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Late from the prom

Bringing his date home late leads to an unexpected punishment
This story is fiction and my first attempt at this so please be kind. However I do want honest feedback (only way to improve)

I did not date much in high school and was shy. I did however get the nerve to ask a girl to the prom. Nancy and I were friends and hung out together at school and it seemed to all be working out.

Our first date was the Prom and so I was very nervous and she was too. Well I had a car and picked her up and drove her to prom. We had a really nice time. We danced and talked all night.

As the prom was winding down some friends were going to hang out at the beach and I thought that would be fun. Nancy seemed to get upset at the idea and seemed worried. So I agreed to take her home but I drove slow and took my time not wanting the evening to end. We got to her house and I pulled into the drive and got the nerve to kiss her. She seemed to want to stay and kiss but looked at her watch and jumped out of the car. I could not keep up with her as she hurried to the door. When we reached the porch her mom swung open the door and looked very upset.

Nancy glanced at me and said good night and seemed to be sobbing. She looked at her mom and said, "Sorry we lost track of time."

Her mom looked very angry and upset. I was not sure what was going on or what to do. Her mom said we could come in and say a quick good night but I would have to leave because it was so late.

Once inside her mom turned to Nancy and said, “What happened? I told you to be home well before midnight and it is 12:45. I told you could bring David home and hang out a little here after the prom got out! I have been worried. And you!” she said turning to me. “You should have gotten her here on time! Why are you so late!”

I did not know what to say. My parents did not give me a time to be home and I just assumed Nancy was the same. “I did not know,” I said. “I am sorry. Nancy did not say. It was all my fault.” I was starting to sweat in my tux. I did not know what to do.

“Well Nancy is a big girl and has a voice so it can’t be all your fault. Nancy say goodnight and goodbye as it will be a long time before you two can see each other again.”

Nancy said goodnight. I could see tears in her eyes. I said it would be ok and we will work this out. She looked at the floor and said I should just go.

Nancy’s mom then told her to go wait in the study and she would be in shortly to deal with her. She then turned to me and said, “Nancy is going to be punished. As I can’t punish you I am going to forbid her from seeing you outside of school for the rest of the year. Including no graduation parties! Now I want you to think about her getting punished for what is at least partially your fault.”

While talking she had moved us toward the door and clearly I was to leave. I am not sure where I got the nerve. Maybe the kiss in the car or the tears in Nancy’s eyes but I said, “What if you punish me instead?”

It stopped her in her tracks. She looked at me. For a minute I thought she was going to agree but she said no. That she did not have the right. I was not her child.

Again I do not know where I got the nerve but I said. "I am 18 and if I say you can punish me you can. I am an adult and can make decisions." By this time I felt like I was 12 in a tux three sizes too big and about to faint.

She again stared at me. I think she too was surprised at what I said. “You are 18 and you agree to let me punish you?”

“Yes.” I was just able to get the word out.

“You will do as I tell you and take your punishment?”

“Yes.” A little stronger now. After all I could follow instructions. I would just ground myself or give up TV or whatever.

“Well,” she said eyeing me up and down. “Nancy would still need to be punished too. But...” I could see she was really thinking hard about something. “I suppose if you take your punishment well and do as I say I will reduce her punishment a little and let you see her again outside of school. But your first date will be here so I can see how you behave and then we will go from there. Agreed?”

The final word hit me. I was in a daze listening to her and suddenly realized I needed to respond.

“Agreed,” I said (I really did not know what I had just agreed to).

She then said, “OK you do not have to be home yet right?”

“No,” I said, “I can stay out as late as I want tonight.”

“Good! I would hate to leave this for another night. Follow me please so we can get this over and send you home.”

She turned and headed toward the door Nancy had gone through. I followed. We entered a small room with lots of bookshelves, a desk and some chairs. Nancy was sitting in one of the stuffed chairs looking really worried. Her face was flush and she had been sobbing. When she saw her mom she jumped up like she should not have been sitting. Then she saw me and her flushed cheeks went white and she looked at her mom. She started to speak but her mom held up a hand and Nancy fell silent.

Nancy's mom then explained to Nancy what happened in the hall and that I agreed to be punished as well so that I could still see her and that her punishment would be reduced. Nancy instead of being happy looked worse. She sat down just in time to keep from falling. I said it was fine. But that seemed to make her more upset.

“Mom you can’t! He is not your son!” She was starting to cry.

Her mom calmly said, “He has agreed. He is 18 and told me I can punish him. Now let’s get this done. OK Nancy, go stand in the corner and do not turn unless I tell you.”

“But mom you can’t!”

“Do as I said or you go first and I will increase rather than decrease your punishment.”

Nancy looked at me as she headed for the corner and mouthed to me “change your mind and go”.

I did not understand what was going on. I thought we would get a lecture and then be told our punishment. Why was Nancy in the corner and what is this going first?

“OK David. Now being the first time I punish you I would normally just pull you pants down while you were over my knee but we must not hurt the tux so please undress down to your underwear.”

I could not understand what she said. Undress? What is going on? I stood there not moving or speaking. I heard Nancy sob in the corner.

“Well David you agreed. Have you forgotten how to move?”

“No ma’am. I just don’t understand.”

“I told you to undress so as not to hurt the tux. I do not want those nice pants around your ankles or the jacket or shirt in the way. OK now we have wasted enough time. Please undress now or I will increase your punishment.”

“I don’t understand.” I glanced at the corner but Nancy was looking straight into it. “Why do you want me to undress?”

“So I can spank you as you agreed. Quickly I am losing my patience.”

“I did not agree to this. I thought you would ground me or something.”

“This is how I am going to punish you. Now you agreed but if you want you can back out now. That would mean no more seeing Nancy and she will get the full punishment. Now either undress or leave.”

This cannot be happening. I am going to be spanked at 18 by the mother of my date with my date standing in the corner. I can’t leave now. What would Nancy think? But can I stay?

“Stay or leave! Decide.”

“Stay.” Did I really say that!

“Undress now then. No more delays or I will not let you keep your underwear on.”

I took a deep breath. I undid my tie and took off my jacket. I glanced at Nancy she had not moved but was sobbing. Would she ever want to see me again after this? I looked back at her mom and realized she was getting more annoyed waiting. I took off my shoes and socks (did I need to? I didn’t know what to do. I all felt like a dream.) Then I removed my shirt and looked up at Nancy’s mom. Hoping I could stop now. She point at my belt and then her watch. I took a deep breath and undid my pants. Taking them off felt surreal. Up until now I had not realized that I was getting erect. Would Nancy’s mom see? Would Nancy? Why was I anyway? I just wanted to leave so why was I getting erect?

Nancy’s mom cleared her throat and indicated that I should come over to her and stand on her right. She was now sitting in one of the smaller straight backed chairs. I walked to her trying to hide my erection without it looking like that was what I was doing. She looked at me with a half-smile and I knew she knew. Please don’t let Nancy see was all I could think. It pushed the thought of the spanking right out my head. All I could think about was Nancy glancing over her shoulder and seeing. This made me harder and more excited. Please let this be over was all I was thinking now.

Nancy’s mom looked me up and down. She put her hand on the waistband of my underwear. I moved to stop. “Hands at your side! But I will let you keep your modesty for a little longer anyway.” Then her eyes steadied on the bulge in my underwear. Please do not say anything. Please! Please! Please! Was all could think. Let me go over your lap and just don’t say anything.

Nancy’s mom glanced at Nancy and back at me. She then put her figure to her lips. I was so relieved I almost fell over her lap. Then she said just in a whisper, “As long as you do as a say.” I nodded now worried that I agreed to more.

“OK over my lap! Hands and feet on the floor. Butt centered and held high for me.” I did as I was told. My erect penis was now resting in the dip between her thighs and I was sure she could feel it. I had not thought of this when I wanted to hide by going over her lap.

“No kicking, moving or trying to stop me – understood!"

“Yes ma’am." Here we go I thought. How bad could it be?

She started slow and steady. Not so bad. I kind of got into the rhythm. It almost felt nice after all the buildup. It was starting to sting a little but it was making my erection harder. Why? I started to grind a little against her thigh. She paused. Oh no what have I done I thought. She quickly went back to spanking me. A little harder and faster now.

I glanced at Nancy in the corner and could just see her head shift a little. She wanted to look but was afraid her mom would see her.

I was starting to really sting now but I was handling it. In fact my erection was still going strong and it gave me something to focus on and get through this.

“OK Stand up please.” Was it over? That was easy. My butt was a little sore but I would trade it for how excited I felt.

Nancy’s mom looked me in the eye and said that was your warm up. Now go to the desk and get the hairbrush and bring it to me.

No it was not over I guess it really had just begun. I got the hairbrush and returned to the chair. She took it and told me to get back into position. She tapped me a couple of times with the brush. She then grabbed the waistband of my underwear. I did not move I was in shock. She leaned forward and said I could raise my hips and let pull it down now or stand back up and take them off. I glanced at Nancy in the corner and her head moved again. At some point I knew she would take a look. It was just too tempting. I took a deep breath and raised my hips. My underwear was quickly siding away. I did catch on my penis for a brief second but then is was at my ankles and I knew there was no way to get it back without standing up.

“Such a nice pink color, now to make it red.” I barely understood what she meant before the first blow. This was different. Still a little pleasure but much more pain, by the tenth blow it was hurting enough that the erection was no longer a distraction. I just thought about the next blow and could I take it? Then the next and the next. I started to breath heavy with each blow. It helped a little. Then the breath started to turn to a sound of pain. I knew Nancy could hear but it did not matter anymore. It did not matter if she looked or not. I just had to get through this. Suddenly she stopped. I was catching my breath.

“OK now that we have removed the excitement I feel like you are really feeling your punishment.” I realized my erection was gone and she knew. She could feel it or rather not feel it. Would Nancy know what she meant? Did I really care at this point? I just wanted it to end. “OK I am going to give you 25 each cheek and then you are done. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“They will be hard clean blows and you will count. Do not lose count or try and stop the next blow or I add more. Understood?”

“Understood.” Can I really make it though I thought?


That hurt so much! “One!” I said.


Not the same cheek! “Two! I breathed.

SMACK ….. SMACK “Twenty-four,” I whispered though my teeth.

SMACK “Twenty-five,” I said with as much defiance as I could knowing the other check was about to get the same.

“Good boy!” said as she rubbed the check that she just finished. Then I felt the hairbrush rubbing the other check. She was going to start again!

SMACK “One!” I almost screamed. I had not expected her to start so soon.

SMACK “Two”… SMACK “Twenty-two” my knees bent. Could I make it?

She leaned down. “Just three more don’t make me increase it!”

SMACK “twenty-three.” That really hurt was she trying to make me move?

SMACK “Twenty-four.”

"Just one more hold still and don’t forget to count!"

SMACK “Twenty-five.” Made it! I made it!

“Hold still. You did really well!” Hold still was about all I could do. She was rubbing my hot sore bottom. “I thought 20 was a good punishment so since you took 25 Nancy will only get 15.” I felt proud but also did not like the idea of Nancy getting any for my not thinking to ask her when she needed to be home.

“Can I take the other 15?” What did I say? Please say no I don’t think I can really take them.

“No Nancy has to be punished but it was nice of you to offer although I think you are relieved by my no.”

Here I was naked (I had even kicked my underwear off at some point) across Nancy’s mom’s lap, with Nancy in the corner and her mom was just talking to me as if we were having tea. I guess once the punishment is done all is forgiven.

“So was that your first real spanking?” She said while still rubbing my butt.

“Yes. Well I had a few when I was young, just hand and not many. Nothing like this.” Her rubbing my butt was making me feel better but suddenly I realized that I was getting erect again. There was no way to hide it when I get up. This thought made me get even harder. Did she know? What to do.

“Well you seem to be recovering!” She knew! “So I guess it is time for you to go to the corner while Nancy gets her punishment.”

There was a sob from Nancy. I knew there was one last thing I could do for her. I really wanted to stay but it was the right thing to do.

“Well I think I really should get home after all this whole punishment was for being late.”

This whole time her mom was sill rubbing my butt.

“You really care for her?”

“Yes ma’am.”


“Ma’am please! I, well, I ...”

“I am well aware of the state of things but please standup and hands at your sides.”

I stood up. It was harder to stand than I thought. My erection was now in full view and I could not look at her.

“OK David you can go. But I want you to come to dinner tomorrow night so I can get to know you better and if all works out we can put this behind us.” How can she calmly ask me to dinner while I am standing next to her fully naked with an erection?

“Yes ma’am,” was all could say.

“OK get dressed and say a quick goodnight to Nancy.” I had forgotten about Nancy. I glanced her way and was sure she had been looking! I dressed as fast as I could with such a sore bottom. I looked at Nancy and then mom. Her mom nodded and I so walked over to Nancy. I said I was sorry I got her in trouble and hoped she would forgive me. She did not say anything or even look at me but took my hand and gave it a little squeeze that said everything she could not.

Her mom then came over to lead me out. I said goodbye and good luck. When I got to the door I turned and said see you tomorrow for dinner and I thought I caught just the flicker of a smile.

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