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Our office fantasy

The Monday of the long weekend is finally here. Our fantasy is almost reality, and I am a bit anxious.

Will you show up? Will I make you happy? Will we get caught?

We’ve been having an online affair for more than 6 months. Although we said we would never cheat on our spouses in the real world, the opportunity has presented itself, and we are about to cross that line. I guess the lack of sex in our respective marriages has finally become too much, and we’ve succumbed to our yearning for each other.

Our recent phone calls have included a sub/dom fantasy, something I hadn’t thought about until it just evolved during our chats. I can’t even remember how our pet names came to be. Little Red Riding Hood was probably because of your red hair, and I became the Big Bad Wolf by association.

So, it’s a holiday Monday, and we’ve made plans to escape our passionless world for a while, to make fantasy come to life. I’m in my office at work, and the front door to the building is unlocked for you. I look out the window and see you coming down the street. My heart skips a beat, it’s really happening. I hear the door to the outer office open and close, and I pick up my phone and text, as planned, just a one line message.

“Miss Hood, I want to see you in my office immediately.”

I sit back in my chair and I’m suddenly calm, falling into my role as your boss. Less than a minute passes before you knock, and enter my office.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Wolf?”

“Close the door please.”

You move toward my desk, and for a moment I lose the plot. Y ou’re wearing a knee length skirt, stockings, low heels and your blouse is unbuttoned to reveal some major cleavage. Your glasses, and hair pulled into a ponytail, complete your character. I regain my composure and gesture to the visitor’s chair. Rising from my chair to speak, I try not to stare at your amazing breasts straining to escape your blouse.

“Miss Hood, your behaviour in this office lately has become unacceptable. The pictures of yourself that arrive on my phone at all hours of the day are causing me problems, not to mention the filthy messages. A man in my position in this company cannot afford to be seen with wet patches seeping through the front of his trousers, plus... you made me late for work!”

You begin to smile and I slam my hand on the desk.

“Miss Hood! This is no laughing matter! You tease me and flaunt yourself to the point where I can’t concentrate. You give me throbbing erections with your slutty behaviour. You must be punished. Now stand up and bend over, palms down on the desk.”

You do as I say and I move behind you, raising your skirt up and over your hips until your panty clad arse is exposed to my gaze. God, your sexy arse. I run my hand over the silky material of your panties, before I grab the waistband and roughly pull them down to your knees. I run my hand all over the luscious spheres, around and across, feeling the warmth of your flesh, then...smack! The sound fills the room and you wince. I rub my hand around your reddened cheek slowly. Smack! Again I rub, and you begin to circle your hips.

“This isn’t for your enjoyment Miss!”

Smack! I rub the other reddening cheek, and you begin to moan softly. As I slowly caress your arse, my fingers creep between your cheeks, down between your thighs, and I feel wetness dribbling down them.

“Miss Hood!”


“You dirty little whore! You love this, don’t you?!”


I rub and feel between your legs again, your hot pussy is soaking now and I slip two fingers inside, as you shuffle so that your panties slide down. You kick them off, spreading your legs wide apart. Your hips are circling and you push back, trying to work my fingers in deeper. I pull them out and you whimper, your head sinks onto the desk as I walk around in front of you, licking my sticky fingers.

“Stand up, you slut. Undo my pants and see what you’ve done now!”

You drop to your knees and undo my belt, then my buttons and zipper, pulling my trousers and undershorts down in one movement, my cock springs free, as you sit back on your heels, looking straight ahead.

“Well now, I was going to fuck you, but that would only give you more pleasure, you are here for my pleasure only, you filthy whore. Now suck my cock, and do it good, until I cum in your mouth. Make sure you don’t spill any on the polished floor, you’ll swallow it all, then we’ll see if you’ve learnt your lesson.”

You lean forward and take the head of my hard cock between your thumb and forefinger, lifting it up high as you run your wet tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. Pre cum oozes out, and my cock slips from your fingertips, slapping against your cheek. I look down as you look up, taking the head into your mouth, searching my face to see if I’m pleased. I give nothing away, although the feeling is exquisite, and tell you to suck me like the whore that you are. Your head bobs back and forth, fellating me wonderfully, but I don’t tell you how amazingly good you are at sucking cock. I arch my back and begin to thrust, fucking your hot mouth, my eyes closed in pleasure, then I hear your moans, the humming sound sending vibrations through my erection, down to my balls.

I open my eyes and look down. A movement catches my gaze. Your hand is between your spread legs, fingering furiously.

“Who said you could do that?”

I grab your ponytail and hold your head still as I pull back. You instinctively follow my withdrawing cock, wanting it back in your mouth. I plunge back in, hard, hitting the back of your throat. You gag and splutter as I hold myself all the way inside, then pull you back by the hair, your empty mouth open and your eyes watering.

“Take your hand away, you filthy slut. This isn’t about you”

You rest your hands on your thighs and look up, your mascara has run.

“Stand up you whore. You haven’t learned a thing, have you?”

You stand as I walk around you, looking at your gorgeous bare bum above your stocking tops, but trying not to show my desire, although my engorged penis belies my lust. I stop in front of you, loosening my tie.

“Look at you. I can see your juices running down your thighs. I didn’t say you could do that! What am I to do with you, Miss Hood?”

Moving behind you, I grab your wrists and hold them against your back. I bind them crossed together tightly with my silk tie, then pick up your panties from the floor and wipe your wet inner thighs with them. I stand and hold the wet panties between my teeth as I reach around and rip your blouse open, buttons fly across the office and spin on the floor before coming to rest. I move back in front of you, inhaling the smell of your sex on the panties as I take them from my mouth. Your wonderful big breasts, encased in a sexy black bra, look magnificent.

“I have to go for a few minutes, and I can’t trust you yet, so... “, I stuff the panties into your mouth, “I’ll lock the door.”

Our eyes don’t leave each others, yours wide, mine glaring, full of lust, in control, as I pull my trousers up and make myself respectable. I stretch the cups of your bra down, exposing your hard nipples, the bra now holding them straight out and up. I lean down and suck each nipple in turn, then bite the left one hard, knowing this will make your pussy start leaking again. I turn and head to the door.

“Don’t you fucking move!”

I return from the car park about 5 minutes later with a small black and silver shopping bag. As I slam closed the office door you jump, and I notice there is juice running down your legs again.

“Miss Hood!!! How the fuck did that happen?”

You are shaking, but it’s not through fear, you’re shifting your weight from one foot to the other, clenching your pussy, stimulating yourself.

“Stop that right now you filthy whore, I told you not to move at all!”

I come close and tell you to remain silent as I take your panties from your mouth. I reach between your legs and run my fingers inside you, coating them, then raise them to your mouth. You suck them greedily.

“That’s right you dirty slut, taste yourself, suck your cream, lick my fingers clean, whore.”

You moan as I grab your hair and pull your mouth to mine, kissing you hard, forcing my tongue in, tasting your juices on your lips. I let go your hair and give your arse a hard smack, telling you that you still need some punishment for being a disobedient slut. I go to the desk and take a black satin blindfold from the shopping bag, slowly revealing it to you. You can’t help but smile.

“Get that smirk off your face, slut, you’re not getting pleasure from this until I say so.”

I move behind you and fasten the blindfold around your head, you can’t see a thing. I undo the tie from your right wrist, leaving it tied around the left one, and pull on it, leading you across the room, where I suck and bite on each of your nipples, making them harder, before I push you down, squashing you boobs on the cold desk. I take another of my ties from the shopping bag and tie it around your right wrist, then tie them together under the desk. With the remaining two ties I tie your ankles to the legs of the desk, leaving you immobile, spreadeagled over my desk. Your pussy is still leaking.

“Now Miss Hood! You are not to cum until I say so, do you understand?! No matter how much you want to, you will not cum without my permission. “

You hear me moving around, your other senses heightened by the blackness of the blindfold. Sounds are magnified. Y ou hear my shoes clunk on the polished floor as I take them off. You hear the zipper and belt buckle as I remove my trousers again. You hear the rustle of the shopping bag. You wonder what else I have in there!? You don’t hear me as I walk around quietly, barefoot, but you can sense me near..Smack!

“That’s for being disobedient.”


“That’s for trying to cum while I was gone.”


“And that’s for being a slut.”

I rub my hand all over your hot red cheeks, feeling the warmth, and you start to circle your hips again. My God, you are insatiable. My beautiful whore. I crouch down and part your fleshy cheeks with my fingers, then move close, I can smell your sex and my cock is dripping with excitement. I push my tongue between your swollen labia, licking all around the glistening folds and you cry out. I suck your pink lips into my mouth, then pull back, letting them pop from my mouth as you circle your hips. I lick down and around the hood of your clit, then upwards and press my tongue into your tight rim. You tense up and I pull quickly away.

“Don’t you cum yet.”

Going back to the shopping bag, I rustle it noisily, and you fall silent, listening intently. The snap of the cap as I flick open the bottle of lube is like a loud clap to your ears. The first cold drop on your anus causes you to flinch. I pour more out and work it inside your arse with my finger, stretching your rim, coating you.

The anal beads are about as round as my thumb, and I poke them inside you, adding more lube until all six are in, and only the large black ring at the end of the cord is visible. You squirm and rock during the process, pressing your mound hard against the desk. Your face is flushed, and beads of sweat appear on your brow. I hold my hard shaft and press the head of my cock to your gaping cunt, sliding it up and down your entrance as you start to shiver. Then, with one push, I slide all the way in, holding still as your walls clutch me tightly.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuccckkkkkkkk”, you moan as I slowly begin to slide my full length out, then back in.

I’m not going to last long, you’re so wet and hot, your pussy pulsing as I fuck you rhythmically. After only a few strokes, I stop, deep inside you. Hooking my finger through the ring of the beads, I begin withdrawing them, slowly, one at a time with each inward thrust of my manhood. I can feel my balls tighten, it’s time. The last bead pops out, and I breathe into your ear as I fuck you faster.

“You may cum now.”

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