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Roll The Dice

Tags: ff, cane, oral sex
Three girls decide who gets the pain and who gets the tongue
“So we throw the dice, right?” Katie asked the question as she looked carefully at Emma and Paris.

The three women were in their first year at Uni. Each one eighteen years old.

“Which order?” Emma asked pensively. The other two thought she looked delicious in her bra and knickers. Twice a week at the gym gave her a body to die for.

“The highest picks first.”

Paris picked up the dice. She was slim and was also in her bra and knickers.

“We should all start naked,” Katie said and without waiting unclipped her bra and slipped it down her arms. She caught it and threw it on the sofa. Then she stepped out of her knickers and threw them on the sofa.

Paris giggled as her bra and knickers followed.

Emma was last, but only by a few seconds.

The girls looked at each other. They were all aroused. Their nipples were already taut.

Katie said urgently, “Go on, Paris. Throw.”

Paris rolled the dice. It settled on three.

Emma picked up the dice next and threw. It settled on four. Not bad, she thought.

It was Katie’s turn. She picked up the dice and made a show of cupping her hands and shaking the dice. She let it go and it landed. A five. The winner.

“I’ll sit on the floor and lick,” Katie said gleefully.

“I’ll sit on the couch and be licked,” Emma said.

Paris was left knowing she will be first to use the cane.

Emma went over to the couch and sat down. She made herself comfortable and then spread her legs wide.

Katie knelt down so that her head was between Emma’s thighs. She kissed her thighs as she edged forward. She loved how Emma’s thighs were so soft against her face.

Emma squeezed her legs together loving the feel of Katie’s face. She put her hand on the back of Katie’s head to keep her in place.

Paris picked up the cane from the table and positioned herself behind Katie. She tapped the cane a couple of times on Katie’s bottom.

Paris knew her time would come. They all loved to lick pussy. They all also liked to be caned. It made them hot. Turned them on.

None of them particularly enjoyed caning the others. They took turns though. At least two out of the three girls were going to enjoy it though.

Paris announced. “Katie threw a five. So she gets five strokes before she can start licking Emma. I’ll then give another stroke every ten seconds until she makes Emma cum.”

Katie smiled. Five strokes. Then another every ten seconds until Emma came. This was so cool. She looked at Emma’s delicious pussy lips as she said, “Don’t forget the pussy strokes.”

Paris smiled wickedly at the back of Katie’s head. “I won’t. Don’t worry.”

Paris took aim.

Katie licked her lips.

The first stroke bit in to her bottom. She gasped.

Paris saw the red line appear just as she was bringing the second stroke down.

Katie cried out.

Paris saw the second red line.

Paris decided on a triple. She pulled the cane back and whipped it down. She didn’t wait for the red line or Katie’s gasp. The fourth stroke bit in to Katie’s bottom within a second. The fifth cut a swath across Katie’s bottom a second later.

Katie cried out as the strokes merged in to each other. It hurt like crazy but she loved it like that. Even as the pain criss-crossed her bottom she leant forward and as her cheeks brushed against Emma’s soft inner thighs her tongue searched out her stretched pussy. She found it and her tongue ran up and down the damp pussy lips. Once, twice, three times.

The cane swished again and cut another weal across Katie’s bottom. She tensed and cried out as best she could given her tongue was edging inside Emma’s pussy.

As the cane hit again so Katie’s tongue plunged deeper inside Emma’s pussy. The sudden shock movement of Katie’s tongue caused by the caning gave Emma massively added sensations inside her pussy.

For Katie, the pain cascading across her bottom sent shivers through her pussy.

Katie’s tongue edged deeper and deeper in to Emma’s pussy. As each cane stroke landed so Katie lunged forward and pressed even deeper inside.

Emma gasped repeatedly with erotic joy as waves fluttered across her pussy. As Katie’s tongue pressed down with each cane stroke so the movement edged her closer to orgasm.

Paris moved the cane to between Katie’s thighs. She swished the cane from side to side and as Katie gasped from the stinging so she sucked at Emma’s wet pussy. Paris changed the direction of the cane strokes. She flicked up and down almost stroking Katie’s pussy. This made her tongue gyrate around Emma’s pussy and brought them both to the edge of orgasm.

The flicking of the cane continued. Katie felt herself cumming just as Emma exploded in orgasm. The light fluttery cane strokes continued as Katie’s tongue brought Emma to a second huge orgasm just as she came again.

Katie and Emma subsided as the cane strokes stopped. Paris knew her job was done. Katie kissed and sucked on Emma’s pussy as they relaxed.

Emma held Katie’s head in place to eke out every last lick and suck.

Katie recovered first and looked up at Paris. “Swaps?”

Paris smiled as she sat on the couch, Emma knelt on the floor, and Katie swished the cane.

Emma kissed Paris’s inner thighs as Katie tapped the cane a couple of times on Emma’s bottom.

Paris held the back of Emma’s head and smiled at her.

“Round two,” Katie said as she brought the cane down hard across Paris’s bare bottom.

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