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Daphne's Tune Up, Part II, Carla's Turn

It's now Carla's turn to go over the boss' lap and see what Daphne got.
Daphne had just returned to the workstation she shared with Carla and stood there. No sitting for a while!

Barely surviving a blistering over the knee bare bottomed spanking, very well delivered by her boss, Angie Dalton, Daphne tried to hold back the tears, but they came anyway. She didn’t recall which hurt more, the thirty-three crisp spanks with Miss Dalton’s hand, or the I don’t know how many with the hairbrush; Daphne’s own hairbrush!

It was so embarrassing. Over her boss’ lap; dress up and panties down, just like a little girl. Her cute round buns were soundly spanked; it hurt so. Now it was Carla’s turn. How could she tell her?

Why were they being spanked? Hard to say. Other than Miss Dalton seemed to like young women. Actually, what Daphne got between the hand spanking and the hairbrush was pretty nice. Too bad the entire experience wasn’t as enjoyable.

Miss Dalton just told her to pass the mahogany hairbrush to Carla and send her into the inner office. Carla sat at the next desk and was Daphne’s best friend.

Carla, seeing the terrible state Daphne was in, came up to console her.

“Daphne, my gosh, what happened in there. What were all those slapping like noises?”

“She is crazy today, Carla. You won’t believe it.”

“What did she do to you, you can’t stop crying.”

“I still can’t believe it. She took me over her lap and spanked my bare tush. She wouldn’t stop, no matter how I cried. It was awful.”

“What did you do?”

“I don’t know Carla, and now she wants you in there, with my hairbrush! Now!”

“What did I do?”

Not having an answer for her best friend, Daphne merely handed her the hairbrush.

Carla took the brush with two fingers and slowly walked to the boss’ office.

She entered the inner office moments later. There was a shocked look about her face, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She held the hairbrush as if it were on fire. Angie was in “the spanking chair.”

“What is it, Miss Dalton? Daphne just said you wanted me, and gave me … this.”

“Carla, you have been here a while and I place great faith in your work, but this week I feel betrayed. Mr. Thompson was very annoyed with your submission. Would you like to explain it to him, or rather have me deal with it now?”

“I don’t understand, Miss Dalton. What is happening?”

“Just close the door, Sweetie, and come over here.”

Angie looked the girl over. About two years older than Daphne, a bit shorter and just as pretty. She had short blonde hair and a great figure. Carla was wearing form fitting black pants and a snug sweater top, all atop a pair of very nice baby heels. When she turned to close the door, Angie saw the faint outline of the tiny thongs she wore under her slacks. The pants appeared to be painted on and every curve and crevice of her ass was delightfully outlined. Carla’s shapely butt reminded Angie of two firm melons forcing out the rear of her pants.

Upon returning, Angie admired the great pair of tits leading the way. No real reason to expose Carla’s top today, but that would be done once Carla was molded into one of Angie’s playthings. Angie anticipated enjoying the sweetness of those firm accessories as well.

The young assistant was starting to appear anxious, having a very good idea of what happened to her office mate. The walls were far from soundproof and Daphne’s return exhibited all the tell-tale signs of having her cute bottom very well spanked. And that was before she announced her unwanted ride over her boss’ lap.

“Carla, you are a smart girl and can go far in this company. Mr. Thompson ordered me to put an end to the sloppy work being sent on. Why do you think you are here, holding Daphne’s well used hairbrush?”

The anxious girl stammered some. “I don’t know, Miss Dalton, what did I do wrong?” She was trying to figure out a way to escape this meeting without her buns being exposed and turned red.

“Carla, there have just been too many errors in your work, so Tuesdays are motivational days from now on. Any work that goes out without being double and tripled checked gets a final review over my lap. So your choice is the unemployment office, or getting along with our program.”

Carla shifted from foot to foot, realizing she was about to get what Daphne got, whatever that was.

“Step in close, Dear. I am going to spank you. It won’t be that bad, we are all family here. Daphne survived her spanking and you will too. She appreciated it so much she even thanked me for taking the time with her.”

“You’re going to ...what? I have never been spanked before.”

“Looks like your lucky day, Carla. You get to keep your job and receive your first spanking all on the same day.”

Carla stomped her foot and pouted.

“Carla, you will learn that spankings are very good for your development. Having your bottom warmed periodically keeps you on top of your game. I am here to help guide your career and am very happy to devote all the time your spankings require. Are we ready, Sweetie?”

With that, Angie told the girl to open her slacks and slip them down. After the futile “Can’t you do it on my pants” was ignored, Carla slowly complied. It was a bit awkward holding the hairbrush, but Carla unzipped the front and pushed the skintight pants over her full bottom and down to her knees. The thongs barely covered her bush and she knew the entire rear was going to be entirely exposed.

As the girl blushed and stammered, Angie guided her over the lap. This time, to keep her legs from kicking as wildly as Daphne’s, Angie swung her right leg over Carla’s, pinning the about to be spanked girl in tight.

“Carla, I want you to hold on to the chair legs until I ask for the brush. Can you do that for me, Sweetie?”

Angie barely heard the “Yes, Ma’am” as she was taken in by the luscious butt cheeks staring up at her. The thong was nothing more than a black string, partially hidden between the girl’s perfectly rounded spheres. The thighs were alabaster white and very well shaped. Carla was a real blond, as the yellow wisps of her pussy hair peeking out declared.

Soon, Carla knew, much more of her privacy would be abundantly visible. This was not going well. One hint was her slacks bunched around her knees.

Angie lifted up the sweater a few inches to ensure a proper target for the soon to be administered motivational therapy. But for the thin waistband of the silky thong, Angie saw white from above Carla’s hips right down to her hobbled knees. Much of that color would soon change!

Angie, still seriously considering these young women for her lovers, placed her hand on the beautiful round peaks and examined them. Firm, perfectly shaped, and nice and warm in between. Angie could just imagine her tongue doing the next exploration.

Carla twisted her butt at the intrusion, but was smart enough not to object. After Angie gave it a few squeezes and a nice pinch, she asked Carla if she was ready to begin. “You’ve never been spanked before?”

“No, Miss Dalton, never.” “Even better, Carla. You will find it most inspiring.”

Then it was time. Angie delivered two smart spanks, one to each side of that gorgeous ass. The response was two “Oohs.”

“Carla, I am going to need you to count these out for me, sometimes I forget and give too many.” Naturally, Angie wouldn’t lose the count, but her idiot boyfriend made her count, and that was where the idea came from. “So let’s start with, let’s say…, fifteen and make sure I hear them.”

“You can start with ‘One, Miss Dalton.’”

Angie looked at the right cheek, almost fully exposed from the thong, and gave Carla a nice smart one there.

“One, Miss Dalton,” the horrified girl blurted out.

Then a sharp twin was sent to the left side and answered with a somewhat inaudible, “Ahh, Two, Miss Dalton.”

“Keep your voice up, Carla. I don’t want to miss any. (Nor do the girls outside, Angie thought).”

Three and Four were firmly delivered and promptly answered. Daphne, standing outside and listening, was very happy she did not have to count out the humiliating spanks. Chris, the secretary, was aghast.

Meanwhile back inside, Carla was twisting her legs and pressing her ankles against each other. The loud slaps and the count continued. By ten, the cheeks had a nice pink hue. As Angie approached Fifteen, the muffled counts were hard to understand, and the trapped legs were trying to run from the spanking, but Angie kept asking for the count. “I missed that one Carla, do I have to repeat it?”

“No Ma’am, that was Twelve, Miss Dalton.”

Angie continued on till Fifteen and stopped to rest. Carla had taken the first set well with limited resistance. Angie examined her handiwork and recognized the discomfort she had caused as she squeezed and probed the pink butt cheeks. Because the young assistant had been rolling all over that lap, every inch of her bare bottom had been hit.

“Are we finished, Miss Dalton?” the sniffling girl asked, her face inches from the floor.

Finished, that was just the first set, Dear. Your naughty bottom is not ready for the hairbrush yet. Let me hear another fifteen sing their sweet song, and we’ll see where we are.”

“Oh no, Miss Dalton. I’m already very sore. Can’t we stop now? I won’t be able to sit down today. I will be very careful with my work now.” Despite Carla having made these same protestations earlier, her pained buns compelled her to try anyway.

“You may thank me now for the first set, Carla. I hope you realize this is all for your benefit.”

Angie slid over the warm butt checks, enjoying every moment. The poor girl draped over her lap tried to twist away from the unwanted hand, but with her tush in the air, where was she to go?

Thank you, Miss Dalton, I really appreciate everything you do for me.”

Angie’s answer was to resume the sharp spanks anew. CRACK! SMACK!!

“Oh, Oh, please, Miss Dalton. That was Sixteen and Seventeen. It stings so. Can’t you stop? I will be sooo good.”

“That’s how spanking are supposed to feel. I hope you take advantage of the nice job I am doing for you. Now keep up the count, I don’t want to go too far.”

Angie maintained a nice cadence, delivering sharp cracks about every five seconds. Left, Right, High and Low.

The girl’s legs forced themselves up, and the cute bottom bounced and rolled with each hot kiss of her boss’ hand. Each loud slap was answered as instructed, but sometimes it was more of a mumble than a number. Carla knew her blond bush was prominently displayed with each kick, but the burning in her butt was a bigger concern.

At twenty-two, Carla begged for the spanking to stop. “My work will be much better, Miss Dalton. Please stop spanking me. My bottom is on fire. I can’t take anymore!!”

“You are doing just fine, Carla. Now count out the last few.”

As Angie delivered each crisp spank, the perfectly shaped bottom bounced, the head below lifted up, and a gurgled count was squeezed out. Each CRACK, SMACK, WHACK, was followed by a yowling that sounded like “Twenty-three, Miss Dalton … Owee, that was Twenty-four, Miss Dalton, please no more, it hurts so much ... Yoweee, that was Twenty-five, Miss Dalton. Please, stop, My tush is sizzling.”

Daphne and Chris held each other outside the door and could only cringe for their friend. They wondered how far down the office the sounds of this powerful bare bottomed spanking were heard.

Angie knew she was getting through to this girl. With each sharp crack from above, the poor girl tried to grind herself into Angie’s lap and then lifted up her bottom, as if to meet the punishing hand. After each hot spank fell, the helpless girl rolled and twisted her flaming bottom. It was to no avail as the sharp slaps continued to rain down.

“Yoweeee, Miss Dalton. This is really bad, please stop spanking my poor tush. I will be soooo good, please!!”

Her blond bush peeked through the thighs, and as the thong shifted, some glisten was seen oozing from her pink pussy lips. Angie knew why she was wet, but was surprised the girls became so excited while being spanked. She could learn to enjoy this. She hoped Carla did.

“Only five more for this set, Carla, keep up that nice count. I hope you understand why your naughty bottom is over my lap.”

“Oh, please, no more, Miss Dalton, My tush is flaming. I never felt so bad,” the bouncing assistant cried out. Her red bottom was twitching and quivering with pain. Carla had never been so humiliated in her life; to say nothing of the terrible stinging sensation the spanking was causing her.

Ignoring the pleading girl, the last five fell on that poor undefended bottom. The count heard from the floor was barely understandable. All Angie could make out was some muted response to each new spank.

Angie grasped Carla’s waist tighter to stop her from falling off the lap. Before each of the last four, Angie slowly squeezed each red cheek, deciding exactly where to strike, and delivered a crisp loud slap that was surely heard far from her office.

With only one to go, she warned Carla to call out the last one. Angie caressed both twin peaks, ran a finger down the middle, enjoyed the girl’s squirming and felt her tense up. She then raised her hand high and delivered a very hard spank to the right side of Carla’s impertinent ass. It looked so inviting, two sweet grapefruits just shaking like jello.

Carla flew up, kicked her right leg back and blurted out, “Ohh, Ohh. Ahhh, Wow, that hurt . That was Th-Thirty, Miss Dalton, please stop my spanking. I cannot take anymore, pleeese .” Whatever else she said was not understood, as she started crying again.

Angie too, was happy the first part of the spanking was over. Her right hand, somewhat like Carla’s bare butt, was hot and tingly. Thankfully, only the cute bottom cheeks would continue to feel the remainder of the spanking; this time with Daphne’s mahogany hairbrush.

Noticing that the thong had become dislodged during Carla’s lap dance, Angie went in for a look, removing her leg from over Carla’s. A long intruding finger went between the thighs and probed for wetness. As with Daphne, Angie found a flood. She was glad she raised her own dress in anticipation of this torrent of warm juices. No sense staining a nice outfit every time a naughty girl needed a spanking.

To see if the girl was responsive to a woman’s touch, Angie gently slid the thong over the matched bright scarlet hillocks and deposited it at mid thigh, taking the small front patch with it.

Removing the thong did not expose any more of Carla’s cute ass cheeks, but it did remind her of where she was and who was in charge.

Separating the red cheeks with the fingers of her left hand, Angie exposed the sweet pink butt hole and watched it pulsate. It looked like Carla was sending kisses up to her. The area between the red checks was still white. Going back to the wetness, Angie got a finger full of warm pussy juice and returned and gently pressed down on the trembling girl’s anus.

Just as with Daphne before, one finger would connect them and tell Angie all she needed to know. After just a few seconds of mild pressure, the tiny butt hole opened up and admitted Angie’s well-lubricated finger. How Carla responded to the intimate intrusion would be critical to their relationship.

Carla twisted and rolled, but the uninvited finger went all the way in to the knuckle. Carla was not sure which invasion of her body was more shocking, but had little choice in the matter, with her bare butt staring up in her boss’ face and her tiny thong far below.

Carla’s anal opening began involuntarily tightening around the penetrating finger and her whole body convulsed. She accepted the incursion without complaint. Thinking about it later, Carla looked forward to more.

A long, “Aaaaahhh” was heard and Carla’s bottom actually bent and twisted to give Angie full access. The finger explored from side to side and slowly went in and out of the tight orifice as deeply as it could. Despite the extremely personal nature of the intrusion, Carla took this as a very gentle fucking and fully enjoyed the new experience.

“Who knew a wet finger in the butt could feel so good,” Carla thought.

As Carla’s moans grew louder, her feet began to swish from side to side. Their kicks matched in intensity the strange sounds emanating from below Carla’s tussled blond hair.

Carla did not know how to express it, but definitely preferred the wet finger to the hot palm. Feeling a major cum building, Angie slowly pulled out, as the sphincter muscles tightened around her invading digit; the spanking must continue. The cums would have to wait, but not for long. By now, Angie knew Carla would willingly do her bidding.

After wiping the pussy and anal juices on the rear of Carla’s sweater, Angie asked for the hairbrush. Carla had almost forgotten about it and protested that she had learned her lesson.

Just missing a hard cum, Carla begged, “You already spanked me very hard, Miss Dalton. I don’t need anymore.” Carla knew what she needed but was too embarrassed to ask.

“Just give me the hairbrush, Carla, handle up. I decide those things.”

Slowly handing up the brush, Carla dreaded the thought of the resumption of her horrible spanking.

Angie placed the brush on the small of Carla’s back and readjusted the barely controllable girl back into a proper position to receive the hairbrush.

“Hold on tight, Carla, no need to count these out. But I do not want to see your hands. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Dalton, but please, not too many. I will do whatever you say, anything,” Carla pleaded between sobs.

“We can discuss that after your spanking, Sweetie.”

Angie looked down at her new conquest. The twin ass globes had colored nicely with the thirty preliminary hand spanks. Leakage was observed from Carla’s butt hole and between her thighs.

The cheeks were still perfectly round and stood up high. Angie ran her hand over the trembling globes as Carla squirmed. Then Angie glided her hand down the firm thighs, over the thong and down to the hollow of Carla’s knees.

This was a beautiful creature and Angie looked forward to enjoying this firm young body.

Gliding back up the thighs, Angie slipped her hand between them and felt the warmth. She forced them apart slightly and inched all the way up. Carla was dripping and Angie easily found the source.

A slight touch to the wet pussy and Carla began bouncing and moaning strangely. Angie then inserted her thumb and found Carla’s sweet spot.

“Oh, Miss Dalton, please don’t do that.”

“Are you sure, Carla? This is what good girls get in my office.”

Angie sloshed around for a while and zoned in on the G-spot until she felt the tremors building again. Once again, Carla bucked up giving Angie full access. Wanting the girl to return for more, Angie pulled out, wiped off her wet hand and grasped the mahogany again.

Then Angie took hold of the hairbrush, as before, and got a good grasp of it.

Knowing the battle was won; Angie nonetheless resumed the spanking, mainly to reinforce their respective positions. The crying girl was being taught never to resist.

The spanking ended with ten sharp and loud blasts with the backside of the shiny mahogany hairbrush. Slow and steady, left and right, up and down, firm and even. Carla cried out louder than before, futilely begging her boss to go easier. The well-delivered spanking continued without respite, but that was the price of working for Angie Dalton; boss and soon to be lover.

Carla knew the rest of the office staff could hear the loud cracks of the hairbrush along with her cries and she tried to control her pleas, but couldn’t. There wasn’t much else a young girl could do when the hot mahogany was bouncing off her bare ass cheeks.

Thankfully no one could see the flailing of her legs flying out at all angles, exposing her pink pussy lips, still oozing the warm goop. Her pants, now around her ankles, hobbled the sideways kicks somewhat but they did not interfere at all with Carla’s wild gyrations.

Whether she knew her pussy was smiling up at her demanding boss or not, her thoughts were on when she would ever be able to sit down again. Barely able to breathe, Carla kept up a constant barrage of “ Pleeese Miss Dalton, no more, Oh, Oh, Oweeee. No more, puhleese stop.”

The hot bottom was now a moving target that Angie fought to keep in place. Even though Angie hadn’t spanked her staff in a while, she prided herself on doing an admirable job. These girls were hers now.

Carla lifted her hand a few times but never got far from the chair leg, praying the terrible hot kisses from the hairbrush would soon stop falling. Disobeying her boss was not a smart move. Maybe the next time her panties were lowered, Miss Dalton would do nicer things to her. Strange how Angie was thinking the same thoughts.

Carla remained over the lap, sobbing, until her hairbrush spanking was finally over. The throbbing in her swollen butt cheeks and her cries continued long after the last stroke of the hard mahogany hairbrush. The pain was so intense, she was not even sure when the last brush stroke fell.

When told she could get up, she slowly did. Her slacks were around her ankles, and the thong was below her knees, catching the wetness running down the inner part of her thighs. Carla’s semi nude body stood before her boss. Unsure what to cover, the totally humiliated girl immediately put her hands behind her to rub out the fires.

Angie told her curtly, “Carla, do that on your own time; keep your hands by your sides. A good spanking lingers for some time and I want you to fully appreciate this one. I hope this was good for you too.”

“Yes, Miss Dalton.”

Angie stood up and handed her the brush. She then leaned into the sobbing girl and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Carla, you are a very brave girl and I am proud of the way you took your spanking. I know you will go far in this company, so long as we work together.”

Seeing her puffy eyes and mascara stained face for the first time, Angie gave her two more kisses as the poor girl danced from foot to foot. “You’ll be OK, Sweetie. Just think of this as career development. You will thank me for it later.”

“Please bend over and let me give you one last look over. I want you to know we are all family here and I care for you a lot.”

The still crying girl turned around and bent over to get her pants, however only holding them until the inspection was completed. Angie quickly sat down, placing the throbbing red twin peaks in her face. A few well placed caresses and squeezes were all Angie needed to announce there were no permanent injuries and all was well.

Angie kissed each tender round cheek and told Carla it was OK to raise her pants. “Just a well spanked bottom, Carla. Nothing to worry about. You will feel better in a few days .”

Although difficult while holding the instrument of her chastisement, Carla fixed her pants, after readjusting the tiny thong. The snug pants reminded Carla to wear a loose skirt over her swollen butt the next few days, but it was very reassuring to have finally covered up her nicely trimmed bush and sore and bare bottom. She hoped the blazing fires in her tush would soon subside, but doubted that. Putting this humiliating and painful juvenile experience behind her was uppermost in her mind.

“Miss Dalton, I am sorry I disappointed you and Mr. Thompson. I didn’t like that hard spanking, but I thank you for taking time from your busy day to teach me these things.” Her words were still mumbled as her sobbing continued. Her face was flushed with embarrassment. She didn’t know which was worse, being bared and spanked like a little girl by her boss or the stinging pain in her butt.

Actually, upon later reflection, both were ghastly.

Thinking of ways to get on her good side, Carla offered, “Thank you so much for spanking me, Miss Dalton. I’m sorry my poor behavior required it. I will be much better from now on.”

“You know, Carla, I would not take the time and the trouble spank you if you were not special to me. It would have been easier to fire you. I am sure you have learned from this experience, but whenever you ever need another spanking, I will be right here to accommodate you.”

“What you will feel the next few days is part of the therapy; do not worry about it. If you like, I can examine your bottom tomorrow.”

“But my tush burns so bad, Miss Dalton. It feels like I backed into a hot stove.”

“You’ll be OK, Sweetie. Why don’t you soak in a cool tub tonight, on your knees, of course.”

“I learned my lesson, Miss Dalton. You won’t have to spank me anymore,” the teary eyed girl offered, hoping to ward off any future trips over her boss’ lap, that is, those involving the hairbrush.

“I’m so glad we did this today, aren’t you, Carla?”

“Yes, Miss Dalton, you are so good to me.”

With that said, Angie got up, stepped in close and gave the wet faced girl a hug. She then placed a kiss on each stained side of Carla’s face and gave her a playful tap on the rear as she turned to walk out.

“Oh, Carla, I would like you to come to my apartment for a drink one evening after work next week. I’m sure you have some good ideas we can discuss. Your cute bottom should be fine by then.”

“Sure Miss Dalton, I guess so, anytime. Shall I return the brush to Daphne?”

“No Dear, please pass it to Chris. Today is the day we all get motivated.”

Carla then shuffled out with those tiny steps indicative of the recently well-spanked, wondering why the pussy juice was still running down her leg.

She knew why the steam was coming out of her butt.

To Be Continued.

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