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The Feel of Sunlight

Tags: blind, otk
(E is for Emma) Emma enjoys some spanking foreplay.
Emma awoke, to the feeling of the sunshine, warming her body. She reached over to the bedside table and pushed a button on the clock.

It's robotic voice said, "Saturday, 8:42 AM."

She sighed. The warmth from the sun felt luxurious. People often told her they felt sorry for her that she couldn't see it, but she wasn't envious. She had simply never known any other reality. Besides, she felt in moments like this that she experienced everything really important about the early morning sunshine.

She rolled over and felt for her boyfriend, Mark. Her hands found him, lightly touching the center of his chest, as he slept on his back. She pulled her hands away, not wanting to disturb him. Well. Not much, she thought. She moved her hands back to his chest. She tried to be as light as possible, but she needed to feel his muscular chest. Even as he slept, she could feel the definition of his muscular build. It was so sexy. Her pussy started to tingle.

Mark stirred and his groggy voice, spoke, "Feeling me up while I sleep? Naughty naughty."

She smiled and put on a fake pouty face, "Naughty? Humph."

Mark said, "Oh, now, don't be like that."

She kept up her ruse, "Why not? You gonna make me?" She poked her tongue out.

She felt Mark shift, as he sat up, "Oh, missy, that little attitude of yours is going to cost you."

She taunted him, "You don't scare me, mister!"

She felt his muscular hand wrap around her upper arm, just tightly enough to exude control, but not so much that he hurt her.

He said, "Oh yeah? We'll see about that. Come here and get over my lap."

She felt him shift around and the arm pulled her forward. She fell forward, landing on his legs, which were now sitting on the edge of the bed. She felt his strong, muscular thighs holding her up and between them, his hard cock poked her. At the same time, the sunlight continued to warm her back, while other warming sensations flooded up from deeper inside her.

She felt his hands grab at her panties and drag them backwards, baring her bottom. She whimpered out loud, but as she buried her face in the sheets, she smiled.

He brought his hand down on her right cheek, filling the room with the sound of the impact.

A second later, her voice followed with an "Oooh!"

She grabbed a chunk of bedsheet in each fist. She felt his hand strike her again, on the opposite ass globe and she gasped again. He started a fast rhythm, bouncing between each ass cheek. She could feel the fire building in her ass, much warmer than the sunlight on her back, but not quite as hot as the molten lava feeling in her pussy. He kept spanking her for about a minute, her groans and pants getting louder and more frantic.

Finally, she cried out "Mercy!"

At that, Mark's hand stopped the fiery assault and instead, resting on her burning ass, he started rubbing away some of the fire he had stoked there. His other hand rubbed her lower back. His cock was still poking her in her stomach and she reached her hand under her stomach to find it. Before she could, she felt his strong arms enveloping her, turning her over and then picking her up and laying her on her back on the bed. The hands left her for a moment as she writhed, the sunlight warming her front now. When the hands returned, they were tugging her panties down her legs the rest of the way.

Once they were gone, she felt Mark's weight next to her and the hands pushed her knees apart. She threw her head back and spread herself wide. His weight shifted from the side of her to between her legs. In a moment, he was on top of her, his muscular arms on either side of her head. His cock found her sopping wet cunt and in a single thrust, he was fully inside her, making her moan. She brought her hands up and found his chest. She felt his strong pectoral muscles, covered with soft, downy hair. She moved her hands upwards to his neck. The muscles in it were tight, as he began thrusting his manhood in and out of her pussy. Her hands moved up to his face. He was breathing hard and fast through his nose. Like a bull in a bullring. His face was taut. All the while, she felt his cock thrusting in and out of her. He was so big. So hard. So strong. So beautiful. So-

He grunted, "Oh God!" and thrust into her hard.

Her hands felt him tense up tighter than a drum, his cock pulsed and she felt his come pour into her. The sensations drove her over the edge to her own orgasm and her cries joined his. A moment later, he collapsed on top of her, panting. His head next to hers, his hot breath hitting the side of her neck.

They stayed like that for a moment. Then she felt him moving again. His deflating cock fell out of her as his breath moved upwards. His mouth was on hers and she returned his kiss deeply, wrapping her hands around his head, running his hair through her fingers.

He finally broke their kiss and asked, "Now, are you going to be a good little girl, Emma?"

She smirked and responded, "Do you really want me to?"

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