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Caught Lying

Jeff is caught out and suffers at the hands of his sister's friend
“Hi Girls, did you get to the shops?”

I looked at the two girls. Jessica, my 23-year-old older sister. Caroline, also 23 years old, a friend of my sister. Caroline has one of those do as I say types of voice, but both girls have strong personalities. A real handful at times. Both slim with long dark hair, both dressed today in vest tops, very short or even non-existent skirts, and bare legs and as always when in the house, shoeless.

I hoped I would get away with what I had done. Why shouldn’t I after all? I know I normally drive them when they want to go shopping and the like, but the ticket to the football game was just too good to pass up. The last game of the season and the championship depending upon it, so that could resist it?

I knew the girls wanted to go to the shops . It was the last day of the sales and I had promised them I would take them. That was before the tickets came up and I made up the story of having a meeting I had to attend.

I knew it would be frosty when I entered the lounge. I looked at the two girls expecting big trouble. But I would handle it. I might only be Jessica’s 19 years old younger brother, but I could deal with it.

I liked both of them well enough, even when they were being overbearing with me. I suppose tough girls always attracted me, and I didn’t mind too much, except for those occasions they felt I needed to be disciplined. Caroline would be the one to suggest I needed the spanking and Jessica would take over gleefully. She would put a phone call through to Mum for her agreement, which she always gave, and quick as anything would have me across her lap, my bare unprotected bottom staring upwards, giving me one of her very hard spankings with Caroline egging her on. Jessica really can spank hard, and I knew I had to be a bit careful.

So I was very surprised to be met by broad smiles, from both them. Caroline did the talking. She generally did.

“How was the meeting Jeff?” she asked.

“Fine I said. Very boring, and I would have much preferred to be at the shops with you guys of course.”

“Jeff, I have been thinking about two weeks ago. You know, when you lied to us and all.”

“I remember Caroline. No problem. It’s all history now.”

“No Jeff, I mean I understand. You lied and broke your absolute rule. Didn’t you Jeff?

“Well, it’s your rule Caroline. There is no excuse for lying. You found out and I paid the penalty. But really I understood and it’s water under the bridge.” I smiled and emphasised the comment by rubbing my bottom.

“I am pleased Jeff.”

“OK Caroline.”

Wow, don’t I remember. I sure got spanked that time. Mum first let Jessica spank me several years ago now. She was 17 that first time and she has had spanking responsibilities ever since. Mum and Jessica have this thing about lying. They made it a rule. If I lie and get caught then I go straight across one of their laps, bare bottom, no nonsense. The girls enforced it and I accepted it. That is what happens when women rule the house. Us men have to follow their rules.

Jessica came over to me, took my hand and said “anyway Jeff, now you are back come over here.”

Jessica led me over to a chair that was in the middle of the room. I wondered what they had planned. They enjoyed playing card games, but I didn’t see any cards. Anyway, just go with the flow. So long as they are happy.

I sat down, and Jessica stood just behind me, Caroline stood in front of me.

“Who was at the meeting Jeff?” asked Caroline. She has such a nice smile I thought. Mind you, it was still a strange question.

“Just some guys.”

“Go on Jeff, who?”

“Enough about my meeting girls. What are we going to do?”

“Really Jeff, I just want to know. We don’t even know what you do at work.”

Fair enough I thought. Well, I can at least make up something to deal with this.

“There were two people from my office and two from a Client. We discussed boring stuff about a new product coming out. That’s it girls.”

Jessica asked “and does it really take so long to discuss that Jeff?”

Jessica is different. She is a thinker. She is the more serious one.

“Well, it does really.”

“Oh, we thought you might have gone somewhere else, that’s all.”

“No. Straight there, had the meeting, and straight back. That’s a fact.” I smiled broadly, but getting uneasy about all the questions, still so aware that a wrong move could lead to my bare bottom being seriously tanned. Still, I was OK so far. “So, what are we going to play guys?”

“Jeff, what we really really want to talk to you about is the spanking rule,” said Caroline.

That sounds like trouble. They are trying to trick me the crafty so and so’s.

Jessica said, “You know Jeff, if you lie then it is wrong and you will get spanked.”

“I know that Jessica.”

“OK Jeff, lets play a game. Come over here” said Jessica.

Thank goodness. It’s over. I wanted this conversation to end after all.

I let her lead me over to the table. On top of the table were both my slippers and my wooden hairbrush. I mused over how many times Jessica had welded one of those in front of my face moments before using it on my upturned bare bottom once she had turned me across her lap. After a moment I turned to Jessica to ask why. I looked at her, and immediately froze. Both girls were standing there, arms folded, looking at me with faces that reminded me of how Mum would look at me when she was furious with something I had done. It was her “I am fed up with your bad behaviour” face and usually preceded a spanking.

I heard Caroline move over to the table, and then a click. I froze. It was the answer machine. What the heck….? There was the normal message and then “hey Jeff, sorry I didn’t get back to our seats. I went to get us beers at half time and got lost would you believe. Don’t worry, I just drank them all! Still, I got a good enough view of the rest of the game. Wasn’t the second half something else? Worth every penny I guess. Anyway, give us a call when you get home.”

There was silence.

I looked at each girl in turn.

Jessica was the first to speak. “Tell us again Jeff, how you are spanked if you lie.”

I remained silent. What could I say? What could I do?

“Well Jeff. Nothing to say? But you know what happens if you lie, don’t you.”

“Can’t we discuss this Sis?” I pleaded with Jessica. I knew I had been reeled in and was about to be turned over my big sister’s lap and have those slippers and hairbrush used on my bare bottom

“No Jeff. We really wanted to go to the shops and you went to a football game instead. Is that fair?”

“I guess not.” I didn’t think I was going to get away with it now anyway. I could sense the spanking getting closer.

They both looked at each other and smiled. Jessica went to the sideboard and got a piece of paper and a pen. She handed me the piece of paper. I scanned it. Crikey, they had written down I agreed to be spanked by whichever girl they decided each and every time I lied, and there was no longer a need to ask Mum first. Wow. They had this all thought out. At least up until now they had to get Mum to agree. Now Jessica can spank me when she decides, and what’s worse she can let Caroline spank me as well.

“Sign it Jeff,” Caroline said, almost like an order.

I looked again at the girls. Still very cross I thought. How could I have Caroline spank me? I so fancied her. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. How could that happen if she had put me across her knee and spanked me?

But I couldn’t refuse. I knew it. I looked at both girls, so confident, so in charge.

“OK, ok.” I took the pen and added my name.

Jessica took the piece of paper and went out of the lounge. I heard her go upstairs, but could not tell exactly where because Caroline started to say something so I could not hear where Jessica was. I had to get that bit of paper back that was for sure.

I realised Caroline was repeating something. I looked at her.

“Listen Jeff, now we have to work out your punishment.”

I suddenly focussed on what she had said to me.

“Plleeaaseeee” I stammered.

“No Jeff. You need to be punished. Properly disciplined. You lied to us and we need to deal severely with you.”

Caroline walked over to the table. She picked up the hairbrush and started to lightly smack her other hand. I was in no doubt what she meant.

Just then Jessica came back in to the room.

“That’s right Jeff, Caroline gets to do it. Are you ready? Or do we really have to call Mum?”

My mouth fell open, I knew my face went paler, and my stomach turned. My goodness. They are working me well. My goodness me. I was almost impressed, but soon forgot that when Caroline started smacking her hand again.

Jessica stood by the phone. “I’ll call Mum, shall I Jeff?”

I again went ashen. Mum wouldn’t stop it. She would say how I was going to get just what I deserve.

I panicked. I just blurted it out. “OK then. OK. Spank me.”

“You mean Caroline spank you don’t you?”

I looked across at Caroline, realising she would never be my girlfriend now, and conceded, “Yes, I mean Caroline will spank me.”

The girls looked at each other. Jessica went off again and got another piece of paper. I was incredulous. This one said I agreed to be spanked today but in addition, I agreed that both girls would now be in charge of me and if I was naughty, which now not only included lying but might be any other form of disobedience or rudeness, they would each be entitled to spank me just by deciding I needed to be spanked.

I looked up. Even paler than before. Now they would be able to spank me for any number of reasons, not just lying. What a nightmare, and I know Mum won’t stop it. She gets annoyed with me enough anyway.

“Sign it Jeff. You know you will,” said Jessica.

I gave up. There and then I just gave up.

“OK girls. I’ll sign.”

I turned towards the table, put the paper down and signed. I turned around to face the girls, holding the piece of paper.

“Just one thing” I said. “You have to agree not to tell Mum. Agreed?”

“No” came a voice from the doorway. It was Mum. She came in to the room.

I was speechless. Totally speechless.

Mum ignored me, looked at Caroline, and said with her very strict tone of voice, “I hope he learns his lesson this time.”

I managed to stammer, “Mum, please. You can stop this.”

She glared at me. “I know. But I won’t. Take your punishment for your lies. Things have changed Jeff. I will not have you lying. How many times have I told you that, but what happens, you just lie again and again. I’m fed up having to take the time to discuss your discipline with your sister before telling her to spank you. It is a waste of my time. I trust her to deal with you fairly, and that means making her own decision on when to spank you. Not just for lying but also for anything else that she feels deserves a spanking. That way she can deal with you and I don’t waste time at work discussing it. She just tells me when I get home what she has had to do. And as she wants Caroline to have spanking rights, well, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Make no mistake though Jeff, if you prevent Jessica or Caroline disciplining you then when I get hold of you there will be merry hell to pay. Do you understand me Jeff?”

“Yes Mum. I understand. It’s just not fair though. Jessica is one thing but Caroline as well. She isn’t my sister after all.”

“True, but Jessica wants her to have discipline rights over you and frankly I think that will be for the best. That’s why I have come home to watch her, to make sure she spanks you hard enough.”

“But why Caroline as well Mum?” I asked. That didn’t seem fair at all.

“Because I said so that’s why. How dare you question me. I’ll tell you this Jeff, I may well decide to spank you afterwards anyway for that.” Mum barked. I knew there was no point arguing when she snapped like that.

“Now Caroline, you have the responsibility today, so get on with it please” Mum said, smiling at the 23 year old.

I turned to see Caroline sitting on the chair. She was holding the hairbrush. “Stand just there Jeff,” she ordered. She was pointing to the floor just to her right.

I looked at Caroline, then looked at the floor and walked over to her. I knew that in a few moments I was going to be spanked by the girl I so fancied.

I looked at Caroline, and realised she was waiting to tell me what to do.

“Put your hands on your head Jeff” she ordered. As I did so she put her hands up to my belt, and started to undo it.

“I am going to take down your trousers and pants.”

I looked across at Mum.

She just shook her head and stared at me.

I looked back at Caroline, then at Jessica. Caroline stood up, Jessica moved closer to me.

Caroline spoke. “It’s going to happen Jeff. If you lie then you get spanked on your bare bottom, and just be thankful we don’t each spank you in turn.”

They stared at me. Realising they had got the better of me. I lifted my hands up to my head. I stood there, waiting.

“Good boy,” Caroline said. “Good boy. At last.” There was something very embarrassing about those words being spoken by a 23-year-old girl you fancy.

She sat down on the chair and lent forward again. She undid my belt, looking straight at me. She was smiling. Then she started to undo my trousers undoing the top button, and started to pull down the zip. Caroline looked up at me as she undid it ever so slowly. I caught her gaze, blushed, and looked away as she yanked my trousers down to my knees.

“Now your pants Jeff,” she said, and put her thumbs inside the elastic waistband. I desperately wanted to take my hands away from my head, to stop this beautiful 23 year old but I dared not. I just accepted what was going to happen. I felt Caroline’s hands pull down my pants.

Caroline yanked both trousers and underpants to the floor. Her hair brushed against my penis, which shot out front, standing erect, as I lifted up each leg and Caroline slipped the clothes off.

I stood there, knowing I was naked below the waist with my hands on top of my head still. I had been here before so many times with Mum, and my sister. Somehow this is different because this is also the first time I had got an erection. Was it because Caroline was going to spank me for the first time? Who knows? But all three women ignored it. I thought I heard laughter behind but dared not look. Certainly Caroline did not flinch.

Caroline spoke. “Don’t forget, we are in charge of you now aren’t we?”

I stayed silent. What did she expect me to say after all?

Too late I saw the blur of her hand as it crashed against my bare leg. Crikey that stung.

“Answer when you are spoken to Jeff.”

Caroline smacked me on the side of each leg. It hurt.

“Sorry, really, yes, OK, yes, you are in charge. All three of you.” I included Mum. It was natural given the number of times she had spanked me over the years.

I looked at the floor. Totally demoralised. About to be spanked by this beautiful girl who was only slightly older than me and whom I fancied like crazy.

“OK Jeff, now tell me what you have done wrong and ask me to spank you very hard.”

I looked at Caroline, begging, knowing nothing was going to stop the inevitable though.

Caroline looked cross and spelt out what was happening. “This is the rule Jeff. You have to explain why you are being punished, and ask to be spanked. It’s to make sure you understand why.”

I looked across at Mum. She blanked me. I looked back at Caroline sitting there, looking cross but totally in command. She spoke in the same very strict voice as Mum. I looked down at her lap, knowing I was soon going to be lying across it. I wanted to get it over with.

“Caroline, I am sorry for lying to you all. I did wrong.”

“And,” snapped Caroline.

“And, well, please will you give me a hard spanking.”

Caroline looked at me and smiled. “OK Jeff, I accept your apology and will give you the spanking you have asked for. Now over you go.” She tapped her leg and pointed to her lap just as Mum does before grabbing me and guiding me across her lap.

I quickly ended up across Caroline’s lap, with the carpet coming to meet me. I put out both hands on the floor, and saw my legs under the chair. Then I saw Caroline’s legs and realised I was lying across her bare thighs. They felt so cool against my skin.

I was conscious even more that my stiff penis was digging in to her thigh. I lifted my bottom slightly to decrease the pressure, but it was still there. Surely Caroline noticed, but if she did she didn’t say.

Jessica stood to her side also with her slim 23-year-old girls bare legs. I tried to get myself in to a more comfortable position but the girls immediately mistook that for trying to resist, Jessica’s legs came towards me and the next thing I felt was being smacked twice very hard.

Jessica said, “Stop it Jeff or I hit you again with the slipper”

I brought one hand up to cover my bottom. Jessica took hold of my arm and pulled it hard up my back. I screamed in pain, and she lowered my arm slightly.

“Stop it Jeff. That’s enough!”

I calmed down, and squirmed around. Both girls were glaring at me whilst holding me down, and shouting at me. I looked across at Mum. She was watching and saw the girls had everything under control.

“OK. OK. I give in.” I just collapsed. My head dropped to the floor, and I lay there. Waiting.

“Right Jeff. That’s better.” Then I felt Caroline’s hand on my bottom. On my bare bottom.

“A spanking with my hand first Jeff, then the hairbrush. Just don’t even think about trying to get up. OK Jeff?”

I squirmed around and saw Caroline’s huge beautiful brown eyes looking back at me. I shook my head and said, “No Caroline, I won’t struggle.”

I looked back at the floor. The rubbing stopped, there was a gap, and then the spanking started. It wasn’t hard at first. It started to sting after a few spanks, and then kept stinging as each spank hit home. I could cope with it though. The stinging that is. She spanked me for quite a while. When after what seemed forever the spanking had stopped I heard Caroline say, “Now the hairbrush Jeff. Ready?”

I looked around again, and nodded. I watched the hairbrush lift up and crash down. Owww, now that hurt. Caroline hit me time and time again. She hit me so hard I started to cry. Then I was sobbing. It hurt. A lot. I was being spanked so hard.

When Caroline finished she started rubbing my bottom again with the palm of her hand. I looked up and saw Mum looking at me. She smiled winked and nodded her head. She was loving this. Watching her 19-year-old son get the spanking he so richly deserved, by his 23 year old sister’s friend. Loving it. She liked Caroline. She liked her confident manner and the way she relished the opportunity to make sure I knew exactly what I had done wrong and made me pay for it. She knew she would have plenty of opportunity herself to discipline me, maybe even later today, but now she would be sure the girls would make me tow the line.

“OK Jeff, you can get up now.”

Slowly I got to my feet. I did not know what to expect, but wasn’t surprised when Caroline said “go face the wall Jeff and keep your hands on your head. If you rub your bottom you are coming straight back over my knee for another spanking. Understand?”

I looked at her, nodded, and went to face the wall. I always had to face the wall after a spanking, so I could think about what I had done wrong.

The girls were talking. Jessica said. “A lovely shade of red Caroline.”

Caroline answered “Thanks. I reckon it must hurt like crazy.”

I knew she was right. My bottom is sore. Boy is it sore. I wondered if Mum will insist on spanking me as well. I had argued with her after all which is an absolute no no.

Then I realised they were talking again.

“See girls. I told you that with some brainpower and a little bit of muscle you girls could control any man.” It was Mum.

“Nice photos Mum.”

At that I turned around “What” I shouted in disbelief. Jessica was holding the digital camera and looking at the screen.

Mum ignored me and just said, “Deal with him Jessica.”

Jessica came and stood behind me. Without a word she gave me four hard smacks with her hand on the backs of my legs. I shut up.

Mum just continued talking to the girls, “Yes, and I’ve taken some video as well.”

Crikey, I thought. Video and pictures. I won’t ever be able to deny this.

Caroline said, “Right Jeff. Turn around again and you will stay facing the wall for fifteen minutes. And keep those hands on your head. No rubbing remember.”

That was said very sharply I thought. I turned back to face the wall. Thinking what the future now held for me. The constant risk of being spanked by either of the 23-year-old girls. Across their knees on my bare bottom. Both now in control of me. Who knows how often that will be?

Slowly my thoughts turned again to Caroline. Beautiful Caroline. I felt the wall, and realised my erection had returned. Yes, thinking of Caroline gave me this erection.

I was aware that everyone had left the room. I waited a moment then half turned around and at the same time lowered one arm and started to rub my bottom. Too late I saw Caroline, standing in the corner, smiling at me, wagging her finger, but still smiling. She walked over to me and stood right in front of me. When she spoke I could smell her sweet breath, almost taste it.

“Naughty naughty,” she said. “What shall we do with you?”

I froze, scared.

“You are lucky. Your Mum and Jessica have gone to the shops. They have left me in charge of you.”

Next I felt her fingers touching my penis, lightly scraping them with her nails, holding my balls in her hand, squeezing lightly, then again encircling my stiff penis and rubbing up and down, gently. I was breathing heavily. All the time she just stared in to my eyes. A smile on her lips. A smile in her eyes.

“I told you not to rub didn’t I Jeff,” Caroline said sharply, but still with a smile that normally I would have taken as friendly.

“I’m sorry Caroline,” I whispered, hardly able to breathe.

“I will make you very sorry young man, believe me. This thing of yours can wait. You will have to pay a further penalty.”

“Oh?” I gasped. I felt I was going to come if she kept going.

“Feel hungry?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say. Food wasn’t exactly on my mind.

“Well you are going to eat. Right now.”

“What do you mean Caroline?”

Caroline took my hand and led me back to the chair. She sat down and had me stand in front of her.

“Are you going to spank me again Caroline? I won’t disobey you again. I promise.”

“On your knees,” she ordered. I did and she spread her legs apart, grabbing the back of my head, and forcing me down towards the hair mound that was her very private area.

“Eat me you little slut,” she said, still smiling, still so friendly. “Eat me until I come.”

I looked at her hair mound, back up at her smiling face with her feigned strict look, then lowered my head, brushing my cheek against her inner thighs. She gasped and I started to kiss her, first one soft thigh then the other, licking her smooth silky skin, always feeling the pressure of her hands on the back of my head, pushing me down towards her.

Soon my tongue was entwined in her hair and found the soft lips of her vagina. I used my fingers to part her lips and my tongue darted inside, and I was encouraged to hear the gasps and groans and moans this caused from Caroline. I darted in and out as quickly as I could, knowing that Caroline was coming closer and closer to orgasm when suddenly she let out a long flowing sigh that told me she had come.

We both stayed in position, my face held firmly between her thighs gently kissing and sucking her soft flesh, her hands on the back of my head. Several minutes passed, Caroline’s breathing was heavy then slowly returned to normal, until suddenly she sat up, jerking my head up. I was still on my knees looking up in to her beautiful smiling eyes.

It was as though she had woken with a start, realising time was passing by. “OK Jeff, you better get dressed and sit on the couch reading a book. They will be back soon.”

“What about us?” I asked.

“Hey you, wait and see. Now, get up.” Her voice had that crisp controlling tone again. My erection stiffened more.

As I got up Caroline put her arms around my neck and said, “Maybe this will give you an idea what I think of you,” she said sharply and she kissed me hard, allowing my tongue to enter her welcoming open mouth. What a kiss. I didn’t want it to end.

Caroline heard the front door open before I did putting her finger to her lips. I was sitting on the sofa as Mum and Jessica came in. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just given the girl I fancy an orgasm. Me. Wow.

“Has he been a good boy Caroline?” Mum asked, coming up and standing right in front of me.

“Oh yes, he has done exactly what I told him to do.”

“Good. Well, I haven’t decided if I’m going to spank him yet. If he’s been good then maybe not. Let’s have a cup of coffee whilst I decide. You stay in here Jeff, and keep thinking about how naughty you have been. I will let you know when I come back in if you’re going across my knee,” she said, giving me a hard wallop on my leg as she walked out to the kitchen.

I stayed on the sofa. I didn’t think about whether Mum might spank me. I had little doubt both Mum and Jessica would continue to discipline me when I need to be, at least until they allowed Caroline to take over that role fully. In the meantime it wasn’t whether Mum was going to spank me that I was thinking about. No, now I thought only about being spanked by Caroline. My beautiful Caroline.
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