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Mrs Howard Spanks Marsha

Mrs Howard spanks Marsha, the mother of 16 year old Ellie.


Mrs Collins opened the door to Mrs Howard, her cleaner who immediately asked “did you give Ellie the spanking as we discussed?” 

She could tell from Mrs Collin’s face she hadn’t.

Mrs Collins answered somewhat sheepishly “Well I saw how red her bottom was after you had spanked her and felt sorry for her.”

“I see. So, how has she been this week with you?”

“Oh you know, just like any 16 year old I suppose.”

“You mean she was rude to you again.”

“I guess” Mrs Collins said quietly.

“How rude?” Mrs Howard pressed.

“Well, very actually. Lots of lip and she never did what I asked her to.” She looked at Mrs Howard and blushed.

“What did I tell you?”

“To enforce my discipline as spanking is the only thing Ellie understands.”

“Exactly Marsha. What did I tell you I would do if you failed to enforce discipline?”

Mrs Collins looked up quickly as she realised what the use of her first name meant.

“Please don’t. I will try harder. I promise.”

“You promised last time, and the time before. No, it’s not good enough. Take your skirt off and lower hose knickers of yours. Quickly.”

Mrs Collins put her hand to her mouth. She is 37 years old. A Mother. Mrs Howard was her cleaner. Just her cleaner. Well maybe not just her cleaner but surely she shouldn’t let her cleaner spank her? Well, again actually because this was not the first time after all.

Mrs Collins thought these thoughts whilst at the same time, almost mindlessly, she was unzipping her skirt and allowing it to fall to the floor before walking over to Mrs Howard.

“Right Marsha, I hope this teaches you a valuable lesson. Take off your knickers and get across my lap” Mrs Howard ordered.

Marsha nodded and obediently put her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and eased them down to her knees, lifting each leg to ease them off, conscious that Mrs Howard had a perfect view of her hair mound, blushing at the thought, feeling embarrassed, humiliated, childish, and naughty, knowing she was going to be disciplined. She eased herself down and across her cleaners lap. Not for the first time. Mrs Howard had taken her to task before and she knew just how hard she spanked. Very hard. She just wished she could be more like Mrs Howard, but found it so hard.

“You will find this more severe than before Marsha, so prepare yourself.” 

Mrs Howard looked at the bare legs and bare bottom lying across her lap and smiled as she rubbed her hand gently all over it, warming it up, as she decided just how red she was going to turn Marsha’s soft and ample bottom. She played with the idea of having her remove her short sleeved blue vest top and the bra she could see stretching out, to allow her breasts to fall free and to see them bounce as she thrashed her buttocks, but decided against that. Somehow having her naked made it sexual. This wasn’t sexual. This was good old fashioned discipline. So instead she raised her hand and brought it down hard on Marsha’s bottom.

Mrs Howard enjoyed spanking people, whether they were 16, like Ellie, 37 like Marsha, or 34 like her own husband. She found having control over others and spanking them for as long and as hard as she decided, empowering, exciting, intoxicating, and above all sexually arousing. She loved turning smooth bottoms a deep shade of red, whether it was with the open palm of her hand, a slipper, a belt or a hairbrush. She used them all, and knew she used them effectively. No one left her knee without knowing they have been thrashed and left with a red and sore and stinging bottom, maybe also the tops of their legs as well.

Afterwards sometimes she would have her spankee help bring her to orgasm. Ellie and her husband did, and she would often bring them to orgasm. Except for the times when she spanked someone for discipline only.   Then there was no sex. Like the last time she had spanked her husband he knew she would not give him any sexual pleasure as he had earned a discipline spanking. He had to satisfy her, with his tongue, because she had to secure the release of the sex that had built up inside her. Sometimes even then she shooed her husband away and used her vibrator for that.

She had never had sex with Marsha. She saw Marsha as a project. She wanted to make her understand that the only way to control someone like Ellie, her oh so naughty 16 year old daughter, was to thrash her hard. Not just the namby pamby dozen or so spanks she usually gave, but a proper rounded severe spanking that would make Ellie think hard before being naughty again. Of course Mrs Howard was very pleased to spank Ellie whether she deserved it or not because she enjoyed the sex afterwards and made Ellie the exception. She would always give her a hard spanking, always followed by the afters, and only then discipline Ellie when Marsha asked her to. 

It was three weeks ago that she gave Marsha her first spanking. They had argued, and Marsha had accused Mrs Howard of not knowing what she was talking about. Mrs Howard decided to show Marsha she did know how to deal with rudeness and forced her across her lap and spanked her bare bottom.

It seemed to work because Marsha was very apologetic afterwards, as she rubbed her sore bottom that is.

Well, as life would have it, the following week Marsha snapped at her again and so Mrs Howard spanked Marsha again and wondered if Marsha would learn her lesson as she made this one rather harder than the first one.

So now part way through her third spanking Marsha was squirming around on Mrs Howard’s lap but already had both arms held securely in her grasp. She had no defence. No way to stop the constant barrage of spanks raining down on her bare unprotected bottom. She was soon crying and asking Mrs Howard to stop, but soon learnt those requests were like honey to her, sweet, rewarding, and always encouraged her to spank even harder.  

She spanked Marsha’s bottom whilst watching for the tears to flow down her face, as they inevitably would. Marsha couldn’t hold back. The spanking hurt. She wondered if Mrs Howard enjoyed humiliating her, 37 years old with tears running down her face, with sole discretion on when her punishment would finish.

“How do you feel Marsha?” Mrs Howard asked although not stopping for one moment.  

“It hurts” Marsha moaned.

“No Marsha, I know it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt.” Mrs Howard gave several spanks on the top of one leg and was rewarded with howls from Marsha, and then gave her several spanks on the top of the other leg and laughed when Marsha howled again in reaction to each spank.  

“So Marsha, I will ask you again. How do you feel?”

“I am very sorry Mrs Howard, really I am.”

“That’s better. So will you be spanking Ellie in future, good hard long spankings?”

“Yes, yes, I will, but please stop now. Please.”

“You promise to spank Ellie properly?”

“Yes, yes, yes” Marsha repeated between sobs.


Mrs Howard didn’t stop though. She kept on spanking Marsha for several more minutes before finishing, and letting her get up. Marsha stood knowing she had to put her hands on her head and not rub her sore bottom, oblivious to the fact she was still naked below the waist, knowing her face was tear stained and she couldn’t stop sobbing.

“OK Marsha, I hope you have learned from this. I will get on with the cleaning. You go and stand facing the wall until I tell you to move.”

Marsha got walked over to the wall and her nose pressed against it, still sobbing, but had to keep her hands on her head and not rub her tender bottom. Mrs Howard smiled, and left the room. She so wanted to masturbate and that is why she forced Marsha to stay in her room.

Mrs Howard went down to the lounge, got her vibrator from her handbag, and lay on the sofa. She lifted her skirt and ran her fingers under the waistband of her knickers and along her moist shaved vaginal lips, replacing her fingers with her vibrator, and brought herself to a satisfying shuddering orgasm. She lay there a few minutes then straightened her skirt and got up. 

A little later she went upstairs and told Marsha her punishment was over before going back downstairs to start the cleaning, satisfied she had made the most of her time there already.  

After an hour Marsha made Mrs Howard a cup of tea and gave it to her. When asked how her bottom felt Marsha responded “well spanked Mrs Howard. I just wish I could spank Ellie as hard.”

“Well you had better unless you want another spanking from me.”

Marsha nodded and went back to the kitchen to think about what she knew she had to do.

Two hours later Mrs Howard was finished. She went to the kitchen and found Marsha reading.

“I’ve finished Mrs Collins” she said, reverting to showing the respect she normally gave her employers.

“Ellie phoned” She told her cleaner.

“Is she enjoying camp?”

“I think so. She told me to make sure I was there on time for her. I told her not to be rude and she just laughed.” Mrs Collins was unhappy, not sure how to deal with her daughter anymore.

“Surely you told her if she spoke to you like that again she would get a spanking.”

“Oh it’s so easy for you isn’t it? You get respect don’t you?”

“Yes I do. You know why? Because I carry out my threats. If I say I am going to do something I do it. If I say I am going to spank someone then I do. That’s why.”

“Bully for you Mrs clever clogs who’s always right.”

“I beg your pardon?” Mrs Howard said with a sting in her voice.

“What are you going to do Mrs clever clogs? You’ve already spanked me haven’t you?”

“So what Marsha?”

The use of her first name shook her out of her rant.

“Sorry” she said quickly.

“I don’t do sorry Marsha, you know that don’t you.”

“Please” she said, begging. 

“Skirt and knickers right off please. Quickly.   You are going to get a taste of my hairbrush.”

Marsha gasped. She was already so sore, but she knew Mrs Howard would not take no for an answer.

“15 seconds or it’s a double dose with the hairbrush.”

Marsha acted quickly now. Her skirt and knickers flew off and she almost dived across Mrs Howard’s lap.

“Good girl. Now I want you to agree to do something straight after your spanking. Are you listening?” she asked giving Marsha half a dozen firm spanks on each already reddened bottom cheek.

“Yes” Marsha gasped.

“I want you to send Ellie a text message telling her when she gets back she is going to get a spanking for being so rude to you. OK?” Another half dozen spanks followed on each bottom cheek.

“Yes I will Mrs Howard. Please stop.”

“Don’t be silly Marsha. I said I was going to spank you, so what do you expect me to do now?”

“Spank me” Marsha said with a sob.  

“Exactly. It doesn’t matter that I spanked you a couple of hours ago. It’s your own fault for being rude to me isn’t it?”  

“Yes” Marsha said almost in a whisper.  

“I can only tell you Marsha that at least you know where you stand with me. I carry out every threat and every promise. Not like you, eh?”

Mrs Howard didn’t wait for a reply. She just started spanking Marsha again, just like the first time, turning her bottom redder and redder. She enjoyed this one even more than the first spanking. Marsha was held firmly in place and Mrs Howard started to spank her with the hairbrush she so enjoyed watching her bottom cheeks dance around as spank after spank landed. She didn’t time it, didn’t decide to give her a set number of spanks. She fully intended to spank her harder and for longer than the first spanking. It didn’t matter that Marsha was crying, and her tears were flowing, that her bottom and the tops of her legs were now redder than she had ever made them before, that she was so sexually aroused she felt she wanted to have Marsha lick her till she came but knew she wouldn’t. This was a discipline spanking.

After a long time Mrs Howard stopped and rested her hand on Marsha’s hot red bottom, shushing her, telling her it was over, allowing her to calm down. She rubbed her bottom and the backs of her legs, edging her hand between Marsha’s thighs and when Marsha obliged by moving her legs apart she rubbed deeper between her legs and brushed her hair mound. It was wet she realised. Marsha groaned, which Mrs Howard took as meaning her charge was ready to get up.

“Have you learnt your lesson Marsha?”  

“Yes Mrs Howard.”

“Tell me, are you going to be rude again to me?

“No Mrs Howard, definitely not.”

“Why is that do you think?”

Mrs Howard blushed and said quietly “because I don’t want you to spank me again.”

“Do you think I would spank you again today if you were rude?”

Marsha blushed again, knowing very well what the answer to that question was. “Yes Mrs Howard.”

“Exactly right. Now, send that text will you please.”

Marsha remembered. She got her phone and typed the text message to her daughter. Moments later she got a curt reply. “If you must.”

Mrs Howard laughed. “Go on, reply. Type I must.”

Marsha did as she was told. The die was cast. In a few days her errant rude 16 year old daughter will be returning home and she fully intended giving her a very hard spanking. She knew exactly what that meant of course. After all she had just received one herself, two in fact, and she didn’t want another one. She would spank her daughter and make her understand she would be spanked every time she was rude.

That was the plan anyway.

(This is Part 3 of the story. Parts 1 and 2 are already listed on the site)

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