with the flow and don't tell anyone." he nodded his head in reply, I looked in front of me to see the huge erection he had formed under his boxers, I reached inside them and gently stroked his soft shaved cock. He looked to the sky and moaned, "That feels so good Cristy." slowly I pulled his boxers down, revealing his fully erect throbbing penis.

I looked deeply into his eyes and licked the head of his cock while stroking the length of his big, thick dick. He was breathing heavily and grunting at the feeling of my tongue lapping up the pre-cum that had started to trickle down his shaft. I started to suck the gleaming head of his penis and work my tongue around it in my mouth while I played with his balls with my free hand.

He could only gather his thoughts to murmur, "This is so wrong but it feels fucking great."

I never lost eye contact with him; my big brown eyes stared longingly into his as I left his cock to say, "If it feels good, why the hell shouldn't we do it?" I stood up and spat on his dick, "Do you want me to show you my boobs? I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time imagining what they look like, even though you know you shouldn’t think of me like that."

He simply nodded his head and blushed, saying, "What am I doing?"

I ignored him and slowly undid the buttons of the shirt, letting it slip off my arms and onto the floor, I was stood in his room wearing nothing but my underwear... I was surely dreaming. He stared at me seductively, intently waiting for my 36c boobs to be freed from their prison; I unclipped my bra and slowly let it fall from my body allowing my boobs to bounce freely.

Without hesitation Danny jumped up and caressed my plump boobs; he began kissing me deeply and passionately, my world stopped, I had dreamed about this for months, maybe even years but I was only able to understand my feelings more recently.

He broke the kiss and started kissing my cleavage and sucking my erect nipples; he laid me down on the bed and started kissing my stomach, he reached down and started to slip my panties off but I stopped him (It was the hardest thing I have ever done) and whispered, "That comes later in the week."

I rolled over and kissed him, slowly working my way down his trimmed body all the way to his still throbbing cock; I wrapped my boobs around it and began bouncing them up and down on his meat, kissing its head when it poked up through my cleavage. I was giving Danny a tit wank.

Moans, grunts, the unmistakable sound of tits smacking on bare skin, and my frequent dirty talk of "You're so big, I bet all the girls fight over this, give me your sweet treat, do you like my big boobs bouncing on your dick?" were heard quite clearly throughout the house. He began to thrust his pelvis; fucking my cleavage... he was close.

"I'm going to cum!" was the only phrase he could muster, and so I quickly sat on my knees, jerking his dick, holding it above my face, "Cum for me!" I yelled, before he released five spurts of his warm cum all over my face and tits. I lapped up what I could and wiped the rest all over my tits, giving them a nice lubricated look.

I stood up, picked up my bra and the tube of Pringles, ate one and walked out of the room saying, "Hope you enjoyed that, I'm going to clean myself up. I recommend you clean your room before mom gets home, don't worry there's more to come!"

That night I went to bed excited, horny and just about every other emotion you can think of. I had just made my Danny cum; he was sexually aroused by me; someone he considered a dear friend, a sister even, was this wrong? Do I see him in a different light to how we used to see each other? What is he thinking right now? However, my most immediate thought was 'I can't wait for tomorrow'.

Day 4

Today would be a slow one, I wanted him to think over what happened last night and make the anticipation build up inside him; so today I did what I do best, tease.

I wore very short pink pyjama bottoms and a tight white vest top, and that’s all. I just strutted around all day waiting for him to look at me so I could:

1. Bite my lip and look at him seductively.
2. Purposely bend right over and stick my ass right out in his direction.
3. Reach high up so my boobs were pushed together and my slim tummy was clearly visible.
4. Finally I would every so often brush past his penis or grab his bulge through his pants, or even kiss him when mom wasn't looking.

Later that night we watched a film in the living room: Me, my mum and Danny. Danny and I were sat on chairs opposite each other, only just in touching distance, but he could see me and I him through the corners of our eyes, mom was sat on the big couch just in front of us. I was going to have a little fun.

The film was dragging on and getting boring when I heard heavy breathing, it was my mom fast asleep. I looked over at Danny, "Psst! My mom's asleep," I said quietly trying to grab his attention, "Watch this." I whispered to him, his eyes widened trying to see me with only the light from the television as his torch. He stared intently as I lifted up the blanket that was covering my pink pyjama short shorts. I slowly stroked my stomach and worked my way down to the waistband; I reached inside my shorts and started rubbing my sensitive clit.

He watched me stroke and rub my pussy and this made his cock stand to attention. He couldn't resist it, he imitated my actions and reached inside his boxer shorts, gently stroking and tugging on his forming erection. We sat watching each other masturbate, making one another more and more horny. I began to finger myself and he began to quicken the pace to fully pounding his meat.

I prayed my mom wouldn't wake up but at this point all that was on my mind was my climax, he jiggered a little and moaned lightly as he came, now was my turn. I rubbed and fingered my pussy furiously until I reached breaking point; I bit my lip trying to keep my moans inside as my body erupted in orgasm.

After I recovered a little I grabbed my phone and text him, "I'm going to clean up and go to bed, see you tomorrow! ;)xx"

He replied, "Nighty night, I'll look forward to it :pxx"

Tomorrow would be a big day; with my Dad staying with my Uncle for a while, and my mum out of town for 3 days, my three day plan of fucking Danny would enter the final stages.

Till next time,

The End

I appreciate all the feedback from part 1 and I look forward to your comments on this. Please tell me what you think and what you would like to see in the series in the future.

Thank you for reading.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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