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Cottage Story 3

I didn't know my wife liked to be spanked
Best to read Cottage Story 1 and 2 as this is continuation in the series….
Julie held up the 24” dual headed blue dildo.“Jenny and I love Charlie, he was our lover through most of high school.I know you would like him Gail.Jenny is going to show you how Charlie makes love, aren’t you Jenny?”

With that Jenny draped her naked body over her sisters lap. Julie just sat rubbing her sisters beautiful ass, stroking her bottom as you would a pet.She ran the dildo up and down the fold of Jenny’s ass, as she squirmed with anticipation.

Then the spanking started, lightly as first, but then the slaps became louder, as Julie demanded her sister spread her legs wider and wider.After about ten hard slaps, Julie started again to caress her sisters glowing bottom.She handed the dildo to Jenny and she immediately put it in her mouth and suckled while cooing like a baby.

Gail’s eyes had been transfixed on the scene. She had draped one leg over the leg of the patio chair and was stoking her pussy as Julie was stroking and slapping Jenny’s ass.When Julie subsided, Gail got up without a word and draped herself over my lap.

Gail and I had been married for seven years and we had never played together like this.It was all new territory.

Jenny climbed off her sister’s lap and crawled on all fours to offer the other end of the purple dildo for Gail to suck on.Julie moved over to me and moved my hand over Gail protruding bottom.She licked and stroked Gail’s ass, letting the anticipation build.

Gail’s head was down, sucking on the dildo. Jenny was leaning over her, pinching and twisting her nipples, as Julies first swat came down.Following Julies lead I swung my first blow, and we continued to take turns making each swat harder, and harder as Gail’s ass grew red, and purple with the abuse.

Finally we stopped and Gail slid off my lap onto all fours.Julie pulled the dildo that had muffled Gail’s cries from Gail’s mouth, and roughly inserted it...from behind, into Gail’s exposed sex.The pain was turning to pleasure and Gail was crying and moaning in ways that I had never heard before.

Jenny remained on all fours as she pushed more and more of the flexible dildo into my wife.Julie went over and swatted Jenny’s ass, Jenny bent over farther, spread her legs and positioned her ass opposite my wifes’.Julie inserted the other end of the dildo into her sister, and watched as the two red and purple asses grinded into each other as they fucked themselves doggy style.

Julie came over and licked my straining cock.I could see wife’s eyes were tightly closed and she was going into orgasm.Jenny, obviously used to this position, was reaching between her legs and grinding her palm against her clitoris as the double headed dildo penetrated her and my wife.

It was rough, raw, intense sex and Julie was handling my cock in the same way.I exploded onto Julie’s small pick nipples, as Gail and Julie collapsed onto their sides, their legs twitching with their release.

The dildo was still sticking out between Gail’s legs, as Julie went over and attacked her.She jumped on top of Gail’s sweaty body and using my cum which had dripped from her breasts down the full length of her body, rubbed against Gail’s naked mound, to bring herself to orgasm.

Julie kissed and licked Gail’s face.Tears still streaked her face from the spanking she had received, and lying on her back now was forcing her to relive the pain and humiliation.Jenny pulled the dildo from between Gail’s legs and put it back in her sister’s bag.

Julie went to take a shower and Jenny joined her, as I helped my wife up from the deck.

Gail grabbed her bathrobe and while I made us a couple of stiff scotch and waters.

We both looked like we had been hit by a hurricane and I guess in some ways we had been.

The girls emerged from the bathroom, put on the clothes they had discarded on the front deck and said they had to be off.They jumped into the SUV and away they went.

About a half hour later they pulled into Julie’s driveway, walked in through the kitchen and saw Julie’s husband Mark was there eating dinner.
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