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When You Go Down In The Woods

All heads in the area turn as she marches past. The graceful, elegant figure she cuts through the crowd cause all and sundry to admire the swish and glide of her step. She’s beautiful and confident, radiating an elegance most women could only hope for. There’s a purpose to her gait, her mind focussed on her destination – on her prize.

Her long dark hair billows out behind her as she walks. Her small red dress clings to her tight, hourglass frame. It ends halfway down her smooth, tanned thighs. A black handbag is clutched under her arm and each step echoes with the sound of her clipping heels.

At the end of the street, she spots the unremarkable store with its modest décor. ‘The Woods’ is etched into a sign above the door. She knows it houses far more expense than its neighbours, though. A smile pulls at her lips as she marches towards it, straight as an arrow. She will need expense and glamour tonight, to impress a man of his standing, she thinks to herself.

She pushes through the door, closing it behind her. A wave of warm air, rather different than the cool outdoors, washes over her – along with the scent of new shoes. A deep breath fills her lungs, savouring the smell. But there’s something else - something unexpected. A hint of wood, perhaps Rowan – rather apt for the store’s name, she thinks – interrupts her thoughts, before a voice does likewise.

“Hello, Madame. May I assist you?” a soothing, yet husky voice asks, behind her.

She turns to him, looking his frame up and down for a second. He towers over her, even in her heels. His gaze is fixed and confident, behind the frames of his glasses. A blue-grey suit, without a tie, clings to his body. His top button is undone, she notices. He fills the suit well and she cannot resist licking her lips as she admires his shape. His hair is tidy and dark, without an ounce of stubble or a hair out of place. His skin looks so smooth she feels she could almost reach out and stroke it.

She clears her throat, focussing her thoughts once again.

“Yes, I’m looking for a pair of shoes,” she says, glancing around the store nervously.

He gestures, silently, towards a chair in the corner of the room, behind a small screen. Walking over, she plants herself in the seat and crosses her legs. Her bag is placed gently down and her eyes scan the walls around her – covered in shoes.

“Are you looking for something specific?” he asks her, his voice quiet but unmistakable.

“I need a pair of heels,” she tells him, admiring the selection around her and feeling spoiled for choice. “To suit the dress I’m wearing – I have an important rendezvous tonight.”

She smiles, imagining her man’s reaction when he sees her strutting into the restaurant in her new outfit and new shoes. He won’t be able to resist her, she thinks to herself. Her chest swells and her confidence grows, a flirtatious smile appearing on her lips.

She looks up to find the salesman standing over her, holding out his hand. A slight frown furrows her brow.

“Please stand, miss,” he asks before she takes his strong but gentle grip. “I would like you to show me your dress properly.”

He pirouettes her on the spot and her puzzlement fades - she twirls for him. A smile plays on her lips as he steps back to admire her. She knows the tight, figure-hugging dress leaves little to the imagination. She can see the hunger in his eyes, darting from her capacious cleavage to her round, perfect ass. A flutter rises in her chest, aware of his hungry gaze on her body. She loves every second of the show she gives him, bending slightly in her dress to tighten the material even further.

Suddenly, he’s gone and her heart sinks a little. She sits back in her chair, a pout beginning to form on her lips, before he reappears. He’s clutching a pair of heels, but they’re hidden from sight.

The man kneels at her feet and smiles up at her. His eyes fix with hers, unwavering, and a smile hints at her lips. She knows the shortness of her dress is an issue. She knows that when she sat down it hitched up over her thighs. She knows she’s very exposed and she likes the feeling it gives her.

He opens his hand, gesturing for her foot. Sitting back in the chair, she lifts her leg unusually high and feels the tight cloth of the dress shift up her smooth legs, revealing her further. The blatant hunger in his eyes causes her heart to race. She feels her breath quicken slightly while she bites at her full, cherry red lips.

Her foot is placed in his hand, but their eyes linger on each other for a second. She shifts, nervously, under his gaze and feels quite unlike her usual self. His gaze slowly descends as he enjoys the sight of her dress once more. She watches his eyes slide beneath the hem of her dress, peeking into the darkness for a glimpse. Her nipples harden instantly to see the desire in his eyes and she struggles to keep her breathing even, unable to explain the sudden lust building within her.

The man’s eyes slide down the flawless skin of her long legs. She jumps, shocked, as his hand caresses her calf and his fingers tickle her gently. She barely suppresses a moan to feel his hand squeeze and stroke her firm muscles. His fingers seem to savour her as much as his eyes. They trail slowly up the back of her leg to her knee, holding her still as his mouth dips dangerously close to her skin.

She sucks on her lip, watching him with a real need to feel him against her skin. She wills him on, staring into the top of his head. His breath tickles her prickly skin and she closes her eyes, yearning for his touch. She almost cries with disappointment to feel his breath leave her.

She looks down as his hand takes her shoe and slips it from her foot. She wiggles her toes, pointedly, showing him the lush red polish on her nails. A silver toe ring shines in the artificial light, catching his attention. Her body tingles as he fingers the ring, gently, admiring its shape. Triumph rises within her to feel his fingers tickle the bottom of her foot, almost causing her to giggle.

He looks up into her eyes but his gaze is far stronger than hers, piercing deep into her growing lust. She shies away, giggling quietly as her toes stroke up his thigh and rub his leg. His hands gently, teasingly, stroke her calf and up to her knee as the two make eye contact at last. He licks his lips, blatantly, raking his teeth over his bottom lip with a smirk. She quietly whimpers, pushing her foot forward to graze over the bulge in his trousers with a wicked grin.

Her leg rises with her caressing movements, close enough to his face to feel his breath on her knee. She aches and craves the gentle touch of his lips, with her eyes hooded and heavy. His lips brush the inside of her knee and she almost moans with the satisfaction of the smallest touch.

Her eyes remain open long enough to see the spread of his lips as they slowly press to her skin. His eyes slide beneath her dress again, hunting for a sneak peek. She lasts no longer, her eyes slamming shut with lust and need. His lips leave her immediately and annoyance burns within her. She glares down at the salesman kneeling in front of her, but he shows no sign of acknowledgement as her shoe is slipped from her other foot.

Her mind races, panicking, as her shoes are set aside. ‘Did I imagine that?’ she wonders, frowning. His demeanour is neutral and solid as he holds her foot in his hand again, no hint of the caress and affection from before. She scowls and silently demands answers from him, staring at the top of his head. Shoes are slipped onto her feet, but her attention’s gone, lost to the hunger within her core.

He stands.

“Please,” he says, holding his hand out to her. “Walk for me.”

His hand is seized, irritably, and she is guided gracefully to her feet, wobbling slightly to balance herself on her new heels. Their arms link, his shoulder brushing against her as he takes her weight. His aroma engulfs her and the strong grip on her arm sends shivers through her body. She feels dizzier still, now so close to him, and almost falls before his firm grasp takes hold of her.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he breathes into her ear, sending tingles up her spine.

‘Oh, please won’t you kiss my neck,’ she thinks, biting her bottom lip roughly and feeling his breath on her shoulder.

His face is unreadable, but a gesture towards a small floor mirror is all she needs. She steps over to it, their arms still linked, and she turns her ankle to admire the shoes she wears.

The shoes are black, to match her handbag, with four inch heels. There’s a shine to the surface, a comfort to the material and a sophistication that she loves. She turns her heel once more, admiring herself in them. The infamous red sole seals the deal – she must have them, she knows. A new need rises within her – one that only fuels her desire and her lust further.

The salesman steps behind her, his body brushing hers as he still holds her hands in his own. She almost melts into the embrace, forgetting the shoes again for just a second.

“I’m sure a lady of your refinement recognises that red sole,” he whispers in her ear, causing her lip to be chewed on viciously with a nod. “The black suits your dress perfectly and the red sole…” he pauses, breathing in heavily –almost inhaling.

“Yes?” she asks, breathless.

“The red sole only shows the quality, sophistication and elegance of a woman of your beauty,” he tells her, his breath now dangerously hot on the nape of her neck.

Her body burns with the fire he’s building inside her, drawing her breath and her composure from her in spades. Her eyes stare into the tiny mirror, at the shoes she knows are so very expensive, feeling her confidence grow and grow. She needs to prove herself worthy, she thinks to herself.

“Walk for me,” he tells her, turning her around.

He guides her forward with one hand, for just a few steps, as though the beginning of a dance, before he lets her go. Finding her feet at last, she steps gracefully forward, pirouetting on the spot to look back at him with a smile. She twirls around the store, her hair trailing behind her, alive with the energy coursing within her body. She wants – and needs – to show this man her beauty. Her worth. She feels sexy, she feels gorgeous and radiant. She feels on top of the world and the desire of all men, in these shoes. Her body tingles with an excited, anticipating passion.

Her arms drop to her sides, smoothing the expensive material to the shape of her body, highlighting her features. Her body sways and twirls delightfully, a dance to the silent music that pumps throughout her body and rushes in her ears. Her step is graceful and precise, without a hint of faltering.

The clench returns to his jaw and the steel to his eyes, she sees as she turns to face him. It cuts through to her core, sending pulses of burning energy to her wet, throbbing pussy and her iron nipples. Her grace falters to see his naked desire and she stumbles, reaching out in shock as she clatters to her knees. She looks up, shame flushing her cheeks, to see his legs before her. Her hands are clutching his trousers and she releases him quickly, her eyes hungrily scanning his unmistakable bulge before they meet those of the man looming over her.

Their lust arcs between them, visible in their gaze, as he reaches down to cup her face in his palm. She closes her eyes, her cheeks flushing with different emotions, as he eases her to her feet once more. When she opens them again, now standing, his finger brushes the skin of her chest, causing a shudder to quake her body. She looks down.

Her silver necklace, hanging above her cleavage, lies draped over his finger, examined closely. He smiles, replacing it gently on her chest. His finger lingers there. She watches his knuckle stroke down towards the valley of her breasts with her heightened desire and anticipation now almost unbearable.

Again, his touch disappears, leaving her wanting more. Her gaze climbs to his, irritated, before she’s halted by the touch of his finger on her rosy cheek. He coughs, suddenly, trying to compose himself, before he looks to her again with the same ready intensity. A thought lingers on his mind for a moment.

“We have a wall mirror in the back,” he says, speaking slowly before he can meet her eyes with his. “Maybe you’d like to see how you look…”

His voice trails off, as if wanting to say more. Before she can ask, his hand takes her elbow and she’s marched towards the back room with her nostrils full of his masculine scent.

One wall of the back room is dedicated to a large mirror. Lamps around the walls spotlight the area in the otherwise dimly lit room. She is led before it, her man still holding close behind her with his hands on her shoulders.

Heat caresses her skin, but she struggles to identify the source. His breath falls on her neck, goosing her skin, while the lamps warm the rest of her with their iridescent glow. Before her, she sees a flushed, slightly dishevelled beauty in a red dress and expensive heels. Her mind takes a moment to realise it’s herself – not recognising the excitement, thrill – and fear – that shines behind her eyes. A man is pressed close behind her. His short, tidy hair is only inches from hers and his wet, recently licked lips agonisingly close to her long and slender neck. His eyes wear the same intensity as hers, without the alarm she feels.

“Those heels really suit you,” he murmurs quietly to her. “They match your dress brilliantly.”

His hands slide gently down her sides – she does nothing to resist, sucking her lips and watching his every movement across her tense body, his hands sliding over the curve of her waist.

“I know you love the red soles. Red being passion and lust,” he tells her as she finally feels his lips brush against her neck, causing shivers to carry through her body. “From your soles to your tight, figure-hugging red dress…”

His hands bunch around the tight material, gathered at her thighs, while the backs of his hands tease at her skin. She quietly whimpers as he starts to ease the material higher before letting it go and smoothing it over the tight skin of her midriff.

“Yes?” she asks again, desperate for more and craving every word and touch of this man she can have.

“The red of your cheeks…” he whispers, stroking the back of his hand over her face and smiling at her desperate, reflected longing. “To your plump, succulent, deep red lips.”

Every word is spoken neatly and deliberately, drawn out to agonise her all the more as her body tingles with desire. She turns to face him, their eyes both betraying the wicked thoughts behind their stare. Slowly, they lean closer to each other until her mouth presses against his. The kiss immediately sparks their intensity and they kiss deeply, her hand reaching around to hold the back of his head into the kiss.

She gasps, breaking apart as she does, and quietly moans to feel his cock press against her arse, grinding into her. A plea appears behind her eyes and his confidence swells as he pulls her closer, pressing his manhood into her and moaning at the contact. A quiver is shared between them when his lips bury themselves in the nape of her neck, kissing and sucking at the hot skin.

She finds his hands holding hers and guiding them up her body. She can only watch as he places her hands on her breasts, making her squeeze herself firmly and roll her palms over her delicate, aching orbs. She moans her approval, sinking back against him and the cock that presses hungrily into her body.

His hands release hers, but still she mauls at her breasts on impulse, her desire beginning to spill forth. His touch is gentle as he strokes down her body to rub his hands over her hips, pulling her closer. The pressure eases from her back when he takes a step away. Her eyes snap up to watch his reflection, but she feels his fingers on her back. She sighs, and then whimpers, when she feels him take a hold of the zip of her dress.

“I…” she pauses, hesitant, still clutching her aching tits. “I don’t know your name.”

His lips return to her neck and her hesitation evaporates once his teeth graze over her skin, causing her sex to pulse with her desperate need.

“You don’t need names,” he tells her, biting gently at her shoulder. “Just hear my voice. Okay?”

She nods, obediently, to the man in the mirror. She feels suddenly exposed and vulnerable – under his power. She feels sexier than ever. Admiring the sight of her lustful form in the mirror, she takes a deep breath.

“Okay,” she relents, biting at her lip and squeezing her breasts once more, through the thin material.

“Do you want to leave the heels on?” he asks her with a heavy tone.

His hands stroke over the flat of her stomach even as his lips pull and nibble at her earlobe. The question sounds simple, but the implication is massive. The realisation of her situation hits her right in the chest and leaves her breathless. She knows she’s going to fuck this man, here and now. She can’t resist – she won’t resist. She needs it.

Her eyes rise to those reflected in the mirror, patiently waiting for her go ahead. She smiles, wickedly, resigning herself to the demands of her body. A nibble of her bottom lip precedes her answer.

“Yes, please,” she grins, feeling him immediately slide the zip down the length of her back.

The tiny, tight red dress falls down her body and pools around her feet. Her bare, braless breasts stiffen even more in the slightly cool air and her skin gooses with excitement. She watches his ravenous gaze take in the sight of her, his hands sliding down the sides of her body. They widen and he bites his lip to see the dark, damp patch in her seamless underwear.

His arm wraps around her chest, pushing up her breasts, and steadying her while she steps out of her dress, leaving it there on the floor. His briefest contact with her chest leaves her needing more and she reaches for his hands. She places them on her chest this time, forcing a squeeze from him before he takes control.

She relaxes back against him as his cock returns to press against her. His hands maul at her tits roughly and her body responds instantly. A rush of juices floods her sex, increasing the wet spot in her knickers even further. Her breath is tight and short; her lip, already sore, is bitten hard and her hands reach back to grab his arse, pulling him closer to her hot and sweaty body.

His fingers pinch and tug on her nipples, eliciting tiny whimpers and squeals from her. His hands begin to slide down her body, now slick with sweat. She reaches immediately for her tits, needing to touch and claw at herself to ease the frustration that builds within her. All the while she watches his teasing, tickling hands descend her body and wrap around her hips. His thumbs rub dangerously close to the dark, wet area of her underwear she so desperately needs him to touch.

“Please…” she whimpers, quietly, tugging on her nipples and gasping at her own force. “Please!”

His hands hold her waist, confusing her slightly, before he growls into her ear.

“Take them off,” he orders.

Her sex gushes again and throbs with an impatient need. She complies immediately, reaching for her knickers and seizing them in her hands. She inches them down, watching her gorgeous reflection slowly, teasingly, ease them down her body. She bends at the waist, forcing her bare ass against his shaft as he pulls her into him. A sexy, confident grin spreads over her face to see his eyes roll into the back of his head and to feel an involuntary jerk of his hips into her ass.

She drops the knickers, letting them fall onto her heels and kicking them intolerantly aside. She admires the sight of herself, wearing nothing but her heels, her jewellery, bright red lipstick and a huge, sexy grin. When she straightens again, her hand reaches for her mouth, immediately wanting to lick her fingers. There’s a whimper from her lips when he seizes her hand and guides it to his own mouth instead.

He sucks her fingers into his mouth, savouring the taste and the smooth texture of her fingers, licking each one in turn until they’re soaking wet. Smacking his lips around them, his hand guides hers back down her body and places it at her pelvic bone. He reaches for her breasts again, groping and squeezing her in his hands while he studies her movements.

“Go on,” he encourages her. “I want to taste you properly.”

Her fingers follow the trail of her shaven hair down towards her swollen, aching clit. Her body quivers with a contented whimper as her fingers land on her sensitive button and rub it softly with one wet finger. Her body sags, falling back against him and forcing his arm around her chest. His arm crushes her breasts to her body as he holds her upright, taking the chance to grind his shaft against her plump arse.

Impatience takes over her. Her hand descends, parting her lips and stroking the length of her pussy before she plunges two fingers deep inside her hot, dripping tunnel. Her other hand is quickly sucked on before it descends to her clit, rubbing herself hard and fast. Relaxing her body in his arms, she rubs and fucks herself faster and faster. Her fingers plunge deep and rough into her hole. Her hips rock and buck to meet every thrust.

She’s held there within his arms, with his lips and teeth on the nape of her neck, and her pleasure spills over uncontrollably. Unable to resist anymore, she watches the gorgeous, lusty, heeled woman in the mirror desperately fuck herself closer and closer to what promises to be a hard climax. Her mind detaches from reality, forgetting who and where she is. She focuses on the pleasure of her sex, the desperate need to cum and the filthy encouragements the man whispers in her ear.

“Frig your cunt,” he orders her, freeing a hand to pinch her quivering tits hard. “Fucking cum on your fingers, I want to taste your hot little hole!”

Her body takes over and it’s only a matter of time before she obeys. She loses herself to the total lust that fills her body. Watching the woman in the mirror she hardly recognises, she fucks herself harder and harder, her whole body shaking and jiggling with the force of her self-pleasure. She adds another finger to her canal, filling herself as she knows his cock will fill her soon, gasping her pleasure.

“Cum for me,” he growls in her ear, tugging hard on her nipple. “Cum on your gorgeous fingers and earn those heels, you dirty bitch.”

His words send her over the edge, instantly. Her already ragged breathing halts and fails as lights spark behind her eyes and her body begins to shake. A second later, she feels the clenching of her pussy against her fingers and the flood of cum from her cunt, coating and soaking her hand. The orgasm surges as she continues to fuck herself hard, desperate to hold onto the quivering, shaking mess she’s become.

Before long, her pleasure fades and her breathing returns with gasping breaths. Her lifeless body regains its composure as he eases her weight back onto her feet. He watches the heave of her chest, cupping her breasts in his hands and caressing her smooth skin to the tune of tiny little whimpers.

The wetness of her tunnel reluctantly releases her fingers as he guides her hand free by the wrist. She hangs on his frame, limply, as he brings her fingers up to his mouth and sucks them all at once. Life begins returns to her body to feel and hear the slurp of his lips and tongue over her fingers. His pleasured, satisfied moans reawaken the lust within her immediately.

“Fuck!” he moans, smacking his lips on her fingers. “Your gorgeous little hole tastes so fucking good.”

To emphasise his point, he turns her chin to face him. The hooded, hazy look in her eyes causes a throb to rush to his cock. Her eyes widen as he leans towards her, then closing just before his lips press to hers and they kiss hard, sharing the flavours of her cum. A moan is shared between them as her hands reach back to trail down his suited body.

She takes her weight once more, stumbling on her heels with a giggle. She turns to face the man currently sucking her cum from her fingers once again, desperate for more. The man she barely knows. Her free hand wanders up the chest of his suit and her lips pull to a smile, feeling the tension of his body. Her eyes drop down to the bulge in his crotch and she bites her lip expectantly, looking into his eyes with a half-plea that he can’t resist.

A giggle slips from her mouth to see him swallow hard and bite at his lip. Her fingers walk up his body to stroke his face.

Her eyes descend to the tenting of his trousers, grinning as she returns to his eyes. A wicked grin spreads across his face as his hand cups her cheek, caressing her skin. Moans burst from her mouth to feel him suddenly grip her hair and pull it tight.

Determination forces its way to the surface and she focuses her thoughts, tickling her fingers down his chest.

Impatience gets the better of him, making him kiss her hard and pulling her into it. Her hand brushes over his cock and grips his hard shaft. She begins to stroke him as he paws at her breast and they both moan passionately into the kiss, swallowing the sighs of the other.

His grip is firm on her head as he presses her down to a crouch at his feet. She can't help a quiet moan at the man's dominance and confidence.

"Let's see how well you crouch in those heels," he whispers with a hint of mirth, looking into the mirror behind her. "The view I have of your smooth back, the curve of your waist on top of those bright red soles, reflected back at me. Mm... I could fuck you right here."

Her eyes look up to his with an unmistakable hunger and desire, pleading silently with him to make good on his promise. He only smirks at her expression, taking a hold of her hair and pulling her face even closer to his restrained, aching cock.

“Once you’ve earned it,” he tells her, watching the grin spread across her face as she reaches for his zip, her mouth already salivating.

The quiet room fills with the rasp of his zip being tugged down hurriedly and the sound of quiet womanly giggles. Her moans echo from the walls as he pulls on her hair, impatiently. Gentle, slender fingers slip into the open fly of his trousers, causing her to gasp when she feels the heat of his skin immediately. She grins up into his firm gaze, biting her lip, feeling her pussy drench and throb again. Her ache has already returned, despite the orgasm, and her juices flow freely.

She licks her lips, desperate to suck on his dick but needing to feel him sliding into her pussy, filling her with his meat. She pauses, caught between minds and desires. He reminds her with a forceful tug on her hair, pushing her face into the bulging material of his trousers.

Her hand reaches for his throbbing manhood. Male moans fill the room this time, as her hand wraps around the hot, pulsing shaft and eases it from its cage. Her eyes drop to examine him at last, widening at the sight of his long, fat cock.

She can’t help it; she moans, loudly, letting her pearly white teeth graze her lush, red lips. Her palm squeezes him and immediately milks a stream of precum from his tip, sending it cascading down his shaft and over the back of her hand. The groans above her register his approval as her hand works to spread the trickle of juices around his dick.

In seconds he’s slick and each pumping, slurping stroke of her hand causes further leakage. She leans forward as his eyes finally descend to her. Looking up through the dark veil of her black lashes, into the eyes of the man whose cock she’s about to devour, she grins. Her tongue slips between her lips and laps at the underside of his head, licking up the drops of precum spilling from his tip.

Her wide, gorgeous eyes looking up at him are too much to take; he pulls her head into his crotch, his shaft forcing her lips apart as he pushes her mouth around his throbbing cock. He groans loudly, echoing around the walls, as her lips seal around his member and she diligently sucks on him. His balls feel the caress of her fingers and his cock head enjoys the swirling motion of tongue.

He’s lost in his lust, desperate and determined for more. He’s unable to let go as he pulls her deeper onto his shaft, his cock easing into her throat. She relaxes to take him, totally abandoned to his will, She gags slightly, her eyes watering. He eases off, worried, but her hands grab his ass, pulling herself further on his dick. She wants it all and she’s going to get it.

At last, his balls rest against her chin with a throaty, rattling groan from her man. She giggles around his meat, slurping her lips and tongue over him as her head is pulled away. With only the tip between her lips, her gorgeous eyes look up through the nest of hair pulled over her eyes. He can’t resist himself again, the sight too teasing to refuse. His hips thrust, forcing his cock into her throat with a yell to the quiet room.

“Oh, fuck, I hope your fucking pussy is even half as good as your mouth, you fucking filthy bitch!” he yells to the room, twisting her hair around his hands to roughly fuck her face.

Her sex cries out for attention, flooding and desperate to be touched. She endures, and adores, the sheer lust he’s letting out on her- the total abandon he shows in his passion. Her hand searches for her hungry slit, moaning around his cock as she touches her clit. She rubs as furiously as he fucks her face. He laughs, above her, biting his lip as he thrusts into her even harder.

“Fuck yes, I knew you’d love me fucking your face like this,” he tells her, pulling her completely off his cock at last and dropping his face to hers. “I knew you’d need to rub your cunt for me. You can’t wait for me to fuck you, can you?”

She shakes her head, desperately, forcing her eyes to give their best wide, pleading gaze.

“I need it. I need your cock, I need you to fuck me right here!”

Victory spreads across his face with the grin that creases his cheeks.

“Soon,” he tells her, stroking her face gently and guiding her mouth back to his manhood. “Suck me, first.”

Relief washes over her as he lets go of her hair, placing his hands behind his head and waiting for her to move. She thinks of refusing, of playing hard to get and teasing him, just to spite his arrogant confidence. But one sight of his glistening, throbbing dick is all the convincing she needs. She launches forward, sealing her mouth around his rod and sucking him hard and fast. Her head bobs madly onto his cock, determined to hold her own- determined to show her worth.

She rubs her pussy again as her other hand reaches up to cup his balls, sending shivers and groans through his body while her mouth hungrily sucks on him. She gags slightly when he bumps against her throat again, but she forces him deeper and takes his shaft completely into her mouth.

“You really are worth those heels,” he groans, laughing as their eyes meet – her mouth full of his cock. “They really suit a gorgeous little cock sucker like you.”

A strange pride runs through her body and she redoubles her efforts, impaling herself on his cock as she sucks him hard. She can feel the heat in her pussy building; she’s so close to cumming again already. Her eyes peering up at him give away the imminence of her climax.

His hands seize her hair, pulling her away from him with a slurp and a whimper, standing her shakily on her feet again. His rough hands seize her shoulders, turning her back to the mirror. She looks at herself for a micro second.

Her hair is dishevelled and messy, bunched up and knotted from his grip. Her face is flushed and covered in tear-streaked make up. She catches sight of her sweat-slick body, covered in red hand- and finger-prints, her breasts red, perky and swollen. Her long legs are already spread wide, capped off by the shoes that started this whole thing off. She looks like a total slut, she realises as a surge of juices flood her sex. She looks like a fuck toy and a cock sucker. She grins, loving the image, before she’s interrupted, suddenly. The man behind grips her hair and forces her head back to look into his eyes.

“Think you’re gonna cum without me, do you?” he asks her, his hand stroking over her cheek. “You’ll fucking cum with me – when I cum inside your hot little cunt. Got it?”

She nods, obediently, her heart soaring and her sex throbbing at the promise of an impending fuck. His foot kicks her legs apart further, avoiding her heels, before he pushes her body forward.

“Hands on the mirror,” he tells her shortly.

She reaches forward, pushing her arse out towards him as though ready to be frisked. She smiles at the idea, noticing the smear across the mirror as her fingers, wet with her cum, slide across the surface.

She jumps with an expectant moan, feeling his cock nudge impatiently at her lips and parting her for him. His shaft slides between them as her ass begins to wiggle and squirm, hungry for more. His length slaps up against her lips and she squeals, whimpering and moaning as her pussy quivers.

“Please!” she begs his reflection, staring into his burning, demanding eyes. “Please fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

An evil smirk cracks his face. He watches her reaction as his head presses into her tight, wet entrance, easing inside. Her head falls back and her eyes close, her hips pushing back onto him, looking for more, with a long, satisfied groan.

“Oh god, it’s already so fucking good,” she moans, her ass squirming desperately for more. “Give it to me! I need your gorgeous dick inside me!”

He laughs behind her, triumph filling his heart, as he pushes the rest of his length inside her waiting cavern. Her pleasure is unmistakable; her moans and howls of satisfaction filling the room just as he fills her pussy. She starts to fuck back against him immediately, craving more of him and the orgasm she can feel building inside her. The orgasm she knows she’ll have to hold off.

She chews on her lip at the thought, determination unwavering as she pushes her ass back, forcing his cock inside her and whimpering her happiness into the steaming mirror.

“Fuck me!” she breathes, panting. “Fuck me hard, please! Fill my fucking cunt!”

He hollers out behind her as he draws all of his strength forward. Her body tenses in anticipation, sagging and failing her as she feels the first long, hard thrust of many shake her to the core. Her pussy burns. His cock slides in out of her harder and faster as he swings on her hips for leverage. Her moans and shrieks bounce off the walls as she enjoys the sheer animalistic satisfaction of their primal fucking.

Her clit aches to be touched; she tries to take her hand from the mirror to ease her frustration. A growl behind her immediately halts her action as he orders her to keep still. His hand cracks across her arse cheek, making her squeal and buck her hips against him.

She opens her mouth to beg his touch when she feels his hand reach around her. Reading her mind, his finger rolls over her clit and her hips buck and roll at the contact. Her moans increase and grow even louder as he rubs her clit while his cock so savagely pounds into her. Their breathing is ragged and desperate as their bodies force themselves ever closer to their final release. His teeth graze the back of her neck and she can no longer keep her eyes open, slamming them shut to focus on the pleasure coursing through her body.

She’s so close; she could cum in a second and saturate his cock in her juices. She knows he’s close too, but he’s holding on. He’s forcing himself to wait, giving her every ounce of frustration and pleasure he can. His heavy breathing and loud, punctuating growls give away the imminence of his climax. She holds her breath, waiting patiently for the moment she can release the flood of desire within her.

A rumbling in his throat sounds behind her and she knows what’s about to happen. Her body tenses, ready and desperate to cum for him as his teeth sink into her shoulder to give her the last few thrusts he can.

He shouts out a second before he cums.

“Fu-u-u-ck! Cum on me, now! Cum on my fucking dick!”

She feels the swell and surge of his dick inside her, followed by the first rope of his cum coating the inside of her pussy, when her orgasm breaks. She shrieks into the room as her body instantly burns. The walls of her sex clamp around his cock, holding him in place and milking him as he convulses against her back. She shakes throughout her climax, her hard, hot nipples forced into the cool surface of the mirror as his weight leans forward. His hand stops rubbing her clit and smacks it hard, instead. Her hips buck and her orgasm to intensifies, with his teeth now sinking into the back of her neck. Any breath left to her is forced from her lungs, mouth wide open in a silent, glorious scream.

Their cum seeps past her seal around his manhood, trickling down her thighs as they share the final remnant twitches of their pleasure. The teeth on her neck withdraw and there’s a long, heavy sigh from them both. He leans forward to kiss the nape of her neck as the two giggle quietly together. They share one last groan as his cock slides from her pussy, releasing their cum down the insides of her thighs.

Her hand mops up the first spillage as he watches her reflection, smiling now with satisfaction. He bites his lip to see her fingers approach her mouth as she sucks them clean, moaning at the taste and laughing. She turns to face him, stepping forward and crouching down once more in her heels. Settling in front of his slick, twitching cock, there’s a naughty smile on her lips.

He stares into the wickedness behind her eyes and smiles. His eyes roll as her hand takes his softening cock.

“I think the heels are on the house,” he whispers.

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