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Being told what to do can be quite rewarding
“Unzip your dress,” he whispered quietly from his chair neatly placed at the back of the room.

I’d only been dating Steven for a month or so; we’d made love a few times back at my place and I was still as enamored with him now as I had been on the day that he first asked me out for a drink after work. This, however, was something new. His tone was more serious and the playfulness in his voice had all but disappeared.

I smiled sheepishly in the dim light of the bedroom and stepped towards him giggling.

“Stand fucking still, and unzip that fucking dress!” he snapped abruptly. I froze on the spot feeling my heart quicken and the soft mound between my legs dampen slightly at his words. I’d seldom been spoken to like this before in my life; I’d always been a ‘good girl’. I guess there had never really been any need for anyone to speak to me like this, even my father had been a soft spoken gentleman even when I was at my naughtiest (which seldom happened).

I remained still, my hands at my sides, unsure what to do next, secretly wanting Steven to guide me further.

“Now … do as you’re told. Unzip your dress.” He smiled slyly in the darkness, the soft light of the overhead bulb almost spotlighting me in the center of the room. He sipped his glass of wine and crossed his legs.

I bit my lower lip and reached behind my back searching for the zipper just below my shoulder blades. I felt more than a little silly, but I wanted to do my best; for him. Slowly, ever so slowly I tugged the zip downwards, hoping to God it wouldn’t snag on the red material of my dress and ruin any attempt I might have of being ‘sexy’. Thankfully the zip slipped smoothly along its runner, chirping almost soundlessly as it came to a halt just above my bottom.

“Sh-shall I slip it off?” I whispered, not entirely sure what tone was appropriate in this situation. I smiled shyly; I’d never stripped for anyone before and I was certain at this stage that I was doing an okay job.

“Don’t fucking talk!” he snapped again. I jumped a little, almost falling back in my heels but somehow managing to remain nailed to the spot as previously instructed. “Good,” Steven continued, “very good … now, lift the front of your dress. I want to see what panties you’re wearing.”

I blushed again and nodded without speaking. I leaned forward slightly and daintily gripped the hem of my dress in my fingertips, my privates throbbing almost painfully now between my legs. Very slowly I pulled at the hem, feeling the soft material glance up my white thighs. The left strap of my unzipped dress fell from my shoulder a little just as I felt the hem lift above my now exposed panties.

“Don’t move,” Steven whispered. I could feel his eyes almost penetrating me from across the room. I stood still my hand holding my bunched up dress untidily around my lower belly. His eyes didn’t blink for what seemed like a lifetime. He just stared. I was angry with myself, mainly because I’d chosen sensible pink, cotton panties today as opposed to sexy lingerie. To be fair, I didn’t know at the time that this … whatever ‘this’ was would be happening.

“I can see your cunt through your panties,” he whispered through his teeth. I don’t think I could have gone any redder, but I remained still feeling him studying my body and tight clinging underwear. I hate that word too … the C-word. But, strangely, my body seemed to quiver with excitement as he said it. “I can see it so clearly … your wet … little … slit. You are such a dirty girl.”

I smiled at him feeling my whole body shaking slightly.

“Don’t … fucking … smile,” he muttered wagging a finger at me slowly. He leaned back in his chair and started to unbuckle his belt. I looked towards the ground, my arms still folded across my tummy, holding my dress in place. I fiddled with the fabric nervously, a little embarrassed at how wet I must visibly be. Steven unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans silently, his eyes still wandering over the thin fabric of my underwear. “Good girl. Stay still for me.”

I smiled (even though I wasn’t supposed to) half aware that Steven had pulled his penis from his underwear and was gently holding its weight just below the swollen head. I tilted my eyes up a little so I could watch him. Slowly he began massaging the ample length of his shaft; it was fascinating in a way, I’d never seen a man masturbate before and the knowledge that he was doing it whilst looking at me made it all the more exciting.

“Take your dress off,” Steven whispered, his fingers still tugging idly at his length as he sipped some more wine from his half empty glass. I awkwardly stepped out of my heels kicking them to my right, letting my dress fall back over my underwear for a moment. I could feel Steven suddenly frowning at me disapprovingly in the darkness. Very quickly, so as to make him happy, I pulled at the hem of my dress once again, hoisting it back around my middle before working it awkwardly over my matching pink bra. I could smell my own perfume on the material as it passed my nose. Eventually I was free. I dropped my dress onto my discarded heels and stood silently once again in the centre of the room, my hands clasped shyly in front on my panties.

Steven stopped for a moment and leaned forward in his chair, “You will do everything I say, Lucy … everything.” I nodded weakly, my palms felt clammy and I was quietly aware that he could probably smell how turned on I was by now. “Good girl,” he said for a second time, “now, take off the bra … I want to see your tits.”

I reached behind my back once again, feeling his eyes go back to my panties as I unclasped it awkwardly. I let the straps fall down my arms but held the cups for a moment over my breasts.

“I wanna see your tits, Lucy. Show them to me, now!” I smiled a little feeling powerful for a second. “Do you want a fucking spanking?”

“N-nooo,” I lied, my hands still holding the pink cups of the bra against my hardening nipples and small breasts.

“Get over here you little cunt,” Steven snapped placing his glass on a small table next to his chair. I stepped forward pouting slightly, enjoying the game as I began to figure out its complex rules. “Get over my fucking knee!” Steven shouted.

I let the bra fall into his lap teasingly, his face suddenly angry and red. He pointed to his lap dramatically, his huge penis left unattended for a moment. Steven licked his lips as he looked up at me; my nipples bullet hard and framed by the milky white softness of my breasts.

I’d never been spanked before. Not even as a child.

I was draped unflatteringly over his knee.

I could feel my tummy against the coarse fabric of Steven’s jeans, the beige carpet mere inches from my face, my long brown hair still loosely tied in its ponytail. My bottom was raised and I could feel his fingers dreamily stroking me through the cotton fabric of my underwear.

“Your cunt is very wet, Lucy,” Steven whispered. I could feel his hand glancing over my bottom and between my legs, letting it rest for a moment against my wetness. I wiggled myself against his hand, wanting him to touch me so badly. Suddenly he tugged at the thin elastic band of my panties, tugging them down around my thighs, tearing them a little in the process. I jumped a little and may have even yelped a little in surprise.

He leaned forward awkwardly. “You’ve been a bad girl, Lucy,” he said, “and … bad girls need to be punished.” His hand was back on my bottom. His warm rough hand grazed gently over my skin making me quiver at his touch. Steven’s index finger ran down the length of my wet slit, pausing for a moment at my hard clitoris. He fingered it gently making me gasp. His finger travelled back up, pressing lightly at the opening to my body before idly dabbing at my anus. I’d never been touched there before; I’d always been too shy.

Then there was the smack.

The sound as well as the action.

I yelped feeling his right hand sting my right cheek.

He stopped for a moment and fondled my bottom lovingly.

Then there was a second smack.

I yelped again, feeling the wetness seeping from my body in what felt like hot streams; my lower tummy and privates desperate for more.

He fondled my bottom lovingly once more.

“You’ll do what I say?” Steven said, his index finger returning to my soft hairless wet mound.

I nodded obediently.

“Stand under the light, Lucy. Don’t talk and don’t fucking move,”

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