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Spanking Stories

Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked.

They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'.

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Amy Learns More (YNAS) - Pt. 8

Amy returns for actual lessons of a sort, putting her knowledge to use immediately!

I didn’t see her the next day. It wasn’t intentional, but I had a busy calendar, and she may have been similarly occupied. As it was Friday, it would now be Monday before we saw each other again. During that day and the following weekend, I thought about...

Rendezvous After Work

My new secret love stops by my hotel on the way home after work.

I cannot wait for you to knock on my door. You are on your way to meet me after work. I am filled with nervous excitement to see you again today. The thought of you just makes my heart race, and then I hear your knock on my door. I open the door, and seei...

Slowly Moving On: Photographs of a Memory

Matt flashes back to a night of exploration and more with his wife.

“Jenn? Hey Jenn, where are you?” I beckoned, entering the house. I closed the door and put my bag down as I slipped off my shoes. Still no response. The car was outside, maybe she’d gone over to Justine’s. I threw my bag in my office and headed to the bed...

Amy Needs No Lessons (YNAS) - Pt. 6

She starts off a little shaky, but quickly learns how while playing out Mark's upskirt fantasy!

It didn’t surprise me that I couldn’t get Amy off my mind. A part of me was thinking I chickened out, not even willing to face her to say no, but another part justified that course of action by admitting to myself that I might have given in to her, and as...

My Neighbour Sally

A short but hopefully enjoyable caning set in the 1960's

It was 1968 and although the so-called swinging sixties were in full swing, this was not the case in suburban Bournemouth. As a retired headmaster from a local mixed grammar school life progressed at an enjoyable if sedate pace. I lived in a semi-detached...

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Amy Wants To Give (YNAS) - Pt. 5

Amy finally gets her fiancé to give her a spanking and now he wants one too, prompting Amy to look to Mark for help again!

5 – Amy Wants to Give Gradually, we’d both gotten dressed, and there was an awkward pause as we realized this was the end for whatever ‘us’ there had been. Amy broke the ice by giving me a gentle hug, holding on for longer than expected, and whispering an...

Amy Gets It Good (YNAS) - Pt. 4

Amy finds out just how good a 'good' spanking can be while Mark finds out how good Amy can be!

4 – Amy Gets It Good The next day passed agonizingly slowly as we both waited for the end of the day. I knew I was ready to go for it, and I had a good feeling that Amy was too. We passed each other in the hallway a couple of times, only saying hello, and...

Suite & Sexy - Three's Not a Crowd

Christy and Kyle have a few tricks up their sleeve when they visit Miss Nicole together.

Part Three - Three's Not a Crowd On my way up! Oh my God, I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see you! … and you know! We’re both gonna get spanked today! Yeah, are you okay? Your bottom? Yes, I’ll be okay. Christy and Kyle’s texts showed they were more than ex...

Amy's First Time (YNAS) - Pt. 2 & 3

Amy gets her first spanking and decides she likes it ... a LOT!

2 – Amy’s First Time I didn’t feel any differently the next morning, conflicted and excited at the same time until I saw Amy late in the morning. We passed each other in the hall, and though we couldn’t say anything about our thoughts, we didn’t need to....

Amy Wants It (YNAS) - Pt. 1

Intern Amy gets in trouble being careless with her work for Mark!

“Excellent job, Amy!” I said, looking up from the bundle of test documents to see the pride on her face. “You’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year when you started this!” “Thanks, Mark!” she replied, “It’s hard to imagine now how badly I did...

How Fascinating - Part 7

Marie's has her last evening and night in the village, doing things that she had spent much of her week doing.

Marie Quinn, aged forty-seven, was visiting a derelict abbey in the English countryside. She had visited it in the past and had rented a cottage in the area intending to visit picturesque villages and places of historic interest that she knew from years b...

A Resident Is In Charge

Jack is a road warden monitoring a resident and ends up with her dealing with him

Jack decided today was the day he would call at the house he had been monitoring. Jack was forty-two, and the road warden on one of six private roads totaling about a hundred houses. He usually collected the subs and hand-delivered any papers. He had been...