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Debbie's Turn

It had been a few months since my epic hairbrush spanking from Debbie. At the end of which I had said, “This punishment routine cuts both ways…expect me to return the favor when you next step out of line.”

We learned that corporal punishment was an effective way to get the point across that certain behavior was not acceptable and would not be condoned. Behavior actually improved for a period of time after a serious discipline session. However, to ensure that discipline was administered with fairness and never in anger we instituted a few simple rules. We agreed to submit to punishment as decided by the other. Punishment would never be delivered in anger and as such a ‘cooling off’ period of at least four hours was required before the punishment took place. Acceptable spanking implements included: hand, strap, hairbrush & paddle. The cane was not included because we did not own one at the time but agreed to reconsider at a later date. Once the punishment was over we were expected to make up quickly and put it behind us. (no pun intended).

We had been saving for a new car and Deb and I had agreed to curtail all frivolous spending until we had a substantial down payment saved. Twice in the last month Debbie had bought a new pair of shoes with the only explanation being “it was an amazing sale, sweetie. How could I let the go?” In both instances her only penance was an OTC spanking that was more foreplay that punishment. I loved spanking Debbie; she had the most incredible butt that responded well to my hand. I can’t easily explain but it was neither too hard or too soft. A few minutes over my knee and she would start to squirm which would further increase the blood flow into my already alert cock. After the last spanking, I had told Deb that the next infraction would earn her a real discipline session.

Debbie lasted just over five weeks before she broke down. It was a Friday afternoon around 2 pm and I had come home early from the office. I now realize that Deb was not expecting me to be home. The front door opened and she strolled in laden with shopping bags. The expression on her face clearly showed “Holy shit I’m dead meat.”

“Tom, how come you are home early?” she asked with a shaky voice.

Choosing not to answer her question I said, “Deb, what have you got there?”

Debbie's face continued to redden as she answered, “Sweetie, the clothing store on Main is going out of business; the prices are absolutely incredible.” Gaining confidence she continued, “Tom, I probably saved us money in the long run.”

“Bring me the bags Deb, NOW!”

Realizing my growing anger she slowly walked over to my chair and placed the bags by my feet. I began to extract the spoils: 2 pairs of shoes; 3 tops; 2 skirts and one sweater. At the bottom of the bag I found what I was looking for – the bill. I felt my face flush in anger as I stared at the total $465.24.

Not knowing what to say, I stared at Debbie for a full minute “Well?”

I’m really sorry Tom,” Debbie whimpered.

“No, Debbie” I said. “I don’t believe you are. You thought you could sneak this stuff info the house when I was at work. Is that not right?”

She stared at me without answering but I could sense she was on the verge of crying. Glancing at my watch I said “Come to my den at 7pm, you know what to wear.”

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly and we kept mostly to ourselves but managed small talk on a number of occasions. By the time 7pm arrived I was no longer angry but still determined to teach Debbie a lesson.

The door opened at 7 pm and Deb walked in wearing a white nightshirt which ended just above her thighs. Wow! I knew she would be completely naked underneath and I felt a twinge in my groin as I stared at the woman I loved.

“Tom, please no lecture,” she said, “I know, I deserve what’s coming.”

“Fine, no lecture” I said “But, I need you to understand what is about to happen! First, I am going to give you a hard OTC spanking with my hand and then when I think your bum is the right shade of red I am going to finish you off with ten swats of the paddle. Understand?”

“You’re going to paddle me as well?” she wailed.

“Yes Debbie, the paddle, you were warned.”

I got up from the couch where I had been sitting and when to my desk drawer where I extracted a paddle. It was a burgundy leather paddle 3” x 14”. I could personally attest that this baby stung like hell.

Returning to the couch I patted my lap. “Lets get this over with.”

Deb shuffled over to me and I quickly lay her across my lap and lifted the bottom of her nightshirt to reveal her amazing plump bum. I had an incredible urge to give her my usual foreplay spanking which would end with the most incredible blow job before a no holes barred fuck-a-thon. I started to get hard and sensing this Deb started to move her hips slowly. She was hoping my little head would win the battle of blow job or punishment.

“Stop that Deb – It’s not going to work this time,” I said having made my decision. Before she would answer I landed two hard spanks in the middle of her bum. There was no sound except for a small gasp of air.

I pressed down on the small of her back to hold her in place and rubbed her butt for a about five seconds. Then slowly raising my hand I began an even paced delivery of hard spanks. I had never spanked Deb this hard before but she was taking her punishment well with only the occasional grunt or gasp. After about 25 spanks her bottom had a pink glow and she was starting to make noises indicating she was starting to feel the effects.

“Ok Deb,” I said “Time for the paddle. I want you to count each one. Failure to count or getting up will mean extra swats. Do you understand?”

No answer.


“Debbie, do you understand?” I said raising my voice slightly.


“Shit, that hurts. Yes I understand,” Debbie cried out, “Two.”

“I expect answers, Deb. We’ll start again at one.”

I raised the paddle and brought it down with a crack on her left cheek. Swat.

“One,” she gasped.

The next four came quickly in the middle of her butt and each was answered with the correct numbers.




“Six, SEVEN. OUCHHHH. Oh my god, that really hurts,” Deb cried between sobs.

“I believe punishment is supposed to hurt,” I answered.

The next two were delivered quickly and the corresponding numbers were answered but with some difficulty as Deb was sobbing. I stared at her bum which was red and wrinkled but there were no apparent bruises. I rubbed it lightly with my hand and it was warm to the touch. I raised the paddle for the tenth time and felt Deb tense as she sensed the movement of my arm.

“Ten.” I said bringing the paddle down softly to stroke her bum. “I’ll save that one another day.”

“Thanks,” Deb sobbed...”Thank you...”

She lay across my lap for a few minutes while I gently rubbed her bum. I reached across to a side table where I had left a tube of creme and began to massage it into her red bum. Debbie quickly began to relax as the cool creme start to work its magic. My fingers naturally strayed to her moist pussy and Deb moaned in pleasure as my exploration went deeper and deeper. I was soon using two fingers and plunging into her wetness with increased intensity.

“I want you inside me now,” she moaned. Deb rolled of my lap onto her knees and quickly pulled down my sweatpants and underwear to my ankles. She gave my swollen member a slow lick up on side and then down the other. Holding my cock at the base of the shaft she lowered herself until it was completed inserted. She started to move quickly and her intensity told me she was was about to cum. Deb’s orgasm came about a minute later and I was not far behind her. My upper thighs were covered in the juices. I wiped some off with my hand and rubbed them into her bum before giving her a final smack on her bum with my open palm.

“Ouch!” she squealed as she rose from my lap. “No fear, I am sore enough.”

I grinned as she stood and before pulling up my pants, and gave her a tight hug. As I released her, I noticed a small smirk on her face. Had I been played by Deb, I thought to myself. Did she go on her shopping spree fully accepting in her mind that the red bum she could earn was worth the price?

To be continued...

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